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Q&A Kaulachara
Q&A Kaulachara
1.What is Kaula Achara?
2.Who are the gurus of right and left hand paths?
3.Why are Kaula and Vama acharas denounced now as fit only for low ly people by the mainstream elite?
4.Can you tell us about w hat most people find objectionable in Kaulachara?
5.Is this the only problem? What about the rights of animals being killed for the sake of w orship?
6.Then w hat is objectionable?
7.What forms of Kaula are practiced in Devipuram?
8.Can you be more specific and describe the process of puja so that w e can decide w hether to go for it?
9.What is the essence of tantra?

Q. What is Kaula Achara?

A: In Gods creation 50% are male and 50% female. Therefore, God/dess w ho extends in all of creation is called Artha Nari
Isw ara, female (left half), male(right half). Those w ho w orship the female Goddess (Shakti) follow the left path called Vama
achara. Those w ho w orship the male God (Siva) follow the right path called Dakshina Achara. There w orship God in
female, male and also combined forms follow both right and left hand paths called Kaulachara, Kaula Achara. The w ord
Kaula derives from Kula w hich means total. Separately as female and male, and also both together in union are
w orshipped as dieties. Thus Kaula Achara is a mix (misra) of right and left hand paths. It has been acclaimed as the
highest natural path (sahaja) since it does not debar any one from practice on the basis of gender : female male
neutral (rivers, hills, trees, earth, w ater, fire, air, space, time, health, w ealth, etc. w hich cannot be assigned any gender);
Caste: Brahmana Kshatriya Vaishya, Sudra and all others; Age: child, adolescent, youth, middle age and old age;
Ashrama: Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaparastha and Sanyasa. It brings all living or imagined living forms into one
single roof as being w orthy of w orship. It offers every one a w ide canvas of procedures appropriate to each.
Q. Who are the gurus of right and left hand paths?
A: The Gurus of Dakshinachara are Vedic Dakshinamurthy and also all the Christian and Moslem Rabbis w ho claim God
is Male. Since the plant is according to the seed throw n and not on the soil, they insist that Purusha is dominant for
creation, Prakriti or Nature is not. Vedas take lot of pains to prove that the pow er in mantras offered into sacrificial fires are
sufficient to create progeny w ithout the necessity of having to be born through a w omb (a-yoni-ja), They thus claim
immaculate birth. The Gurus of Kaulachara are Dattatreya and also all the feminist and Pagan Teachers w ho w orship




Q&A Kaulachara | Devipuram

immaculate birth. The Gurus of Kaulachara are Dattatreya and also all the feminist and Pagan Teachers w ho w orship
Females, in benign and malignant paths. They claim sex is as necesssary for manifestation at the cosmic level as it is for
normal procreation. As below , so above, they believe. Therefore, they consider Siva and Shakti as the divine equivalents of
phallus and w omb. Phallus is described as an infinite pillar of light. Its receptacle is the w omb Kalash, the vessel of
immortality. The driving force behind all creation is like the pleasure of sex, called Ananda.
Q. Why are Kaula and Vama acharas denounced now as fit only for low ly people by the mainstream elite?
A: Any achara connects people to Pow ers of God, both benign and malevolent. We can use malevolent energies also to
heal people and eliminate disease; it is a good use of bad energy. But pow er in the hands of immature can destroy. So the
teachers are w ary of passing on the means to get pow ers to everyone. They test the w orthiness of a pupil before giving
them the procedures to connect to pow ers. It is a necessary precaution w hich cannot be objected to.
Vamachara and Kaulachara control the excess sexual energy present in living persons to visualise, nourish and manifest
any creative desire. This path is much faster than the right path. Practiced under the proper direction of a competent and
mature Guru, left path can lead to dramatic improvement in the quality of life in the society for everyone. How ever, if the
speed at w hich the pow ers to manifest is more than that for gaining maturity to use the pow ers w isely, much harm can be
done to society by immature practitioners. Unfortunately many such cases have indeed been there. Media reaching out to
every home and molding public opinion, know ing that sensation sells, focus on such issues. Instead of saying a glass is
half empty ( focus on negative aspect, smallness) w hy should w e not assert that it is half full (focus on positive fullness). If
w e focus on w hat can be done to correct the system, rather than looking at w hat is bad about the system w hat cant be
The intellectual elite fought against the Vama and Kaula methods saying that they are fit only for low caste people w ith
small w orldly desires (kshudra = small). Over time, it has become a fad to criticize and throw mud at all practitioners of
Vama and Kaula sects. Practitioners of right path aggressively promoted audio visual media w hich is ever w illing to
capitalize on sensational new s, portraying only the w orst aspects of Kaula and Vama methods. The attack w as not only
on Hindus. The culture of Bharat (=Interest in light) provides a true balance of Male and Female deities. It says w orship
God as w oman: mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover, and prostitute; they are all mothers, w omen. The Christian
fundamentalists hunted and burnt at stakes the so called w itches, the w icked w omen. Actually the w ord w icked comes
from w icca, w hich means no harm to any one. It is similar to vicche, w hich means liberation. The Wiccans meet once a
w eek to do their rituals honoring the seasons. They w ick, so others called them w icked. Phoenicians had temples for the
Goddess of pleasure the clitoris and Hindus w orship Rati, the Goddess of carnal pleasures. Prostitutes w ere considered
sacred both in w est as w ell as east, because they served Deities (Deva Dasis) and taught men the arts of making love.
In the golden age of tantra, all major temples in India w ere richly adorned by sculptures of mithuna practiced in temple
precincts. It w as a country w ide and w orld w ide fertility culture w hich offered sex to please the deities controlling the life and
food sustaining energies. Sacredness of sex w as mainstream w orld w ide once, although it is much suppressed now by
male dominated religions. If God is female, w orship of w oman is w orship of God. This is totally unacceptable to Male God
Q: Can you tell us about w hat most people find objectionable in Kaulachara?
A: The use of 5 M s in w orship. They all begin w ith the letter M in Sanskrit, so they are called 5 Ms, or Pancha
Makaras. These are the ingredients used in Kula pujas. But it is important to realize that their literal meanings are practiced
by non-vegetarian Kaulas, and hidden meanings are practiced by vegetarian Kaulas.
The 5 Ms are 1. Madya, 2. Matsya 3. Mamsa, 4. Mudra and 5. Mithuna. Their literal and hidden meanings are given in
table below .
Makara Common Hidden

1. Madya Liquor Intoxicated state of Bhakti, know ing nothing but Goddess.
2. Matsya Fish Focus on in breath, w hich moves like a fish in w aters of life.
3. Mamsa Meat Tongue on uvula, a piece of hanging flesh from upper palette.



Q&A Kaulachara | Devipuram

3. Mamsa Meat Tongue on uvula, a piece of hanging flesh from upper palette.
4. Mudra Woman Partner Nature is the w oman partner, w ho brings pleasure and pain.
5. Maithuna Coitus Every contact w ith your ow n nature inside, or w orld is coitus.
Most people in the w orld enjoy liquor for the intoxication it gives. And most eat fish and meat; they constitute more than 95%
of people. Every person enjoys sex intimacy either in marriage, dating or in live-in relationships. Therefore all these 5 Ms are
commonly done by all people. What is not main-stream how ever is thinking that such common activities such as drinking
and sex also have a spiritual dimension. It comes by combining common meanings w ith hidden meanings. The attitude of
most people is: drinking liquor and enjoying sex is right; but using them for w orship, NO NO! This is the problem.
Q: Is this the only problem? What about the rights of animals being killed for the sake of w orship?
A: Arent animals killed for eating meat and fish? What is w rong if they are w orshipped first, then told that they w ill get a
better life and then sacrificed in a ritual to get pow er? Dont w e eat meat to get pow er for our body? Useless killing has to
be objected to.
Q: Then w hat is objectionable?
A: The use of bodily secretions in rituals. Everybody uses milk and honey to bathe the icons of pow er: of desire,
nourishment or manifestation. Use of menstrual blood and semen is objected to by most people in rituals. Why? Let me
explain. Milk is blood, modified by addition of calcium, w hich happens automatically in lactating mothers. .So, milk and blood
are same, obtained w ithout injury to animals. All w e eat comes from organic living matter only; the seeds of paddy, w heat,
nuts, etc. Semen is just human seed. Both menstrual flow and semen are living, life giving substances w hich can be used
to give life here, or offered to fire to fulfill our desires to gain control of environment. This is the precise part w hich is abhorred
by people. Notice that menstrual blood and semen are obtained w ith pleasure instead of pain; so they promote peace
loving good energies. In fact even cow s urine and excreta along w ith milk, butter and ghee are used in Vedic rituals, since
the mother goddess Lakshmi is supposed to be near the genital and excretory organs of the holy cow . Vedas and Tantras
are very similar. They overlap considerably in using life energy positively and abhor needless violence. The main goals are
Truth = Satyam, and Ahimsa = non-violence, Asteyam = not coveting others properties.
The harmless Kaulas practice non-violence to the extent possible. If you are a vegetarian, be so, it is good. If you are not a
vegetarian, try to minimize harm by dedicating your life and other lives to Goddess. Do not suppress desires. After all, they
are gods desires. Desires are also spiritual. This is the path of Kaulas.
Moksha means that it is not having a birth at all. But since w e are born already, w e can only expect avoidance of rebirth. It
can be achieved in three w ays. 1. By offering our seed into fire every time it is produced. This is Purna Ahuti, offering of self
in seed form not to be reborn, but to fructify our desires. It is both a Vedic and Kaula practice. 2. Not ejaculating the seed
even during coitus. It is hard, but can be learned w ith the right attitude and w ith the help of a learned partner. This is called
taking the seed upw ards, Urdhva retas. The importance is to play and enjoy w ith partners, Rasa-lila, w ithout inhibitions,
relaxing into a tender love rather than being driven by lust. This is Bhakti, surrender of body, mind and soul to the partners
all of w hom are none other than a Krishnas-Gopis or Shivas-Shaktiss. Of a collection of people. The concept of chakra or
mandala arises from here; w e manifest a higher form of life through harmonious, playful activities. This is puja of love,
beauty and harmony, the goddess Tripura Sundari . This is a true Kaula practice, w hich focuses on foreplay much more
than coitus. 3. The third w ay is not to engage in sex or thinking about it, avoid company of all opposite partners and thus
not beget children. This is follow ed by Sanyasis. The inhibition and negative attitude to pleasure tend to promote anger and
ego. The first is the easiest; the second and third w ays are both difficult, and require long practice.
Q: What forms of Kaula are practiced in Devipuram?
A: We do practice benign aspects and dont go anyw here near malevolent aspects.
Q: Can you be more specific and describe the process of puja so that w e can decide w hether to go for it?
A: We do w orship to consenting adult females and males as w e do for icons of Goddess or God follow ing the sacred Sri
Vidya tradition of Tripura Sundari. The ritual called Kalavahana or Shaktipat goes like this.




Q&A Kaulachara | Devipuram

Vidya tradition of Tripura Sundari. The ritual called Kalavahana or Shaktipat goes like this.

First w e touch the feet of the recipient and seek permission to do the puja by touching all parts of body to invoke divine life
into them. After getting it, w e touch all parts of the body of the body of receiver (female or male) placing the 50 beeja
aksharas in all spiritual chakras from Muladhara to Sahasrara.
Then Fire and its 10 pow ers are invoked in the genital area, 12 of Sun around the chest area, 16 of Moon around the neck.
Then again 10 pow ers of creation (Brahma) are invoked in the w omb because creation takes place there, 10 pow ers of
pleasure w hich promotes life (Vishnu) in the external genital, 10 of life w ithout body (Rudra) around w aist, 4 of love and
bondage (Isw ara) in the chest, and 16 pow ers of communication across boundaries of space (Sadasiva), 3 of time past,
present and future (Tripura).
So far the attempt is to raise the level of aw areness to the crow n through prayers. The aw areness energy having gone up
to the crow n, the descent of grace is started from 2 feet of Guru at the crow n, and the never ending flow of time through
present. The grace of enduring w ill (Sarasvati), its nourishment and protection (Lakshmi), and fulfillment through
manifestation in w omb (Durga), and a desire for not having a rebirth into a low form of life from the feet. Then w e give them
a ritual head bath w ith mantras, called Abhishek. This is very empow ering and many people go into trance like state right
then, w hich is an indication of empow erment taking place. Then the initiatory mantras are given. The recipient is w orshipped
w ith flow ers and kumkum concluding the ritual. The entire puja can be and is done to clothed recipients publicly at
Devipuram. If the recipients desire it, exactly the same process can be done in their homes also.
All our pujas are satvic, w hich empow er and hurt none. This is how Kaula pujas are done to w illing and consenting adults
at Devipuram. Priests never compel any one to do any particular puja.
Suvasini (adult married w oman), Kumari( Virgin adult girl above 18 years) and Dampati (Couple or partners in a live-in
relationship) pujas are an essential part of Goddess w orship. Anga pujas are necessary to invoke all pow ers in a
balanced w ay. The pow ers invoked are 1. Iccha ( stable w ill ), 2. Jnana ( expanding know ledge to achieve it ) and 3.
Kriya ( manifesting the w ill ). Only satvic pujas are offered to public seeking sacred traditions of Sri Vidya.
Q: What is the essence of tantra? I know it is a vast subject, but a short and sw eet answ er w ill do.
A: Everyone w ants happiness. Tw o things make us unhappy: Not getting w hat w e Desire, and getting w hat w e Fear. If
our desire is fake, w e need to be protected from manifesting it.
The conventional spiritual w ay is to transcend desires and fears and thereby reduce the chances of unhappiness. And
through the process of transcending one is supposed to get to a state of unconditional happiness (bliss) w hich comes
through the realization that w e ARE bliss and there is no need to seek it.
The tantric w ay, on the other hand, is to get the pow er to get w hat w e desire and be protected from w hat w e fear. The
tantric pow er is not some kind of magic that w e evoke w ith mantras. It comes through a process of serious spiritual
saadhana that also ultimately leads to the realization of our true pow erful nature.
How ever desire is the driving force for sadhana and not something to be shunned or overcome.
In Tantric sadhana w e uninhibitedly go to Devi w ith our desires, seek her help w ith mantras and poojas in this process
many things happen. Often the desires get fulfilled w hich makes our love for Devi grow . Sometimes they dont get fulfilled,
but as w e go on w ith the sadhana w e realise that they are fake desires, camouflages for real deeper desires, and then
as w e gain clarity into our real desires they get fulfilled. Meanw hile the tantric rituals and mantras keep instilling into us the
ultimate truth of w ho w e really are Devi herself.
Without sadhana desire is truly the cause of all suffering. Without the light of DevI, w e blindly grope around to fulfill our
desires, hurt others and get hurt by others. We get so clouded by our pow erlessness and frustrations that w e forget our real
desires and substitute them w ith easy fakes, We feel guilty about our desires and try to hide them even from ourselves.
Tantra brings desires out of darkness into Gods light and fufills them thereby fulfilling the purpose of our life in this form.
Q: Give us a message to live by.
A: Do as you like. Minimize hurt.



Q&A Kaulachara | Devipuram

Q: Thank you for answ ering questions patiently. We follow w hat w e desire to do. In that process, w e w ill minimize hurt and
get connected to the Pow ers..
Love Guruji

Q&A Maha Meru Sri Chakram

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