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Lesson Plan Format

NAME: Ashlee Prudhomme

Lesson Topic: Cause and Effect

Grade level: 4

Total Time: 30

# Students: 3
Learning Goal:

4.1.2 Recognize cause and effect relationships within text


Use context to confirm or self-correct word recognition and

understanding, rereading as necessary.

Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what

the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the
Target Goal or Skill:
Essential Question(s):

Identifying cause and effect, making predictions and verifying their

How does one event affect another?

Topical question(s):
(Criteria / Look Fors/
Performance Tasks)

Students will be able to identify cause and effect relationships.

Needs Represented

LZ-> SLD -> language processing difficulty -> pre-teaching of

concepts; additional time to process information when presented
orally, written models

Accommodations and/or


Formative Assessment:
Identifying cause and effect within a text
Summative Assessment:

(including specific
(including motivational
hook where applicable)

Review the concept of Cause and Effect with group.

Build schema by discussing cause and effect relationships. Begin by
offering an example of cause-effect event such as if youre walking
down the street and you step on a patch of ice and fall, you can say
that the ice caused you to fall and the fall was the effect or result of
the ice. Next, practice identifying cause and effect with example
causes and effects on the board. Ask students to give examples of
causes and effects.

Learning Activities:
5-7 minutes


Ask students to preview the book, Arthurs Bad News Day, and
make a prediction based on what they see on the cover. Mark down
predictions and accept anything that can be justified. Students will
fill out graphic organizers in order to record their predictions and
later use the information gathered in the text to confirm or edit their
7 minutes
Next students will preview the book. 1-2 minutes
Reading: Group will take turns reading aloud and will asked to use
the pictures to help with their understanding of the book.
10-15 minutes
Afterwards, ask students if they are able to identify any cause and
effect occurrences in the book. For example, Arthur received bad
news, and he was upset as a result. Students will fill out the cause
and effect worksheet to show their understanding of the concept and
how to identify this relationship within a text.

So as you can see, every action or occurrence has an effect on

something after it. It varies by person and situation.

Academic Language and Questioning, answering, vocabulary, cause and effect, identify
Student Language
Demands required in
the lesson
Communication Skills
Questioning, answering, connections, syntax, vocabulary
(see Handout)

5 Questions (Blooms or
Curriculum (APA)

What is a cause? How does it effect what happens? Does cause and
effect connect to your life? Explain how ________ had an effect on
Reading A-Z

Investigations in
Number, Data, and
Space. (2012).



Books, worksheets, pencils, white board, dry erase markers