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SAP SD Videos + 1.

5 GB Material

40 Hours

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01. SAP SD Videos

40 Hours

01.Certification Material

11 Ebooks
2 Ebooks
4 PDFs
1 Docs
2 PDFs
100 Q & A
13 PDFs
200+ Sim Fies

02.SAP Press Ebooks

03.Configuration Documents
06.Interview Questions
07.Other Material
08. CBTs

SAP SD Course Curriculum:

1 Introduction
Course Introduction

2 SAP GUI Setup

SAP GUI Installation and Configuration
3 Order to Cash Cycle

Inquiries, Quotations, Orders and more

Picking, Packing and PGI

4 Master Data
Master Data Overview
Customer Master 1
Customer Master 2
Material Master - 1 ( Significance of Material Master Data )
Material Master - 2 ( Important Fields )
Material Master - 3 ( Extension )
Material Master Grouping
Customer Master Customization
Not able to find Sales view of the Customer Master
Blocking Customer Master Data

5 Sales Order Deep Dive

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

6 Enterprise Structure
Configuration - 1
Configuration - 2
Common Distribution Channels and Divisions
Why is Enterprise Stucture required ?

7 Sales Document Type

Sales Document Type Configuration - 1
Sales Document Type Configuration - 2

8 Item Category
Bill of Material - BOM
Item Category Controls and Hands-on

9 Schedule Line Category

Schedule Line Category Controls and Hands-on

10 Delivery andn Billing Document Type Config

Document Types and Item Categories

Copy Controls
Invoice Lists
Billing Plans

11 Pricing
Pricing Theory
Pricing Hands-on - 1
Pricing Procedure
Pricing Hands-on - 2

12 SD-FI Interface
Account Determination
Credit Management

13 Partners
Partner Determination

14 Texts
Text Determination

15 Plants
Plant Determination

16 Contracts
Quantity, Value and Service Contracts

17 Consignments
The consignment Cycle

18 Customer Material info Records ( CMIR )


19 Outputs
Output Determination

20 Listing and Exclusion

Listing and Exclusion Configuration

21 Availability Check
Basic Concepts

22 Route Determination
How are Routes Determined ?

23 Documents have a Status too

Status Profile Configuration

24 Scheduling
Rescheduling and Back Order Processing

25 Landscape
Typical Landscapes

26 SAP Project lifecycle

Typical Project Lifecycle

27 SAP Project Cut-over Activities

Cut Over Activities

28 Debugging
ABAP Debugging for Functional Consultants - 1
ABAP Debugging for Functional Consultants - 2

29 ( Optional ) - Client Server Architecture and Scaling

SAP Client Server Architecture
More users ? No Problem.. SAP landcape is Scalable
Nuts and bolts of an App Server

30 SAP Support Portal

Report Bugs to SAP

Material Details
01.Certification Material
LO605 - Sales.pdf
LO610 - Shipping.pdf
LO615 - Billing.pdf

LO620 - Pricing in SD.pdf

LO640 - Foreign Trade & Customs.pdf
LO650 - Cross-Functional Customizing in SD.pdf
LO835 - Service Processing.pdf
LO925 -Cross-Application Business Processes in SD and MM.ppt
LO990 - Variant Configuration_Part I.pdf
LO991 - Variant Configuration_Part II.pdf
Sales and Distribution - Workflow Scenarios.pdf

02.SAP Press Ebooks

SAP Press - 100 Things You Should Know about Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP 2012.pdf

03.Configuration Documents


05.T-Codes With Explanations

SAP SD Transaction codes with Explanations.pdf

06.Interview Questions

07.Other Material
Pricing and Conditions (SD-BFPR).pdf
Reports and Analyses (SD-ISREP).pdf
Sales & Operations Planning-LOLISPLN.pdf
SAP SD-Enterprise Structure.pdf
Sap SD-Sample-Resume-Cum-Tips.pdf
SD MRP.pdf
SD-Workflow Scenarios.pdf