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Barcan zkuzey
Unit Title
Food and Drinks
Grade Level
6th grade
2 Lesson Hours
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
After this lesson, the students will create sentences about both food & drinks and eating
outside using connectors like and and but, plus, they will tell quantity and ask for
information using the correct grammar forms.
Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media
and Materials)]
In this lesson, the materials which will be used are mostly Web 2.0 tools. Prezi,
Spicenodes, Piktochart, Studyblue, Goanimate and Google Forms will be used.
Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and
In this lesson, Presentation, Grammar Translation and Suggestopedia are going to be
used as teaching methods.
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and
Require Learner Participation)]
The technologies that are going to be used in this lesson are going to allow us to create
animations, infographics, flashcards, presentations and quizzes by using Web 2.0 tools.
These are going to be used actively in the teaching process. The flashcards will help
students learn words while an infographic will help them understand the concept of the
topic better by getting terms about the topic together as a poster. A Prezi presentation
will be used along with flashcards to teach vocabulary to students. Animations are going
to be used to show a demonstration about the topic, which is eating outside in this
Individual Learning Activities

Students will try to form sentences

according to the examples given in the
materials provided.

Group Learning Activities

There will be a group sentenceforming

activity using the Spicynodes material
provided by the teacher.

The lesson contains a presentation and usage of flashcards to develop vocabulary skills.
An animated video will be shown as a demonstration of the topic. Concept maps will be
used to help students understand the grammar part of the topic more clearly. An
infographic will be used in an activity where students will individually write sentences
about the topic of the day. In the end, Google Forms will be used as a quiz for individual,
general assessment. All of this will be done in the theme of eating out. At the end of
the class, the students will have the necessary vocabulary knowledge about food, and
the grammar competency to form basic sentences with connectors like and and but.
Measurement & Evaluation

Write the measurement and evaluation methods you will employ in that lesson.
Measurement & Assessment
Activities for Individual

The individual assessment will be done at the

end of the class with the usage of Google
Forms for a quiz. Also, before the end, there
will be a personal activity in which the
students will try to form correct sentences
using the necessary knowledge provided in an
infographic. The teacher will also evaluate
students individually after that task.

Measurement & Assessment

Activities for Group Performance

Assessment for the group activity (Spicynodes)

will be done right after the activity, by the
teacher, by looking at the level of correctness
of the sentences the students constructed.
This part is more important than the individual
assessment part since this is the part where
students show their in-class performance.

Homework (optional)

The teacher will ask students to write a very

short paragraph about the days topic, which is
eating outside.

The individual evaluation will not be done in a criticizing way, to not break the childrens
will to learn about the topic.
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
The class will go on just like every other class. It will begin with the vocabulary, using
Prezi and Studyblue flashcards. Then, students will have a group activity in which the
teacher will provide phrases using Spicynodes, and the students will make sentences out
of them. After that, the teacher will have a demonstration about the topic, using an
animation created with Goanimate. Then, the teacher will provide the students an
infographic about a restaurant menu, and then the students will have an individual task
in which they will have to write sentences about going to a restaurant, using connectors
like and and but. At the end of the class, there will be a quiz which was created
using Google Forms.
If anything goes wrong technology-wise, the teacher will already be ready for them.
Teacher will have the presentation in paper form too, with pictures. Also, there will be
prints of the flashcards, and the teacher can always do the demonstration himself if the
animation video does not work. For the quiz, the teacher will have the questions in a
printed form too, in case there is a data loss.