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f -. GUARDIANS” ) eS ee (cet 003 Leis ee ay Nas la BEREDO sp) \ CHAPTER 6 rns MUM dled Billions of years ago, an ancient race named the Vis cosmic power by a Celestial. This artifact, known imbuing them with cosmic energy. However, the SAC UU Clea Ue When the sadistic Mister Knife, also known as J’Son, Peter Quill’s father, managed to obtain Ieee CMS CME AMMA Cas MCR IIe Uae lM nm mam enE eit the Galaxy and the X-Men to help battle Mister Knife. Gamora, the elder Beast, and Angel chose to submit to the Vortex and the three cosmically enhanced heroes took the artifact and sped off with a new mission—to reshape the universe in their image. However, they ATTICA AME UU eS CANOES) RUT SIC a OAC HMC RULE Ue SOOM UICC LUE: MmsLer- Siem UCOMANTe(C Me ORE NACE S ICC ORL CMU ar Re Ronan, Star-Lord, Storm and Jean Grey can do nothing but watch... [ ‘A Die We) ates TAC Stee Rusa UISeln tears R Ucn sect RC) een OU Sa MIKE MAYHEW PEs a OLN LA eens eapizia 3 RAIN BEREDO eT) Ba aOR MCT a YS ASSISTANT EDITOR ea GROUP EDITOR PVCS PON ae aay) eae eva ee ales OTT Ss Sse Ba eect aan ea ‘©2015 Marvel Characters, Inc. Al rights reserved. All charactors featured inthis issue and the distinctive names and likenesses thereof, and all related DOE ee eee eee ee ee eo ee ee eeu na ‘those of any living or dead person or institution i intended, and any such similarity which may exist is purely coincidontal, WWW.MARVEL.COM ‘BUT THEIR MORE THal ACCUSER CORPS C/ ‘COUNTER. THEY Have EN ENHANCED | WN, SuPRERORWE O NGOE : meetiee)| | tater, IS NIGH-INFINITE. HALA, LIKELIMOOD OF EMPIRE SURVIVAL I, 32.2 PERCENT. hse it ieee eae u NOW HALA IS ie er, ENGULFED IN- witiiennes: a Gene Semeris p ny BROTHERS aN Sistoes fee Sir petates Fe re muer Tae any wegouRE your Dury IS 70 OBEY. OBEY THE WORD OF THE Rea eae Ea ea ied ee eee Pay aaa wird a a cae RE Created Nat tei tard YOULL NEVER TAKE ME ALE, YOU, HAVE you come TO. MOCK ME IN MY ‘GRIEC, EBONY MAW: THANE, YOUR PAIN Is, MYPAIN. THIS IS A HORRENDOUS ATROCITY THAT CAN NEVER BE MADE RIGHT. -PERMAPS YOU CAN HONOR THEM, IN MEMORIA. ‘SOMEONE DID THis. THEIR HOSTS ‘PRAY FOR 1. AVENGE THEM. Seize “THe Power MisTER KNIFE PROMISED YOu AND PLEASE FORGIVE me. THOUGHT £ WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING. you Ofek Tie Soismos NOONE 70 PROTECT YOU. AND NOW EVEN SHAVE PALED.. WHO. COULD HAVE PERPETRATED =a opeeres Beef ie) He's NOT FIGHTING US, He's SAV Bt ae Saket eds =a x a os -|~@-/ a, —— ee CIN = = a Ss = = a S = a =] = = | GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY & X-MEN CHAPTER 6 aA J ) ai ACK VORTEX Ih ANUP EM) ae. b Oar Fs HY OW THES 1 SA Uy ae _ Mnerewnurninei Crea Pee aaa cena ~ STAR LORD ED ct ae vy ee Coy Be) GUARDIANS OF Rae vae ray Dra) tg SrUet Der) alate sty eva YI Cam ees tg STAR-LORD #11 THE BLACK VORTEX CS ee ae UDELL Git Alt Ly