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Bical shar Ph "The Catal Lands ofthe Gree Wel Il, GREEK ARCHITECTURE (Ggoge nc ctl by Aopen a 10048) ‘Gsognariica Tt wae upon te hlnd of Cee ta ace he St ren ‘Some ihe Matera wich Sours tnoand ear soe te Geek [isk rtd lr pst The “Rega” cure eed to Greece set ‘hn and war funded on ne round te whe emer Aloe se ‘ards A Me Cpr Sy Pen, Eypeand tp, Teng ees score Sout ya Su Routes were hoes whic whe he ‘Age in ad crumble ere one sang cols wo ee thule he Gres clic sen mich compet ol heaters Hint olan ne nib lab eens n Sout al ta Si, ‘Stems Minn Cyrus sth duibseperatieaiyesewaee raed the Medseraneen nd the ack Sea Graph devrmined te francs of bot it Argun andthe Gree rare or he unwed ature he rec pens a len wth weanusRvesun whrendred erat xmas i lel, ae the en te viable mean ef mare onc maine {ty ant puns ary an atetrouy seamen Ab he mews of inh re pean gy ins nd oe evn pss cn edtemines fr ser he een eo ha Aerts of Als een Cece hy oer at r= fn win int itd trp er ‘snl ‘Grotosteat. 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The pelts and pees ‘Meenas fin lar cas Bae the neal nat We “Tt stcra ‘Geek aeuee wit dae sues and Roman nae a 2 ‘alow ages as er rn r d He Seceeeaa cee ae sis cea ‘on Sorte a Se Ee meaner = So Seer i nap Tse ly) osu EEE Sigtretteptn cadeteommen: Macy Ae WoGiavnesstvou Yeon [eon Gillin icing cotatmatins abo: Hea (Ys) odds ofthe Ma ce i); Hel (Sy te | oll SAE SS foe gens Pan any oe th as, Tw morale Soe Ses ap ate Hemeie (esas) gu of rng ad labour, aD ‘Rept Ces) god ng. : Sere tae high pre of len ache in Cte daring de Brnee Age wo dar neta nag pra scutes nope pu ‘SESRE STi scoot erouncing te canern Madernen, Ts wat aaa ee oral empl Ths Geek tana, nowee, hou Pare Japs th Aegean tested epee inure efter pele, Te ERE oak te became cron erent ante cere polly et oes Mgt top tak ty Njemac nd Tei, HC tee were ‘Siete ce in compan 0 3900 sure nl, Tey ey bce ‘ahead ft under Paton, cote wth sont then ud Kron ale ne Caos pcs xed to ene puna lacy ab he Sede eete ant Gouri hse Hagin‘ ei Pcs wa ‘i Conmace wu he many, bt Crete was son nang cent the Tetowute ara si af tte potas ney xpred, Chie ive | SRST onc and ocngywreting, tong peace se bape, (it BSc conecnn. Women tok an imporant pr fn wc Heb fron anh eserencus fsa well in a fod cinta sh nx erergsy i Gree centres he ‘ons chek nate dept pascal dre were uted by sir Soe Tht ei rls and ty flo etna, av well a bythe love o i, {hee Ben se yea panes and by un ao ‘Mea aps ad ones fr wah they were so vipat The Geos mere Maly Somat die usr ssupson ef power Ia some ivan by ‘SURI ics Nocmaly the zee laf ate ‘Eyres ako Se oto ne eon Spm in Greener, etehicar, The Acq chlieien wa sine, about 30001 by & ‘manent of popes fon Aa Mise Cre where they timed th he en aanfaet nin tee anne edieraens Socks The con ‘Sorta pening he mend one ve bed yore ut Eee etn the inn sfred ncuron onorten tar: Resreny ‘Ratad te between norsgao 01 te wate Aega coltae reaced i eae ‘Sree cle sa nv Grek key be Achat, wh est ‘jn te nnn ene and Crete where thy eve an Pst ‘Br cpeceed ie: bw tar terre, but nt fa, The hal eatope ‘5 Ri ye amor devsting noe ncuron the dine ofthe Doin Gib oy fiom ti hilar uno campy destoped 11008) (Sitter ef he Acpt Ss eting chet pene ntbourng t o ‘S5E Mines wet olin hy st en but rsperou i abe {foun a tesa te eh an sven cet sbsitente pored tio meg fr te rn ema, ating le th af the a ey ‘lime ict close tc thugs rung mal tote West, South Tay si —ccllltaaece. o OREEK ARCHITECTURE Inn Het? Gece ws torn anda ew ton er rom he aan pe ear Gree tc md et the sever om porch the tvingapectment or megzon prope (P9866 8 and normal # es the Nin a ca ae pert Cen ny ade feta Me ny and ge retreat lento ora are wa, aay wens vapor teen chose eo aa a lnuve wal Aaa wine, Rees Abd ices ae he a gpa eect gen re, witycEBY 2 he a oe ry nef undersea tr Bling were costae of aaa tere ada, the Upes path bavi ew, Suble Fe rt ing ild waa a-ded rkogoe uble Te aso ie ee oe a ee ied oo he a ted ale wer come i pe med cman wih ny behin,GYES, aa re ey evel to make bar pla! Bryan ot eins ae Iota ns fr dat purge MoO" Fe eeu parley on he sab rng ems 8 o- ae ee ret Gnlate stones, ed in cio 1 cae Fo es Sis.) No mera we ve employ, hou Sy Seka r teing arate er seopn mek. Peel Wan #2 Se Sheen tien ee a ‘igen tee Srened core by couse oo aur hed ad eh ‘roel ce re a yay See ‘ysgol ros ‘Teodt'wik » downwei-apering,cylindsal haf a alight dich ‘woe una TERT ASSTE oto mam prt sue auc above and icing eso sco oer ni te Dorie eal of ae DS, uel wee sac praesiels ery tps fare te ete eens on te to seat fn at lo} CORRECTION « sePAeeaT PROPORTIONS « yee ou “THE PARTHENON ATHENS: EAST FRONT (Fy RRSP SIDI HEC ora COfeae one precy ahve clan. The trate ie by ¢ maim of 4) is. esac eee iss male ete of icp oben bed op SSE ae tue int tn a elon ey tape {Poa then end an tlw pop The fer upete ce he Steep bln snd be leat aeentand ete! ween ake eects meme oly ne nc he SRS Spree tapered lobar en ma Temi Laer an ging wore oed ny mec {Stn otniace ne st mi e Se Tikes ORD SROMI Neate cid pectin fhe ove Sane, Lota Se hn of comet tng cer pated oo Be teach ex tale pry mfg tg had Stes and wi peel mp heed acy bh SO Sirti poatae aos Se mined een cad pr me Prune rin wo “Onere of Archie’, Dri nd Toi evolve ial cay pt inka lib Se oy te tego San prt ean rie rc sere eH EES. Teele he Ramn pled by ee Donan nd ‘Selene nt eat opp tn he Gp ees oe “site fhe en Te wre thie Order of Arete Cane thar ts a pe ot reper cig teenie bmn pte oe ols eros peers oun se ctr vary inte dire Odeo eatin The wi rb e eat sera te Gin Geese coe tne rope hen Exbgtop.toe o5 37. Tn is pecied cy in Sch ny Sy do the Gree ‘ein ha ier tft ee. etn Nery A Set reine meme te ent lp cdl ey Tr Rethee hgh eat ne pure ois Grete ca SSSI De aati ete eager ee SES sage f Soups Exanp show he ore sg ei precy fee, The ee SER oe Haleac ye eter ole we adam mde TSR Ann bone nbs sey one ogo eels er he SEUGUG BOSTar one pare crewman ae Ate SEARS tthe ea owl rhe Dare Se have mh he So Mig iat soup in Agen ter“ erp fcc neem one nr eer ‘fice ornate the, reed the nova todced on he maid unt {he Your entry my by mich tine thre wat «sence alg Gectne in Grek Stal owe oy apm nee peat ee (0 The Helene Period (323-308. Ia tis psi, due to the conquests of ‘nln Grey tance wo ted et muy Nase nse per scr eStore seca hl Mey ae {tosh and biliant acrances, Athens, despite politcal vcinitdes, nanan mich ‘heat pret and rerum, ois eplendet Grecian wea te Romane ‘Sane w compute vis in he ry deg aang aod ly eng ‘here iets an metas te pc me deemed fle oe Om ‘sng ayaa Rama archer nla om Sod shape eo at Sis elt ine Gatco meh of ec es [snp se wo the cre fates few oe Reman lingsypen Bren ‘cra the Ro pera se Rome cota to dene thea the ld {Grd te tt mac ogee ay fla consul ‘Gino Helis aera nay ha oes of relma character, but on ‘ne oth eu ne cars, pub blings ml a peat amber ‘Sa pel ino permet forme ode, the wee sto any iene at se thee re tod They me gill snd pce etre and ule ‘ew purse na ht ey ere eld fi nether ting dpsed tego undling ental ses ii desig deep {hoc an ee poup of hulligy emalrer gue ces wer oa ‘roel Les in ert sees fo hiked by cle pores ot “aon psnin on twice aay ae heey Bey ‘came aul era deropmant Tbe race ll os at ‘SS Se ee ere ee item Sock ene previnaty ha aly heh employed sadeee, Stone ‘ls, with malacingvust hugh wed os fer te coverings ef ab, rere ge ancora O he het impure ma he nen the IB ot coco Gn fram ploy exgh sous = Bert ‘tn wore to scze te flange fr Seropent De othe iced ‘Shloy ings, ain of pew ston arse ob ety the Orde ‘Arete ty at mich oft nna puny form a sty ‘Ese Tn des aed the ate Crit pune a Pepucey a the ‘ese athe Dose whic ney nearing 0 he Ram aur Wired, ‘stg th mn ine cena nce tbe tnd sr nail fore ‘igs. At nes, novey ws ieely sug: Prt wee neha b= ‘Steet Bean el tn Orde eel ee wal nthe same bu (ide mee tw soa a, bu ther tine sky a's Soave ape "Thee Serre fom te wet canes of the Hel fried were obser By ‘Se Romar and ied wth pion wih ce tobe auto a ef ¢ ARGEAN ARCHITECTURE 1 se wine epoch of Aegean a frm 300-1105 flo bya “Datk [Ap oc Sgo mca cha of accra war reached nthe to eit Teo-tyo The chic of Crete panting entand the tut cp bande dee i ingore reps em ho te Gres "inl which ered seccsne northern nea a ths bas seat Air a nein OF the rn owes in Cre, Kaen wd Pets ‘ea ting Ti rat et, nun owes a few defecate nly wer pil nied ewes poe * a ae sae rahe pence celery of Cre, Manan etme on he ad THE CITADEL or TIRYNS Sei. ere fa gs es Coe eeu oc in he ow Sot Fiae ied baker fle ed wth ners the wrt. o he rn Sein) fcr ofthe wenn wing were pou esos spaced OY © ‘Ns pressy se fete The Palace ley 150m) (090, alto dl, around by crostini wasup 54. At pot whee ee are stage | Ms TE (Parnas (G werions oF WALING *“MYCENA- “a, TREASURY $-ATREUS “humbers embodied, tbe hicks trot a 7 f. The mmve masonry of theyaepem pe (do) ene fot short seer aie one at net Sige The aes oops the et ae the ented encoun t rh et were the celing of einen hs banged ya efesve me val eee ees ese ee ‘eth ibous nd hfs ad end tint wa fo ets the Wa no ‘bowing tora, Te datas eppromt to fe pune We deve wo 8 © iri inh eon tn tein tie Inne and oe coed party seeing a sage poral the tg eal ‘Spe teow gropsae lca Gress sh tat othe Acoptt ‘itn ps4) Demian he plang sat in the le ge coat ‘Ege megon 32 fie tude, the tne comer wi fhe ld, ‘hough bese sev crema prove ts wel fo oe ade te ih “ponent sates oe cng ae, era ace The eo i's sand in my adr teres f dea and comms ‘ued heey temple of Helene Greece. A son, sos 2 ‘ide ney bmvesered> women's qs: Tusa tt tl se, eur nce st the err rt sa nl eal be pence BS {Trou reste onthe eter ppyin. ‘Ta pales war cen rsptce wee pr with spe ae land Infloencer Oa the weer Idea he hege mpton wats arom wih foe t= single Nek stone fnsring19 by i fe OF te corponding eae be Mena, of aot tbe Vine oe tee sriven, Seu matter» fetes cai he flies sca a Tye iam Gat, Meena (1259 3.6) (Bp 9 oi he pica and ann fee the ove ce nda ithe eens wal, chewieretcclheeyopen te, Tepe ene adaen aval hs ter mediatn Ie hav td ae pound. Gres ih ims surpee a mmc Enel sensing Yop td mesg 16 Ii fin the mie by 8 dep Above na wana eevee gb advantage cute, edo shpe and ile wi soe et ‘he ee fr of tm ke by the Aegan, ow yes ae acter iy re found eile the anim, One ste roku oF on wt engl cae ot 1-20 ca ees ve eect oe ee on Tht i’ typo omy sabternness seemed consraon shape ike Inada sk See Ft oli es tenho hewn se ies ml sg ey on ay. "i Acopet Aten p08 2 he mee cy es the deopais canbe one otc rsecon toa). ound been telepted Wo peri deaghd bud. "Taere me vey fe fra cre qu st Pte #320 Meta a Epenan 2 ab THE ACROPOL “ATHENS The Ay Opp est Ser 147 eon tact pas Ca ad on pao Sere ote Se 13147 “Tem ji ‘te eon Ane ‘ian hes Temple ot Aen” 8 “amit? temples ave a prio of caos fat a tae aie eofcohunn srg te ‘Benue roi hve facture attache theo al ‘Brea pe ic dole neta urocin thema egal le sae ie tic, bt te inerrant "Snineon the fas of ee a i inanis—The Terie of Nemesis Rar Dor 1e9) Ree a ee No nai exis bu he Ope sows HP i Pe nneie—Tenle Sei, Sie, Dos. 190 eau en th Hat, ths. 1199) Ecsite. Dot 9.01200 (Petal Repesvie Temple cf Zu Oli ‘Donon te iy eee Parnas, Aen: Dai gp 20120) GR BARSTeSore oman Athens, Coin (10. 1 eect Tele Gelinas Si. Dok 1098) 1a Peete Buin ear Dt 19K 11 & Ble Senter Bm Ms. “types tan iy bow, fen sere ton ay esa. The ge emg ae Oe sty hate ce one. Predera ogee, tae Das 0 2 te Hebe Pind bt bec on rou wth he oe Oe rane enc emeen of A Moe ans Ra Te et pal fms vrahe snes are i he sso Fecemuily nave Srp proms anda slo ops 90 ot eri to oP iheCoraan Orr er the whale of ple ot con aa tytn, Athens (Pu) fan exer euler De Stolng. Gate cc eles tsuly wee pe + sats ecane Olan Lp. fos, Tp an the Tho Epesuoe (1, to. Astor, “Thought one ne he question yas te babe ola (sat). Wh toe ae ce Aa a cast een Gee 9B te, 0 nek cs he ‘Aegean Gre and nay cs ee cress ft Fee race an the Gack pros fom srt ges aL 1 SY re ecto evry Heap. Spe ster fo it oe duno cecnoed toe ball ven whe foe of 2 ch (io re bona pogrsesny seed forth Very sec upon ot See we ceetyere can al be fund among nae tence PASE Sec ees tpn sapere etn te freon of esa Erie cece ecu cnn the cp oi 0 eter and sit ‘Od Seashore te sl ae The aero reals eth ‘icine tc, pe of vel lated gesagt $85 tan serine covet hing tht es ip in he SSONEet were ay and numero forte rus ae se 0 eee ala Geum hu seperate IN TIE UeY mer ttc opens woden uate the 8 sow no dou ae Onde Tenanas betwen the A | ay a | Drone Bictanneslels NEMESERUWNUS SURVIVING | Song bspas) seman nf tc Fe fre ers: (Dire: ae hoe «BSNS aaa Bh "etsomares scion | fe | eee ahaa ree eee ae = sb fet wd a rer eg i wn cet __EVOWTION OF @ DORIC ORDER ‘Soe pen ape ne hl eo On ase pae eee GREEK ARCHITECTURE ‘THE: DORIC OREEK ARCHITECTURE ea win epi nn ws erate me ot wl os Fong eta a Pa ae Fe ech cn sn ae # OY ‘Rei same! oro ceo mere, ctl eS hapa AS mtn ws a ER evel ee, sre ann omens eee we EE eA pa ae ee er oe ee ye Ren nl ier, Co ch ection 8) se Se or ME ne Shepp mn Sw ts ei con ere Oe cet ee nan ean PrN ane sme wh ete tt Se et od ee eh toe and myc saa paces ow St ences wees OTe a ave Tol ere Renee eae ‘TEER aga De 6) Fei Af, Aca 3) ‘Teoma FESR rhodes sen 2) Peau Apa ate) ere Tels in Sil ant Sth ay 2%. Ieee Siegen Teo rem EiGea tomer ot stow Ste Take ecoe meme) SHSTE RempetChecntsngam SBENne, Tennent sawm Ss re tsnn tyeia 9010 (9245 Oe = Meee er ee a : m4 GREEK ARCHITECTURE ‘TEMPLE OF POSEIDON: PAESTUM. the suf, except thre adjcert ones co the aot ide (C)s werares' ow NORTH Sine fi wes eae TRANSVERSE Ae | (Netra cae oF west ror eS ar Hit SEMA AND AR trom with re bap, mung yu, ail my soup tthe ean nd ove be pnp! enue to ete We scree of bens the ona sec oh the oth ho ih ena th Parnes ns Bln Ci hry De Wee a ae eed area, in Arcadia (40-4250) hen td Tena mae (TDrenege noire of (Ese Md alin etacen he aston and te saoe wa a le, estan ane MEL ores jinn capa 158, Unset wes tush ste SE | Kerosene en a ostance inthe temp, bat Professor Dinko now has din TEMPLE # APOLLO EPICURIUS: BASS groaned eye pr ha : fmm incadng cil sn bse are aoa abo nie nes tie = THE SONIC VOLUTE | 22 Ap | al lower mete gh hae ey fur utes parte by flan ‘arr or sap sige ao te Dore cama Ea sample, Bower Ivete mana fey p98 fous cr frig Say wih hen ‘lg sd do ests abu arate mowed ave eve by a ore Poplin Grace “Topco in ber 2) ie Gero Ones 5) iSelect Ais? fv othe gh pa Re eesti Rew GA ni of pet fd we ied oa Te Rls Come aes) 1910) at pa af states apy sat woe the ame nba {ont and bck and janet ste see bys conte cushion, sometinee ut uly crue wih nateros fs ier ad bene The vue ty ona ctu cua on plum cated with ean est 98 SO Sch tig wlan we te et ‘Singer be dolon of be scleee hr soppresbar whch re etme sare oe pln The Grek Sbload alpen tia ‘outrage ele war wn pfu 2). Th fount capil tt mete ‘he Onder he"fomple Boa fp. 1270 acpi Geese cere thug fess increas common inte Helen pri “The Toni entabiatere (9. 27 psed trough Inport sage of develops ‘men tne she Helen ped A rived aa Mio lly al furs archi a come tne comnning ie denis be Stem [fecsthearsvery igen roe oe clr bing eo one thule hgh he Ore anon ued he anand tere ancy Sut airnede poral in temp, ke the Exechon (p13) a the ‘Temple of Nit Apter, Athens (pga) which re the nes camp fhe ‘le! On th mann henna the Doi cased ene to tented ‘Becbietr wihhe omaene s al e ey ‘hlc-petng non aot tie ae ars cnmary hc) Aa Ale ‘opted manlnd yc and the tested eee untae he ‘rls bat with he eb erelpnen te hence the le bene ‘peo comin wells the ne beeme ete par of the ett Wier te Ce ven sett oie ge fi een on ac Tena onthe clare aw mac era be Dereon ‘gre Big the cn er ote ant Gamer fight Ta ‘aiSarhrne, namely tte cn, capped 9 al po Inet tese when pen some at ore fe seme ‘tha comtouns nd of sais onc ts. ot sow ance oa [na ied, cya or ge ukng ef he inclined comics fh fhe el cei the sess ton ad eve hes Iter sere eth rhe ep STs peice comb of tc lig rn feel Aa Mice ead Coeaan ree rh bw oni ope Asia Moe eres as ey Tete caret hed Ben oe the nen predector, knowns theArcalc temple 8508.0 nyt an ul snc in tl or apcest mba ln. Sly bstuialiernces teen the old ad thee lio he dca an the cette Lame Fone oo lsu al of anatomy Pein seve toon dren rents hve teen Propted. Tae Moja cnn he fot bat perhaps ena nine alas) these the ens it en the ar." clama fc thay ine we eric one he yaa ts ck sour 4 oe empl me animes nh hte wee woe iy ies eg heat FAs Minor Eun characterise ep procs having sve Mss wat an the sao pide wich ome se ‘het, Abt tetera sangeet th temp acne See ps Tie era ul ri ono ani ad hint oe eae, The pene = ht clunon sogeter Cepia ll) 96 of Wa Boe sts tower prt The pees temple ho a Sula, “a psa ih lene ef cespedion cps td a wich ne the Bes Minaya rf comfrey go. supa try) The vee of the eter capa oad ln sc and de abacus fe ery wie a og a “eee sample the hate te mock mere many, te sb jy Satmw ogre: Fae on eco hake mein 8 Ephesus (354) (120) wa theo omen ae fi ein Kerala nape The dens wre ie be Bite Father pce ater raf ae cers! a neous in faa chke ‘Tempco AteninCyiie Sc “ae rd ammo moma can es tune" Spee Dnae ten "sume by sor fey ut wan atthe Arche Tempest wee ai TEMPLE ove ILISSUS:ATHENS Ree ers ple of ks Apter Aten (4278.6) (op. 3 45 85h 1423 ‘Aeon ot ge5 8) (19s fo 17D 1, iy Me ssh Asay oc hth fan ie emi Abeba damage in Bo Be or Franti, eC erPRENE HAA mca (D) ovr exw pasa THE ERECHTHEIO