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Ball State

ENG 311
Unit Plan
Name: Kelly Rose
Unit Title: Constitution in the Making
Content Area (math, science, social studies):
Social Studies

Date: December 16th 2015

Grade: 5th

Goals/Objectives (what do you want students to do, be specific, measurable):

Students will
Students will create a newspaper page that represents the new laws and articles designed in the constitution.
Students will organize their newspaper in a format using facts and correct sentence structure.
Students will identify important people involved in making the constitution and identify why the constitution was created.
Students will summarize their projects and speak using voice and loudness to present their project.
Students will apply affective listening skills and ask questions pertaining to students presentations.
5.1.15 Explain why the United States Constitution was created in 1787 and how it established a stronger union among the
original 13 states by making it the supreme law of the land. Identify people who were involved in its development.
Examples: George Washington, James Madison, George Mason and Alexander Hamilton,
Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise
5.1.16 Describe the origins and drafting of the Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791.
5.W.3.2 Write informative compositions on a variety of topics that
Introduce a topic; organize sentences and paragraphs logically, using an organizational form that suits the topic.
Employ sufficient examples, facts, quotations, or other information from various sources and texts to give clear support for
Connect ideas within and across categories using transition words (e.g., therefore, in addition).
Include text features (e.g., formatting, pictures, graphics) and multimedia when useful to aid comprehension.
Use appropriate language, vocabulary, and sentence variety to convey meaning; for effect; and to support a tone and formality
appropriate to the topic and audience.
Provide a concluding statement or section related to the information or explanation presented.
5.SL.3.1 Orally summarize or respond to a written text read aloud or information presented in diverse media and formats,
including visually, quantitatively, and orally.
5.SL.2.4 Pose and respond to specific questions by making comments that contribute to the discussion and elaborate on the
remarks of others.
Writing genre and product (narrative, informational, persuasive) (What will final product look like? Article, pamphlet, essay):

Informational: Students will write/make a newspaper page written from the 1783-1800s time period. They will write and explain
to the citizens (class) what the constitution is and why it is important and explaining what the laws are to spread the word so the
people of the colonies know what the new laws are.
Mentor Text Set (list at least 3 texts that you will use to model for students):
List article:

from now: Teacher will bring in several newspapers for students to explore.
Newspaper from the 1783-1800 time period:

Background Knowledge/Prompts for notebook (what will students write about, or brainstorm to help them write their text?):
List of every thing they know about the constitution and the making of the constitution
Brainstorm ideas of what a newspaper should include- using a web
Journal prompt: The Constitution is
Presentation (how will final product be presented?):
The final product will be printed out and designed as newspaper. The students will share their newspaper to the
whole class by presenting them orally and summarizing their content and how they decided to organize their
paper and explain why. Then they will be posted on the hall bulletin board for the school to view and read.

Assessment: (how will you assess student learning throughout the writing process?):
Rubric for Newspaper: Newspaper organized; newspaper uses facts; explains why constitution created/what is in it; spelling and

grammar used correctly

Checklist for representing their projects: spoke loudly and clearly; identified main parts of their project; spoke like they were
knowledgeable about their project; answered any questions asked by peers
Checklist for listening: Sat quietly through peers presentations; asked relevant questions; respectful to students presenting

How are you covering reading, writing, speaking and listening?

Read articles and textbooks about the constitution from their text book and other books at their reading level. Read online and
other newspapers written from the 1783-1800 time period to understand the language that was used in that time period.
Speaking skills will be used when they present their papers to the class and explain how they made theirs/whats on it/and why.
Listening skills will be used when students listen to classmates present their papers.
Resources (list all sources):
The United States Volume 1: McGraw-Hill Textbook