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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! JOIN ANY OF THE LEARNING AND SOLIDARITY EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Suy'3= 8 | Vianyas Wide F981 Anniversary Conference [ioe Provinia Capt! Hall Day One * Creative reporting by the Phipine Educational Thaster Assocation + Media betng Molo Functon fim, oto Days Hots * ciy Tow Day Two + hltteamig and caters to soci etc rng conpettivenss of SE fe core of lobazaon and "ASEAN Fee Trage Agreement + Envienment and sate preparedness of social enters and communities Sustaining the gans of Socal enterprises + Visayas covenant sinning July [ote River Clean-up Mindanao ~ Davao Ci Stine 17-18 Mindanao: Wile FSS! Anniversary Cslebrations | NCCC Mall * Create reporting by the Phipine Geucatonal Theater Associaton + Mogi brefng 2d for, NCO Mal * Forum 1S ads Role in Povey Reduction bay Two * Farum 2: indanao Power Stuaton and Development Sustainaity + Forum 3: Women, Peace, Development and Governance + Saldatty Concert Sune 17-8 | Learning Tour to Kahayag Farms Luzon — Quezon City ‘August 8-1 | Trade fir, photo exhib, conference, general assembly ‘Sig conn novia sonph won ess onl Puppies #issi20years Who We Are? The Foundation for a Sustainable Society (FSSI) is @ social in- vvestment organization committed to suppor the development of, sustainable communities through social entrepreneurship. ‘Since 1996, we have helped achieve ecologically-civerse, so cially equitable and economically resilient economies for mar inalized communities through social enterprises. It envisions a just, sustainable and empowered communities recognizing diversity of cultures, respecting integrity of creation {and realizing the fullness of le. Its mission isto be a sustain- able resource institution committed to social investments that fa eilitate the entry of poor Filipino communities forthe develop ‘ment of ust and local economies. FSSIis a network of 21 dynamic organizations in the feld of social and economic work across the country now calectvely| ‘managing an endowment fund through a mult-level and pro: tracted debt cancelaton campaign of civil society organizations inthe 1990s. What’s a Social Enterprise? Itis@ social misson-driven organization that engages the poor {as owners, workers of suppliers in economic activities which ‘ims at achieving social and environmental bottomiines apart ‘eom financial returns, ‘Social enterprises contribute to poverty-reduction and wealth Creation among the poor through transactional and transforma: tional models that teach, enable and empower them to partic: pate effectively in the creation of sustainable local economies and ecosystems, We are a Foundation of vibrant and committed ‘Saracen me Devepmen development networks! @ + Kaoru fates Sitane Onetame a) Why Celebrate? ‘Our story i shared.jourey with poor commun ‘ies in thir quest for economic growth, socal, con bo Fa Inclston and environmental sustains ing possiblities forthe world wo want ur try pool at openness is vs ‘Our story i ou aspirations Inaction,