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FATHE HANDS OF SHANG-CHI. “Call me Shang-Chi, as my father did, when he raised me and molded my mind and my body in the vacuum jof his Honan, China,retreat. | learned many things from my father: That my name means “The Risingand ‘Advancing of 8 Spirit,” that my body could be forged into a living weapon through the discipline of kung fu, and that it. might be Used for the murder of a man called Dr. Petrie. "Since then, | have learned that my father is Dr.Fa Manchu,the most insidiously evil man on earthy. and that to hanor him would bring nothing but dishonor to the spirit of my name.” SN cosranca, leflers ; ROL THAMAS BILL MANTLO; COPS: THE HOME OFFICE AIN'T GONNA BE PLEASED WITH THES ERPENSE ACCOUNT, ‘SIR DENIS. BAD ENOUGH’ THAT EVERY LAST BARREL OF AUEL WAS PUNCTURED IN THAT GUN BaTTLE y / WITH BUCHER'S AZ/S.. BUT ABANDONING AN eNniRe oust BECAUSE WE'VE RUN OUT } OF PETROL |G GONNA REQUIRE 6OME FAST EXEAINING AN? fad THAT AIN'T THE WORST OF IT... NOR |e THE Fac That WE LET AUS CANEHL SUP. THROUGH OUR IT'S SLOGGIN' . THROUGH THis BLASTED fi ( SORCLREY UA reaTurine surroRTING CERIN ay teats On ME CHARACTERS CREATED | nae BY SAX OWMER, EL ZA = MASTER OF KUNG FU is nublished by MARVEL COMICS GROUP. OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 575 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK,N.Y. 10022 Published monthly. Copyright (197 by Nerve Comics Group. A Diition of CasenctIncusines Corporation Alrightsrexrved 575 Macieon Avenue, ‘Naw York, N.Y. 10022. Vol 1,No. 25, Februey, 1975 ison Price 254 per copy in the U.S. and Canada. Subserotion rte $8.50 for 12 sues. C ‘a $4.26, Foreign $5150. No similarity between any ofthe name, characters, pes0ns, and/or intone in thismasazine with those of any ving oF {ead person or institution is intended, and eny wich smarty which may lei prely coincidental, Printed nthe US. DON'T Worry ABOUT AND CONSIDERING e C0 THAT CIRCUMSTANCE THe AccounyanTs In | | We coocp Have BEEN | | cate me as muck SCOTLAND YARD, SHIPPED OUT OF HERE M AS ¥O0L BLACK JACK BLACK Jack--THeykE| | IN ewe BOxeS-- y PREPARED To FINANCE AND L'D GIVE My RIGHT | ery ) Ben eae Har aie Sree arion z UD) | BEM Coser DESIGNED TO CURTAIL --JU6T BE ey OWN IN ALAM E!_ ol AE MANES INBID-| | / THANKFUL WE'RE eG lous ABLE TO WALK, TO THE AIR- “WHEN EU MANCHU FLITS OUT OF HeRE BUT AT LEAST We PREVENTED WV THE WHOLE MOKED HIM FROM SECURING BUCHER'S WILL SLEEP EASIER MOCLEAR. PLANS ~~ AND THERE'S MORE THAN SusT THE THREE OF US TO BE ABOUT IT, SiR CENIE. AND IF 2 KNOW 7074/ THERE WON'T BE ANY cow SERPENT SQUAD STRIKES—IN CAPTAIN AMERICA #121 “WAH! THE CAT /S FILLED WITH ANBER NOW. 2 UST. THE CAT, MOVING AS /T MOVES... WO. 7 WAS MERELY TO VOCE THE FACT THAT (5 EWBEAT /S NOT ROOTED IN COMARDIE Ze = 0 A ea fy og il (oS! ee NRE AWAY, OS/MTERESTED IN AEF VANCH DOLL NOT PRONE HE Fl 7AS7E OF ME OOD, 17 16 FREE OFA VANS) oO oc aot aane \ li va x T CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE 6 LIRE AND ASATAN- ROR JIVARO HEADHUNTERS, g i, YOU DID NOT SAVE THE CHIL, SHANG-CHI-- THEY IcbD ITAT THe Meacy OF PREDATORS. .AS A SACRIFICE. MANMUNT FOR & MAN.WOLF- Nv CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #: (AY APPEARAN [THE cree Faction 1 eee, ics NeAw THis VilAes | |ie> By THe cHiErs WAG A, TO. THe sivatog -~ THEY BELIEVED IT THEIR 6UPER- STITIONS.. SHE CHILD WILL DHE, AN? YOU. "THE CHEE WOULD th Ai "GUIDED WITH PODIR AltA, THE SPEAR /S OF NO DANGER "Wie REMAINING TIVAROS CHOOSE TO ATTACK IN FORCE, "WNBTEAD, THEY ARE THE WAVES OF AN OCEAN INSTAR MASHING, AND DRDWING ONE ANOTHER'S AURY.. 36 THEN TELL THEM THAT, JUST AS T Have! FREED THE wie | , L WHO ECSE, UAE SHANG-cHi...7] THE STARTLING RETURN OF “THE MAN IN THE MYSTERY MASKI"—IN FANTASTIC FOUR #1541 30 “AS A CHILD IN HONAN, CHa, E RaTNessED ADI BPR GRIT Dacor? Wao WAP SAVED, HIS LIE PROM AN ENEMYS.