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Ta TH : eee Rear) [|| eo icradnieeReedacer ae Pee en ee ae nell then read on fora quick introduction you're familiar with, Ce ee eee eee ne Pa Eee) A roleplaying game (RPG) is an exiting cooperative story telling experience. Like many games, it has rules. compo: eR Ee ten eee eral eee as en Coen ECR ead Oe eta eh eee ee een anne He or she directs the plot of the story and controls the ee Oe cen eats Sr CeCe ars Ce acon eh eee rod their PCs and react to the plot and setting created by the ee eet et aS CCR ag Val, Wendy, Xander, Yosh, and Zoey have gathered togeth- Pec eee eT ets So eee ee et ee oe ree Cs. Wendy is playing Sarenda, a brave and tough human Cr eee er oad eee en ees er ee ees Paria eee ns Se ee eas ee eee) ec ee el ee en been gathered in the midale of the table within easy reach ‘of everyone. Each ofthe players brought a snack o share Se er eee ers ‘across a deep canyon. The bridge is guarded ee ene hhave to be clever to get across safely and ee a ats) Corey nd r ne iver at the has One cide ta sl tales Bet onesie §> Crashing and feamin chu There's a Piven sit) down ari P p to the tome : i under the Zoey (Kaveri): That bridge was a bie hing iced you ye ith struts and stuff, i Zoey (Kaveri) range, You don't think dge r hem se Zoey (Kaveri): My biaster i is iid just shoot the } nd the guards on the bridge wor see us. They might he th 4 guy in the Bett vl give us an advantage yecause th Let's do it can use my Enh could Force power to ju i tr hin short range er U . s, yo one ices ater the earlier. ¥ We don't have that kind of time an Romund e being tortured right r 7 for t Zoey (Kaveri) font U RUC Oa RCL CAG - © 2 he maps and character tokens included in the Fonce ano Desnwr Bonen GAME can be used as optional game ‘aids to enhance your narrative play experience. The character tokens can be used to represent the approximate locations ofthe heroes and vans in important and exciting scenes of the adventure. by placing them direct onto ee eee eee ey Pic eer ene 28 ak Yoshi (Dao): (Yoshi g Val (GM): You do, act jeady atthe bottom of the rope. and he’s abl ess nih to Tel ich you belore you go ove the ed train? poseious harm done You suferane stan Ot ya Gy Atal you tae sheet Wendy. dont our En is ois Haile q -¢ point to make it. You ju ‘ et) fer the others 3 Yoshi (Dao): Now that fm here, Fd thke to user Yoshi (Dao): Okay, we make our way quelly alo oie teeta ele a et ne Linda bela and ales wo Fi points, which he Val (GM The aches to just beneath the Sto use his Force power Sense) I det ridge st sly reach the ie forms out to short range Test othe woodey Oost etter | Val (GM There are two tle forms above you, stand an AN Coordination ¢ swing ing her side of the bridge—probabl beam im to mak - more guards. And I'm going to go ahead ar Yoshi (Dao) ke 10 go fist. att ke 3 Hard Viglance check for them Vat (GMB tn this case, i Ws a tips Destiny fhe rom dk to a) Tha erage check. bit the splash from the wat an beam mace anaes. so ele sides ches ne fe oles om the vated ne check. Wal roll, The guards pass) Dao maa Yau see ane homed head poke over the oe A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... MOUNTAINTOP RESCUE, CaS RUC Cae Ltd Pe oe eRe ee a ee Co ee ee ay Cae ee CC oon Lee emt one iad TT CURR Cy fragment of the heritage of the Jedi. Traveling the PA ee MTC people still strong in the Force and offered them what wisdom she could. Now, Romund has been Cr Ea ee CA UU eC kad the Force. Compelled by Malefax to lead him to a lost temple rich in ancient knowledge, Romund has ee OR Ae Re UR Cece (cicy she has made over the course of her career. Pe yt ae OM CTCL) LS Pee RRNA CURIS R | MOUNT TELLEC on the Outer Rim planet Spintir.... CREDITS WRITING AND DEVELOPMENT Daniel Lovat Clark and Chis Gerber BASED ON ‘The Fonce ano Desnawy Rouertavnc Game cisions by Jay ite and developed by Sam Stewart MANAGING RPG PRODUCER Chis Gerber PROOFREADING Christine Crate and David Johnson GRAPHIC DESIGN (his Beck with Shaun Boyke GRAPHIC DESIGN MANAGER Brian Schomburg ART DIRECTION 206 Robinson MANAGING ART DIRECTOR Andy Christensen COVER ART Darren Tan INTERIOR ART Crist Balanescu, Taiano Baracchi, Matt Bradbury, Dmitry Burmak, Caravan Studio, Sidharth Chaturvedi ‘Alexandre Danche, Christina Davi, Anthony Devin, Tony Foti, Maruse Gandze, Dave Grit, Skott Kander, Kate Laid, Adam Lane, lenacie Bazan Lazcano, Jan Wah Li, Mark Molnar Jake Murray, Davia Aiden Nash, Mike Nash, Alexandru Sabo, Cynthia Sheppard, Darren Ta, Ryan Valle, Magali Vilenewve, Jrreau Wimberly, Matt olinger. Ben Zwelel, and the Lucasfim are archives PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Eric Knight EXECUTIVE GAME DESIGNER Corey Konieczk EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ‘Michael Hurley PUBLISHER Christian T. Petersen PLAYTESTERS. Playtest Coodinator Zach Tevalthomas, "The Babysters' 208 Robinson, Demme Tuer ard sonathanVrg “FEC Intern Wen, Werte Bomix3000, Ban the Great eller Donal Cordon, sep Harna, Ncielas Houston. Sau Newman, and Ned las.) "Chip Weanger Singer "Blasters are Better Oan Grete, ‘Gskir rathe Whe Nexon, Sam Stews, and Che Whee, “imperts|Garing Bure James, Cvtight. Malt MeT eve nel Hanson, Charles Buege. Ban Cartwright Ciasa DeGan. lon DeGan, Scat DeGan, hater Rohe. Bryn Kroon. Joey BADE Jeff Mscayk. Scot Wuken, Michael Andersson, LUCAS LICENSING DIRECTOR OF PUBLISHING Carol Roeder FANTASY PLIGHT GAMES SENIOR EDITOR Jennifer Heddle LUCASFILM STORY GROUP Leland Chee and Pablo Hidalgo Fantasy Flight Games 1995 West County Road B2 Roseville, MN 55113, USA (©. TM Lucas Lid. No part of this product may be reproduced without specie wntten permission, Fantasy Fight Games and the FFG Logo are registers trademarks o Fantasy Flight Publishing nc. ISBN; 978-1-63344-108-8 Product. Code: SWFOI Printed in China For more information about the Star Wars: Force ano Desminy line. free downloads, ‘answers to rule queries, or just to pass on greetings, visit us online at ‘wow FantasyFlightGames.com start WELCOME TO THE STAR WARS: FORCE AND DESTINY BEGINNER GAME! ONE PLAYER IS THE GAME MASTER ‘THE OTHER PLAYERS ARE HERO PLAYERS CONTENTS OF THIS BOX THIS ADVENTUREBOOK = AMAP CHARACTER FOLIOS CUSTOM DICE The Force YOU WILL ALSO NEED CHARACTER TOKENS STAR WARS: FORCE AND DESTINY he Force ano Desraw Benner Game is a complete, use the same structure of characteristics skis, ad tale stand-alone five (althoug and talents are somenhat players nyster- diferent) ystem of actions and ma ies ofthe F ain. verstor ise similar mechanisms to ‘ment with the contents oft playing the included describe Force. In shot, the Farce ako rayenlure, the dovnloadabe acventure Luge oF THE Lost, Desnwy Becinen Gave is 3 simpler and easier to learn v sion ofthe Foree ano Desrivy core rules The Ene OF THe Exe a AcE oF Resettiow ioepliying games are also available, each in both BEGINNER GaMe a (explore the Wars tence wn this Beene Gane will ind themselve HOW TO USE THIS BOOK Te ules, Rules concepts are introkiced as RULES TEXT ‘One common page element isa sidebar lke this one, Sidebars lke this one contain rules text, You can refer to these sidebars to figure out ow to resolve te ac- tion ina glen encounter Not every page or encounter has its own rules sidebar. ‘Although new rules are introduced the first time the players are expected to use them, they remain in effect Uroughout the adventure. For instance the rules for bulking and resolving a dice pool are described on age 8. On future pages, it Is assumed that the players now know how to build and resolve dice pool, COS Cy ke thi THE PLAYER CHARACTERS ere are four Player Characters contained inthis Becwnen Gave: Kaveri the Togruta Seeker, Dao the Zabrak Myst Sarend: nan Taras nel. yo an four hero Fantasy Fight Games wets (nv FantasyFlght WELCOME TO SPINTIR THE WALLEVAG a mee et ef ec|E Cee eee ae time to begin the game, ARRANGING eae tN The available dice should be placed somewhere within eee eee ei ee ane ene eee en ees es hero player should find the appropriate character token from among the available cardboard character tokens and keep it nearby. The hero players might wish to use these ee ee eee ee eas ete eer oe ene RAISING THE CURTAIN Se me Dana eee es ee ences ee ae es ee ed COS Cees hhave a Star Wars soundtrack available. eer eee tal Cat CE em een Ce a ea ees Oe Mt ee eters eater an eae ee Ce eee ee Cte ee ee ee an eae eee ay eee ares De eae nt caer eee eC Gt ess ene Ee aca tive ales she has made over the course of her career Ce ee cee a ae ene Ey a eae Tee eg ee aR Lae eee eee tion rom the stress ofthe strong winds and bloning snow of ‘Mount Tele. Instruct each hero player to mark 2 strain in Se a er ea Cen nere eninnntt STRAIN Strain reflects mounting fatigue and stress. It char ter is ever suffering a total amount than his or her strain threshold, that strain greater Ue ee Erma) ENCOUNTER 1: THE HIGH VALLEY Pry creme nb he ay tat on tains the ruined temple. high up in te snowy mountains o Spintic Alter nours of trudging through the driting snow, the Pcs reach the inal ascent, a step cif face exposed to biting ‘winds and cold. Tey must find some way upto proceed Read or paraphrase the following aloud: eee ere. ro Trae ete erat errr The PCS must make skill checks to pick thelr way up the e and inte the valley beyond. Falling onthe check means thatthe ascent is harrawing and the character wi suller p Encounter 2 10 rellect that. Each PC neck Ia PCsimply resto put hs head down and march on de spite the jn and col, then the skl check isa Resilience check. But thore are othor things the PCs may try such 2s ‘Scaling the elif directly, (Athletics) = cen sp andleaping fom wee to Wee (Coordination) ‘Searching for anather path to the top. (Survival) “Ring makeshift climbing gear (Mechanics) ‘Once each hero player makes a choice. th ud struct a dice poo! and rola skill check. The hero players his one at atime, in any orde PERFORMING THE SKILL CHECK ‘To perform this skill check, the active player (the play ler whose characteris performing the action) should do the following: |. Collect pool of dice—the number and type of dice listed on the character sheet for the skill in question, plus one purple Difficulty die @. 2. Roll the dice Failure Y symbols cancel Success ¥ symbols, If there Is at least one Success ¥ symbol leftover, the task succeeds, ‘Those are the bare-bones steps of any ski check. For more detail, read on, THE CORE MECHANIC Whenever a character attempts an action that has a chance of failure, a skill check is performed to deter mine whether or not the action succeeds. The core mechanic, which determines success or failure, Is as Follows 1. Rolla poo! of dice 1. Failure Y symbols cancel Success ¥ symbols. 4. Afterall other factors. if there fs atleast one Success ¥¢ symbol, the task succeeds. THE DICE POOL, Whenever a character performs a check, the player controling that character (he actve payer) ros 2 ool of ice. This cice pool consist of bth “good ice” Contributed by the character’ onn abies and pos tive circumstances, an “bad ce,” contributed bythe difcuty of the task and negative dcumstarces. Each character’ sil entry on his or her character sheet has a dice pool indicated, a collection of green Abit dice @ and possibly yellon Proficiency cce O- ‘Therefore, assembling the characte’ dice pool sas simple as reading the entry onthe character sheet dnd gathering the appropriate dic The GM then adds a number of purple Dihcuty dice 0 the poat Based on the cfc ofthe check. In this case the check is Easy, and so the GM adds a single purple Dificulty de®. Once the dice are assembled, the active player rll and the results are read AULA ae POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE DICE Or (usually Ability dice ¢ andior Proficien Perm are There are very few exceptions, and they are noted Cee ens BRO Le. le he Triumph @ symbol isa special, superior ver sion of a Success ¥ symbol. It is discussed in oe ae eas Pee ert SUCCESS, OR FAILURE? Ifthe check results in more Success ¥ symbols than Failure ¥ symbols, the check succeeds! Two symbols are used to determine success oF failure ‘on a given check. These symbovs are the Success ‘symbol and the Failure symbol. Each Failure ¥ sym bol cancels (ands canceled by] one Success % symbol If, after accounting for all Failure ¥ symbols, there are any Success ¥¢ symbols remaining, the task succeeds Extra Failure ¥ symbols have no further eflect. nue o Encounter 2 ADVANTAGE, OR THREAT? If there are more Advantage €9 symbols than Threat @ symbols, the character recovers 1 strain per ‘Advantage () symbol in excess of Threat @ symbols I there are more Threat @ symbols than Advantage © symbols, the character suffers 1 strain per Threat & symbol in excess of Advantage 3 symbols, In addition to success and failure, each check may generate positive or negative side effects or other ‘outcomes, represented by the Advantage €) symbol {and the Threat & symbol, respectively. These twists of fortune are independent of success of failure; a check can fal and still generate a postive side effect Wa Advantage €b, or a check can succeed but with a negative consequence due to Threat @ Advantage {9 symbols are canceled by Threat @ symbols and vice versa, just as with Success ¥¥ and Failure ¥ symbols. f any Advantage € symbols re ‘main once this is done, then something beneficial to the active character has occurred, If any Threat & symbols remain, then something harmful to the ac tive character has occurred In ths case, the active character may recever 1 strain per Advantage (9 symbol. The active character suf fers | strain per Threat @ symbol. Ths is the most basic nay to use Advantage © and Threat &, and this option s always available to the active character ‘other specific options are discussed later CS ROU MOSEL oy} Se eee Corer ee eee | ee aero eet ts ar teeny dice to go around, but that's okay—any method ee eet eae ie a eo Steno Rae Choeinoe ne ec ‘and it watched the PCs' inal as king allies who can dislodge Male~ ad eRe aD their abilities, or their good intentions, the See Oe mond CE area etter Gatekeeper will actively work to hinder them. The ‘Can use their various social skils and some roleplaying Impress the Gatekeeper. Since the Gatekeeper doesn't Pee ccd Seen Cae ey valley, read the following aloud: y eee eg eed a ae eas eer en eae {you isa tapestry of icy peaks, snowed forests, and a eS re ead Tne eee er ene! ner a ree re ee ee ‘Malefax, hopefully i holding your mentor, Romund, re te eee ee a er nn eas eee en aes prised entirely of sivery-blue light. “Hello,” says the Cen ea ad fe ete ea te ee se ect! Pe mee Perea te aren ae rad et 2: THE GATEKEEPER cee Perea ers ee ea een Lene a Pee Rane ee ee Ce eee ed Se or the role of the Gatekeeper and responds to their questions and statements as the Gatekeeper would. The Gatekeeper es he ens eee er eee eee ere Sas dark side adept can locate the holocron, and is trying to Pee ee eee ee es ce ce ees fax, he will contact the local residents of the valley and tel them exactly where to find the PCs. The PCs must convince the Gatekeeper that they are allied with the light side of the Force to proceed without being hounded by enemies eer es ne cory Ete YOU WANT TO USE US? FOR WHAT? ee a eae ery ee ee eee? his coruption ofthis sare ee ee en mer eee eee) a ae ea take root here. ARE YOU A GHOST? WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE TEMPLE ON THIS MOUNTAIN? Se ees spires above the trees from here. atthe far end ofthe Saas ere renee ere eens ey eee Pe ee re ae ee nen Wf the PCs want to get any informat Gatekeepers nelp against the foals the ne Gatekeeper tha they are worth cc a> OPPOSED CHECKS Dealing with the Gatekeeper requires an opposed ‘heck, a check in which the skill of one characteris pitted against the skill of another. Sometimes these ‘checks use te same skill on both sides, such as the Knowledge vs. Knowledge example on the next page for the Athetics vs. Athletics check that tho wrestlers would make. AC other times, ane skill opposes a ci: ferent ski, such asin the Deception vs, Discipline ex ample onthe fllowing page. When making an opposed check, the player who con trols the active character (te one making the check in this case, a hero player) assembles his or her dice pool as usual. The diticuty ofthe check determined by the rival character's dice pool forthe relevant sil For every green Abily aie @ that the rival character would add to a dice pool, a purple Difficulty die @ is ‘added to the active character's dice pool. For every yellow Proficiency dle © that the rval character would {dd toa dice pool, a red Challenge de @ is added to the active characters dice pool in other words, the Fival character builds his own ice pool out of Difficulty 2nd Challenge dice @ instead of Ability and Prof. lency dice O, then adds that tothe active character's dice pool to represent the “bad dice” for the check The dice pool is then rolled and evaluated follow ing the normal rules for dice poo's. In the case of an ‘opposed check, Advantage () and Triumph @) could reflect something beneficial occurring to the active character or something disacvantageous happening to the rival character. Likewise, Threat @ and Despair 'B symbols could reflect something bad happening to the ative character oF something good happening to the rival character, at the GM's discretion. OCC Pee et eee eee eee Seen in som ore Cen eee rarest ee Cerca aM eneca rt ee een eee eer eer efor the hol cron, ensuring thatthe knowledge contained within and comprehensible, and thatthe user ua Sea eer aren re that ifthe darkside ad ney io een con access atekeeper ‘YOU ARE CLEARLY VERY WISE AND COULD ‘TEACH US SO MUCH. PLEASE HELP US! The PC f an iin tac se one PC CCharm check opposed by the Gatekeeper’s Cool (@ @) PE eared To ret ey Cee) ete ea oer Cee ee | ee eas Cae Jedi Order, Tee ae peer eee ee ‘any check can provide a Boost de ll to the active peers Cee ee eee org Ce eet re Pore at ignorance or a disregard eters Cer ee eet ete on whic WE WILL ABSOLUTELY HELP YOU BECAUSE WE ARE SO TRUSTWORTHY AND NOT LIARS OR ANYTHING. ui vake 2 Deception check opposed by the Gatekeeper’ Discipline (@@@) Opposed iv ‘YOU SHOULD HELP US BECAUSE THE JEDI CODE SAYS THAT YOU SHOULD BE COMPASSIONATE ‘TOWARD ALL LIVING BEINGS. There's very litle the Catekeepe noose one PC o make 2 Knowledge check opposed by the Gatekeeper’s Knowledge (@@ @) Va Ossererted 2 Boost El de Opposed checks are discuss IF YOU DON'T HELP US, WE WILL NOT ONLY DO NOTHING TO RESTORE BALANCE TO YOUR VALLEY, BUT WE WILL DESECRATE YOUR TEMPLE. 3 things are very bad already The PCs a umber Io make a Coercion check opposed by the Gatekeeper’ Discipline @ 4) : Cea ag a elm lenge dice © are the mechanical and narra pon Ree ee lenge die ©, and it Cae Cone ee Cancel the Triumph ¢ symbol, and it snot can De een es comer eee Se ay rl eee ar eer etary ae ees a aa See ee anal ee er ete ae en ee a ees Peer) ALL WE WANT IS TO RESCUE OUR MENTOR. ‘SURELY WE CAN MAKE SOME SORT OF DEAL. an COOL oC N Lay x and Re ke whatever step per requires to restore bal Se ig o ; i perenne? 1 they try this a f Ct gotiate check opposed by the Gatekeeper’s Cool 15 ROMUND STILL ALIVE? | believe Malefax is attemptir ny temple. A vain attempt, as she does not WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT MALEFAX? DOES HE HAVE ANY WEAKNESSES? ARE THERE ANY DANGERS IN THE VALLEY? bi ener ud ENCOUNTER 3: HUNTERS & HUNTED Jeers: ante pais ou nance Pando _ hee ae ny tesa nee we ss on sop ol cal hier he Pes weresucesiuniber 0 donlhunter Te fntrsareeier cuteredi hse emp tonics Ge Caerpe rkgeacoumer'd te afte ner armed vs ee cre oad Wa PS rikrenyemeaepee sen edn rage The Bs sha rote we tey oon sath Ws oni incite mae ton eoeengeet corn oe ser Cem A she Gt inate paraptase he fan he cage ue contr meduam ange a oP e vata tena tht cori ear DETERMINE INITIATIVE eat abnor onan eonine se ven) REIMER | A: the bevinsing ote first round of combat. the CM from the PERE | anc the hero players need to determine in what order CMRI R EN IEMMIOME | ie characters (both PCs and NPCS) wil take their RON MTI | turns. this scaled the initiative orden most cases, nen REMC | ctermiring nitatve calls fora skil check from each a F BEE | participant butin this case the initiative orders xed en eine based on nhether the Gatekeeper is aiding the PCS MCNAIR | or not. Note that each intiatve slot ic claimed by a a EME | team (PCs or NPCS), not by an individual character. rae er eee eons he hero players choose the order in which their OTOL CRAMN | characters use thelr team’s slots. Tre GM does the errs Same ifthe NPCS occupy multipe siots—although in this encounter, all NPCs act simultaneously ithe Gatekeeper isnot aiding the PCs, read or paraphrase ifthe CHEER MET te cores Une oloning aou aids the PCs: aids the hunters: “You are not worthy of my aid. But stil, ofer this ere Baty Pee eer ea eee ae 2nd PC NPCs api od oy ri oe 3rd PC and PC arreapenpemr rent a at see ae ee are ea eee ee ee eee a ee 4th PC th PC Nee ete reas eer ted en ee rile, their faces daubed with blood, Surrounded ond rer n ea I there are only three PCS, ignore the 4th PC slot IFthere are only two PCs, ignore the 3rd and 4th slots Ether way reference The Ruin portion ofthe map for this Cty IT IS TIME TO BEGIN COMBAT eR ae Combat follows the steps listed below: |. Determine nitiative—in ins case, based on Saar or meitha Rae eet enn Lo F eee 2. Participants Take Turns ian CYC MM mmc reicy es ‘ne urn; PCs choose the order in whieh they ac 4. The Round Ends; a New Round Begins reluen eee en etemo) ee ee ee ere eee een aes the hunters instead suffer wound PARTICIPANTS TAKE TURNS Each round of combat consists of a series of turns. In Initiative order, each character participating in the bat tle takes one tur. Beginning with the first sit in the Initiative order, one member of that team (PC oF NPC) takes his or her entire turn: then, the round progresses. to the next slot inthe Initiative otder. Each PC can use any remaining PC Initiative sit, but each PC can only take one turn per round. PCs can choose who acts as each Initiative slot is reached in the Initiative order; they don't have to choose beforehand. They can aso act In one order during one round and in a different order during the next round—there is no permanent connec tion between a glven PC and a given initiative slat. In the case of NPCS, itis normal for groups of similar NPCs such a the hunters) to act atthe same time, Just like PCs, NPCs can act in any order and can change their order from round to round, ‘Once each character has taken a turn, the round ends and a new round begins. ‘On each character's turn, that character can per- form a single action and a single manewver (in any forder). Actions are not maneuvers; manewers are ‘ot actions. CO CU ha ae en eee ee es perform more than two maneuvers during their Sr ees en Example 1: On his tur, Tarast draws ns biaster pls tal (@ manewver) and fires at an enemy (an action) His shot misses, and Tarast elects to take cover be hind a tree by suffering 2 strain to perform an extra Example 2: On her turn, Kaver! aims (a maneuver) ‘and then fies her baster rile (an action). Her shot misses, but the check results in 2 Advantage (9. Since she has only taken ane maneuver so far this tur, Ka ver elects to spend these 2 Advantage €9 on a second maneuver (as discussed on page 17) to roll into {over behind a colapsed pillar. POSSIBLE ACTIONS INCLUDE: Performing an attack with an available weapon, Using a skill Using the Force (described in Encounter 4, on page 18; ignore this option until then) Performing a second maneuver, POSSIBLE MANEUVERS INCLUDE: Moving to 2 new location within short range, oF ‘moving between range bands from engaged range to short range, short range to medium range etc) Readying or stoning a weapon or other item Using a stimpack. ‘Opening oF closing a door. flipping @ table over for ‘cover oF otherwise interacting wth te envitonment. ‘Aiming to gain a Boost die on your next attack Taking cover to give attackers a Setback die lon attacks against you until you leave cover oF the situation changes THE ROUND ENOS; A NEW ROUND BEGINS ‘Afterall characters have taken a turn, the round Is ‘over, If the battle is now done (one team has been defeated or has fled) then the encounter is over and Its no longer necessary to track Initiative. there is more fighting to do. a new round begins and the process returns tothe “Participants Take Turns" step. During this new round of combat, the order of tnitia- tive slots remains the same, but the characters may ‘act in a different order (they are not obligated to use the same initiative slot as they did in the fist round) NES Lcta plc | neces eee ey ee el eee er erie | maneuver, and Setback dice Jare added when at So tacking a target who has taken cover to avoid shot TL seurascomusnncinen MOVEMENT AND RANGE Inthe Force ano Desny Benner Gave, range and is- tance are handled abstract with a system of range bands that describe the distances between objects ‘There are ive range bands: engaged, short. medium, Jong, and extreme. In order from closest to farthest: Engaged range: Characters are close enough to touch. Engaged range isa subcategory of short range, Short range: A few steps away. An easy shot with a biaser. It takes a single maneuver to move from short range to engaged, or from short range to medium range For example, in tis encounter, any two points within the ruins themselves are at short range ‘Medium range: Opposite sides ofa room. An aver~ ‘age shot with a blaster Stil close enough to easily be seen and heard, although characters must speak loudly to be understood. It takes a single maneuver {o move from medium range to short range. It takes ‘hyo maneuvers to move from medium range to long range. In this encounter, medium range spans from ‘one side ofthe hollow to tne center, Long range: Down the street A hard shot with a blaster rifle; a blaster pistol cannot make the shot at all. Characters must shout to be heard clearly. It takes two maneuvers to move from long range to ‘medium range or from long range to extreme range “There is also an Extreme range band, which isthe farthest apart two characters can be and stil nter- act, although its not important inthis encounter. ‘You can use character tokens to approximate where each characters on the map and to estimate ranges between charactors. Since the range band system is abstract, rough estimates are normally all of the detail that you need, PERFORMING AN ATTACK ‘When fighting ina battle, one ofthe most basic and important actions a character can perform ito make an atack wth an available weapon agansta target in range. First, the attacker should compare the range to the tarect agains the listed range for the weapon. Wane target i too far away, te attacker must move closer, choose a diferent target forthe attack, oF do something ese wit his or her action, [tacks are skill checks, The skill used is determined by the weapon and sisted in its description. The ac- tive character snould gather the dice fr the dice pool 2 indicated fr the relevant ski “The difficulty of an attack check (the number of purple Difficulty dice ¢ added tothe check) is deter mined by the circumstances ofthe attack I the attack is at short range, itis an Easy (@) check. Add 1 Difficulty de @ tothe die pool Itheattackisat medium range itisan Average (@@) check. Add 2 Difficulty dice @ to the dice pool I the attack is at long range itis 2 Hard (@ @ @) check. Add 3 Difficulty dce @ to the dice poo! I the atacker is engaged with his or ner target. ts an Average (@ @) check if is made withthe Melee. ravi, Lightsaber, or Ranged (Light ski. Add 2 Dit ficulty dice @ tothe dice pool. If the attack is made with the Ranged (Heavy sil, it is a Hard ( @ @) check. Add 3 Difhcuity dice @ tothe dice poo ‘character who uses the Aim manewer aso adds a Boost die Ito the attacks ice poo. Characters who are in cover add a Setback die IM to attacks that tar {get them, Once the dice pool is assembled itis elled and evaluated like any other skill check DEALING DAMAGE ANO SUFFERING WOUNDS ithe attacks success, thts, and the hit nflets damage on the target. The damage inflicted by the attack s equal 1 the damage rating ofthe weapon plus the number of Success ¥ symbols left uncanceled. For example, i Tarast fires a blaster pistol with damage 6 and hits his target with 1 uncanceled Success % symbol, he deals 7 damage. ‘The target reduces the damage suffered by his or her soak rating—a combination ofthe character's natura tough fess and the armor he or she is wearing, Ifa character's soak rating reduces the damage to O or less, that character suffers no wounds. Otherwise, the character suffers wounds equal to any remaining damage. For instance, if Tarast shoots a hunter for 7 damage the hunter reduces that damage by his soak value of 3 and sutfers 4 wounds, \When a character suffers wounds, that charactors controller marks them on his or her character sheet. The GM can use scratch paper for NPCS. When a character’ total number of wounds suffered exceeds his or her wound threshold, the characteris defeated and knocked unconscious. That character suffers an immediate Critical Injury and remains unconscious unt healed by another character. NPCs who are defeated normally die outright (or are incapacitated such that they pose no further threat tothe PCS forthe purposes ofthe gam), unless the plot calls for them to survive. Pay SE ae things. In general, the ons eee eee form a bonus maneuver without suffering Pour) ret eto wend 2 Advantage & to give a Bo to the next atack ag Se keaton Pret eee coerce pert Se un ee era) THREAT Threat 4 may be spent to do several things Ce et Re pee en Spend 1 Threat @ to cause a PC to suffer ee Spend 2 Threat eee te Pr eat? Se ees eee ener net: fist et eee Spend Threat @ to do something else appropriate to the plot and situation. SCR) od Seer ear ers it and to deal damage. Further, a Tumph eee een an Rea ener emery ere eae ‘THE BATTLE CONTINUES UNTIL ONE TEAM OR ANOTHER IS VICTORIOUS. the remaining hunter runs through the trees, pausing only occasionally to fre wild shots in your general direction. You take only a on nt er el er oar ean a Ce eee ea ee spray of snow and gravel. The hunter reappears at re ere raphrase Encounter 4 (: Pe es Ce eee re ed eee teers! re ee ta een valley. As you pull yourseves to your feet, groaning Oe ieee rt a ee Cou e f an NPC suffers a Critical Injury, that NPC is sim ply defeated, Ifa PC suffers a Critical Injury, refer Peer et earn ct RECOVERING STRAIN ‘At the end of each encounter, PCs have a chance to recover strain. Each PC recovers strain equal to his for her Presence characteristic or ranks in the Coo! shill whichever is greater PU en ees i's usually rot important whether that NPC is aren ee er eens il, assume that the hunters sur ‘| ENCOUNTER 4: IN DEEP TROUBLE Dirnerssencouer ners wane tous the Fore and ome clever thinking to escape from sheer, ice ned pi hey wil learn how to use thet various Force power As the PCs find themseves inthe pits, read or paraphrase owing alu The Gatekeeper lingers as the PCs make nd the GM can use him attempts, ays the PCS might use their Force powers to escape Each PC now make an attempt to escape his or her i. Below are some suggestions on haw they might proceed ase on thelr Force powers SENSE naracter with Sense may open nis mind to the Force and he movement of smal life forms behind the wal of his pit. I he is successul, he dete ovement ofa siall grup ol pnt snow mice, ane realizes thatthe oped passageway leading back up to the surface only centimeters hind the ce. A few quick blows with 3 ‘earby rack wil break 2 ole through to lreedor Move A character with Move can use the Force to take hold of ied to anearby pult down into the pit. Once he rope is itis simple enough to climb out—or a ridiculous sipping all over the sick w ENHANCE Enhance is probably the easiest Foree power to use to e cae A character with Enance can Spy jump out by 8 ESCAPE Each PC should make atleast one attempt Force any of the PCs succeed, i's simple enough to lower a rope to the rest ofthe group. I al PCs fall and no one is wing toaraw upon the darkside, tney have enough time to make ‘one more attempt each; then, another group of hunters ums and starts shooting down atthe PCS in the pits. These hunters wl flee when the PCS use their"magic” 1 excape When all the PCs hay J from ther pits, procee > he Interlude USE THE FORCE Each of the heroes inthe Force ano Destiny Brcivnen ‘Gaus has one or more Force powers, each of which hha its own unique effects and rules. Although each Force power functions diferenty, the core mechanic for using the Force remains the same. When a character uses the Force, ne or she chooses 2 Force poner, then performs a Use the Force action and rolls a numberof white Force dice equal to his ‘or her Force rating. Then, that character can spend Force points) generated by the Force dice © totrig- {er effects ofthat poner. In general, for characters aligned with the light side ofthe Force such as the heroes) lit side results © generate one Force point @ per light side result. It 2 character rolls at east enough light side results ©) to satisfy the number of Force points @ needed for the power, he or she has succeeded. Ifthe character doesn't generate enough Force points (), he or she will either have tobe satisfied witha lesser result, or the action falls, Characters may dram upon the dark side of the Force as well. Dark side results @ can also be used to generate Force points @B,although doing. so in ficts strain on the character. It may even cause the characte to fll to the datk side ofthe Force ithe or she does so often. When a character calls upon the dark side ofthe Force, he or she suffers 1 strain per dark side result @ used to generate a Force point @ The character must also spend a Destiny point, but for ths encounter, this restriction can be ignored (Destiny is discussed in more deta on page 19). Dark side characters use the exact opposite rues: they generate Force points trom dark side results @ and must sufer strain to use light side results O, None of the PC wil be falling to the darkside during this aoventure Ca” FORCE Avo DESTINY INTERLUDE: EXPERIENCE AND DESTINY unt now, the adventure has ten deliberately very lin arto help teach the game and to ensure that the cial plot etements are put in place. But non, che PCs have earned the Gatekeepers atleast grudging assistance and are poised to reach the tempe, They might wish to explore the rest of the valley, search for addtional resources, or converse with 1e Gatekeeper before moving on. Atematvely. they might, ‘Smoly feel the best path isthe most direct one, and decide to strike directly at the temple Enter way, time to award the hero players some expe: rience and learn about Destiny! EXPERIENCE AWARDS ‘As the heroes continue thei adventures and overcome new challenges, they wil be awarded experience points XP] by the GM, typeally atthe end of every play session. The he- oes may then spend those experience points to purchase re ranks of sls talents, and Force poner upgrades from Now that the PCs have completed one of their primary story goals {impress the Gatekeeper with their mastery of the Force), they ate each awarded 10 XP. Each ofthe hero players should turn to the next page of his or her character folio now, where the “leve-up” procedure is explained. He or Se shoul also be sure 10 note the strain andior wounds. he or she has suffered, 2= ol ashi or her current amount ‘of money and any other changes to his or her character (Spent stimpacks. etc), transferring that information from his oF her fst character sheet to the new one. THE DESTINY POOL The PCs are more than ust mystics, wartirs, and adventur ers, They are the main characters ofthe story, and they are loucied by the Force with a great destiny. This destiny is represented in part by the Destiny pool. BUILDING THE DESTINY POOL, Each hero player naw ros the Force aie ©) once. For each light side result © role, place a Destiny token ia the Des Uiny pool with es white (igh) side showing. For each dark side result @ rolled, place a Destiny token in the Destiny ool with its black (dark side showing, The Destiny pool isa collection of Destiny tokens that both tne GM and hero play: 1s can manipulate; t should be placed somewhere within each of as many players ais practical NEXT STEPS I the PCs want to explore the rest ofthe valley before mov ing on, fp to the Other Encounters in the Valley <=" on fon page 28. II the PCS spend a lot of time exploring and don't take any precautions against being discovered, then they might encounter another group of hunters—re fer to Encounter 3 for guidelines as to hox to run those. Iv the PCs wish to talk to the Gatekeeper and ask him any ‘gaitional questions, the GM can reler to Encounter 2 (or ‘some of the Gatekeeper’ responses to likely questions. The CGM can also use the Gatekeeper to foreshadow events from later in the adventure If desis, or help guide the PCS to: ward the next step, Once the PCs decide they're done exploring, or they've explored al of the valley aside rom the temple, is time to rove on to Encounter 5 Ii he Pes are unsure of howto praceed, the CM should re mind ther that thee objective isto rescue Hethan Romund from the temple, and should suggest they head directly there Begin Encounter 5 q aaa aia Ut Ud ENCOUNTER 5: THE BRIDGE Directs Ps atomp o crossover nidge leading to the temple, The rough wooden brid ded by several alen sentries wth modern, off word weapons and armor—presumably ales of Maleiax, The PCS I nave lo sneak, talk o ight their way past the guards to ach the tempi. Relererce The Bridge portion of tne map Read the following aloud 3s the +s approach the bridge The mereéhares wil lock any attempt to imply Walk across the ridge. but the wwon't altack unless the PCs 2 The PCs have three basic strategies for how to pr ‘TALICTHEIR WAY PAST To c1oss the bridge, the PCs have to come up wi fe o suitable bribe. or must intimidate the past ie oF intimidate, they need to make an opposed Deception 01 Coercion check vs. the mercenaries’ Disci- pline (@). The mercenaries are rt especialy loyal to Ma nnd ollerec 3 goad deal (opposed Negotiate vs. Cool HO) of atleast 100 credits each they may stand aside and I the PCS go about their business. I the rationale the PC: oer seems plausbe, reward them with 2 Boost che Elon the check. Iitis very unlikely ve them a Setback el they ail, the mercenaries draw thei weapons and tel them 10 @0 away. the ave. the mercenaries attack, FIND ANOTHER WAY ACROSS le the bridge tne most obvious way across the gore, ad ‘erturous PCs may find ether optons Ch oge and jumping ock to rock actos the ver then back ether sides 9 Hard ( @@) Antes eheck. "he PC have some rope, one of Nom ean moke the cimb and then loner a rope forthe ees. Another option i nding the hd den cave entrance onthe ci ace—an average ( @) Per ception cheek pickng tei way Uwough the eae. then Under the waterll and along a ledge beneath the bridge Each PCa takes ths roste should mace either 3 Dlsapine heck (0 mas" let) or 9 Resilience check ercure tne Cold)—Average (@-@) both cases and safer 2 strain on a faire. The GM may wish ous Destiny to upgrade the s Despair. the mercenaries noice that PC going by and Simply sneaking past the mercenaries won't be possible not without luring them avay from the bridge somehow I he Cs.do somehow manage ths, they wll need to make an ope posed Stealth check vs, the mercenaries Vigilance (®) Force powers such as the jumping ability of Entian ive use of Move may aio be used to get around FIGHT! he PCS can simply attack the mercenaries and fight way across. It they do this, the guards use their cominks to rmunicate with Malelax, placing him on high alert. T mercenaties are not expecting 3 fight: they each make 3 arate Vigllance check (or Initiative. The PCs il ike nake Cool checks, unless the bales the rest ofa faled Irompl to bli’ ar cimb past (Gee Expanded Rules: Deter- mine Initiative, on page 21 The distance tro ge. Pilars placed al regular intervals along the bridge can provide cover, and Triumoh ¢® or Despair @ on checks may be spent to knock characters over tne bids ico the water, elfecively taking them out ofthe fight (NPCs ate knocked unconscious, and PCs suffer 5 wounds with no Maa aed sy Peta CS een} oa yea Traore Cee aD re et eee eter erent Peers con Sn) emumererey Se ee never they would normally sufer strain, they Sut Series! EXPANDED RULES: EXTREME RANGE, Extreme range isthe farthest range at which char- acters can see and interact with each other. Charac- ‘ters cannot hear one another even ifthey shout, Only some sniper rifles and vehicle mounted weapons can ‘shoot this far. It takes two manewers to move from ‘extreme range to long range. Inn encounter like this one, if a character manages to get to extreme range. and no one is actively chas ing then that character can just leave the encounter. It the PCs sneak or run past the mercenaries and then get to extreme range from them, the mercenar ies ill give up the chase and go back to the bridge. Eom ce agree Pieced Et EXPANDED RULES: DETERMINE INITIATIVE Initiative order is normally determined by means of 2 skll check performed by each participant. A char: acter makes a Cool check if expecting a fight. Ifthe character was not expecting a fight, he or she makes 4 Vigilance check instead. (Different characters can use different skills on the same Initiative check.) ‘These checks are Simple (~) checks; no purple Dif Ficuty dice @ are added, ‘Once all the checks have been made, the GM notes the results of each check and ranks them in order, ‘rom most Success 3 symbols to fewest. If there is a tie, the check with more Advantage (is ranked higher. f tere is still a tie, a PC check beats an NPC check, It does not matter who made which check, only whether the character is a PC or an NPC. The GM might wish to write this down on some scratch paper. ‘The GM should now have a list of initiate check results, each one marked as PC or NPC. This is the Initiative order. During the ensuing combat. a PC will act each time a PC slot on the Initiative order is reached, and an NPC (or group of NPCs) will act each time an NPC slot on the Initiative order is reached. Remember that any PC can act in any PC slot—it doesn't matter who roled what value, as the Initia tive slots belong to the team, not an individual. The ‘same is true for NPCS, simple posse mage succes or nes Setback de mate te poss i Peng smi cas an x hes Mad pont soding stage t meu range, nn ost are wie . Wo ooo Pil a ne a 60 | oor ster ona bane desert parts waren serene ange o00ee a” ENCOUNTER 6: WOLFPACK frenay by Malefax > of Spin woes has the mountain slopes Fip to The Temple portion of the map, ang read or para phrase the folloning aloud as the PCs appr rm fone arches andl pila are ail cronned with snow, ee Oe ee eee rr eee ee ore Ce enn ee ae its slumber, jostling a second, and suddenly there ee ee eee ee ee ee mer ee ce ee a the Force. et eee her rowing around the perimeter ofthe temple. The PCS g2 tothe frst roup 1) opposed Stealth check PC Vigilance Ihe sass th nlage € on th DICE POOL REVISITED: SKILLS AND CHARACTERISTICS Up unti now, each character entry has included the dice poo! for each skill that the characteris likely to use. However, in the course of a roleplaying game, it is impossible to predict all ofthe potential directions the story can go, and it might be necessary fr the GM to make skill checks for NPCs in skills that are not noted in that NPC's entry. The minion rules also preclude simply including a dice pool for each ski Decause it may change based on the circumstances When determining the dice pool for a skill check Diayers perform the following steps: Identify the likes characteristic for the skil check ach skill entry on the character folios indicates a linked characteristic for that skill, The GM and hero players alike can refer to this list. A list of skill and their linked characteristics is also included on the back of the Becawen Game Rulebook Compare the value of the linked characteristic to the rank of the skill. The active player collects a num ber of green Aplity dice ¢ equal tothe larger value. The active player then exchanges a number of those aren Ability dice 4 equal to the smaller value for the same numberof yellow Proficiency dice ©. These dice form the core ofthe dice poo! For example, the Athletics skills linked to Brawn, A character with 3 Brawn and 1 rank of training in Ath letcs has a dice pool of © 4 @. A character with | Brawn and 3 ranks of training in Athletics also has a dice pool of O.. A character with 2 Brawn and O ranks of training would rlld4 and a character with 2 Brann and 2 ranks of training would roll Tesh MINION GROUPS Minions are the nameless individuals that the PCs encounter and perhaps fight in droves in thei adventures in the Stor Wars universe. An indivi al minion is generally not an especially dangerous threat, as minions often have poor characteristic vat ues, no skills, and low wound thresholds, The GM may choose to use minions in groups, in hich case several special rules apply. Minion groups are always composed of identical minions, and Uae i a“ opts {roups of minions can be much more dangerous than i a minions individually eee) A group of minions acts together and behaves in Cea ne most respects as a single character. All minions in @O0: the eroup take their turn at the same time. and they pe ae ee perform unified actions and maneuvers that reflect BAO Ona oe the group working as a unit to achive their goals. An Lisle Aro ien an ares it attack of ability that targets one minion in the eroup Cae eee ca|} targets the entire group The minion group has a single wound threshola Pape a aaah ali shared by all members of the group. This wound iaases threshold is equal to the sum of the wound thresh: See eee eet lds of every member of the group. (For example, a when they would normally sufer strain, they sufer troup of 3 icewolves—each with a wound threshold ois Of Shas a wound thresbls of 15) Each time ay member of te gro sufers wou the wounds ae doplied tothe group's wound tres. india members ofthe eoup are defeated one to tine and one als each mete total wounds seed ex ceeds the wound threshold ofan nda! member ofthe group, Far exampe, when the kewa eoup passes 5 wounds, one cewol Is defeated. When the > total wounds suffered exceeds 10, the second icewolt _ is defeated, When the total nounds suffered exceeds 15, the third and final icenolt is defeated, if a minion group suffers a Critical Injury, it immedi ately suflers wounds equal tothe wound threshold of ‘one member ofthe group. When minions perform checks, they use the char acteristics of a single member of the group. If the check isa skill that is listed in the “Skills section of the minion’s entry, then the eroup receives a bonus f there are two of mare minions working together. For every minim inthe group beyond the first, the group Counts as having one rank in that Skil. For example, 2 group of 3 icewolves counts as having 2 ranks in Bran! and rolls a dice pool of © O-@ when making Brawl checks. The same group has no ranks of train ing in Stealth (because that skills not on the “Skis” list inthe Icewolf description) and would roll on Stealth checks no matter how many icewolves Were part ofthe minion eroup. ql ENCOUNTER 7: THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE [outs ert, th Pcs conront Mato and oscue heir mentor. They wil find Malefax, Romund, and Male fax's remaining mercenaries inthe temple's main assembly hall or its adjoining rooms. Honever the PCs choose to pro 4, they wil holy find themselves doing batle with Male fax and some oral of his remaining forces. but i they Will have Succeeded at their eoal forthe adve ‘nce the PCs have driven off the icewiolves outside, read or paraphrase the folowing aloud, There's one Advozse mercenary standing guard over Ro: ‘mund in the main assembly nal and a second Advorse walk Inga slow patrol raute through all the outer chambers of the temple. Malefax alternates between tearing up the archives and screaming at Romund. From ane side af the assemoy hall ta the other is medium range. I's long range from the adjoining rooms to the spot where Rorund is being hep Romund is injured from her captivity and which she's been subjected, but natin any ime da The PCs wil have to decide what todo quickly, otherwise. the patroling mercenary wil wak Uough the antechamber and notice ther, There are several kel siateges they may ry FORCE AND DESTOCY SNEAK IN The PCS could try 0 get as close as possible to thelr mentor without raising the alarm, Sneaking into postion wil equi an opposed Stealth check vs. the Vigilance of the pa- trolfing mercenary (@). Moelax’s Force powers give hin a sense ifom which the PCs cannot hide. However, he issu ficiently distracted by is own madness that he won't notice ary PCS unless they come within short range of him, move Romund from her position, or attack one of his guards. A suitable use of a Despair result on a Stealth check coule be having Maleax sudenly storm into the room seaming foscing the PCs t0 desperately scramble away from himn oF begin combat IF the PCs use their Force powers in clever ways (using Sense to locate the guards. using Move to create a distr tion, etc}, they should be rewarded with one or more Boost dice Don their check TALK PAST IWthe PCs spend much time a all discussing what to do, an ‘Advozse mercenary Walks into the antechamber and chal Fenges them with his drawn. As at the bridge. the Cs will have 1 come up with a plausible story and convince he mercenary that he should let them past. Because hes ‘been instructed by Malefax to let no ane in, the mercenary is suspicious; any check to deceive or charm him will suer atleast one Setback die Ml. with perhaps more i the story IF the PCs claim to know where the holacron to speak to Malefan the mercenary wil ead them straight tothe dark sie adept, This s one way to get right up close to their target, but since the PCs have no holocron, nor any idea where itis (and may not even know what a lor ooks ike), Maletax il soon become fsa and attack s and ask ASK THE GATEKEEPER holocrom isa store of knowledge of the Force cre CoE eee ae a Ce ea aa oes ea ea eee a Cp et ene ‘reveal it to you. But not until the dark side is purged a Pha at) SOOO on ee cae a CXS eae merry Se Ee a Lee reer ae cal Injury cra Se See eae nee fer wounds instead Pee Sens UTES Ta a FIGHT! MALEFAX (NEMESIS) ee i ek ntl PCs, " Commer inenien 1 ed, the mercenaries Ne ee Seri) : ; Equipment: Blaster pistol (Skil: Ranged (Ueht) ier cee mere r ea 9 pester) Ree YY rae Ee er oe emcee ny 7 i Caer 4 Dna : ee ere Pore at str) THE LIGHT SIDE TRIUMPH a ae) te eae a eee : renin La ea ea ay eee ie O to generate Force points @and tr ee meee oy stain to use ight side results @, Ce eee short range: Spend @)to sense the emotional state Ser er} ete ee i : Cen | Ks : ee eee ee . ie He gathers the ‘Spend @ to increase the sizeof the object affectea ogether in Perot se the range to re the dark side ‘medium range WRAP UP AND REWARDS A d ° EXPERIENCE AWARDS ANCIENT RELICS OTHER ENCOUNTERS IN THE VALLEY MOUNT TELLEC m_ Anyone whois wlng 10 bra ‘Average © @ Resilience check), one, vf ie 1 Atop the svi @ b sine Average (@ @) Discipline check, THE LAKE Th 1 sinha : 7 el \ and b r in soi myer. th THE FOREST san Average ( @) Discipline check THE ROCKFALL f Ky bul, foe stand ny have weathered avaytoneay nothing. One pa bjulthaca large stale a seated igure atop. An Average ©) Knowledge check sveals ha! 1n° = eis ds a replica of holocron i its hands. FURTHER ADVENTURES 7 Lue oF tHe Los. ee ‘ ht seek for themsewes. The Becower Gane a m happy to see anyone re THE TEMPLE \ ene 0 te darks : feanwhi ce to fon he via ete GALAXY TO EXPLORE — rer (poss . Lane oF we Los any. From remote ; Dagobal CRC They ; eee ee eee ern He Poumenrengeernrioaitir yer eae iar one Se ae : : tof much scholarship a Nn : eet ers are a ee ar eee cae E eae ee i aA pa Sree sede felctoely eect a ; tee a inoue piven eae ek ie ae : aH 5 reece ene prune nd eee ; y meee en we fe ceitaeeae ee og : a ee Sree esiey, or Mel etee es bee ells Eee CE eee PCs can ea fortunately. with i Sesion pete lke spits, and eta p bengeegt Perey es a hes : ets GM TIPS & ADVICE he Game Master has the hardest ob atthe table, since he a she & trying to manage many characters at ance and keep the session moving, The GM can alsa have the mast rewarding nb, as his or her role is unique inthe collaborate storyteting experience Here area few key pieces of advice to make the RI’ jd easier and ensure a better game for everyone DON’T LET THE STORY STOP JUST BECAUSE OF A FAILED CHECK. ‘One ofthe mest common mistakes made by new GMs ang {o0 much information from tne other players hat the PCS il avays succeed. I they are searching lor the schematics ofa lightsaber while exploring a derelict Jed starship but fai the checks to find them, then the story ‘an gind toa halt. The simplest soltion to this just to nat oll for checks that must be passed for the story to continue Another answer is 10 have aa altematve means of progress ig the story. For example, the PCS fa to find the lightsaber efore accidently activating a security droid, and now aighsaber-armed crovd. When the PCS the dod, however, they discover that its droid train the pans io corstruct anew lightsaber. The PCsare stll“punished” for tet alure (hey had to gt a battle they could nave avoided) but te story sil moves forward—albek na dillerent way than the players italy expe: DELEGATE! The GM can have a lot busy scenes ike 0 keep track of, especially during ies to other players. For example, one player ould Keep track of Initiative anc cal out the next Itt slot each time a player finishes his or her tun, W's aso en rely reasonable fo let the hero players Keep track oft own experience points, money, and gear. In extreme cases, anentire NPC could be delegated toa hero player whose PC si iwoWved in a given scene. This both makes the GM's job easier and keeps that hero player involved SAY “YES” AND “YES, BUT...” Roleplaying games are collaborative. improvisational story ing experiences. It can be helpful to look at traditicnal 3 inspration~specfcally, the rule iim 1s:" When someone invents a fact ofthe scene hat enhances the story of moves the plot forward, and I FORCE AN DCETHY could just as easily be true abr, saying “Ves” is usualy the right thing to do, Usually hero players are becoming inven tive because they are looking fora way forward inthe pot. $0 working with them to bulld or discover that way forward Keeps the story moving OF course, hat doesn ay all rent scrol mean that everything should 3 time. Pechaps the PCs want to lo The Mystic character might ak i in any clues they might fol. The anor could be “Yes, but the relevant section i written ina language you don't know. You'll have to travel to Reles and Fin 3 linguist to translate them for you” Now the PCs have 3 way forwara-—a target—tut also a complication, something to overcome, They'll need to consider thee options and de cide how to proceed, but they havea clear objective: finding a particular scholar in 8 particular city The dice system is very Js this style o playin two ways. Fits of al i's qute easy to all Improvised idea lor an action or plan to be deter dice roll. “Cam| shoot the stormtroapers as jum out ol the lweetop?" "Wes, but the check wil receive one Setback de ll because you're faling and a second because the ling is very dense" Secondly, the dice symbols~partculaty Advantage ©. Tiveat &, Tuumph @ and Despaic lend themseives 1b improuisaion, The symbols provide inspiration for new complications and boons as the story moves in new directions, ‘TREAT THE OTHER PLAYERS LIKE ALLIES. Remember that al the players at the ‘e000 tella fun story W's okay to admit mastery ofthe ules—the group can work together to resolve 2 rules dispute in the way that isthe most fun and best for Te’ okay to admit to being caught Nafooted decision tne PCs make, and to ask for 3 break to pian out the next few scenes. And it's okay to throw the question tothe oe: "What happens next? Whal's the best way to interpret that Despair symbol?" The answer to the question “Does my character know anyone on this planet? can be “I don't know: does she?" Playing a roleplaying game isa collabora live projet re aon the same team Lastly, and mos you're doing it rit! importantly: If everyone is having fun sh, LURE OF THE LOST ndventure avait Cshi nd restored balanc = WWW. FANTASYFLIGHTGAMES.COM Cen unlocked the secrets ofthe Beginner Game, eee errs ro Peseehedieln anc arson your traning, and work to rebuild the ae 4 oe sy aT eet eer en eet en et Pirie eesti cA eet rk ee eet (ie a st Cea un easy @) Immediately ster’ san, No ongoing te \ averaee @@) s sem N Th at Har 600) Sutera Stock le Mo ot checks un ms rca anys ened. F Hara @00) Pc f are any Success 3 symbols lf, the check succeeds, 2 ® Triumph @ symbols count as Success ¥¥ symbols and may also @ 29 eS be spent to trigger a powerul positive consequence Abity—Profcency Oifclty Ta Mavantage © symbols indicate a postive side effector conse De® De Ole g® uence, eve on alae check: Tey cancel and ate canceled by ihette Snes «9 Ge) Success % symbols are canceled by Falure symbols; if here ‘SYMBOLS AND DICE die Die Despair © symbols count as Faure Y symbols (they cance Suctess symbots anmay ao be spent ota power e- CF negative consequence 3e G3") Mire ate i slaleccatl creck. Mer const and deca Setback Force RET ceied by advantage © symbols Tem = eO cn ag ere te tae eer ery nee peri Ine ates meat) Difficulty Level | Dice Example possi of complations ° reine pr te Joust, rng od a ; Average oo tent ane shool 3 toget at med anes. yng sae a aretha ' ooo ed , 000% Prcioe esl esi seed vee te amen ee eee ae F 000ee " : i — _ _ STAR.WARS Bs-)..- 9 ea rH) wel ke a eit) Ha ST TS The rules presented in this book ar Brciwnen Game adventure ener ne. reece oe ane eeiecer GETTING STARTED ‘Now that you have played through the introductory Becawwen ‘Gawe adventure there is no need to stop there. The galaxy Is yours to expiore, and this book filed with al the rules you wll need to cary on with your adventures. lof the rules in [toduced and taught inthe adventure can also be found here for ease of play, and many of the concepts have been expand fed with further deta WHAT'S IN THE BOOK? © Chapter I: Playing the Game (page 2). Rules for building and interpreting dice pools, performing checks, using Destiny Points, and irvesting experience points to tenance he Fowce ano Destew Beane Game choracters Chapter Il: Combat (page 12). Rules for handling combat, movement, and characters’ health, © Chapter I: Skills (page 21). Descriptions and ‘ommon uses of each ofthe various sks hata charac ter might learn in the course of his or her adventures in the Star Wars galaxy, © Chapter IV: Talents (page 26). Special abilities and techniques availabe to the characters in the Foner ‘ano Destiny Brcinnen CAME, Chapter V: Gear and Equipment (page 30) Con ‘mon personal weapons, armor, and gear critical forthe survival of fugitive Force users. © Chapter Vi: The Force (page 37). Special es (0 ‘manipulating the mystical power ofthe Force © Chapter Vil: Adversaries (page 44). Severo) ac ‘tional opponents with which the heroes can conten FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES ar Sterner enn: ee ene ee eee a emt ee et) GAME RULES Many of the rules presented here willbe familiar now that {You have played through the tutorial adventure, akhoug this section provides greater depth WHAT PLAYERS NEED TO PLAY Continuing with your Force aNp Desnwy Becnwen Gas re quires very few materials. Besides atleast one copy of this rulebook, players will need pencis or pens, 3s well as the character folios and custom dice they used in the Beamer Game aoventite ‘The players and GM might also find it neptulto obtain the ‘Star Wars cice-ling application, More information can be found at www: FantasyFighiGames.com, NARRATIVE PLAY ‘The Force ano Destiny Becwwer GaMe 2945 the players 10 step ito thele characters’ roles and use dramatic narrative to describe events and advance the story. While this rulebook. provides specific rules for how to resolve actions. the game feles heavy on both the Game Master and te players to use their imaginations-tempered with common sense-to explain, what happens, Inthe Force ano Dasma BEcanen Gave combat, place ment of character, and other situations are represented in, fan abstract fashion. Rather than taking a ruler and meas: luring the distance between characters on a map, itis pret erable fora player to simply state: “Tm ducking behing the computer console 1 get some cover while return fre.” That Sort of description paints a much better picture of the action taking place, Fantasy Flight Games 1995 West County Road B2 Roseville, MN 55115 USA © & TM Lucas Lid No part ofthis product may be reproduced without specific witen permission Fontasy Fight Gamnes and the FFG Logo are registered trademarks of Fantasy Fight Publishing Inc ISBN: 978-1-63344-108.8 Product Code: SWFOI Printed in China For more information about the Star Wars: Force aNo Desnwy line, (ree downloads, “answers to rule queries, oF ust to pass on greetings, visit us online at vw FantasyFlightGames.com starwars.com THE CORE MECHANIC qT ‘ THE DICE Ww acter makes 9 3 Force ano Desmwr Becinwer Gast al (Force avo Destiny Brcnes Gate POSITIVE DICE Cala ed Be SUIS. ea ed ed Ter ed Teo ie The silused to axcomplsha task ‘An apalica Speci ay The use of Destiny Po SETBACK DICE pesided dice. Setback die Ml bstacles Setback dc ent as Dili dice @ CHALLENGE DICE ®@ on tho Force ano Desriny Bearer Game DICE SYMBOLS & RESULTS he dice use inthe Fonee avo Destiny Becawe Ga [3 ture 2 numberof unique symbols used to determine suc ess and faire, a nel as addtional context and consequenc: fe during task resolution. Understanding these symbols allows the players to more fully contribute to the story, gonorting memorable details and describing cinematic actions over the couse of their aoventures. This section defines the aferent symbols and describes now they can be used in play POSITIVE RESULTS Thore ae three postive symbols on the task resolution dice SUCCESS ¥ Success ¥¥ symbols are critical for determining. whether 2 ski check succeeds or fais. One Success ¥% symbot Is canceled by one Failure ¥ symbol. IF there is atleast one Success ¥ symbol remaining in the pool after all cancela tions the ski check succeeds Success 3 symbols also influence the magnitude of the ‘outcome: For example, in combat, each Success ¥ symbo is added to the damage inflicted to te target. Generating four net Successes #8 Nould inflict four additional damage. ADVANTAGE () Tre Advantage €9 sym! incicates an opportunity fr a pos tive consequence o side effect, regardless ofthe ask ssuccess or falre. Some examples ofthese postive side effets could include sieing a computer in far less ime than anticipates, finding an opening during firefight to duck backnto cover, oF recovering from strain during a stress uation, One Advan tage &9 symoo! canceled by one Threat symo. It's possible for a task to fail while generating a number of Advantage €9 symbols, which allows something good to come out of te failure. The applications of Advantage & ‘are covered in more detail on page 8 TRIUMPH @ The Tumph symbols @ powerful result, incicating a sig rificant boon or beneficial outcome. Each Tumph @ sym ol proudes two effects: First, each Triumph @ symbol also counts as one Suc ‘cess. n every way a Success ¥ has been defined. ‘Second, each Triumph @ can be used to trigger an in credibly potent effect. See page & for more infor mation on using Tiumoh to trigger effects Payers gain both effects with each Triumph q@ symbol they do not have to choose between the Success ¥ and the special effect trigger NEGATIVE RESULTS There ate three negative symbols on the task resolution dice FAILURE Y Failure Y symbols are critical for determining whether a Skil check succeeds or fas. One Failure symbol cancels one Success ¥ symbol. I there are no Success ¥F symbo's remaining in the pool afterall cancelations, the skill check fais Multiple net Failure Y symbols have no further effect. THREAT & The Threat @ symbol is fuel for negative consequences or side effects, regardless of the task’s Success or failure. Some examples of negative Sde effects could incude taking longer than expected to slice a computer termina, leaving an open: ing during 2 firefight that allows an enemy to duck into cover, or suffering additional strain during a stressful stvation. One ‘Threat & symbol cancels one Advantage €b symbol Ie is pssile for a task to succeed tur aso generate Throat {® symbols that taint or ciminsh the impact ofthe success. The GM generally resohes Threat @effecs. The appicalions of ‘Threat @ are covered in mote detail on page & DESPAIR 9 ‘The Despair @ symbols 8 powerful result, indicating a sig nificant bane or detrimental outcome. Each Despair sym bol imposes tno effects ‘isteach Despair @ symbol also counts as one Failure Y. in every nay a Faure ¥ has been defined ‘Second, eact Despair @ can be used to tleger a po tent negative effect. See page 8 for more informa tion on using Despair @ to trigger effects Players suller both effects with each Despair ® symbol: they do not get to cnoose between the Failure ‘Y and the special effect trigger. The Failure ¥ aspect of a Despair can be canceled by a Success ¥¥ symbol as usual but the second aspect of the Despai result cannot be canceled Wit appears alongside a Triumph @ symbol, both take effect for the resus ofthe check, FORCE RESOURCES The final dice symbols represent resources generated by the Force. There are tno types of Force resources. lgntside Force points © and darkside Force points @. The generic symbo! fora Force point, whether ligt side or darkside, is. (© and @ appear on Force dice ©, which are used by Force users to fuel special ables. The Force dle Cand the mechanics that govern it are very different from the cove ski check mechari¢s. They ae discussed in greater detain Chapter ion page 38. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Dirt couse ot» Foc Der Btven Ge aoventure, characters find themselves attempting a var ey of tasks. When the outcome ofa Player Character’ tasks uncertain, that character usually needs to perform askillcneck te determine the success r fale of that particular action, ‘The type of skill chock required is determined by the GM for mote inlormation on skill types, see page 21). Once the type of check and its aificulty have been set. the player creates a pool o dice based on the diferent factors involved in the task The pool can be a combination of many types of ‘dice. andi varies fram action to action based on the charac: ters involved and the specific situation. Ate the dice pool nas been created the player rls allot the dice assembled, The results on these dice are evaluated Some results cancel each other out, while others are cumu lative. Once al evaluations have been made, the player and GM can resolve the ski check by determining the acuon’s success or failure. They use the inforation from the dice results to descrine the outcome ofthe check, as well 3s any additional ellets, complications or surprises. THE BASIC DICE POOL hie Force avo Dest Brannan Gane uses 2 concept known a8 a dice poo, which a collection of the custom ice needes lor the game sr0 Butlin a Basic Dice Pook ‘on page 6), The basic dice pool reles on three {actors the PC's inherent abit, any specialized training, an the dit Feulty ofthe task being attempted CHARACTERISTICS A characte’ intrinsic abilities are defined by the folowing sx characteristics AGILITY The Aeilty characteristic measures a character's manual dexteiy, hand-eye coordination, and body contro, ‘A character's Brawn represents a blend of a character's brute power, strengjh, and overall toughness, 35 wel as the ality to apply those attributes as needed. Cunning reflects how craty, devious, clever, and creative a character can be, INTELLECT The Intellect characteristic measures a character's intel gence, education, mental acuity, memory. an ability 10 e= son and rationalize, A character’ Presence characterstic is @ measure of moxie, charisma, confidence, and frce of personality WILLPOWER ‘The Willower characteristic reflects a character's Giscipine, sel control, menial fortitude, and faith CHARACTERISTIC RATINGS Characteristic ratings for both Player Characters (PCS) and ‘Non. Prayer Characters (NPCs) generally range from 1 to 6 Atypical humanoid nas an average characteristic ating of 2, A rating of 1 is weak an below average. A characteristic fating of § or 4s significantly above average, while ratings of 5 of 6 represent peak performance and abit. SKILLS & TRAINING ‘Skis represent the character training or experience in per: formine specific tasks and actions, Although a character can ‘attempt almost anything without the proper training or sil 2 trained character willbe far more effective and capable than one unskilled atthe task at hand. Each skis linked to a specific characteristic, the delault ability a character uses when performing 2 «ask with that Skil For example, the Athletics skil is bases on Brawn, De ception relies on Cunning, and Knowledge uses Intellect. For a more indepth look at skis anc thelr applications see page 21 DIFFICULTY Difcuty adds negative dice to the dice pool, making suc cess more challenging In addition tothe task’ inherent di ficult, other dice may be added to reflect addtional compli cations based on the envianment or specie situation While the characteristic and related ski training are de fined by the character attempting the task, the dificult of {2 task is set by the GM, There are six dificult levels (see ‘Table 1-2: Difficulty Levels, on paee 7) FORCE AND DEST BUILDING A BASIC DICE POOL (ow thatthe three primary building blocks ofa sil check’s lice pool have been discussed, the folowing secbon ex pins how the dice pools acwualy assembled APPLYING SKILLS & CHARACTERISTICS The active characte’ skil taining andthe ski's inked char ‘acteristic ae equally important when buling a dice poo. ‘When a character performs task the GM and player deter ‘mine which skills mast appropriate, The ski they select de termines whien characteristic te character uses. For example. ifthe characteris attempting to bypass securty terminal by ‘icing its alarm system, te sll check would use the Comput ec sil, which sinked tothe Intellect characteristic ‘Once the characteristic and sil are determined, the play lercan stat building the dice pool. The player compares any ranks of kil traiing and the linked characters’ rating, The higher ofthe two values determines how many Abilty ‘ice @ are adved to the skil check’ cice pool. Then the player upgrades a ruber of those Abily dice @ into Prof ciency dice @ based on the lower of the two values. Ifa ‘characteris unsklied (possesses no ranks) in the necessary skill, that values automatically zero, and the character relies solely onthe appropriate characteristic ‘Example 1: Sarenda i attempting to jump over abot tomiess chasm as she navigates her nay trough a lost temple. This uses Sarenda's Athletics skill and Brawn characteristic. Sarenda has Athletics 2 and Brawn 3. Her Brawn is higher, so the player begin by adding thre Abiitycice ( @ @) to the pool. Sarenda’s Ath leis ski slower, So the player upgrades that many dice (wo) into Proticeney aie (© ©}. To atternp the jump, Sarenda starts out with thee ce in her poo: $00 fone Ability ie and two ProFiency dice ‘Example 2: Later, Dao must attempt to jump over the same chasm. Dao, who constantly trains and condi tions his body, has an Athletics sil of 5. However, his Brawn is only 2. His Athletics sili higher, so the player begins by adding three Abiity dice @@) to the pool. Dao's Brown rating is lower, so the player upgrades that many dice (two) into Proficiency die (©. To attempt tis action, Dao starts out with three dice in his poo: @ © © fone Ability de and two Proficiency dice) Note that both Sarenda and Dao begin wth the same size and type of die pool, despite the fact their ranks in the Athletics skill and their Brawn characteristics are diferent. APPLYING TASK DIFFICULTY AMter determining which sil and related characteristic ae fequted Co attempt the tsk, the GM chooses the eel 0 Sifiuty forthe tsk by consi ting Table 1-2: Dificty Levels. on page 7 The cifeuly level ofthe task deter tines the nunber of Dict dee ¢ that the layer mint {oc othe ao Foresame on average (@ 4) sil check ines he ayer as two Difeulty de @o he de pool Insome cass. the GM may upgrade one or more of these Diffeuly ice @ removing them rom tne dice poo and plocng hem than equal number of Challenge dice @ Di fealty dice @ are most often upgraded into Challenge dice @ ten raracters face sled opposton o° parcany Ste crcurstances or when Destiny Points are used to make a check more challenging, Upereding Dicuty cce @ ito Grotenge dice @ is dscussea i more del on page T ifthere rere other octrsinluncing te outcome ofthe attempt the bac dice po! ' non complete and canbe Toledo determine succes or fare, a well 35a pote tal side lec ‘Example: Following the prior examples, the GM re- views the table of ifiulty levels. Deciding that the chasm is only a couple meters across and the edges are firm and covered with vines, the GM assigns a dlifcuty of Average (@ @) tothe task, Two Dificuty dice are added to the players’ dice pools when they attempt to jump across the chasm. MODIFYING A DICE POOL UW there are no other influences or contributing factors that ‘an impact the outcome ofa tas, the asic dice pool might be sufficient o represent the check. However, in 3 setting 3s. diverse and action-packed a Star Wars, it's common Tor ‘other factors ta be introduced Any number of factors might warrant modification of the dice pool, such as obstructing terain, poor lighting, time constraints, superior equipment, special talents investment of Destiny Points, Force powers, or Critica Injuries The fo: lowing sections describe these modiicationsin more deta Ie is also important to note that when modifying a dice ‘oo, players perform tne modifications In a specic order First, players assemble the basic pool Then they add ad dliional die. Then they upgrade dice. Then they downgrade ‘ice Finally, they remave die, ADDING DICE (ne way to modily the basc dice poolis toad dic to rellact environmental conditions or various advantages and disad vantages. This done primariy through the use of Boost 2) TABLE 1-2: DIFFICULTY LEVELS Difficulty | icy eo ier a Asin sk tet o tsicand rosine hat the outcome aay indo Succes au fectemsny osprey mpoesle teak sau at ern ete singe hed the Ch ma erly tate ae proposed acon Seeds Hereamsanes make We suse uncara es sinpl tsayfeqire 9 Ths gona) te cas cry ener more See ly rence ero nes execu tc ron ores 6 | SSUES camera sco ‘An average ask represents 2 outne action for which sucess is common enough to be x E ‘5 faire ect surprising Examples include picking a typical sock, sching 2 renee O® evi food and shar an a temperate panel, hosting target at mesum ange. 3n3 Ung io Skea target win a mele attack wile engaged Hart one rm surpresng. Eames ncide lek tin ‘A daurtng task ares character and may push hi iis mts. Success may be fic to achieve, at Dauning | @@@ —_ isgossble Exams cde pking an exception ck perma sugey or esting Impans dng ad and sheer on amen desert panel, and saoing gta xem ange fc tasks seem nigh impossible. Infact. formidable ask mos key is impossible Formntle 400% srcese Exarpls neice png ck mh rocomprenenshle mechanism ning so Seek Me As 9 gee we ope Boos ies UPGRADING DICE ch disadvantage or obstacle impeding suce converted into 3 Proficiency die @. When a Difficulty die @ renga seman nme ment ‘When a special talent or effect calls for one re dice reg sae acta ay ven iltpe eee the player fist determines how many dice inigheiananebinae player removes that number of Ability dice @ or Dificut Myo davations move ton one) these asasiarigges UPGRADING MORE DICE THAN AVAILABLE ‘ously, the scene may have been described to reflect ‘ice upgrades remain, Then using one the character attempting the task while under heavy gional Abily ie @ to te pool. If any upeede oppor. fire from enemy forces (a disadvantage) and doing so yues yma, he then upgrades the ney ded Ai luring high winds (a disadvantage) Fortunately, the @ inio a Proficiency die ® This process epeated unt al character fas a vine he can use to swing across fan. Poets upgrades have been appied advantage). Based on how the scene has been set up seed a and dese, the CM sods vo Setback ce and 2 lve aed 1 upgrade ity dice no ro one Boost die Gn total, HEI) tothe poo. eg eg, i ea eo DTC DOWNGRADING DICE UPGRADING AND DOWNGRADING DICE PONNCBADING Ae eee In addliion to dice being added o the poo}, some game el. only to Profaency dice @ and Challenge dice @. When a ba Praticiency die @ is downgraded, i. becomes an Ability die loge die @ is downgraded, it becomes a fects, such as Destry Points, upgrade 2 weaker die i more potent die, or doungrade a potent de intoa weaker dle. @. When a C Ditcuity ‘When a special talent or effect calls for one or more dice to be donngraded, the player frst determines how many dice are to be downgraded. Once this has been determined, the player removes that number of Proficiency dice @ or Challenge dice @ from the poo! and replaces them with an equal number of ether Abily dice @ oF Dificity dice @. DOWNGRADING MORE DICE THAN AVAILABLE, ‘There might be situations in which a player needs to done rade Proficiency dce@ into Abilty dice or Challenge dice @ inxo Diticuty dice @ Ifa the potential dice are already in ther donngraded form, ignore any further downgrades, UPGRADES & DOWNGRADES IN THE SAME POOL, Sometimes abilities wil cal for both dice uparades and dont ‘rads. When tis occurs all upgrades are applied first. Then, any downgrades are applied. Thisisimportant, since upg ingdice could potently add more dice to the overall pool REMOVING DICE ust as some effects add Boost diceJor Setback dcellltoa ‘oo, other elects remove dice from the pool before they are rolled. Most often this is du to character talents that alow the removal of Setback dice rom a poo. fan ably would remove more dice of a type than there are inthe dice poo! the maximum number of cice available are removed, and any ‘additional removals are ignored Removing dice is done after al other dice have been ad ed and all upgrades and downgrades nave been applied INTERPRETING THE POOL ‘tera dice pool is rolled, the players evaluate the results to resove the outcome. The fist outcome to esoke isthe ‘successor failure ofthe sk check, Then, the GM and players an determine if any significant side effects—good, bad, oF both-are triggered. SUCCESSES & FAILURES Each Failure Y symbol cancels one Success symbol Remember that Thum @) symbols are counted as Success 2 symbols in adtion to their Fiumph elects, athe Suc ess ¥4 portion of their effects can be canceled by a Faure YY symbol. Lkewise, Despair @ symbos count as Failure ‘yb in adition to ther Despaie @ effects and thus cancel Success ¥ symbols ust ike regular Faure V symbols do. Wall Successes ¥¥ and Failures ¥ inthe pool are canceled ‘out, orf there are any net Falures remaining. the skill check fails. f atleast one Success ¥ remains, the skill check succeeds. Remember, a dice pool must have at least one Success % symbol remaining fr a sil check to succeed. ADVANTAGE & THREAT Advantage © symbols ard Threat @® symbols cancel one another Each Threat symbol cancels one Advantage €> Symbol. After all Threat @ symools have canceled Advan tage © symbols, a poo! will have one or more Advantage { sumbois, one oF more Threat symbols, or everything evenly cancoled out, Having one or more net Advantage 9 symbols indicates a positive side effet or benefit Having one or more net Threat '® symbols indicates a nogative sie effect or complication ofthe attempted task. If all the Advantage 2 symbols and. Threat @ symbols cance! each ater out, then there are no addtional effects, postive or negative. FORCE AND DESTINY TRIUMPH & DESPAIR “uo symbols represent far more potent elects than the oth ers. Tumph gp and Despair @ are special cases and operate Somenhat aierenty than the other symools Uriike Success Y and Failure Y or Advantage (9 and Threat, Yiurnph @ and Despair @ do not completely cancel each other ou! Rather. they indicate an especially positve or unfortunately dire side elect. Only the “Success” and the “Faure” por tions ofeach symbol can cancel each other out. Rememier that its possible fora skill check to resut in ‘ott Triumph q) and Despair §P symbos. In this case, each result i interpreted separately. For more information about the speci applications of Tiumph gp and Despair ®. see pages 15-16. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES With tne opportunity for success or failure, 3s well 3s the myriad side effects possibie through varying amounts of, ‘Advantage €9, Threat €B, Thumph @. and Despair . na two skil checks are the same. There are hundreds of pos sible outcomes with almost every skil check, A character might achiewe ahigh-magnitude suecess with no ther com: plications, or a low-magnitude success with Advantage 43, ‘ora moderate success with Advantage {) symbols that are tempered by Despair @. Likewise failed checks can have siver Inings by aso featuring Advantage &9 or Thumph @, or they can create truly die situations when they are accom panied by Threat @ and Despair. ‘The sheer variety of possibilities provises opportunities to narrate truly memarabie action sequences and scenes. lay rs and GMs alike are encouraged to take these opportuni- tiesto think about how the symbols can help move the story along and acd deta and special effects that create unique, action packed sessions, OTHER TYPES OF CHECKS Ticscersastcncusne tase eo eer ome stuatonsealfor a sig leet apron Sometimes 2 task Is more dict to accompish becouse someone s actvely tying to preven the char mple, a Force-enstive Sentinel es toa crime lod. The Sertine's Deception check malt be opposed by the cme he standard checks op associated Di fealty and poten pat are aed the sh checks de pool rai ating determines te acto an oppose check The acne characters dice poo is but xe potential upgrading some ino Pr inrosuces Deut ce @ and Chal evant characteristic an sil rating The fy Dic cce¢ are added tothe poo, ile the lo © (see Upgrading Dice, Example: Kaveri Ra, a Togruta Seeker, is trying to sneak up on a wild nexu vithout being detected, Ka ‘eri has Aglity 4 and Stealth 2, bulding an initial cee ool of Tour Ablity dice, two of which are upgraded to Proficiency dice (© © in total). The nexu has Cunning 2 and Perception 1. Therefore, the oppost tion ads tao Difculty dice to the check, one of which is subsequently upgraded to a Challenge die in total. there are no other factors, the sh cheek ice pool contains the folowing die: © OOO. ple characters are attemp i ne task and the players n know which character ae E to meaau er they are en example, two characters er armrestling con their starship Each one ‘same goal to win the mate yponent’s arm, This ck to see who out he ask, nd each character enol I the competion makes a ski check base itil, When ca Although Advantage © 2 stl sso provide one additonal benefit: the reslution of te ifthe two characte gener ame number ret Successes %. the character eater numberof Trumpn @ symbolise winner the characters ae stil ed. we arate ith more total Advantage €) win the check I the characters are sil tied after evaluating these cat Example: Belandi the Mirialan Consular ana Pon the Nautelan Warrior are each attempting to convince 2 local antiquities dealer that he should sel one of them a crystal that either could use in constructing a lightsaber. The GM decides that making their argu ‘ments will require a Hard ( @@) Leadership check Belandi has Presence 3 and Leadership 2, while Pon has Presence 2 and Leadership 1. Belandi manages to generate two Successes, no Trumph, and two Ad vantage [3490 In total). Pon only manages 10 generate one Success, one Triumph (which, in ad tion to being a Triumph, also counts as Pon's second, Success), and three Threat ( & & ©). Fon wins the competitive check based on the tebreaker. DESTINY POINTS D ih : 1 P 7 sresutce kreprecertedby AELPING HAND THE POOL OF DESTINY : q fee Det “ ; Ne o C P P oe 1p P d se P P C a RAISING THE STAKES PREPARING THE DESTINY POOL " : the stating De t + F a ie . a) ee a i ‘SPECIAL ABILITIES AND TALENTS ‘TRACKING DESTINY POINTS cM fend dark side Pe wi ends a light side 0 cor M pends a darkside Destiny Pont d into a light sid pint in the lt side ING EXPERIENCE POINTS (XP) Brest primar ears by ncn ler cust ine their characters Players should receive experience from the GM as they continue to play with the characters inthe Foret ano Destiny Brannen Gane, 2d they can spend that experience to improve their characters, SKILL TRAINING Each ski 2 five ranks of traning available. The cost for Uuaning Skls als info one of two categories: career skis and non-career ski, Each character should have indicating ‘marks next toa number of skis (based on carer), These ae the enaracte’ career sls Training a career skill cost ive times the valu ofthe next highest rank. For example. taining 2 career ski from rank O [untraineo to rank 1 requires 5 experience points. Improving 3 rank | career sil to rank 2 requires 10 experience points, Each rank must be purchased separately. This means that training a career skil from rank Oto rank 2 costs 15 exper fence points (5 for raising it om rank 0 to rank |, then 10 ‘mare for raisin it fom rank ¥ 10 rank 2) A character can also purchase ranks of nom career skis ach rank of 3 on-career sil costs 5 addtional experience points For example, traning a non-career skill rom rank O (unirained) to rank I requires 10 experience points, Improv Ingarank 1 non career silt rank 2 requies 15 experience points. Each rank must be purchased separately. This means hat training a non-career ski rom rank O to rank 2 costs 25 experience pots (10 for raising it rom rank O to rank | nen 15 more for raising rom rank. | to rank 2} ‘TABLE 1-3: INVESTING EXPERIENCE ir en ‘May purchase ranks nary sil, | Carer sil cost fve times the uptorarks parenasea ang m experience | Non-areer skis cost ve tmes the ACQUIRING TALENTS & FORCE POWER UPGRADES Talents and Force paver upgrades inthe Force avo Destiwy Beatwner Gane aro acauired from a characte’ career tee Career tres provide a unigue format for purchasing talents ‘and upgrades that comes with several special rules and strctions Each career tree has four columns and three rows. The cast of each talent or upgrade depends on the ror it 0 cupies. The talents and upgrades in the topmost row ate the least expensive, costing 5 experience points each, The next rows choices cost 10 experience points each, and the thi ‘and final row’ choices cost 15 experience each, Note that the choices on each tree are connected by 3 ‘eres of lines that lnk some talent oF upgrade chovces with ‘others. When purchasing talents or upgrades, characters can only purchase talents or upgrades tney are eigibe lor. Characters are eligible to select any talenis or upgrades in he fis, topmost row, plus any talents oF upg Connected via one of the aforementioned links to one the character rady acquired. Each eniry on the tale ree may only be acquired once. Some irees nave multiple Centres fora single talent or upgrade This is because several (ofthe talents or upgrades may be leaned repeatedly, When 2 character learns talent of uperade for the second—or later—time, he gains an addtional rank ofthe ability ees Whether fra carer sil ora non-cazee sk leach rank mist be purchased sequential fan 2 ‘mst be purchase before rank 3 and soon | purenased rating m experience plus fve Sddilonal experence (alent and upgrade ists its cos “lens ae parades can ely be purchased ithe reo the at velo a career or they ate onnecte Wah 3 bar to one or more alent or Ungradesae30) purchased, STEP 1: DETERMINE INITIATIVE STEP 2: ASSIGN INITIATIVE SLOTS Once inatve order is determined, the GM notes which re sults were generated by Player Characters and which results were generated by NPCS. The results generated by Player Characters become Prayer Character Initiate slots. The re sults generated by NPCs become NPC hitiative sts STEP 3: PARTICIPANTS TAKE TURNS. Beginning atthe top of the Iniative order, the Nero players ‘and GM fil each initiative slot one at atime with a character tur. the Initiative slot 1s a Player Character Initiate sot, then the players agree on one Player Character to fill the stot from among the Player Characters who have not acted that round, That Player Character ten takes this turn IV the Initiative slot is an NPC Inivative slot, then the GM ‘hhooses ane NPC 10 fil the slot from among the NPCs who have not acted that turn. That NPC then takes ths tum, THE TURN ach character (whether a Prayer Character ora Non Player Character) gets one turn to act curing each round. During this wn, the character has the chance to undertake certain activities, such as moving from place to place. using skis. or ‘even attacking others, The actives the active character can perform during a tun are spit into three categores:Incden Tals, Maneuvers, and Actions INCIDENTALS Incidents are minor activites that characters can undertake that require extremely ite time or effor. There is no hare limo the numberof incidentals a characte can perform du Inga singe tun, although the GMmay veto excessive numbes cof them or decide they ae complex enough to warrant count ing asa maneuver. The folowing are examples of incidentals "+ Speaking to another character. '+ Dropping an item Held in one’s mands, Releasing someone the characte is holding. + Making slight movements such as shifting position peeking around a comer. ar looking behind a person MANEUVERS Not all undertakings require a check. These minor activities ‘are known as maneuvers and cover a wide range of activites that any character can perform. They require an investment of lume and effort onthe characters par, but are simple enough that there is no chance of fature when doing them, Techni cally, characters perform manewvers during narrative game: play as well as encounters. However, manewers are tracked and defined curing encounters because characters are more Tied in ther time and effort bythe frantic pace of confit, STEP 4: ROUND ENDS. Once all NPCS and Player Characters have taken a turn, the ‘ound ends. At this point, certain effects that ast unt the “end of the round” end. The GM also determines ifthe ongone ‘event warrants acitional rounds, ori it has been resolved I the ongoing event continues, repeat step 3 using the same Initiative order generated in Sep 1. If the action has been resolved and the encounter over, proceos to step 5, STEP 5: ENCOUNTER ENDS: ‘Once the focal event ofthe encounter has been resolved, the GM ends the encounter, At this point, any character abil ies that can only be used “once per encounter” reset Each Payer Character also nasa chance to breathe easy and re cover strain, and each PC may take steps to help heal any incapacitated characters, MANEUVER LIMITATIONS ‘Acharactercan perform one free maneuver on his turn, The character may also perform a second manewer by volun tal suffering two points of strain, single character cannot perform more than two maneuvers during his turn, ‘TYPES OF MANEUVERS Tre following sa list ofthe most common maneuvers a char acter can perform during combat. During combat, a character can use the Aim manewser to steady a weapon orline up ait belore attacking This grants ‘one Boost die Eto the character's next combat check ASSIST | character can perform the Assist maneuver to add a bonus ‘Boost dete an engaged aly snext check. Several characters Can use the asst manewer to add more bonus Boost dice to the engaged ally’ rext check, The Game Master should use common sense wren allowing characters o asst one another ‘Some actions simply de not benefit rom assistance. A character can take a Guarded Stance maneuver to protect ‘against melee attacks. Until tne end of the character's next turn, ary combat checks the character makes suffer one Se. back diel and Melee, Braw, and Lightsaber checks made targeting the character suffer one Setback die Ce) Lr cy attacks and melee attack et aera ee ae Sets one oe Soe eens Se en arty eee er een ca co ee INTERACT WITH THE ENVIRONMENT his is a broad category of possible intra ch as : ipping or ducking behind a tab Taking cover: Ducking benina a . MANAGE GEAR This man a character to manage items and . ma pouch or satchel) Move © Change range increment, \ nis enane © Engage or disengage from an opponent 2 2 © Move within short range. Por DROP PRONE OR STAND FROM PRONE Droppi nd standing sition both i e ing prone adds one Setback die ll aso add 1 die to all melee at ade agai ACTIONS During @ character's tue, the character generally h form one prim Thisis the character’ 1 Force ano Destiny Bronwen GAME, ir maj EXCHANGING AN ACTION FOR A MANEUVER ‘SPENDING AN ACTION TO ACTIVATEAN ABILITY PERFORMING A SKILL CHECK Combat checks. ho nique enough that quire a separate descrip PERFORMING A COMBAT CHECK for making a sk including the steps for assembin € 6k (bee p owever, several a 1. DECLARE AN ATTACK AND SELECT TARGETS uses The player then declare 2. ASSEMBLE THE DICE POOL m gsabe Mele attack cfclesare ays Average (6 9 aatty, Ranges atackaaes dep wees the rnge band th (Table 2-3 Ranged Attack bifcty 07 page 17, Iss TABLE 2-1: SPENDING ADVANTAGE ¢°} AND TRIUMPH e IN COMBAT ea Peas hor ‘atte a Ceti jury bt the (ariable Advantage «9 | weapon (soe page 52) Advanige 0 Aa one Boost ce) Perform an immedia we weapon quality based o advantage we or | Maneurersin tat tun, inumpne® Aj ore Setback de Mito the targeted character's next cheek ‘Ada one Boost cle Eto another aed characters next check [or that ofthe cuent atv character sien fe o i orth x roumpn W age to target, have the attack destroy a pece of equipment the target s usin 2 rumph Sch 3 bowing up 3 baeter or dest | seld generator 3. POOL RESULTS AND DEALING DAMAGE on the se stances othe encounter and a x sand GM agree on an be via f resis Interpreting the Pool. pace 6) AS wih ar ek, the cheek must generate more Successes tha lures ¥ to be successu oes ing Success % resu Voamag 4, RESOLVE ADVANTAGE {) AND TRIUMPH As it i check. Advantage (9 and Télumph q> car for spending Advantage € and Tiiumph @ in combat e nters. The most common of i nc 2p Table 2-1: Spending Advantage () and Triumph @ in Combat. 5. RESOLVE THREAT @ AND DESPAIR Y There ares ns for spending Threat @ and D (ound on Table 2-2: Spending Threat & and Despair in Combat (pace 16). As with Advantage & and Thur keep that these are notin >be the on options available, and the CM is encouraged tobe crea 6, REDUCE DAMAGE, APPLY TO WOUND. ‘THRESHOLD, AND APPLY CRITICAL INJURIES ids, soe Wounds, Strain, and Injuries, 0 929° | feated outright. Ifthe target is a PC or nemesis ead rele to Table 2~4; Critica Ini Example: Tarast is wearing padded armor, and with his natural Brawn, he has a total soak value of 4. A successful hit with 3 aster pistol deals 9 points of damage to him. His soak value absorbs 4 points of this damage, which means he suffers 5 wounds. TABLE 2-2: SPENDING THREAT <> AND DESPAIR IN COMBAT Cost Pees 1 Teat or Despair The active charac 2 sues! stain this option may be seeced mere than onc) An opponent chcsen by the GMI may immedlatty perform one fee maneuver in response to he Aaa ace character’ Despa Aaa one Bost Ea rete character's next ch : ‘or another alied character suters one Setback ell on his nest 3 Threat BBS aan The aclve character fas prone Despair Uneade the dict of another lied character's next chek or that ofthe cuent active chart SOAK ing AMter calculating the total amount sult inflicted by any source, subtract the total ther that damage total. The result is the number of wounds the naractr suflers, I the soak redu less than zero, then the character takes no damage RANGE BANDS Tic ferro Des Benen Gites on ond cms ENGAGED THE FIVE RANGE BANDS a eee de : SHORT RANGE For eas of ly stance in Foes ato Des side sing their voices. M The GM is ree to desenbe scenes details and Story come fst. crealnga vivid picture or he ployer, whe MEDIUM RANGE sill allowing the GM to quickly provide the mechanical i Medium range can be up to several dozen meters away. Mor atlon players need to use thelr actions and build strategies. liable pistols can reach to medium range. Fer thrown wey an reach this far. Two people in medium range of each short range to medium range requires only one manewe ‘TABLE 2-3: RANGED ATTACK DIFFICULTY Proce) Difficulty Engsges Easy (@) pls addtional mociers depending on weapon wed Eaey Mesum mere 9) Hard O00) — Daunting 444) ADDITIONAL DIFFICULTY iors itn Engaged with Ranged (Leh + acu 4) 2atcay @) CCennot make LONG RANGE EXTREME RANGE Example: During a tek up the snow- equal to the character's Cunning to one hit of th SURGEON ‘tivation: Passive Ranked: Yes \When this character makes a Medicine ch ounds i of Surge acter heal he target heals one additonal wound TOUGHENED Activation: Passive Ranked: Vos Increase the character's wound teshold by two pe ‘of Toughened UNCANNY REACTIONS. ‘Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes The character ade Vigilance checks VALUABLE FACTS Activation: Active Aclo Ranked: No ‘Once per encounter, the character may take 3 Valuable Fac an Average ( 4) Knowledge check I dd p10 any ene check made by ctr uring the encounter {Bier rank of Uncanny Reactions thi The subsequent check should relate in some way to the facis the character learned, or the player should come up th an explanation for why the information the character WELL ROUNDED ‘Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes success of the all's check eg es Poke ee Limited Ammo quality (see page eee as ars Sia! However, a weapon can stil “run See tof ammi ee ee ae Seer Ce eg tea ern Pores ene BLASTERS The most common type of weapon in the galaxy isthe bast er Most blasters can be set to Stun, overloading the victim's nervous system to cause temporary paralyss (see the Stun Damage weapon qual, under Weapon Qualities, on page 32), Stun beams can only be used at short range, no mat ter the weapon's normal range. Snitching between “Stun” and Kill requis an incidental ation HOLDOUT BLASTER PISTOL ‘The smallest examples of blasters are easy to conceal but sill pack 2 powerful punch. Add one Difhcuty die @ to character's Perception check when attempting to find 3 hols ‘ut blaster pistol on a person's body. LIGHT BLASTER PISTOL, good compromise between concealment and power, ight blasters are favored by those who often need a firearm—but Just as often need to pretend they don. BLASTER PISTOL ‘Most spacers carry standard blaster pistol, They pack a punch, have decent range, and are light enough to carry ‘around at all times, HEAVY BLASTER PISTOL Heavy blasters are very powerful, Their only maior drawback 's that they can fre fener shots than other blasters, a rade cf forthe increased power. Game Masters can spend throe Threat @ symbols to have a heavy blaster pistol tun out of| ‘anim (see Table 2-2: Spending Threat «and Despair "Yin Combat, on pape 16) BLASTER RIFLE / CARBINE Biaserriles and carbines ae the typical firearms of soldiers ‘and heavy security forces around the galaxy, HEAVY REPEATING BLASTER “These deadly weapons fire much more iol than thei igh. er counterparts but are designed to destroy ight machinery, armored targets, and opponents in cover. Heavy repeaters are far too unwieldy to fire effectively without the included lupo, which takes 2 rounds to setup. When the weapon IS Ficed fom the tripod, decrease its Cumbersome rating by 3. DISRUPTOR RIFLE [Adeadly weapon that fires a beam of charged particles ca able of reducing most enemies to smoldering atoms in a ‘ingle shot, @ dsruptor rile sends @ message that few are Jaded enough to ignore: “Get in my way, and you die” BRAWLING WEAPONS This category includes weapons designed to fit directly over the fists BRASS KNUCKLES Diny fighters and those looking to protec ther fist from the tough hides of certain alien species rely on these metal licknuches EXPLOSIVES, Explosive devices might not be 3s ubiquitous as basters, but theyre no less deadly, FRAG GRENADE Frag grenades are designed to cause as much damage and mayhem as possible over a large area They can be set 10 detonate on impact or set with a timer to detonate up to tree rounds after being actnated at the beginning of the attacker's action. STUN GRENADE Stun grenades shock the senses. They can be set to deto nate on impact or set witha timer to detonate up to three rounds after being activated atthe beginning of the altack ersaction MELEE WEAPONS Some wielders prefer a blade 0 a baster, a5 they know the blade i far more reliable and just as deadly inthe ight hands. ANCIENT SWORD Some say the earliest precutsors to the Jec wielded true ‘words, Nt lighisabers. in ther battles against evi. These ‘weapons possessed strkingly shaped blades and a unique ba ance that made them cific to master fo oso used to wile Ing more mundane weapons. FORCE PIKE Long-hafted. two-handed weapons fted with energy blades that can inflict terble injuries upon anyone they ste, force pikes are the chosen weapon of Emperor Paipatine’s cimson-clad guards ‘TRUNCHEON TTuncneons can be made af meal, wood, Bone, of other ma: terials, but a ull the same basic functions bruising lsh, breaking bones, and cracking skulls VIBROKNIFE ‘Avibroknifeis essentially a modded combat kale It contains 2 small Out powerful device within the handle that vibrates the biade at an incredibly high frequency. This causes it to function as 2 miniature sax, and allons it to slice through ‘armor and flesh with starting ease LIGHTSABERS "More than any ather item or cultural touchstone, the light saber nas the symbol of the ancient Jedi Order throughout its long history. LIGHTSABER ‘Simple weapons, though stil exceedingly elegant, ightsabers ate equipped with some form of kyber crystal, enabling them to focus the lightsaber’ poner info the signature energy blade. This stabilzed, massless plasma beam burns as hot and bright asa star at its core. either pa Passive qualities are ainoys on and sls or ove Tumph rest otha unless oe n. This the rating Ratings afect quaitiesinciferen AUTO-FIRE (ACTIVE) Dea a hile Pierce and Breach crm es ety dangerous. Most Pierce weapons are capable Se eee eae ee eet ia aro ee eas ee eer T: sak, and the o counts as only having 4 soak against her attack oocysts mes Rene ee ts he denied eee a “uote avivanbe MMETED AMMO (PASSIVE) ; aa wean T es nd cbr etal het eapons that have the ited Ammo qu he wea PIERCE (PASSIVE) BREACH (PASSIVE) An attack ‘ on ignores an pas Aer STUN DAMAGE (PASSIVE) CUMBERSOME (PASSIVE) no “sun I x me: ey, age as decried above nal checks made while using the weaper DISORIENT (ACTIVE) per KNOCKDOWN (ACTIVE) TABLE 5-1: WEAPONS Tred Heavy Blaster Ranged (Light) Grass Knuckles | Bra Cenc Medium | 300 | Stun set Long | 5.000 | Gumbersome 2 Pierce 5 Melee Weapons orce Pa Mek WEAPON CHARACTERISTICS NAME The ge ve wear SKILL USED BASE DAMAGE (DAM) PRICE bs SPECIAL The qual er special 3 ARMOR rmor offers some protection against glancing blaster ee ee cet eons Pte) Fe les als) Deeg eee pee ea ard Se ee ee ie ener eee eee eet eee as cd org Se eed any incoming damage suffered, Pils) ead) Cos Seen ne i Cae RT |A good leather jacket or thick woolen cloak wor't stop ree ee ae ee ees Cee eae en Cg ‘Some ancient Jedi Knights favored heavy concealing robes en et eer meet et nto Pee ees their surcoundings. Thanks to their cut and construction, concealing robes Pee oe ees ic PUL CULLS Padded armor is woven with tough, energy-resistant fibers eee a eer eg eee eee teen eee Ls PO eT aha eee ieee re pipet gone erat very light but covers the most important vital organs, An Ler YN enrol ane tera nerninianat een POU Armored robes are distinct and unmistakable, making Sees robes are draped over a variant on the standard Jedi tu err eon ere of plastee! plates that provide similar protection to heavy Peed TABLE 5-2: ARMOR wid PE CLe eS C aeGas Concealing Robes oi i 150 Armored Gthing o a) TABLE 5-3: GEAR COMLINK Mocrobnocias 5 ELECTROBINOCULARS ck ce A ue 00 MACROBINOCULARS ender Fs also re e WH ravion Pack 5 GENERAL PURPOSE SCANNER HAND SCANNER EMERGENCY MEDPAC Emergency medpacs a s \ PHYSICIAN'S KIT "Boost de CD in : tage € ts jeicine che SR CRS crmpack | dade honamnomoutcea! ny te oes ait. Us Dee nag Dey 2 7 eucras : bonus to gameplay mechanics. This is due to the fil EN ret a re eet erat ert > perform tasks that would have been in cers ere pent ant Pats CODE ay eee enn ee are likely to cary that are too mundane or ine cars implements, pocket knives, ee ee eer es eee same resins ee ens Croce et ener en Pe cece en tet DISGUISE KIT ices, is chromates, an as ins and DNA, ks in adv ELECTRONIC LOCK BREAKER Electron 1S are automatic antisecut BINDERS. Binder restraints are designed pr ipdues and manageable, Break binders a mater eer bran 0 nds [Athletics or Coordination check RESTRAINING BOLT Daunting 09 @) RATION PACK land and flavoress. Ks can be easily recor ited ino a ful s gh builtin s and BREATH MASK AND RESPIRATOR i ative habit SPACESUIT BACKPACK DATAPAD GLow Rob ha ranged weapon. By spendin TOOL KIT Theres ite a skied mechanic can q Mechanics checks without and to make VL THE FORCE FORCE DICE he twelvesided, white Perens erty roa ae es rc ed cular symbols representing the light side ofthe Force @ and ene Cee ee rot generate symbols that contribute toward succ Career ates resources in the form of Fo For S rs eet dice, QO area 5 ere eee oer Seeman Force power check 4 : q : F 1 te > 2» commit, F > . F " Oe Fone a esr sae . Bearman Cave \) : ein ei earl \ yoni, he raynot wea Test @atal fe thensiers san Seti ot cor sae esuts © PREM erates novos Choose oe ait tees Orda se esuh © crate a Force point Force points Mi nave abies tha or more :0 Each For mn be sp th sactermay spend as ma points D.any unspent Force points Bare lst Foree points to spend COMBINED FORCE POWER CHECKS presents the character Using F nt ih it aio comes the char ce abies ae opp Ih 7 3 ‘occur when 9 PC with par sly pone eharaciers ee the Resisting Force Pow fer Checks sear Unless oe otherwise th sractr te enoueh Force points to Caen ae ean na re complish with a power is often limited only by their ea petoe tere et [emer pe eee ey When a Player Character or powerful Non-Player rere er ee ees as ‘ther PC or powerful NPC, the GM can decide to make the Force power check an opposed check, if it is not already, To make the check opposed, the GM consults with the player and determines a skil that the attacking character must use as part ofthe Force ees ie pool combining the Force dice for the Force EL cere cord ee ee Sa ee eT ee ee ea posed checks, on page 9. The attacking play Bate ee ee ee ee SPENDING (D BEFORE RESOLVING CHECKS Force points @befere resoln Example: As Sarenda attempts to cross a decrepit rope bridge over a steep ravine, she hears the terry ing sound of snapping and tearing, Before the tethers ‘ve nay, Sarenda taps into the Force, attempting to use her Enhance Force power to leap to safety. The player makes a Force power check combined with an [Athletics skill check, generating #9 YO. By using the two Force points Q) to add two additional Successes ¥ to the check, Sarenda is able to escape the collapsing bridge. successfully execute the action he is attempting with the Force power ee eee ee the players involved, and they depend on the circu: stances of te check. Generally the attacking charac ere et ere eet in some cases, other skills may make sense, Likewise, the skis used & coer eee eet er ea reece i ec ors ter is trying to pull the weapon from the defending CR ore oc nga aates Athletics (Fepcesenting attempts to hold onto the See err een eee et ee) See ee on Pee ee eee Cece ae eee actual Force rating. For all mechanical purposes, the char- ee eee equal to the number of Force dice @ committed. This is, the PC's current Force rating. When he ends the effect. the en ee ae ee sual, because the dice are no longer committed, However, FORCE POWERS he primary means by which a Force user manipulates the eae cn Cee eee eer Se a eee Ne a) ee eee ee eS ee eee et eee tat! Force powers are one of the means by which a Force: See ee eee Oe en eee Se eee eee cd to perform impressive and fantastic feats. Each Force power focuses on a particular task that can be performed through the manipulation ofthe Force. Force pow Se et ee elects, oF they could require users to commit Force dice @ ee ee eee rs ee ae ee otherwise, using a poner requires one ation PU Each Force power description can be divided into two sec tions: the powers basic form and its upgrades. Each charac ea ee ee Cone ete TS td Se ee ‘acter, even if committing Force dice @ has dropped his ene ‘A character may end an ongoing effect as an incidental eer eee ect toner ec Pen eee ee ea Pe eee ca a) ee ere) Cee ce eee Ce tea eee eee ee oe ee eee ee aCe ee eae eee De ee ee ee et eee a aces ean) eee ee eee eee Control: Control upgrades add new effects to Force powers eer ern Force-sensitive character spends Force points). uration: Duration uparades increase the length of time rere ne Se ae eae eee eee a eae ea cd multiple items or individuals with a single action Range: Range upgrades increase the distance from which eae aes Se ee Poner, making the power more potent. E F r athletic feats be ce pint iotemove aueber fwods ea nt check a u H UPGRADES poi i % t io heck, T are 1 Heal Control Upgrade: Ihe users a e + The Force use F i ske an on the check the target of Heal also recove ou Hema e point an equal to the wounds recovered ie sorienes Range Upgrade: 5) aint (to in vax Cn ich the Force user can a UPGRADES Jin tical te short ran F fn 2 upgrak nance > im- Strength Upgrade: the Force user may spend Force po eth al ab 2 ‘sis and even (to restore | adctional wound onthe target. The Force u rn : : Fore may activate this upgrade mul Tipe umes, creasing the Control Upgrade: w 1 ablity to use Regrcrsy E c dition to ADNet e healed by Control Upgrade: The Force user gains the abil ach ime E e Resilience sil in addition to AUnleies, Control Upgrade: The f gains the ability to Control Upgrade: The Force user erly needs ta use a ma Range Upgrade: Spend 2 Force point Q to inerease th ‘mur range ine Force user ean jump fo medium, ea eC | pata idececinedis etre ebariihed ee Pore re res ero) etre eee Force powers outside of their predefined boundaries Peeve) can ive In ess ra ST ae ee ee ee Seo eT eh ae eed in structured time, the GM could reasonably allow Prenat eee) ee ee eae ee ee COSCO physic mmc with the pawe the Move povier does not have a set u 1015 lo eee ee Jeliber ough to ini injury 0 vc cemented Parone ee ey ry PRETETTTEE suspended fora short period of ume, thats perfectly ee ere A ts most basic, N the Force user to move smal eaaalgdieon ats RCo ee eevee] objects that a ee ee Peer rns Cor start inflicting strain as the Force user attempts nnn Se ee emenec aay fend items for 3 UPGRADES ingle round when t pea wish tft an item for multiple rounds, the GM could foaeu eabityiomeesgeatcrum ek eee cet et os feof to move increas cs + to commit a Force die @) to maintain the poner. roe a Magnitude Upgrade: Spend » Force point Control Upgrade: The Foice s the ability t pe umber of targets e ine manip tems, alloninghim todo whatever — For x de multiple tim Control Upgrade: The Force use © Range Upgrade: Spend 9 Force point i he F Sximum range fe user can mc akes an Easy ‘Strength Upgrade: Sy aximum sizeof objects the Fore user can m les for ranged attacks, including cover and aiming, BASIC POWER . re point . a UPGRADES < Se : ieO. Once en the Force user makes a i Control Upgrade: The F Po Control Upgrade: 1 sense e thoug rh i : > sense ‘'reS Duration Upgrade: Control Upgrade: 7 a ete st ee Range Upgrade: F > Tea RCT See ey eee a eee nas Se ee ER rucil information that can seriously undermine ee eet ce gees eer ete cs Secret Set ts eer ‘Characters ata later date At the same time, however, Ses een aes i) Dom ee Seca eee Sena ree ee revealing relevant information and revealing too much yer the GM should endeavor to allow PCs to use When using this power, both players and Sense to learn valuable information they would not eas Se ea eens eo ee rao eer Bi ae Nee patente naieetiel tests ae eee ene as persee reuters However, waking as a group allows minions 1 mitigate their lack of skis. When operating as a group, the min ions treat each member beyond the fist as'one skill rank (or certain sil checks noted in their profile. Thus, 8 group of four imperial Stormtroopers would count 3$ having three ranks (lor the three additional troopers af ter the fst) in any relevant checks the group was called ‘on to make, This only applies to checks irwolving the Skil listed in the inion profies. ‘+ Minions ate killed by Critical Injuries. I minion sutfers 2 Critical Injury, Ie kled outright (or incapactates Bt the GMs discretion). I 3 group of minions sulers Critical Injury, it suffers one minion’s worth of wounds, RIVALS Rivals are more dangerous than minions but til inferior to most Piyer Characters. Ras folio most of the same rules a5 Player Characters do, with the following exceptions. ADVERSARY LIST 1 addition to the profies found inthe Baer Gast intro uctory adventure, the GM can use the following list of foes In subsequent Foaee ano Desnny Beane Game sessions IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER [MINION] with high-quatty equipment and an absolute cstegard for ‘anything other than achieving ter objectives, stormtroop: ‘ers are implacable foes onthe battle. 000000 (awa) Skis (group only: Altes scone Meee, Ranges (Hea) Talents: Nove Abilities: None Equipment: Blaster rife (Ranged [Heavy], Damage 9, Cri cal 5 Range Long): Stun setting) vbroknife (Melee; Dam age 4; Critical 2: Range [Engaged Pierce 2). 2 rag grenades (Ranged lLight: Damage 8: Critical 4; Range (Shor| Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1), stormtrooper armor (+2 soak) uti ity bel, extra reloads, Individuals or groups of two may bee armed with ight repeating blasters with sings (Ranged IMeavyl: Damage 11; Critical 3; Range ILongl: Auto-fre, Cumbersome 5, Perce 1). '+Rwvals sur Critica Injuries normaly. However, when a rival exceeds his wound threshol, the val canbe killed outright nstead of incapacitated) at the GM's ciscretio + vals do not suffer stain. When a rival would normally Suller strain, the eval suffers an equivalent number of ryounds instead, Rivals can, however, use ables or in voke elects that would cause them to suffer strain; his simply causes them to suler wounds instead The nemess is tne dark reflection ofthe Player Character A nemesis is 3 PC's equal or superior in almost every way his is necessary to ensure that such important foes are able to pose a threat to an eno party, Nemeses Frequently possess 5 numberof talents, high characteris, and skills and thei vweaponry and armor can endanger even the strongest par ties: Nemeses suller strain and wounds normally and do not have any exceptions governing their operations. IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER ‘SERGEANT [RIVAL] ‘Stormtrooper sergeants tend to be extremely motivated ‘and self-assured individuals wha place the mission above all ese, sacrificing anything necessary to achieve the objec 0;0;0;:0;0;0 Skils: Athetcs 2, Discipine 2, Leadership 3, Melee 2 Ranged (Heavy) 2, Ranged Light} 2, Resllence 2, Viglance 2 Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade ificuly of allcombat checks ‘gains! this target once} ‘Abilities: Tactical Direction (may spend a manewer to di rect one Imperial stormtrooper inion group within medium ‘ange; the group may perform an immediate ree maneuver ‘or add Et is next check), Equipment: Heavy blaster rifle (Ranged (Heavy; Damage 10; Critical; Range Long: Auto-re, Cumbersome 3}, vi broknife (Melee; Damage 4; Critical 2; Range (Engaged) Pierce 2), 2 frag grenades (Ranged [Light Damage 8; Crit al 4; Range [Shon Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1), stormtroop, ler atmar [+2 soak), tity belt, extra reloads ee. GUILDED BOUNTY HUNTER [RIVAL] ‘Most bounty hunters see Force-sens paychecks, and they have no compunctio hem over to the Empire 0;0'6:0:0;'0 && Skits: Coo 2. Mele ed (Ligh) 2, Perception 2 Tatts: Expert Tack femores MU rom checks to nd So tess ie than roma uc Dra iy ere cr Abliies:None Equipment: Osrupior pst Range igh: Da Damage 8 Critical 4, Range (Short) Bla ited Ammo 1, Stun Damage), bolas I Range {Short Ensnare 5, Knockdown 4 Ammo rmored clothing (+ | defense, + 1 soak, etpack, ui GRIZZLED TRADER [RIVAL] F leaders and merchants have the ability sense exactly when a rival will a deal, what speci ApoVAo Skits: Decoption 2 Talents: Black-Market Contacts (decrease fail of sought ikem by one degree when looking on the bla Force Rating | Abilities: Force-Senstive Negotiation (acd to any N liaion or Streenvise checks unless the target i mmun Force powers Equipment: Blaser pistol (Ranged (Lis age 6; Cit Range (Medium; Stun setting). STREET TOUGH [MINION] Steet comprise everyone from pickpockets anc Skils (eroup only) Kies. Skulougge Talents: Nov Abilities: Non Equipment: Blaster psto (Ranged [Light Dama cal 3; Range Medium}; Stun setting) oF shu Ranged tH Damage 7: C Range Ned Cumbersome jelee. Damage 5; Cita Range [Engagedl; Dsorient 2, he ine (+1 Soak PROBE DROID [RIVAL] Probe drs Skills: Pesce Talents: Nov Abilities: toxin). Hover (when hi 1 nol have to spend se. does not alow apabilves beyond anism [should the prob become compro explosion does 10 damage to engaged characters Equipment: uitin heavy biaster pistol (Ranged I Damage 7; Criical 3; Range IM stun setin ‘STALKING ACKLAY [NEMESIS] Acklays are ferocious, three-meter-ta pr Skils: Athitics 4, Brawl 4, Coordination Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade dificuly of all combat checks Abilities: Ampiious (sch sO it dealing t Equipment: | Range [Engage Knock DARK SIDE FORCE USERS Dey eer eae Goer ee ccege os Pe ee eee ee ae ee ene eer ee ese ts Force points using signtly diferent rules. Re ee ec Uae] ee ee ens ees hae ea ean er ee ae ee Pee ene ee someone else decides to follow a darker path. These indi viduals parody the tales of the Jedi. and wen one such ‘deviant decides to become a master of evil, he often seeks ‘out apprentices who will aid and emulate him. These ap prentices are often weak willed or eager forthe easy power can aS Ra ahaa) a ir la a fe a ee. a rs check, instead of using light side results @ to gener ate Force points @) he uses dark side results ©. The dark side Force user generates one Force point © per dark side result O. I the dark side Force user wish 5 to use light side results @ to generate addtional Force points ©. he must flip one Destiny Point from Cee econ ey light side results @ he wishes to use. Dn ou Oe ee ents eee ene cee ees {urn tothe dark side, they canbe incredibly dangerous and territyingly savage, Some may even track down old relics ee ora eee eae to construct these weapons. In the hands of a fallen mas Pee nas OOO iad eee ee een Leadership 2, Lightsaber (Aglity) 4, Reslience 3 eee ee ee ees (when hit by a melee attack but before applying soak, suf fer 3 straint reduce damage by 6), Reflect 4 (shen hit by Oe en eae Perron ek Ree) eee ee arene eer) ee ee eu ney eed eae ees ‘against one target within short range and add three Force er ee ere eet te tte eas Se ee eo Force points @ to add one Advantage 4) per Force point @ Petra Tagen enters Pete tee) ee ae 7 age ~ 4 pars ae ocean} os ero INDEX a E R Ability dee 5 emergency repair patch 36 range bands 16 actions Enhance (Force power)iovsss-ewll Ranged (Heavy) (il) svosoooo25 Advantage Experience Pints. 11 Ranged Light) (ski. 25 interpreting Advantage recovery E 20 svete nnn F Resilience (kil). 25, ‘aly ee 4 ring Fore power de nn oo interpreting Failure. 7 7 — 7 Astrogtion (kil) ee cae peat (em, Force pointsieennnnnnnnnnnnnn dy 38S = Force powers ‘40 Sense (Force power) as Setback dice. 3 Boost dice aS 36 skills Seat Brawl (shl) 2 career 21 2 eat 38 Bear - 5 Ganery (il ea fant 7 traning. i c in stalduggery (il. 25 career trees, a6 ies e : a 7 ra el (Fore power Stealth (kl) 28 ea 3 healing. 20 simpac %S characterises ‘ . anpling characteristics 6 5 : eT st recovering (om ian, 20 on Scie seal9 Sein threshol. es ane 13 Streets (skill). 25 ‘competitive checks. 9 Initiative. n-n12 Success od Force power checks... 138 Intellect. 5 _ interpreting Success. 8 he cai 5 Survival (il, 35 Coercion (sil) n K i Computers (skill).-csvvon22 Knowledge (kill) 2 Con (ht 22 talents. 26 Covsinaton il mo acquiring talents on ei Injuries, 19 ranked talents 26 canine z 2 Leadership (kh 23 ye aa) So. Uisaber (ki ae arn ae Tiiumph ey D M interpreting Triumph. 8.15 Deception (skill a sees. tk naar a "4 Mechanics (ski). 23 interpreting Despair mig Seticion tot, 23 Vigilance (skill) 25 Desiny Poin 10 Mee il ee ie 9 minions “ow payaso “3 Move (Fore power) a ; Clee! oon characteristics 38 Sovngrading dice. ares iss removing dice [8 Negotiation (kil) 24 Wilpon A symbols, A DEM tenn nnn as eee ‘a upgrading dice 7 a ae z recovering from wounds. Piney c ‘wound threshold, 19 applying © Perception sil) ra ke en = Piloting (skill) — 7 Presence. Diticliy dice 3 : - i Discipline (skill) Bs rotency ee SRR tat at sy Scns Naa Sa Le trogation blating hyperspace ing the gai Witoner Threatening ane intimidation, interrogation or sil Deceptic ing laying a false ral, distracting an opponent in combat lected, hiding from pursui Finding food and shelter inthe wid, racking Someone. handling @ domesticated animal Sree eu teeters eae ene teeta Cee Fee a Crzey ie ® Lx prea reer iis eer eens Threat @ symbols ors Mase ees aes asa © es pemorey ts (eS iS) ee ae dahlias sagt Despair symbols count as Failure ¥ symbols tthey cancel an ee cece ee cmemes cer ee a cree east ca ee Cee nic CaS) Breet ss . © ap. ) ~ bh ee be AD es Er reyy St] AaTIVA SHL mi i er ert | a . ae : ye Start Here: This 2-page spread contains the information you need to begin your adventure. Se ee ee ee the game. It also provides a place to write down your current status, weapons, armor, and equipment nee eee a eed are rarely used directly. Whenever you attempt a task that might fail, you make a skill check. The dice you roll for this check are Cee eee Rc re | and your characteristic. if you roll more ¥¢ than Y., you succeed, @ ease reference these skis and descriptions of what they do on econo s ee eee eee ae) bols; if there are any Success ¥ symbols left, the check prec ‘Tiumph @ symbols count as Success 3 symbols and may ecg ae erent Advantage {9 symbols indicate a positive side effect or CeCe Rela eel are canceled by Threat @ symbols, Failure symbols cancel Success ¥ symbols. If there are enough Failure Y symbols to caricel all the Success Sea eee enc Despair ® symbols count as Failure symbols (they cancel Success % symbols) and may also be spent to See et ete tcs Threat ® symbols indicate a negative side effect or con: sequence, even on a successful check. They cancel and are canceled by Advantage € symbols oe BO CC ae er De} Oe® ed deO Oem el] de® ©®e99e8 8 CHARACTER NAME : DAO. ces JABRAK nen MYSTIC Astrogation tr Athletics (Be) Ch Cool Coordination Knawledge tnt Leadership (Pr roeption (Cy icong iAg) siience (Br Shalduagery (0 Sheath (a wie C vie (Can) ance (Wil Ee Brew! (GP Gunnery (A) Lightsaber & Melee (8 ed (Light) ged He ES 9) 1 Ag) ng ae en Ls Your soak value fs equal to the sum of your Brawn and the soak reac eisai ole RUT mR wounds exceed your Wound Threshold, you are knocked out and suffer a Critical Inury. Wounds can be recovered through the Re eee Rr cc eae aes nd You may voluntarily suffer 2 strain to perform an extra maneuver (on your turn. Strain comes and goes more quickly than wounds ee eee Ras ee S| BR Rn Cece tee ere ced a the result of an attack. Keep track of the number of Critical Injuries here. For a description of the effects of your Critical Inj en EE | Ce eee ec eee Ce Er Cts Ce Ree ale Walking Stick | Engaged 06: and then roll | Force die @ (for your Force Rating 1), You may . spend light side results @ as Force points @ to activate your Force powier. You cannot spend dark side results unless you draw upon the dark side of the Force by spending T Destiny and suffering strain equal to the dark side results © you use. ‘Inf Cita! jury on at for CHO EE } SG Stimpacks | Dae ‘omlnk = 2 Meawy Clothes. So Ancient Serle | Gas ‘On each tum, you can perforni 1 Action and 1 Maneuver, in any Cord er ees ges ares es aeer +Aim eee caer | ee eee ee oe ey ed pepe ep ee ood 7 df eS Een h «Ine we your enorme ea Siete or eer athe Force inaracting wh the Se eeu Eee n cd ance pont (pt sense al ving tings within shor Sea Do sense current entionl state of a You can also perform any number of incidental actions Farce point ta move an object bo sale frm within short ange af thin shart range of you. A Cane Cnt SCOR RUC LL DCCC ROTOR a eee UO ret arr es eee tee ee Lene on ee et et Perey ae ee See ee ee Ut cents dice pool changes from @O¢ to @@O. Put a mark inthe circle next to the XP cost to remind you that Se se ea eterna eae eee nar ee Ce eee ere ee eas the rit. Melee Skill SC eee eas dice pool changes rom t0 @O 4. Put a mark in the circle next to the XP cost to remind you that Se ee ae Seu aC Cm nce ke as eae 5 fenael a SO UR eee ee Cou Sn ee ea a choose this upgrade, circle the correct value (14 or 15) on your Rr) Grit: Your strain threshold is increased by 1, from 14 to 15. eae ct a Oe Soe eee ee ae en circle next to the XP cost to remind you that you have taken it Your Move poner gains the following ability Spend.1 Force point @ to increase the maximum size of objects Move can affect to about the size of a person, CHARACTER NAME : DAO sees ZABRAK aren MYSTIC SKILLS comput dination (Ag) Deception (un) ipine (Wil wedge [nt Leadership (Pr Mechanics lint) Mecicie tnt) Negotiation ( Perception (Cun Piloting (Aa silence (Br) iuggery (Cun) (Aa) (Cun tn Gunnery (Ag) Lightsaber (Pr Meee (Br) anges (Light) (Aa en GIST ESS nen akg @ Coercion check, ats Boost eto the dee poo! nthe die ool erty forthe Coercion sil ——.~» @ 3 & ] 4 @ Re oa Ts oeO e@, ted) beO Oe Deed Oke (On each turn, you can perform 1 Action and | Maneuver, in ery cod eae Ea Sead ooo ere oe Pater Pecos SNe ee ee a eS an additional maneuver ea Sean ee ery You can suffer 2 strain to perform a second maneuver, SO eu UP CUT You can also perform any number of incidental actions SO ee SCE Oey ae eo Le CHARACTER NAME ; KAVERT “J oo soos TOGRUTA re | can SEEKER a . = SL cnn PRESENCE FING ——~ Re Ure UO iE ad Rud Fall the Ferce dle O when you make an Ath You cannot perform more than 2 maneuvers on your turn 5 1 Success ¥¥ or Advantage to te You can also perform any number of incidental actions, You dont have to use an action to do anytime you make a Altos check Ca OR RUSE oro) instructed to by the GM. Start Here: This 2-page spread contains new DOL Le et a am CHARACTER NAME : SARENDA > HUMAN ex GUARDIAN You have just gained 10 experience points (XP). You can spend those 10 experience points to purchase any of the following upgrades, Peo a ear ge R tT ert tm ete ool changes trom 94) 19 @ @ 0. Astogezon the) Soe eed eee ea an ea arr Se ee eee ea csi Coordination A) Cu ae Sa Se ee ees ee CST TU ae cL cu a eadersip Px} Parry: When you are hit by a Melee, Brawl, or Lightsaber attack, e H De eR ee Ws ae Mechanics (Int) Poet? Medicine re Nagotiation ( ception Piloting (Ag 2B elcome oad SD eee ee oy XP cost to remind you that you have taken it Reflect: When you are hit by a Ranged (Light) or Ranged (Heavy) attack, you may suffer 3 strain to reduce the damage dealt by Cea og eae TEs a5 0) eae gee Cea Your Enhance power gains a Range upgrade, Put a mark in the Circle next to the XP cost to remind you that you have taken it. Se eae ns ne uluggery (Cun) ‘Spend 1 Force point @ to increase the range of your jump to medium range. <2 Cc En 00@ Co Ey Lightsaber | Lightsaber damage ona ¥ symbol al njury on ait for A ‘Bevo: The target's od alu sradues by 10 aginst this ttc Fists Brawl Oe } ‘lore @ Crea! ry ona or CCH eo ties | iat n you moke an Bch age €3 tothe re i) | ! ere eee a a bols;if there are any Success # symbols left, the check eres Triumph @ symbols countas Success ¥ symbolsandmay Pree teen etc Advantage €) symbols indicate a positive side effect or ore eae ee Ren) Eee era Failure symbols cancel Success ¥ symbols. If there are enough Failure Y’ symbols to cancel all the Success Sener Despair ® symbols count as Failure Y symbols (they cancel Success % symbols) and may also be spent to trigger a powerful negative consequence. Se ee Sere ie ee actor ee eet eee Ee Ome , wow e 7@Q@ se w/ Cems ied e® de® Be ©®Oo9 886 86 oo ce | ay a Force cr) (On each turn, you can perform er De Rae Oe Oo aM te Eg aed eee + Aim eer ao ang Caer Cae ene nus Cem ae iy eae eee Deere ery You can suffer 2 strain to perform a second maneuver Se Cn Een aT eT ee ce eto SC Ca enue eat) Pec eae CHARACTER NAME : SARENDA a! secors_ HUMAN RANK | DICE POOL CEE See woron | sii) mance | OMMAGe | OEPOOL Athletics (Br) Charm (Pr) Coercion tw) Computers tnt Cool (Pe Cocrtintion (Ag) Deception (Cur Discipine (Wi) EMIS Koowledge th Leadership Mechanics (i Medicine (nt) Negotition (Pr Perception (Cun) Piloting (Ag) Pesilerce (Br) ‘Sulduggery (Cunt real (8g) Streetwise (Cunl ‘Survival (Cun Vigilance (wid IMBAT SKILLS ral (Br) oll the Force de Q when you make an Aahetios check, Each Force port Gunnery (Ag) adds 1 Success ¥ or LUghtsaber (hi Melee (Bri aged Light (Ag Ranged (Heavy (Ag) thltes check) Adsercage €) tothe recut; your choice @ an action to do this: you ean do tery you make an |