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PEST Analysis
In conduct PEST investigation, it is necessary to think each PEST factor as they all
participate a part in shaping the generally business situation.

Political (Includes legal &Regulatory)

Election in Pakistan, labor law, consumer protection, environmental principles, and
system on the manufacturing, fight rules, and family members between countries /
situation, wars, bombing and political trend, and government management, may be
affect by taxes and government structure in our business. When the government
changes, there may be changes in labor laws, in the event that the government should
not be a wage raise will involve our business. If the government and leadership for
change, then it can impress a far above the ground tax rate. Every day we hear about a
bomb blast in the area and many people were killed in the blast. This is also not a good
symbol for our big business.

In Pakistan, and trend in financial development, duty, and the level of community
spend, throwaway profits, and development in the employment / unemployment, barter
rates, tariffs, price rises, and prices bring in sell abroad, and levels of presentation may
be simple and high prices affect our business. The economic position in Pakistan is a
stoppage major challenge opposite Pakistan economic and improved deficiency and job
loss, and the fiscal deficit and the high and low investment has been inferred internal
break down of goods down with improved order and higher import prices to reason an
increase in price increases to 12 percent in 2009-10 percent and 25 in the first part of
last year. High charge of deficiency, joblessness and inflation has a depressing shock
on our production.

Demographics (grow old, sex, event, relations volume etc.), and changes in way of
life, changes in people, culture, trend, fad and variety, migration / migration, physical

condition and quality of life and trend home, style, and the place of the work, can
consider, and work and earn ability have a important shock on our business. Pakistani
people are indifferent for the acceptance of European style.

Can globalization and the technological revolt and invention, discovery and
investigate, and power application / petroleum / source and transportation, construction
development and the PC, the Internet, and transport, etc. affect our big business.