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Adding a 2nd E1 on SDR

Normally if an SDR BTS is running with IP over E1 and there is congestion in voice or data
traffic we may need to add another E1 resource to it. We can connect one more E1 to add more
resources to avoid congestion.
For making it possible we need to do some mandatory changes in OMCR (IP parameters) &
OMCB configuration. For OMCB configuration we can directly upload a template with the new
configurations to the BTS or can directly change the transmission parameters of NE in OMCB.
The process of connecting SDR BTS from second E1 is given belowExample: Chiredzi Main (MVO0005-RN-IMG1)
1. Choose SDTB board and go to board propriety and select PCM information
2. Select PCM type as Type of EUIP and Frame mode as Multiframe. Highlight the PCM
you are going to use and then move it to the right pane of the window

3. Choose EUIP board to configure HDLC information

4. Fill-in information: HDLC No., EUIP 2MHW No., DT Unit No. and DT PCM No. Then
do TS mapping between the SDTB (DT) pcm and EUIP 2MHW. Move the TS
configuration information into the right and Click Add then OK. Board configuration
information is complete.

IP Related Configuration
5. In IPRelatedConfig on No change will be in Interface configuration-, take note of the
port Number (or referred to as MP Number in PPP Configuration)

6. Choose the EUIP board for which DT PCM and EUIP 2MHW TS mapping was done in
board configuration.
7. Configure or set HDLC and port numbers

8. Create a PPP configuration for the E1.

9. In IP Abis Bandwith resource pool, edit the UL and DL bandwidths according to the
1.5*E1 bandwidth(=2048MBps)*Number of E1s.

OMCB Configuration
Follow the steps shown here below

10. Choose Edit

An excel template with details for the site and its equipment. Go to sheet named
PhyLayerPort and there edit under columns:
PhyLayerPortId, phyLayerPortNo and refE1Device_port
Go to sheet named HDLC and an additional HDLC link

11. Save the template (ctrl+s) and click next

12. Follow the prompts that follow.