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Sheetal Kothari, Project Manager (SAP OTC)

Fremont, CA | 302.290.3462 |

IT Project Manager
ERP Implementation | Sales & Marketing

Experienced Project Manager offering 20 years of success in outstanding project planning, execution,
monitoring and resource balancing skills.
Business strategist; plan and manage multimillion-dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.
Excellent communicator; leverage technical, business and financial acumen to communicate effectively
with client executives and their respective teams.
Expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Able to manage large project teams
and known for high-quality deliverables that meet or exceed timeline and budgetary targets.

Skills Summary

Project Management
Strong motivational
and leadership skills
Strategic planning
and implementation
Time/priority management
Excellent communication skills

IT Project Lifecycle
Requirement Analysis

Costing and Budgeting, ROI Analysis

Project Scheduling


Value Added Leadership

Cross-Functional Supervision
Team Building & Mentoring
Client Relations &
Business and IT Planning

Career Progression
Ernst & Young: For clients Thermo
fisher, Cisco and

Cognizant Technology Solutions @ Nike, AstraZeneca, Merck, Medimmune.

Tata Consultancy Services@ Holcim,

Epson and ,NVidia
Exide Industries Ltd @Sales and Marketing, Oracle CRM.

Achievement Highlights

SAP Project Manager, with well-rounded leadership skills in forming, developing and motivating high performance technical teams in ERP. She has 20 years of experience in which, 15 years is within SAP Project Management and implementation.
She has led several medium to long term concurrent projects with a team of maximum 40+ FTEs to 4-5 FTEs
depending on technical complexities across multi system landscape and delivered them on time.
She has an excellent experience in handling clients across different geographies. (US, European Union, UK and
Asia Pac) as well as handling global implementations, support and roll outs.
A person with excellent presentation, negotiation & influential skills, for getting buy in from cross functional
teams of business and customers IT teams.
Sheetal has a good experience of eight years in manufacturing industries with core domain strength in Order to
Cash, Sales and marketing, Logistics and Finance.
She understands the supply chain operations very well. In her 15 years of SAP consulting experience, Sheetal has
rounded her domain experience further trying to provide solutions to unique problems in the domains of Order
to cash, Logistics, Finance and project executions.
She is a creative and innovative person who can translate business requirements into concrete functional specifications for SAP.
She has handled End-to-End Implementations, Upgrades, Support, global roll-outs and integration projects for
multiple clients with a maximum of 12 countries at a time. She has a thorough understanding and has been
very effective in an onsite-offshore model, having experienced both sides in the model.
Extensive client facing roles across geographies in different capacities like Project Manager, Module lead, team
member, Roll out Expert, KT Manager and Solution architect, handling executive levels of client management.


Engagement experience
Client: SAP, SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting
Location: San Francisco, CA
SAP RAR version E1.1
Duration May 2015-Oct 2015
Industry: Technology
Role: Project Lead RAR testing project
Organization: EY LLP
Sheetal led and managed the EY Team in creating and testing SAPs OTC and third party scenarios. This was in coordination
with a team from SAP, responsible for releasing the new Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) application. This application addresses the new revenue accounting standards set by IASB and FASB as well as generic and existing requirements related to revenue recognition across various accounting principles.
o Completed SAPs training for Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.0.
o Completed EYs Rev Rec boot camp.
o Responsible for completion of the configuration check- list, Validation for system readiness, and test data prep
for test execution.
Client: Thermo fisher, A Global Bio Technology Company
Location: Marietta, Ohio
SAP version ECC 6.0
Duration Apr 2015-May 2015
Industry: Life Sciences
Role: Manager SAP-SD
Organization: EY LLP
Sheetal joined the project team at the end of the Major transformation of A/S400 (BAAN) application to SAPs ECC and
EWM module.
o Sheetal was responsible for integration of the ECC Logistics module and EWM module.
o This integration comprised of information from logistics in EWM, which published documents to ECC for all international shipments.
o Identified and resolved issues to maintain consistency between EWM and ECC modules respectively.
Client: Monsanto, A Global Agricultural Company
Location: St Louis, MO
SAP version ECC 6.0
Duration Jan 2015-Apr 2015
Industry: Chemical (Agriculture)
Role: Manager SAP-SD
Organization: EY LLP
This project was done to globally align different Regions, for the customer service employees through 360 -customer data
view and interaction Management.
o Sheetal conducted workshops to bring all the Global Regions under one umbrella.
o Sheetal gathered the requirements for the 360-customer view from all Global regions and documented them in
the Business Process document.
o She was responsible to enable, better and efficient customer Service through Sales force Interaction management
and customer 360 view
o She was responsible in providing technical details to the Teradata and middleware teams.
o Sheetal identified the need and worked with multiple teams as in Credit management and FSCM team, to develop
the Enterprise service for Customer credit view between Sales force and ECC.
A Global Agricultural Company
Location: St Louis, MO
SAP version ECC 6.0
Duration Aug 2013-Dec 2014
Industry: Agriculture
Role: Project Manager SAP ECC and Sales force Integration
Organization: EY LLP
Sheetal supported a Fortune 500 Agricultural Chemicals industry for its agency model implementation for the US SAP instance (ECC 6.0). Project scope included requirements gathering, solution design, configuration and development of custom
objects. The outcome of this project was developing a new process and technology solution for the Client Channel brand to
facilitate their transition from a dealer to an agent based sales model.




Sheetal was responsible to conduct requirement gathering workshops for the various deliverables within the Order
to Cash team.
Sheetal scrutinized the Business Process Documents written by the team members to validate that the requirements gathered were correctly documented.
She documented and obtained the approval for the entire business process requirements, which was presented to
the stakeholders for the final approval and sign off.
Also provided the solution design for the requirements of the front end, middleware and ECC, which was the
She documented the RICEFs required for Order to Cash team and the frontend. Sheetal developed the orders objects, which was the crux of the Project. This integrated the Sales force to ECC and sent the response back. This involved Allocation, pricing, payment terms, credit, exclusions, pre ship/post ship transfers, Requested Delivery Date
(forecasting), Farm managed, discretionary and non-discretionary discounts (that integrated with Vistex).
Mentored and conducted on job coaching to all her team members for writing business process documents, designing and development. She introduced them to various SAP related trainings, to get a better visibility and be
technically strong in their deliverables.
Worked with the training and change management team, to identify and do the Role mapping for the various objects in order to cash.
She also worked excessively with the testing team to identify the test cases so that the relevant test scripts can be
written and participate to resolve the test defects logged during the ITC1/2 phase. She worked closely with business during UAT to onboard them and resolved any issues during the phase.

Client: Merck & Co., Inc. is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It is currently one of the world's
seven largest pharmaceutical companies by market capitalization and revenue. The company describes itself as "a global
research-driven pharmaceutical company" that "discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human and animal health, directly and through its joint ventures
Location: Lebanon, New Jersey
SAP version ECC 6.0
Duration Apr 2011-July 2013
Industry: Life Sciences
Role: Project Manager SAP-SD
Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions
Project scope involved multiple rollouts and upgrades across the Regions in Americas and UK for OTC and Finance modules.
Sheetal contributed to the successful go live for 5 European countries in Apr Jul 2011 and subsequent 3 countries in Apr
2012. Participated in the go live for China in May 2012. Oversight of Upgrade Project from a Risk, escalations, scope, delivery quality, integration testing perspective. Helped the business & IT to prioritize the projects that would bring immediate
business improvements.
o Sheetal was responsible for implementing the Project for Mexico government. The requirement was to update the
invoices sent to the customers for any pharma product. The integration was done for SAP and legacy invoicing systems through the middleware. The project was successfully completed, before the legalization effective 1st July
o Sheetal gathered the requirements for a wholesale customer in France (CSP). The customer was responsible to deliver the goods to local pharmacies and had the need to be invoiced monthly. Sheetal did the customization to
generate monthly invoice for CSP. The requirement was that all line items with same product, billed multiple times
should not transfer to Accounts Receivables. (As SAP has a limitation for exceeding 999 lines).
o Direct Sales Interface for EU: Sales force and finance employees required the sales data to be posted in the Legacy
system. Hence Sheetal developed an interface to deliver the .xml files from SAP to the SFTP Server. The need was
to schedule the jobs in SAP for each country to generate one .xml file. The Legacy application captured the file
posted into the ftp location, did some controls and conversions (i.e. debit/credit signs depending on sales order
type/billing type). This data was then loaded into an outside OSA oracle database to generate Dashboards. For
mass upload of orders a functionality called General Order Line upload (GOFU) in line with legacy system was created, which allowed users to upload the .csv file in middleware, which was sent to ECC.
o Samples to medical representatives: Sheetal was responsible to setup the functionality to create orders for distributing samples to reps. Some of the examples were Promotional Matrix (Mexico), Pharma Samples Inc. for US
AMIX for Europe and Siebel for Canada.
o Sheetal coordinated with Sabrix vendor to develop enhancements and break fixes to implement VAT for EU countries and (HST/PST and GST) for Canada.
o Sheetal deployed the following Intercompany processes during various rollouts i) Intercompany Plant-to-Plant Direct Movements ii) Tolling processes iii) Intercompany Sales. iv) Third Party Sales from DC.
o Customization/enhancement was done to capture errors in EDI IDOC for 3PL Interfaces and external WMS interface. Delivery split logic was updated to allow for splitting by the following criteria: Transportation Group, Temperature conditions, loading group.


Client: Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development and worldwide
marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. It is the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$24.1 billion. The brand
alone is valued at $10.7 billion making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
SAP Version SAP 4.7, ECC 6.0
Duration Nov 2009- Apr 2011
Industry: Retail
Role: Project Lead / Project Manager
Project scope involved onsite production support and 24/7 high-end support for all 5 functional teams. Delivered global
support based on time zone, enabled additional classification according to functional requirements, and streamlined
communication between SMEs and support teams, which led to more viable solutions. Accomplished this through team
restructuring. Authored and introduced previously nonexistent process documentation. Assured team alignment with
global support and communication requirements for both onsite and offshore teams
o Sheetal was instrumental in improving 50% profitability via project implementation, which supported timely
completion of integration testing and on-time delivery of UAT and the initial dry run. This involved providing
daily status reports and weekly metrics.
o Sheetal was able to cut costs by improving service quality throughout all areas of team operations.
o She successfully guided the team to achieve recognition as Best Support Team by One program management, and Beyond and above award.
o Supervised development and testing of integration services. Identify and resolve risks and systems problems.
Communicate with project stakeholders and the corporate PMO. Evaluate integration services against established requirements. Contribute to project proposals and budgets. Deliver reports and metrics. Monitor
quality control performance and standards. Coordinate and manage the activities of a team of 20 support
o Sheetal was responsible for customization for different type of orders At once (ordering products that they require immediately), Futures (Advance orders), DRS (from factory to customer DC), Future contracts (with validity dates) and At once contracts. Inbound Logistics Customization
ZSDDCR (Delivery confirmation Report) to identify containers arriving at our Direct Ship customers.
ZSDDVRT Diverts (Direct to DC, Partial to DC and another customer), Inbound Transportation Planning where
EDI 856 (ASN) EDI 214(Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message) and EDI 315 Status Details (Ocean),
Track and Trace Inbound Dc shipment flow. 3PL Delivery process Inbound Freight charges, Outbound Logistics
Customization, Brazil Enota (Nota Fiscal)
Global 3PL Deliver Note EDI850.
o Sheetal was responsible for execution of a successful project for batch jobs Customization. An internal portal
named Coach was created for monitoring and execution of all batch jobs after uploading the repetitive error
logs and solutions from JRDB. On an average there would be nearly 10k batch jobs running only for OTC.
o Spearheaded offshore support processes for business process logistics.
o Managed inbound analysis reporting for delta changes to GBI Deliver reporting solutions and associated functions. Provided support for outbound processes for business. Coordinated optimization of inbound processes.
Provided support for the Event Manager global SAP tool.
o Delivered global support based on time zone, enabled additional classification according to functional requirements, and streamlined communication between SMEs and support teams, which led to more viable solutions. Accomplished this through team restructuring.
o Authored and introduced previously nonexistent process documentation.
o Assured team alignment with global support and communication requirements for both onsite and offshore
o Client facing role with regular interactions with VP and CXO levels of client
Client: Medimmune, LLC, headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, became a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca in
2007. It produces Synagis, a drug for the prevention of respiratory infections in infants, which accounted for US$ 1.06 billion of its US$ 1.2 billion in revenue for 2005, and FluMist, a nasal spray influenza vaccine introduced in 2004. FluMist was
initially sold in a frozen form, which was difficult for doctors to store.
Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland
SAP version: SAP 4.7
Duration: Aug 2009-Oct 2009
Industry: Biotech.
Role: OTC Consultant
Chargeback credit memo/debit memo request and confirmation interfaces are transaction based on interfaces that enable
the client SAP ECC system to receive chargeback request and send processed chargeback confirmation to AstraZeneca (AZ)-


Customer Management (CM) system. Customer cross-reference creates an interface, which sends client customer data to
CM and cross-references client direct customers with AZ customers. This on-going alignment will support interfaces, where
data is processed in CM using the AZ customer id (Compass id) but sends transactional data back to client referencing the
corresponding client customer id (from client SAP system)
o Sheetal performed a business requirements study supporting multiple interfaces to contracts management
o Managed verification of functional specifications for several interfaces supporting chargeback credit memo /
debit memo requests and confirmations. Customer data transmission and reconciliations for daily / monthly
sales and general ledger.
o Chargeback credit memo/debit memo request and confirmation interfaces are transaction based on interfaces
that enable the MEDI SAP ECC system to receive chargeback request and send processed chargeback confirmation to AZ-CM system.
o Customer cross-reference creates an interface, which sends MEDI customer data to CM and cross-references
MEDI direct customers with AZ customers. This on-going alignment will support interfaces where data is processed in CM using the AZ customer id (Compass id) but sends transactional data back to MEDI referencing the
corresponding MEDI customer id (from MEDI SAP)
o Daily/Monthly Sales and G/L Recon, after the month end close at MEDI and before the Government Pricing
process begins in AZ Medimmune GP, the transaction level MEDI Daily Direct Sales data in CM will be reconciled to the data in MEDI SAP Sales and GL data. In the integrated solution, the reconciliation process for MEDI
will be modeled after the current reconciliation process for AZ
o Eliminated issues prior to go-live by validating previous developments done by another company. Coordinated
all stages of system testing via a unified strategic approach
Client: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, $29 billion international healthcare business.
Location: Wilmington, US
SAP version: SAP4.7C
Duration: Apr 2008- Aug 2009
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Role: OTC consultant
Sheetal participated in the Instance Consolidation initiative for North America Canada transition for SAP version: SAP 4.7C.
o Managed feasibility studies and business requirements documentation. Performed gap analyses. Oversaw configuration and implementation of the SD Module. Defined functional specifications.
o Architected the whole assessment for XSI functionality for four different carriers. Express carriers usually feature by delivering goods quickly and allowing customers to track the progress of their parcel at any time. As a
result, SAP customers tat make shipments via an express or package carrier can use XSI for supporting the 3
min requirements of parcel shipping via express carriers.
Label printing
Manifesting/End of day processing
Parcel tracking
o Integrated third-party services and technologies via XSI configuration.
o Implemented ASN advance shipping notification features, including content listings and other shipping data.
Deployed proof of delivery (POD) functionality, enabling information for each shipment to be sent multiple
times based on receiver requirements and carrier capabilities.
o Successfully converted customer master, credit master, and other key data for the cutover activities.
Client: Holcim is a Swiss-based global building materials company and aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel). The
company also supplies ready-mix concrete and asphalt including associated construction services
Location: Singapore
SAP Version: SAP 4.7c
Duration: Apr 2007-Jan 2008
Industry: Cement and Aggregate
Role: Project Lead
Organization: Tata Consultancy Services
Project scope involved gathering business requirement mapping in alignment with local taxation for 18 plants and sales offices.


Sheetal delivered a full functional redesign of process industry prices, featuring adaptive pricing capable of adjusting to market-based turnover
Sheetal was responsible for Customization of Target and Quantity based pricing and Credit Management.
Custom-tailored SAP modules and methodologies to support multiple scenarios featuring situations such as
order allocation, master data objects such as LSMW upload for customers, counties, routes.


Developed an interface between SAP and weighbridge, which supported sales, exports, STOs, and receipt of
Introduced transporter invoicing via implementation of the transportation module, which incorporated freight
calculation and payments. T point transportation. Floating Truck. Rail Yard DC transportation.
Oversaw all stages of development for the Darlaghat (plant on the hills for which a specific customization had
to be done due to space limitation) Interface, from order allocation through invoicing.
Integrated the Rail freight calculation program in the transportation module of SAP through customization.
Integral in development of process diagrams demonstrating activities, inputs, outputs, and controls. Educated
users on process and system gaps via workshops. Conducted unit testing prior to sign-off. Developed manuals
and documents for user training.
Received the best performer award for the project.

Client: Epson Printers

Location: Amsterdam Netherland
SAP version: ECC 6.0
Duration: Dec 2006-Apr 2007
Industry: High Tech
Role: Project Lead
o Project scope involved production support activities for mapping business processes for 15 countries to module functionality. Addressed and resolved trouble tickets.
o Acted as Subject Matter Expert for other developers. Designed and integrated enhancements and developments.
o Addressed and resolved difficult issues regarding rebates, export processes, and chargebacks.
o Delivered the project with full integration with multiple additional modules and other applications.
Client: NVidia, US
Location: Santa Clara, US
SAP Version: SAP 4.6c, 4.7
Duration: Oct 2005-Dec 2006
Industry: High Tech
Role: OTC Module Leader

Developed customized entries supporting deletion and traceability of deliveries.

Incorporated enhancements allowing PI GI date, CRD date, and shipping performance tracking.
Developed capability for price printing with product components.
Completed the SAP ECC 6.0 upgrade project with all SAP technology and process deliverables meeting client
Performed comprehensive functional testing of O2C processes in alignment with APO integration.

Client: Exide Industries Ltd

Location: Mumbai, India.
Sap version: 3.1H, 4.6C
Duration: Aug 1996- Oct 2005
Role: Process Design Consultant, SD Integration

Designed, participated and contributed in the implementation of SAP sales and distribution module.
Documented business requirements and processes, including gap documents, process maps, and solutions
Developed business blueprints and obtained sign-off.
Gathered, uploaded, and converted legacy master data.
Contributed to training documentation.
Completed all stages of upgrade, entered and configured new records, and provided post-implementation
Adapted the system to handle price variations based on credit terms, with features handling monthly and
quarterly sales growth.

Special Project:
Launched the 2004 Oracle CRM project at Gathered business requirements for features, including
integration for 1400 dealers, B2B communications / feedback, and sales team integration and updating regarding credit policies.
Produced requ8irement documentation and coordinated configuration changes prior to implementation of Oracle Sales Online,


Telesales, and Oracle Marketing Online. Designed a planning hierarchy for data management, sales reports, and OSO Report
Tree. Authored user manuals and product training materials.
Further early career details are available on request.

Master of Science, Statistics
Mumbai University, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bachelor of Science, Statistics
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
SAP SCM R/3 Order Fulfillment (SD) - SAP AG Germany
Ecom@asset - Asset International Ltd.
SAP R/3 SD, MM & FI; Oracle CRM; Oracle Discoverer; Clarity; Remedy; Siamese; e-Synergy; TDMS;
ABAP; Oracle Databases; Autosys Workload Control Center & Coach
Cover letter

As an expert in SAP Project Management and implementation with over 15 years of experience delivering custom-tailored SAP
solutions for businesses in multiple industries, I seek a position as SAP SD /RAR Consultant/Manager for your company. In my
career I have led multiple key projects to customize, deploy, and upgrade SAP modules critical to business functionality. Through
my expertise I have ensured documentation and implementation of key business requirements, including integrating bespoke solutions that adapted SAP functionality to meet specific customer needs. From initial consultation through post-implementation support
and training, I have proven myself an effective leader capable of delivering end-to-end business solutions.
In addition, I am a strong team builder and communicator able to drive both onshore and offshore efforts, resulting in united team
goals and on-target deliverables. Highlights of my achievements include:
Taking an instrumental role in improving profitability 50% via project implementation, which supported timely completion of integration testing and on-time delivery of user acceptance testing (UAT) and the initial dry run.
Ensuring 24/7 high-end support for all 5 functional teams, including providing daily status reports and weekly metrics.
Reducing the ticket volume and provided proactive solutions to recurring issues via the e Synergy internal incident management
Delivering global support based on time zone, enabled additional classification according to functional requirements, and streamlined communication between SMEs and support teams, which led to more viable solutions. Accomplished this through team restructuring.
I believe that my accomplishments demonstrate the SAP expertise, project management experience, and client communications
skills necessary to be a significant asset to your company. For further details on my work history, qualifications, and achievements,
please view the included resume and contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.
Sheetal Kothari