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ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
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Applied Time Series

Analysis and Forecasting NEW TEXTBOOK
T. M. J. A. Cooray
Applied Time Series: Analysis and Forecasting provides the theories methods and tools for necessary modeling and forecasting of
time series. It includes a complete theoretical development of univariate time series models with each step demonstrated with an
analysis of real time data series. The result is clear presentation, quantified subjective judgment derived from selected models applied
to time series observations. Utilizing real time series to demonstrate theoretical Approaches, the author explores diverse aspects of time
series, including how to identify structure, explain observed behaviour, model structures and behaviours, and interpret analysis to make
informed forecast. The book also illustrates concepts such as components decomposition, fundamental model form such as trends
cycles seasonality and practical requirement.
Contents: Preface / Abbreviations / Scope of the Book / Analysis of Time Series / Classical Time Series Decomposition / Exponential Smoothing Method / Stationary &
Nonstationary Time Series / Stationary Stochastic Processes / The Box-Jenkins ARIMA Methodology / Model Identification and Diagnostics Checking / Applications of Box-
Jenkins Methodology / Recursive Estimation of Time Series Models / Recursive Estimation and Time-Varying Parameter Models / Implementation of Recursive Methods in Excel
Spread Sheet / Appendix / Glossary of Forecasting Terms / References / Index
Audience: Undergraduate – Postgraduate Students, Researchers & Professionals within business, statistics, economics, engineering,
and operations research program

2008 294pp 100Figs. 63Tables 160 x 240 620g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-471-2 £ 24.95 / US$ 49.95

Bayesian Parametric Inference

Ashok K. Bansal
Bayesian Parametric Inference provides a systematic exposition and discusses in detail the conjugate and noninformative prior distributions,
predictive distributions and their applications to problems of inventory control, finite populations, structural change in the model and control
problems. Information theoretic approach to construct maximal data information prior and maximum entropy priors is also discussed.
Bayesian decision theoretic approach is followed to obtain Bayes estimates under various loss functions. The concept of Bayes Factor for
comparing hypotheses is explained with the help of some simple but illustrative examples.
Key Features:
z More than 300 Solved Examples z 250 Unsolved Exercises z 350 Remarks z Glossary of Bayesian Terms z Exhaustive List of References
Contents: Foreword / Preface / Probability, Random Variables and their Probability Distributions / Some Special Distributions / Bayes Theorem / Conjugate Prior Distribution / Non-
Informative Priors / Bayes Estimation / Hypothesis Testing / Predictive Inference / Bayesian Inference for the Linear Model / Large Sample Approximations / Other Topics / Question
Bank / Glossary / Tables / Bibliography / Index
Audience: Senior Undergraduate & Graduate Students in Statistics

2007 468pp 185 x 240 950g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-388-3 £ 34.95 / US$ 69.95

A First Course in Asymptotic Theory of Statistics

T. K. Chandra TEXTBOOK
Audience: Graduate & Postgraduate Students & Teachers

1999 264pp 155 x 230 350g Pb ISBN: 978-81-7319-260-9 £ 32.00 / US$ 64.50

A First Course in Probability

Third Edition TEXTBOOK
T. K. Chandra, D. Chatterjee
The third edition of this text is yet another step ahead of the second edition in that this has one more appendix viz. the theory of errors in addition to the revisions
of some small segments. The treatment is as before; rigorous yet elegant and user-friendly and covers a wide range of topics such as transformation, convergence
and multivariate analysis. The special feature of this text is its effort to resolve many outstanding confusions in probability and statistics.
Audience: Graduate, Postgraduate Students & Teachers

2005 510pp 21Figs. 160 x 240 1000g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-208-4 £ 38.00 / US$ 74.50

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ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
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A First Course on Parametric Inference

Second Edition

New to the Second Edition:

z A Chapter on nonparametric inference
z Techniques for one sample and two sample problems presented with emphasis on sign test, Kolmogorov - Smirnov Test, Wilcoxon
signed rank test and Wilcoxon Mann - Whitney test
z Separate section added on maximum likelihood estimation in parametric models for censored and truncated data
z Additional illustrative examples and exercises

Audience: Senior Undergraduate, Graduate Students & Teachers

2005 308pp 160 x 240 700g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-219-0 £ 35.00 / US$ 68.00

Introduction to Applied Statistics

A Non-Calculus Based Approach FORTHCOMING TEXTBOOK
David D. Hanagal
Introduction to Applied Statistics: A Non-Calculus Based Approach expresses our intent to introduce readers to statistics as it is used in practice. Introduction
to Applied statistics is concerned with gaining understanding from data; it focuses on problem solving rather than on methods that may be useful in specific
settings. A text cannot fully imitate practice, because it must teach specific methods in a logical order and must use data that are not the reader’s own.
This book makes non-statisticians, under-graduates, graduates, scientists and researchers understand statistics easily. The proofs of theorem and lemmas
are not that necessary at the elementary level but it is necessary to know when, where and why to use these tools instead of proving a theorem or lemma. This
book is very brief and compact in size and covers only the most necessary topics useful in day today life.
Contents: Frequency Distribution and Graphical Representation of Data / Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion / Probability Theory / Probability Distributions /
Sampling Distribution / Statistical Inference: Estimation / Statistical Inference: Testing of Hypothesis / Analysis of Variance / Simple Linear Regression and Correlation / Nonparametric
Tests / References / Statistical Tables / Answers to Exercises / Snap Shot Formulas / Index
Audience: Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Professionals, Researchers, Scientists and Non Statisticians

2009 275pp 185 x 240 Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-531-3 TBA

An Introduction to Estimating Functions

P. Mukhopadhyay TEXTBOOK

Contents: Foreword / Preface / Introduction / Basic Concepts / Estimating Functions in the Multi-Parameter Case / Estimating Functions in the Presence of
Nuisance Parameters / Information in Distribution in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters / Estimating Functions in Semi-Parametric / Estimating Functions
in Survey Sampling / Appendix / References / Author Index / Subject Index

Audience: Graduate & Postgraduate Students, Teachers and Researchers

2004 244pp 160 x 240 700g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-163-6 £ 48.00 / US$ 95.00

An Introduction to Stochastic Process


A text for advanced courses in statistics, applied mathematics, operation research, computer science, different branches of engineering,
business and management, economics and life sciences etc., is aimed between elementary probability texts and advanced works on stochastic
processes. What distinguishes this text are the illustrations of theorems by examples and applications.
Audience: Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students & Teachers

2003 432pp 21Figs. 160 x 240 850g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-105-6 £ 49.50 / US$ 98.00

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ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
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An Introductory Course of Statistical Mechanics


An Introductory Course of Statistical Mechanics introduces the subject to readers without any prior knowledge of the subject. In most
textbooks, Statistical Mechanics appears to be a branch of Condensed Matter Physics. This book has a different perspective. It gives great
importance to relativistic systems, thus paving the way for various applications of Statistical Mechanics, from nuclear reactions to Astrophysics
and Cosmology. Non-relativistic systems and their applications to Condensed Matter Physics are not abandoned either: there are discussions
on gases, liquids and magnetic systems. The book ends with one chapter on Phase Transitions and one on Boltzmann equation. Overall,
the book presents Statistical Mechanics from a broader perspective encompassing many branches of Physics.
Contents: Preface / Notations / List of Tables and Figures / A Review of Thermodynamics / Microstates and Macrostates / Microcanonical Ensemble / Canonical Ensemble /
Grand Canonical Ensemble / Equivalence of Different Ensembles / Non-interacting Bose Gas / Non-interacting Fermi Gas / Heat Capacities / Stellar Matter / Approximation
Methods / Fluids / Ising and Related Models / Inhomogeneous Systems / Phase Transitions / Boltzmann Equation / A: Physical Constants / B: Useful Mathematical Results / C:
Books of Related Interest / D: Answers to Selected Exercises / Index
Audience: Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students in Physics
2008 396pp 56Figs. 160 x 240 1000g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-436-1 £ 39.95 / US$ 79.95

Labelings of Discrete Structures and Applications

Editors: B. D. Acharya, S. Arumugam, Alexander Rosa NEW
The problems arising from the study of a variety of labeling schemes of the elements of any discrete structure such as a graph, a directed
graph, a hypergraph or a signed graph is a potential area of research with a lots of challenging unsolved problems. Research papers
giving recent developments and directions for further research on topics such as graceful labelings, graph decomposition, multiplicative
labelings, set labelings, sigma graphs, orthogonal labelings, Skolem and Hooked Skolem graceful labelings for graphs and signed
graphs, set magic labeling, k-equitable graphs and Arithmetic graphs by leading experts in the respective fields are included in
this volume.
This volume will serve as an excellent reference for experts and research scholars working on Graph Labeling Problems.
Contents: Preface / Labelings of Discrete Structures – New Challenges / Uniform Intersection Set-Labelings of a Graph: I Regularisable Graphs / Multiplicatively Indexable
Graphs / Some New Perspectives on Arithmetic Graphs / On Set-Valuations of Graphs / Embeddings and NP-Complete Problems for Graceful Graphs / A Note on Graceful
Labelings and Graph Decomposition / Common Weight Decomposition Into Minimum Acyclic Graphoidal Covers / Label Graphoidal Covering Number of a Graph / On Multiplicative
Labelings of a Graph / On Set Labelings of Graphs / On Triangular Sum Labelings of Graphs / k-equitable graphs k=2,3 / Sigma Graphs: Survey / Orthogonal Labelings of
Graphs / Skolem and Hooked Skolem Graceful Sigraphs / Skolem Graceful Graphs: A Survey / A Note on Set-magic Graphs / A Graph Labeling Related to Root Lattices / List
of Participants
Audience: Graduate Students, Teachers & Researchers
2008 192pp 160 x 240 500g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-860-1 £ 44.95 / US$ 89.95

The Laws of Large Numbers


The Laws of Large Numbers contains the usual laws of large numbers together with the recent ones derived in unified and elementary
approaches. Most of these results are valid for dependent and possibly non-identical sequence of random variables. These are
established under much greater generalities with methods drastically simpler than the standard ones available in current text-books.
Using the uniform Integrability type conditions, the monograph supplements the strong laws of large numbers by proving Lp-convergence
of the sample mean to its expectations.
Contents: Some Classical Laws of Large Numbers: Chebyshev’s Inequality and Its Applications / Borel-Cantelli Lemmas / Some Notions of Stochastic Convergence /
Uniform Integrability / Some Well-known Laws of Large Numbers / Some Recent Laws of Large Numbers: Some Recent L1 – LLNs / Some Recent SLLNs / Some Recent Lp
– LLNs / Some Further Results on SLLN: Method of Subsequences / Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund SLLN / Mixingales / SLLN for the Weighted Averages / Extensions of an
Inequality of Kolmogorov / Miscellaneous Results / Appendix: Some Further Results on Uniform Integrability
Audience: Graduate Students & Researchers

2009 152pp 185 x 240 Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-922-6 £ 34.95 / US$ 69.95

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ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
USD Price valid for North America Only / GBP Price valid for Rest of the World Statistics 5

Mathematical Statistics
Suddhendu Biswas, G. L. Srivastava
A lucid presentation of modern probability theory based on Measure theoretic approach with examples. Presentation of the genesis
of all standard probability distributions (Discrete, Absolutely Continuous and Singular Distributions) inclusive of circular, Singular
distributions. New Interpretations of some distributions like Pareto, Logistic etc. Characterization of Distributions and inclusion of
Censoring of Distributions is a unique feature of the book. Coverage of Regression Analysis in a text book of statistical methodology
is also a new feature of the book. A large number of solved and unsolved examples is also a special feature of the book.
Contents: History of Statistical Thoughts / Mathematical Background of Measure Theory / Probability Theory / Distribution Theory / Expectations, Stochastic Convergence
and Limit Theorems / Specific Distributions (Discrete and Absolutely Continuous) / Regression and Correlation / Regression Analysis / Characterizations of Some Basic Discrete
and Absolutely Continuous Distributions / Parametric Statistical Inference and Censoring of Distributions / Nonparametric Statistical Inference and Order Statistics / Large
Sample Theory and Transformations in Statistics / Non-central Distributions and Multivariate Analysis
Audience: Undergraduate - Postgraduate Students & Researchers
2009 300pp 185 x 240 Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-489-7 £ 24.95 / US$ 49.95

Microarray Data
Statistical Analysis Using R TEXTBOOK
Shailaja R. Deshmukh, Sudha G. Purohit
Functional Genomics, a branch of Bioinformatics, is essentially an interdisciplinary subject in which Biologists, Statisticians and Computer
experts interact to analyze the microarray data. This book caters to the needs of all the three disciplines. For Biologists and Computer
scientists, it explains concepts of statistics and statistical inference. For Biologists and Statisticians, it provides annotated R programs to
analyze microarray data. For Statisticians and Computer scientists, it explains basics of biology relevant to microarray experiment. Thus,
the book will be useful to scientists from all the three disciplines, with not much knowledge of other disciplines, to analyze microarray data
and interpret the results.
Key Features:
z Numerous illustrations supplemented by diagrams, tables and figures to grasp the basic concepts of Statistics and its applications to Microarray Data.
z Annotated R programs at the end of each chapter to carry out analysis.

Contents: Preface / Introduction to Microarray Experiment / Normalisation of Microarray Data / Comparative Inference Procedures / Principal Component Analysis / Cluster
Analysis / Logistic Regression Analysis / Case Studies/ Appendix / References / Answers to Exercises / Index.
Audience: Postgraduate Students in Statistics, Life Sciences, Bio-medicine, Biotechnology & Computer Science
2007 340pp 185 x 240 800g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-423-1 £ 37.50 / US$ 75.00

Operations Research
K. Chandrasekhara Rao, S. L. Mishra
Contents: Preface / Introduction / Mathematical Background / Linear Programming: Graphical Method / Linear Programming: Simplex Method / Duality in Linear Programming /
The Revised Simplex Method / The Transportation Problem / Assignment Problem / Game Theory / Dynamic Programming / Integer Programming Problem / Project Management /
Decision Theory / Sensitivity Analysis / Goal Programming / Queueing Theory / Bibliography / Index
Audience: Undergraduate & Graduate Students of Engineering / Management & Teachers
2005 348pp 160 x 240 700g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-120-9 £ 50.00 / US$ 98.00

Operations Research Methods

Sujit K Bose
The science of Operations Research seeks efficiency and economy in organizational setups engaged in many economic activities. This book develops important
mathematical models cropping up in different decision-making situations in a general manner and then proceeds to give algorithmic development of methods of
solution. Though the methods of solution are very diverse in nature, the mathematical tools employed are mainly matrix algebra and elements of probability theory.
This book will be useful as a text for a one-semester course in engineering and science and as a reference in economics and business administration.
Audience: Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students in Computer Science, Mechanical (Production), Construction and Chemical Engineering,
Mathematics, Economics and Business Administration
2005 272pp 54Figs. 160 x 240 700g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-221-3 £ 29.95 / US$ 59.95
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ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
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Optimal Maintenance of Large Engineering System

Practical Strategies for Effective Decision Making
A. K. Verma, A. Srividya, P. G. Ramesh FORTHCOMING TEXTBOOK

Maintenance has an essential role in ensuring that engineering systems perform at expected levels of reliability, availability and safety in a cost effective
manner and in keeping with the corporate demands. A review of extensive research in the field of maintenance indicates that most models either have over-
simplified assumptions or are analytically and computationally too intensive for practical application. Optimal Maintenance of Large Engineering System
endeavors to address this anomaly for the maintenance decision maker and researcher. The book brings under one roof, a critical discussion on the classical
and contemporary analysis of maintenance models, presentation of maintenance decision as a multi-objective optimization problem using genetic algorithms
and use for fuzzy logic for handling uncertainty and expert opinion or domain knowledge with particular reference to maintenance of large engineering
systems. There are also necessary inputs to equip the readers with the necessary skills, such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy sets, bayesian statistics, etc., as
well as a detailed exposure to tools and techniques for maintenance planning and management, CMMS and expert systems.
Contents: Introduction / Modeling for Maintenance Decisions / Maintenance of Engineering Systems: A Multi-Criteria Problem / Multi-Objective Maintenance Optimization
using Genetic Algorithms / Uncertainty in Maintenance Decisions / Fuzzy Maintenance Decision Making / Optimal Spare Parts Inventory Decisions / Maintenance Costing /
Maintenance Management with Learning / Maintenance Planning: Tools and Strategies / Appendices / References / Bibliography / Index
Audience: Undergraduate – Postgraduate Students, Professionals & Researchers

2009 350pp 100Figs. 185 x 240 Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-524-5 £ 49.95 / US$ 99.00

Point Processes and Product Densities

Editors: S. K. Srinivasan, A. Vijayakumar
Audience: Researchers & Professionals

2003 168pp 185 x 240 520g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-558-7 £ 49.00 / US$ 94.95

Quality, Reliability and Information Technology

Trends and Future Directions
Editors: P. K. Kapur, A. K. Verma
Reliability Engineering and Quality Management provide a competitive advantage and market leadership in a global environment where
market barriers are fast disappearing both in the domain of cutting edge and contemporary technologies, manufacturing, process and service
sectors like Information Technology sector. The growth of Q & R has been fuelled by increasing sophistication and complexity of system and
organisational awareness to produce and market high Quality and Reliability products and services by the consumer and global market pressures.
This subject being interdisciplinary in nature has also brought about a convergence of numerous solution strategies employing Fuzzy Sets,
Artifical Neural Nets, Modeling and Simulation, Knowledge Base Systems, Operations Research and Mathematical Programming to achieve high Reliability. This
book is intended for both the beginner and practitioner from manufacturing and service sector, research laboratories and academic institutions. This book is unique
also as it gives an insight into the current practices and future directions.
Audience: Students & Researchers

2005 483pp 167Figs. 100Tables 185 x 240 1150g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-572-3 £ 78.00 / US$ 155.00

Sample Survey Theory

Des Raj, P. Chandhok
Contents: Preface / Elements of Probability and Estimation / Sample Survery Background / Basic Methods of Sample Selection/ Stratification / Further use of Supplementary
Information / Sampling & Subsampling of Clusters / Double-Sampling Procedures & Repetitive Surveys / Nonsampling Errors / Other Developments
Audience: University level Students & Statisticians

1998 361pp 155 x 230 630g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-137-4 £ 45.00 / US$ 98.00

Prices and Pub Dates subject to change w w w . a l p h a s c i . c o m

ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
USD Price valid for North America Only / GBP Price valid for Rest of the World Statistics 7

Sampling Theory and Methods

Second Edition TEXTBOOK
S. Sampath
Sampling Theory and Methods presents in detail several sampling schemes like simple random sampling, unequal probability sampling
methods, systematic, stratified, cluster and multistage sampling. In addition to sampling schemes a number of estimating methods which
include ratio and regression estimators are also discussed. The use of superpopulation models is covered in detail along with recent developments
including estimation of distribution functions, adaptive sampling schemes etc.
New to the Second Edition:
z Contents reorganized to establish a coherent link between various concepts
z Several numerical examples associated with real life solutions for bringing out the relevance of theory in real life context

Contents: Preface / Preliminaries / Equal Probability Sampling / Systematic Sampling Schemes / Unequal Probability Sampling / Stratified Sampling / Use of Auxiliary Information /
Regression Estimation / Multistage Sampling / Non-sampling Errors / Recent Developments / References / Index
Audience: Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students

2005 206pp 160 x 240 600g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-214-5 £ 34.95 / US$ 69.95

Statistical Computing
Existing Methods and Recent Developments TEXTBOOK
D. Kundu, A. Basu
Statistical Computing: Existing Methods and Recent Developments attempts to provide a state of the art account of existing methods
and recent developments in the so called new field of Statistical Computing. Fourteen different chapters deal with a wide range of topics. This
includes introductory topics such as the basic numerical analysis methods, random number generation, graphical techniques used in statistical
data analysis and other areas. It also covers the more specialized techniques such as the EM algorithm, genetic algorithms, nonparametric
smoothing techniques, resampling methods, and artificial neural network models, to name a few. In addition, the volume also deals with the
computational issues involved in the analysis of mixture models, adaptive designs, weighted distributions, and statistical signal processing,
topics which are unlikely to be covered in a standard text on Statistical Computing.
Audience: Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Teachers

2004 428pp 160 x 240 900g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-202-2 £ 35.00 / US$ 69.95

Statistical Inference and Design of Experiments

Editors: U. J. Dixit, M. R. Satam
The aim of this volume is to be well informed about recent developments in theoretical and applied aspects of Statistics. A major part of this book comprises of
statistical inference and design of experiments.
Audience: Graduate & Research Students, Professors & Professionals

1999 206pp 185 x 240 575g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-281-4 £ 68.00 / US$ 130.00

Statistical Methods and Practice

Recent Advances
Editors: N. Balakrishnan, N. Kannan, M. R. Srinivasan

Contents: Preface / List of Contributors / List of Tables / Part 1. General / Part II. Distribution Theory / Part III. Inference / Part IV. Outliers and Robust
Inference / Part V. Design of Experiments / Part VI. Survival Analysis and Reliability / Part VII. Applied Probability / Subject Index / Author Index
Audience: Postgraduate Students, Teachers & Researchers

2003 365pp 160 x 240 800g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-483-2 £ 65.00 / US$ 130.00

w w w . a l p h a s c i . c o m Prices and Pub Dates subject to change

ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
8 Statistics USD Price valid for North America Only / GBP Price valid for Rest of the World
Statistical Techniques in Life-Testing, Reliability,
Sampling Theory and Quality Control
Editor: B. N. Pandey
Statistical Techniques in Life-Testing, Reliability, Sampling Theory and Quality Control covers recent research in the unified branches
of theoretical and applied Statistics on common platform. These generally involve the concept of probability theory, prior information
(Bayes and Minimax both), distribution theory, order statistics censoring, truncation, loss and risk function, conditional distribution (sufficiency
and complete sufficiency), sampling techniques using non-response techniques and post-stratification etc.
Log-normal models in survival data, Bernoulli’s trials, regression, ration under non necessarily model, CUSUM techniques in control charts, and reliability models
with wide applications in other disciplines such as biology, mining and coal, industries, agriculture population, science and technology, medical sciences, research
organizations, engineering, operation research, cancer institute, defense organizations, etc. are also discussed.
Contents: Preface / Estimation of variance in Type II Censored Data from Exponential Distribution under Asymmetric Loss Function / Further Variations on the Skew-Normal Theme/
Properties of a Preliminary Test Estimator of an Inverse Gaussian Population Mean / Lognormal Model for Survival Data with Surviving Fraction / Methods of Estimation for Mean Assisted
by a Finite Population Model / Patterns of Success and Failure in Bernoulli Trials / The Comparison of Some Nonparametric Two-Sample Location Tests under Population Variance
Differences / Estimating HIV Infections Among Drug Abusers Using Randomized Responses / Analysis of X and R-charts when Standards Vary Randomly / Data-Analysis: Some Case
Studies / On Testing Whether New is Better than Used of an Unknown Specified Age / Bayesian Estimation of the Scale of Gamma Distribution Using Precautionary Loss Function /
Predictive Efficiency of Improved Estimators in Regression Models / Lattice Sampling without Sample Size Restriction / A Generalized Estimator in Restricted Regression Model when
Disturbances are not Necessarily Normal / Profit Analysis of Reliability Models with Priority in Operation as well as in Repair / Estimation of the Ratio of the Two Population Means Using
Multi-Auxiliary Characters in the Presence of Non-Response / A Class of Estimators for Post-Stratified Cluster Sampling / On Estimating Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information /
Improved Estimation of Mean Life After Warranty in Exponential Failure Model / CSCC for Common Parameter of Several Exponential Distributions
Audience: Graduate Students, Teachers & Researchers

2007 224pp 185 x 240 700g Hb ISBN: 978-81-7319-742-0 £ 59.95 / US$ 120.00

Statistics Using R
Sudha G. Purohit, Sharad D. Gore, Shailaja R. Deshmukh NEW TEXTBOOK

Statistics Using R will be useful at different levels, from an undergraduate course in statistics, through graduate courses in biological
sciences, engineering, management and so on. The book introduces statistical terminology and defines it for the benefit of a novice.
For a practicing statistician, it will serve as a guide to R language for statistical analysis. For a researcher, it is a dual guide,
simultaneously explaining appropriate statistical methods for the problems at hand and indicating how these methods can be
implemented using the R language. For a software developer, it is a guide in a variety of statistical methods for development of a
suite of statistical procedures.
Contents: Preface / Introduction to R / Descriptive Statistics / Probability and Probability Distributions / Statistical Inference / Correlation and Regression Analysis /
References / Index
Audience: Undergraduate – Postgraduate Students, Professionals & Researchers
2008 300pp 130Figs. 83Tables 185 x 240 700g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-478-1 £ 37.50 / US$ 75.00

Survey Sampling
P. Mukhopadhyay
Survey Sampling reviews aspects of statistical inference in finite population sampling. After reviewing important results in fixed population
models, the book considers in detail the model-dependent optimal strategies of Royall and Herson (1973) and the robustification of these
strategies under model breakdown. It then reviews model assist strategies of Cassel, Sarndal and Wretman (1976) and Wright (1983).
Asymptotic properties of these strategies are also reviewed. Another approach is design-based calibration of Deville and Sarndal (1992).
Design-based conditional inference is an alternative approach which has drawn considerable attention to survey statisticians. Lastly
the book reviews two important tools of making inference, -Model Calibration approach and Empirical Likelihood based approach.
Post-stratification is another aspect which requires considerable attention.
Contents: Preface / The Preliminaries / Some Inferential Problems under Fixed Population Set-up / Model-Dependent Optimal Strategies / Robustness of Model-Dependent
Optimal Strategies / Model-Assisted Sampling Strategies / Asymptotically Optimum Sampling Strategies / Robust Strategies / Design-Based Conditional Approach / The Design-
Based Calibration Approach / Model Based Calibration Approach / Empirical Likelihood Approach / References / Author Index / Subject Index
Audience: Postgraduate Students in Statistics
2007 268pp 185 x 240 720g Hb ISBN: 978-1-84265-374-6 £ 39.95 / US$ 79.95

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ISBN Prefix: Alpha Science — 978-1-84265; Narosa — 978-81-7319, 978-81-85198
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ISBN Authors Title Pub_Yr Binding GBP USD

978-81-7319-488-7 J.C. Misra Industrial Mathematics and Statistics 2003 HB 95.00 152.00
978-81-7319-493-1 J.C. Misra Mathematical Models for Bioengineering and 2005 HB 85.00 170.00
Probabilistic Systems
978-81-7319-220-3 P. Mukhopadhyay Small Area Estimation in Survey Sampling 1998 HB 45.00 89.95
978-81-7319-559-4 S.K. Srinivasan et al. Stochastic Point Processes 2003 HB 65.00 125.00
978-81-7319-517-4 J.C. Parikh Stochastic Processes and Financial Markets 2003 HB 38.00 75.00

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