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Revit MEP - Syllabus

Revit MEP Total Duration :80hrs



o MEP Design
o Revit MEP
o Graphical User Interface

Session 1

Session 2 & 3


Quick Access Toolbar

Options Bar

Properties Palette

View Control Bar

Status Bar

Info Center

User Interface Control

Menus and Settings

Keyboard Shortcuts

Context Menus


Revit MEP Total Duration :80hrs



Link Revit

Shared Coordinates

Controlling Visibility


Link CAD

Family Creation
o Solid Modeling
o Symbols & Annotations

Session 4 to 6
o Creating Equipment
o Creating Light Fixture
o Creating Devices

Session 7 to 11

Mechanical Design
o Space Modeling
o Zones
o Building Construction
o Heating and Cooling Load Analysis
o Report

Revit MEP Total Duration :80hrs



o Logical Systems
o Air Systems
o Mechanical System & Duct Work
o Mechanical Piping System
o Pipe Fittings
o Filters

Session 12 to 16

Electrical Design
o Spaces and Lighting
o Lighting Analysis

Schedule Key

o Light Fixtures
o Site Lighting

Power and Communication

o Modeling
o Creating Circuits
o Creating Fire Alarm System Model
o Creating Power Distribution Systems
o Modeling Conduits and Cable Tray

Revit MEP Total Duration :80hrs



o Panels
o Wiring


Fire Protection

Drafting and Detailing

Session 17 & 18

o Line Style
o Regions
o Detail Component
Session 19
o CAD Details
o Drafting Views
o Detail Library
o Detail Views

Session 20

Sheet Setting
o Title Block Creation
o Sheet Creation
o Placing Views in a Sheet
o Sheet Revisions

Revit MEP Total Duration :80hrs




Export to CAD

Note 00

Each above session is for 2 hours of theory.

Equivalent no of hours have to be given for practice session.

Note 01
The above syllabus has to be completed in :

10 working days in an intensive program (10 days * 8 hours / day)

20 working days In a Half day program (20 days * 4 hours / day)

40 working days In apart time program (40 days * 2 hours / day)