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Contemporary Animators

The brothers Quay

Identical twin brothers Stephen and Timothy are influential stop-motion
animators. The brothers work in England after moving in 1969 to study at the
Royal College of Art, London after studying illustration (Timothy) and film
(Stephen) in Philadelphia. Over the course of their career they have worked with
a variety of people, with polish animators Walrian Borowczyk and Jan Lenica and
then progressing on to work with writers Franz Kafka, Bruno Schulz, Robert
Walser and Michel de Ghelderode and a variety of other puppeteers and
animators. A vast majority of their films feature puppets made of doll parts and a
variety of organic and inorganic materials, sometimes disassembled in dark and
moody atmosphere.
Street of Crocodiles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNOfsJz4TjA, is perhaps
one of their most famous pieces of work and has been named in the top ten
animated films of all time.

2002 Won BAA (In Absentia)

1996 Won Fantasporto. International fantasy film special jury award.
(Institute Bejamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life)
1987 Won Fantasporto. International fantasy film award (Street of
1987 Won Brussels international festival of fantasy film. Best short film.
(Street of Crocodiles)
2001 & 2003 Krakow Film Festival
2000 Leipzig DOK Festival Golden Dove (In Abentia)
2005 youth jury award & special mention (The PianoTuner of
2001 Melbourne International Film Festival City of Melbourne Award (In
1987 Odense International Film Festival First Prize (Street of Crocodiles)
2001 & 1986 Catalonian International Film Festival Best short Film (In
Absentia) & Caixa de Catalunya (Street of Crocodiles)
1995 Stockholm Film Festival Bronze Horse (This Dream People Call
Human Life)
2001 Tampere International Short Film Festival Special Prize (In
1995 Telluride Film Festival, US Silver Medallion Award

Mikey Please is an English BAFTA winning animator. Born in 1984, Mikey is a

relatively unknown animator, however has had some success in creating music
videos and short films.

2011 Annecy International Animated Film Festival Special Distinction

(The Eagleman Stag)

2011 Chicago International Film Festival Gold Hugo (The Eagleman

2011 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival Press Award &
Special Mention of Jury (The Eagleman Stag)
2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival Best New British Animation
(Marilyn Myller)
2011 Los Angeles Film Festival Jury Prize (The Eagleman Stag)