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General Introduction to Medieval Astrology


1. Astronomy: Part 1
. Cosmology and Spherical Astronomy
2. Astronomy: Part 2
. Constellations, fixed stars, planetary and luminary cycles
3. Sabaeanism
. Use of fixed stars, astronomical bases of mythologies.

Fundaments of Medieval Astrology

4. The Archetype
. Interrelationship between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs
5. Sign, Subdivisions and Rulerships
6. The Houses
7. The Planets

Introduction and overview to successful Delineation
8. The Fundaments of Delineation
Special Techniques of Delineation
9. The Length of Life - Longevity Part I
10. The Length of Life - Longevity Part II
11. The Rank of Fame
12. The Profession Significator
13. The Financial Significator
14. The Lord of the Chart - Almutem Figuris
15. The Arabic Parts

Introduction and Continuous Astrological Techniques
16. The Fundaments of Prediction
and Predictive method in Natal Configurations
and the Predictive method of Time Division by Triplicity Ruler
and the method of the Ages of Man
Non-continuous Astrological Techniques
17. Transits and Progressions
18. Prediction through the ruling of time - Firdaria
and Prediction through permutation - Profecting
19. Prediction by Solar & Lunar Return
20. Prediction by Directing

Special Areas
21.The Delineation and Prediction of Marriage
22. Delineation and Prediction relating to Children
23. Medical Astrology
24. Spiritual Astrology
25. Astrological Physiognomy

Conclusion to Course
26 Epilogue