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Name: Rubinder Kaur Takhar UB Number: 12003746 Covering from the Period from: 1/1/16-7/1/17 Planned outcome
Name: Rubinder Kaur Takhar UB Number: 12003746 Covering from the Period from: 1/1/16-7/1/17 Planned outcome

Name: Rubinder Kaur Takhar

UB Number: 12003746

Covering from the Period from: 1/1/16-7/1/17

Planned outcome

Where do I want to be by the end of this period? What do I want to be doing? (This may be evolutionary or “more of the same”.)

This record sheet is for your guidance only you may present your CPD plan in any other format

What will my success criteria

be? how have I implemented my learning and what impact has this had (at work/outside of work)?

Target dates for review and completion

What do I want/need to learn and why?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

I initially did not think that I needed to learn this skill however, after receiving feedback from group members during the course of the development log I learned I need to learn how to delegate. As I tend to take on too much responsibility which I do not deem to be an issue however, with the increased work load I have and will have in the future this will have a severe impact on my mental and physical wellbeing.

I honestly do not know how to become a delegator. Thus my initial thought is just to ask friends and family who have a high expectation in team environments which when not met how they handle such circumstance. This may help learning ways to delegate efficiently. I have learned from online research during the development record that one simple method to help achieve this is within a team environment Setting the project's timelines/ deadlines/ expectations in detail of what has to be included in the delegated piece of work. Setting a to-do list together for each delegated task to ensure the standard is met in professional way.

Practice is obviously imperative to support this skill. However, I am aware of a possible group work within an elective at university pending. Thus, beforehand will need support from friends and family on tips in such circumstances and this will help in increasing such skill. Moreover, I can practice within my work environment and observe how my manager delegates tasks that he has been given for the team to achieve.

It’s hard to measure if I learn how to successfully delegate. However, one criteria could be having an in depth project timeline devised as a team in my next group work and doing a reflective and review form during this project to see if having this in place allowed successful delegation.


1/1/16- 13/5/16

Although this is a continuous learning point. The date above reflects group work in which I will be doing in Semester 2 at university thus, will be able to review and reflect if I have been able to develop this skill.

During the course of my development log, in regards to time management I have found that organising my notes in a folder format at the beginning of the semester, having a printed and virtual timetable and getting the core textbooks before semester has started has helped with my time management. Thus I aim to replicate such methodology in semester two.

To achieve this I will have to purchase folders and dividers. Moreover, will have to print the timetable and input the information into my one note which will transfer the information to my phone calendar and send me reminders via email. Also will need to find the module handbooks to reserve the core text books and prepare for the first week.

To support this I will need money to purchase folders and dividers which I will get from Staples. I will also need to arrange time to do this. I can do this on a break at work. Also will need to find the timetable which can be found on the university intranet. In terms of finding out the core textbooks I will have to find the module handbooks on the intranet and read through them

My success criteria will be purchasing and labelling the folders. Then having the weekly timetable inputted into Microsoft one note and having a physical copy on my dashboard. Moreover, renting the core text books from the library before semester two starts. This will help time management of what is required in the semester.


This time period reflects the time I have before semester two starts to prepare for the semester.

From my development records due to mitigating circumstances, my timetable to complete my assignment and examination

deadlines. Had been an issue thus,

To achieve this I will have to await the examination timetable. In hope no one has an issue with it. Then dependant on my circumstance will have to devise a clear, in depth and SMART revision timetable. That will accommodate any problems I may face at the time.

The initial resource needed would be the examination timetable. Also I will need access to my folders containing the revision material needed so I can specify what I will revise and on which date and allocate the appropriate time. Moreover, I will need to see if I have any plans that will interfere with the retrospective revision period and have contingency dependent on the situation if required.

I suppose my examination results will determine my success. However, sticking to the revision timetable will be my success criteria and actually composing the timetable.


This weekend will allow time to develop an examination


got an extension to help me


ensure that I could manage my time more efficiently and ensure completion of such work. Thus, I want to devise a revision timetable for my examinations in semester two earlier so that if such issues arise again I have time to accommodate my revision and do not hinder my ability in completing the revision required.

revision timetable giving adequate time to revise.


need to learn of the requirements

To achieve this I will have to arrange a meeting with firstly my personal tutor and then my allocate supervisor.

The information needed is what a dissertation needs to encompass, the structure, the marking criteria. Then I will require contact information of my supervisors including best available times to contact, possibly a Skype name if I am abroad for a long duration over the summer. Having this information should aid in communication in distance.

The success criteria will be to know what the dissertation requirements are. Moreover, even having an example of a previous dissertation and arranging the two meetings. Another criterion will be to have my supervisors contact information stored on a mobile device.

Before 13/4/16

required for the dissertation before semester two ends to ensure that If

I am likely to travel straight after my final examinations thus, need to know this information before the examination period starts.


do go on holiday for a summer

break I will have all the information


required to start the dissertation on my return. Also, I will need my supervisors contact details and arrange a meeting with them of the best possible communication tool to use during semester three which works for them too.


want to find a job after graduation.

To achieve this realistically, I am able to apply for one job a week. Thus, every Monday because I know I don’t work Mondays during term time before lectures commence I will come into university an hour or two earlier to apply for a job. As my concentration level increases within a library setting this will minimise distractions and ensure that I can complete this objective.

One initial support mechanism could be the career development services at university as they are specialist in aiding students in finding jobs. Moreover, I will

have to sign up for job alerts at various websites such as:

My success criteria will be having applied for a job every week. Moreover, receiving feedback if I progressed to next application stage or not.


Thus will need, to continuously allocate time to able to apply for positions. Although, working at Dixons Carphone is my contingency plan as hierarchical progression into the HR department in Acton head office requires possessing a CIPD level 5 and above certificate. Which I hope to attain during graduation. Thus, this is my back up plan if required. However, to CPD I need to ensure that I’m applying for as many positions as available otherwise will finish my master’s degree and have limited prospects. Thus, wasting a year gaining a Master’s degree.

This time period represents the time I will be at university and wherein I hope to have a job by.

Indeed.com Graduate-jobs.co.uk Reed.co.uk Monster.co.uk This will help applying for jobs.



need to become accustomed to

To achieve this I am going to have to motivate myself to do a to-do list of what exactly is to be done and even do a CPD plan for the semester because this has proven effective in managing the future so to speak. Moreover, I could clarify this with my supervisor to see if the time scales are realistic.

The resources needed would be either devising a Gantt chart or a CPD plan. Moreover, I would have to structure my dissertation to enable me to systematically structure what is required. Also, my supervisor will need a copy of this as they can act as a motivator.

I get intrinsic satisfaction for ticking an action completed on a to-do list thus; this could be my success criteria. Moreover, I could reward myself with a planned social event when completed a section of the dissertation. Moreover, the ultimate success criterion is completing the dissertation in a continuous way and by sticking to the plan and not just allocating a large proportion of time near the deadline to complete it. Such my stress levels during the dissertation could also be a measured criteria.

Semester 3

doing a dissertation within summer even though this is classifies as semester three. This may deem strange however, doing my undergraduate it has become habitual to enjoy summer and travel with no concern in regards to university. However, I need to change this mind-set as I have summer to complete my dissertation. Thus, need to ensure I actually do so I can make a dissertation to do list for the summer because I need to learn to focus during the summer period.


This is the realistic start date for semester 3 and I would like to have the dissertation done for the 6 th or even before.


need to be ready to submit my

To achieve submitting my dissertation in on time I will ensure that it is ready to print and submit by doing a final proofreading.

Proof check, turnitin submission and a printer, fully loaded and a binder to be able to hand in my dissertation.

Printing out my dissertation and handing it in before the deadline.


dissertation before the deadline as

this accumulates for a large proportion of my final grade.


This is the submission date for the dissertation


Although Dixons Carphone have provided me with a personalised 3month CPD plan which myself and my coach at training devised there is some skills that I need to develop alongside these. However, as the job criteria/ targets continuously changes I cannot set developments for future target dates.


What will my success criteria

Target dates for review & completion

What do I want/need to learn and why?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

be? how have I implemented my learning and what impact has this had (at work/outside of work)?

I want to know if it would be plausible if I could do my research for my dissertation on Dixons Carphone because research on a company is required. I need to know the rules and regulations in terms of observing, questioning and interviewing Dixon Carphone employees in order to use my observations as research for my dissertation. This is a requirement because permission is required to comply with privacy policies.

To achieve this I will need to firstly decipher my dissertation topic with the help of my personal tutor and George Madine who I intend on being my supervisor as his speciality is psychology of work and training and development which is my interest. Then will have to ask Barry my coach at academy and my manager Time and Russell the regional manager is this would be plausible a phone call will be how I will attain this.

To support this I firstly will need to finalise a dissertation title in which will have liaise with George and my personal tutor to see if this is possible. Then if agreed will have to ring all the retrospective managers at Dixons Carphone to ask if I will be able to conduct my research in the company and the regulations, stages in being able to do so.

My initial success criteria will be finalising a dissertation title. Henceforth, will be gaining knowledge of if I am allowed to conduct my research at Dixons Carphone. If this is agreed I then need to finalise a time period to conduct my research and complete the formalities. If this is not agreed I will then have to find another company wherein I can conduct my research.


I need to find out the following information during this time as it is before the hand in date for the dissertation proposal.

I need to learn the Product lookup codes for the majority of the devices. This is because currently I know the basics and in order to do a price and stock look up the unique code is required to be entered into the PIE system. Moreover, in order to complete a contract on this system sometimes they as you for this code. Which, is personally frustrating as I am not aware of them all, especially in busy time periods because I have to ask a co- worker what it is and thus, becoming reliant on their knowledge instead of learning them myself hindering my progression.

In order to achieve this I have to set time aside and learn the product look up codes to enhance my progression. Having an extrovert personality type a great method is just asking co- workers and recording these on a hard copy so I always have a guide as a contingency.

The resource needed would be a list of the entire product look up codes however, I have already asked my manager and there is not such list. Thus, I will have either come into work early for an hour or so or during my break ask my co-workers what the product look up codes are for each devise and compose my own list.

The initial success criteria would be composing a list of the PLU codes either a word document or hand written. The second will be actually being able to so an inventory, colour and price look up on PIE without asking my colleagues what the PLU code is. As I already know how to find this information this is not a current problem yet, knowing the PLU code is hence, successfully completing this search will my success criteria.

24/1/16- 7/2/16

The following dates will ensure I learn the PLU codes before peak season of Valentine’s day and I have time to learn after my university examinations.