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a) Introduction:
In my first career episode I would like to describe my current working position. I have
been working a Assistant Engineering Manager at L&T Power, Chennai, India, since
February 2011. My role as a Structural engineer, I perform various tasks such as
administering a group of people, designing and implementation projects. Currently I
have been leading of group of people who are engineers, builders and contractors. I
co-ordinate with this group to perform the following tasks:

the design of connections,

Review of the Design Drawings and

the developing of fabrication drawings for the approved design

drawings for the Turbine Building, Central Control Building, DM Plant
building etc., which is a part of the Thermal Power Generation Plant.

Coordination with client and third party consultant for the approval
of drawings.

Recommendation of changes, if any, during the fabrication at site


Customer satisfaction

: 12.09.2014
: 10 months
: Chennai, Tamil Nadu. INDIA
Name of the organization
: Larsen & Toubro Power Limited, Thermal
Power Plant Construction
Business Unit (TPPC
BU), Engineering Design Research Center
Position Title
: Assistant Engineering Manager
b) Background:
CE1.2 Nature of the overall engineering project
It involves the design projects Viz., Feasibility Study, Preparation of Detailed
Project Report or Detailed Engineering Projects undertaken from the Government
and Private clients and Pre-bid projects undertaken mostly for private clients.

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It also involves the Project Management Assignments Viz., Construction

Supervision Consultancy Assignments and Independent Engineer Assignments
for Lenders. The scope of Construction Supervision is Quality Assurance, Project
Monitoring and Contract administration with adequate control on all aspects of
the Project. Though objectives are same in the Independent Consultancy
Assignments, the Independent Consultant has lesser control on the above
aspects. The Consultant assists in Quality Assurance, Quantity Control and
Contract Administration as required under the Contract. The scope of the
Lenders Independent Engineer is to visit the site periodically and submit a
progress report and certify the disbursements to be made to the Concessionaire,
as and when required.
CE1.3 Objective of the project
Close to 80 per cent of all the mining in India is for coal, by far the most
abundantly available fossil fuel in the country. About 75 % of all that coal is
consumed by the power industry to drive more than 50 per cent of the country's
total installed capacity.








conceptualizing to commissioning power plants. This is because of the

company's formidable in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, its
experience in executing power plant packages and its renowned integrated
project management capabilities.
To meet the nations need for electricity as per the end users
requirements in the most time bound and in cost effective manner, within the
strategic policy framework set by the Government of India and thus promote
economic well being and quality of life of the people.
CE1.4 Nature of your particular work area









recommendation of connections for the Turbine building structure and the

detailing of the fabrication drawings. Also I am responsible for the
deliverables as per the site requirements by giving them the inputs for
procurement to the Supply Chain Management (SCM) team. This team will

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further initiate the process of procuring the structural steel elements such
as steel plates of Built-up sections and Rolled sections which are in line
with the Engineering design drawing.

The structures are for the additional Unit of already existing power plant. I
am involved in Planning, co-ordinating and monitoring of all the
Investigations and pre-bid assignments pertaining to project.

I led group of engineers and CAD draftsmen. The engineers will design the
connection and splice details for the various locations at beams and
columns. I will check the interpretation of test results, make remarks and
corrections wherever necessary and co-ordinated the same to the
engineer for the modification of the design.

I analyzed the mistakes and inaccuracies made in the design and also
investigated their causes. After completion of every design I discuss with
my team engineers the methods to design for the projects based on the
requirements. This has helped me as well as for my engineers to have
expertise in the design aspects. I have also used this expertise in making
decisions which I have implemented and applied in the other design

Organisation Structure: (EDRC division)



Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Asst. Engineering Manager

Asst. Engineering Manager


Design Engineer


Design Engineer

Draftsmen Draftsmen




CAD Page 3 of
Draftsmen Draftsmen

CE1.6 Statement of your duties

Based on the details of the structures provided by the client, I performed

the calculations wherever necessary to meet the accurate engineering
standards. Based on the design calculations, I had to co-ordinate, discuss
with the customers and take decisions on the final design.

I elaborated the design taking into consideration of type of connection,

the sections to be used for the connections, and the requirements for the

I prepared current and final support documentation.

I analyzed the data to carry out a design, inquiring about data which was

Design Engineer

Design Engineer

required for the design either from another In-house division or from a

I carried out all the necessary calculations as per the Indian Standard
design codes applicable for the project and interpreting with the
specification for the validation of all the designs

I recommended the appropriate type of connection and methods for

fabrication, such as type of weld, thickness of weld, and erection.










My team at site carried out the template before the start of work, and
problems has been notified to me for clarifications and suggestions.

I was responsible and involved in all the tests carrying out in laboratory for
welds and splice.

c) Personal Workplace Activity:

CE1.7 Technical details of the work
I describe every part of my work in detail as below:

After a task/project is allotted, I had to understand and identify the clients

requirements and search for the possible ways to meet them as per
standards and their specifications.

Analyzed the best option and planned my activities accordingly. As a part

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of my activity schedule, I analyzed the data carefully which would allow me

to define the following:
a) Interpretations of the data as, the section properties of beams/ columns
are interlinked with each other.
b) Selection of the type of weld and its connections
c) The necessity of using a particular type of connections is based on load
on beams/ columns.
d) The necessity of the material to be replaced or strengthened for a
particular location based on the requirement of erection.

How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills;

I selected the connections, such as bolted or welded, and the type of weld
whether it to be site welded or shop welded. Considering the safety of the
laborers working at height, I try to accommodate the maximum possible welds to
be done at shop and minimal to be done at site level. All the connection design
has been done as per Indian Standards (IS 800: 2007). During the design phase,
I paid great attention and ensured complete protection measures for natural and
other disasters according to the subsidiary legislation.
CE1.9 The tasks delegated to you and how did accomplish;
The task given to me is accomplished by carrying out all the necessary calculations
as follows:

Selecting the type of sections for Splice and connection design;

Ensure whether the Fabrication drawings contain all the details required
for the fabrication.

Calculations of splice levels and connection are done as per the

standards and validating as per the project specification.

Checking for feasibility of calculated Splice level is done as per the

availability of plate sections in market.

Calculation of capacity is done as per the criteria specified in standard


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All the checks such as shear, block failure etc., has been done during the

Suggesting plans for the erection team during the post fabrication at

After the design is complete, handover the supporting documentation to

the client for the approval.


Any particular technical difficulties/problems and how you solved

With respect to my calculations and analysis, I had to choose appropriate plate
size, based on the available plate sizes at site/market. Also I have to consider the
surplus material from the previous project which has to be utilized so that I can
minimize the quantity to buy from the manufacturer. This requirement made me
to limit the quantity for each section as per the design. The total quantity for the
turbine building has been limited to 6000MT of structural steel and till now I
have utilized approximately 5500MT of structural steel. This has been possible
with the help of the economical designs for the Gusset plates, stiffener plates,
moment connection plates, splice connection plates and shear cleat angles. At
the preliminary stage, the design drawing for the columns was provided with
stiffeners at 1500mm center to center(c/c). This design was discussed with client
and the columns were designed as an unstiffened section. This made me to
reduce the stiffeners by considering the basic requirements. Hence the stiffeners
were reduced by increasing the spacing to 3500mm c/c. This design made a
reduced in the quantity for approximately 4 MT per column.

Strategies devised by you including any original or creative design

I had prepared the standard design sheets for the following:
The calculation of Shear connection for Built-up and Rolled sections for
the all Shear locations.

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The calculation of Moment Connection designs at locations where the

beam has been considered as fixed to the column.
The calculation for Splice Connection at locations where the joints of
different sections to be made.
This finally led to cost saving of the entire project and also made this project
possible in a short duration of time.
CE1.12 How you worked with other team members:
During the project, I had the opportunity to work with the team of specialists. I
worked as a group leader representing my department & organization. I carried
out all the primary design developments with the help of my team members, and
also supervised my team for this project. Based on my professional expertise, I
was able to achieve trust and respect among my colleagues and team members. I
conducted interactive sessions regarding the challenges faced in the projects and
their remedial or precautionary measures. I am approachable to the team for
their queries and questions that are in my competence. I often consult with other
engineers in the fields outside of my competency which helped me in solving
various complications.
d) Summary
CE1.13 your view of the overall projects
1. I was able to understand the various standards of detailing activities. This
has provided me a great learning aspect.
2. Each and every Project was a great learning experience which helped me
to involve and study the diversified ways of Engineering.
3. There was difference in all the structures and the technical challenges
were good and handled by me successfully.
CE1.14 how the project fared in meeting the goals/requirements;
1. I achieved all milestones dated as per the schedule.
2. I maintained schedule and controlled Budget as initiated.

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3. I met my deadlines on time.

CE1.15 How your personal role contributed to the project.
1. My role was as a Project Engineer from Engineering Department.
2. I was involved in the Design as well as investigation work of the project.
With the co-ordination of all the departments and my own experience I
was able to progress as per the Schedule.

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