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Portrait Assignment

Contact Sheet Due: February 1

Self Portrait/Character Portraits

Mrs.Maggioncaldas advanced photo major assignment

Half Way Check in: Thursday, February 5
Print by: 2/11


As inspiration, you are to research Cindy Sherman and others similar to her photography style to
come up with a theme for a photo shoot of self portraits and or character recreation portraits. Also use the
National Portrait Gallery, the Smithsonian Institute as idea generation.
You are to choose a time period in history, a movie scene, or a character that you want to try to recreate the image of your
choice with some digital photographs similar to Shermans photographs.

o You are to think about

lighting and mood and try to create dramatic

effects and the exact same composition with your self portraits.
o You might want to work with a partner for this project.
Shoot 24-36 digital images of Character Portrait/ Self Portrait printed in a series. Inspired by: Cindy Sherman,
and famous artists, photographers of your choice. More recently, Sherman began to use Old Master paintings
for inspiration and created a series of photographs in which she dressed herself up as figures in famous works
by Caravaggio, Raphael and others. These photographs crossed the boundaries between postmodern
playfulness and the exploration of self through portraiture.
Due Dates:
Photo Shoot Due: February 1
Edit and Save at least 6-8 enhanced Self Portraits-1/2 way check point: February 5
Print 1 large Digital Photo Recreation by Feb. 11
Critique: February Feb.16
Criteria Chart
What Makes a Good Photographer/Model Collaboration?
Successful pre-shoot interview
Photographer listens carefully to model, gleaning key, meaningful info
Photographer and model come up with a key idea, spirit they want the portraits to
Photographer and model together brainstorm ways that spirit or idea can be
represented visually in a photo
Together they list ideas for environment/s and prop/s but remain flexible for onshoot changes and experiments.

Communication during shoot

Photographer continues to collaborate with model
Both photographer and model have a clear understanding of what they are after in
the photographs (the mood, spirit)
They both buy in to the collaborative process
The photographer really listens to the model's suggestions
The model really listens to the photographer and reacts with appropriate facial
expressions, poses
The photographer gives verbal feedback if a pose or expression is good
* The photographer clearly communicates to model when they need to move into
another light, background, or change pose, expression

Criteria Chart
What Makes a Good Environmental Portrait?
Understands subject / collaborates with model
Expresses spirit of subject
Integrates subject with environment
Eliminates distractions (no busy backgrounds)
facial expression
view angle
(e.g.: from below= heroic...)
(e.g.: details like legs dancing...)
(e.g.: *back lighting= spiritual...)