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Rules Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad Layout Rules of Municipal
Corporation of Hyderabad Provision of Roads Sanction of layouts Instructions
G.O.Ms.No.1034 M.A.

Dated 2nd December 1966.

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G.O.Ms.No.1095 M.A., Dt.24.8.1965.

The Government have considered certain representations received from the
public in regard to sanction of layouts by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad,
proposes to amend the Municipal corporation of Hyderabad (Layouts) Rules, 1965
providing for the following:
Cul-de-SAC Road
If the approach road is meant to give access to one plot in the rear, only a 12 wide
road should be insisted upon in the layout. Provision of foot path in such a case is not
If the approach is meant for more than one plot and where the length of such approach
road is 150 or less from the main road, a 20 wide road should be specified in the
layout provision for footpath is not necessary for such a road.
Connecting roads or loop roads:
For connecting roads with a length not exceeding 300 wide between main roads, a
30 wide road inclusive of footpaths should be provided in the layout.
Rule 10 (2):
Open space is not necessary for culdesac layouts less than 2 acres in extent.
For other layouts having extent of land of 2 acres below 35% and for layout for land
over 2 acres 40% space may be insisted for roads, parks and playgrounds.
Pending amendment of the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (layout) rules, 1963
the Commissioner is requested to sanction the layouts taking account the alteration, to
the layouts Rules mentioned in para 2 above with immediate effect.
The receipt of this G.O. may be acknowledged by return post., Commissioner, M.C.H.
Sd/Section Officer (T.C.)
Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (O&Msec.)
Dated 29.12.66.