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Summarize spoken test

Summarize spoken text question in PTE Academic requires you to listen, understand to the
lecture and then summarize the key points in writing.


Write down as much information as you can, and always note down any new terms, definitions,
facts and statistics. Do not write names of speakers or people mentioned, but refer to their titles
or jobs, e.g., psychologist, researcher, reporter, etc.

Do not repeat all the information that you have noted down while listening. Shorten, simplify,
paraphrase and synthesize the information into 5070 words.

Check and edit any errors

MCQ Choose multiple answers

The 5 golden rules to success in the reading section are:

1. In every question, look for the keywords. Based on the keywords, start
looking for answers to the question. Method of elimination holds good for
answering multiple choice questions.
2. Learn skimming the entire given passage. The advantage of this
technique, with respect to this exam is, that the passages are small and
we need to answer in a time frame.
3. Remember to trust your instincts. If you feel a word fits a blank over the
other choices, then go with it. Start fine tuning your instincts.
4. Start scouting for repeated words in a passage. This will be handy
especially when solving the fill in the blank questions.
5. While re-ordering the passage, the student has to understand the overall
idea of the passage. Based on the keywords given in the question
sentence, the student needs to understand the context of the question.
After arranging, re-read the answer passage to check for the proper flow of
the passage.