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General Assembly

Arab Republic of Egypt (Analise Gates)

Israel Palestine Conflict Resolution


General Assembly and Security Council,
Noting that this Issue is one of the greatest that the worlds faces today,
Realizing the Israel Palestine conflict is almost 12 decades old and an ongoing issue,
Realizing the Israel Palestine conflict has escalated to the point where the international
Community must be called upon to take action,
Taking into consideration the 5 million Palestinian refugees who take shelter in Arab
Countries neighboring Israel,
Recognizing that Israel/Palestine has Holy land that is important for all three major monotheistic
Religions inhabited in Israel
Having considered the Palestinian peoples loss of land to the Israeli people from 1946 to
Noting with regret that thousands of casualties both sides have endured during the conflict,
Welcoming Future Aid and support for a new resolution, calls upon allies of and nations with
international interest in the Israel-Palestine Conflict and Palestinian refugees to take the
following into consideration,
1. Emphasizes the importance of coming to an agreement on this issue that has
Lasted for 70 years;
2. Recalling United Nations past resolution 181 (1947) Partition Plan for a two (2) state
2. Draws attention to the words of U.S. President Barack Obama that states Over time, the
only way that Israel is going to be truly secure, and the only way the Palestinians are

going to be able to meet the aspirations of their people, is if they are two states living side
by side in peace and security," (Schulberg 1)
4. Encourages the United Nations and Security Council to consider a Two state agreement
between Israel and Palestine,
a. with Borders of the resolution 181 (1947) Partition Plan
b. with a State of Palestine along the Jordan River and the State of Israel;
c. with Israel State borders as Lebanon to the north, the Golan Heights and
Syria to the northeast, the West Bank and Jordan to the east, the Gaza
Strip and Egypt to the southwest.
5.) Declaring the Israeli and Palestinian people access to their holy land,
a.) With access to holy land within the State of Israel and the newly established state of
b.) With protection from United Nations Peacekeepers to insure the safety of both Israelis
and Palestinians.
6.) Strongly Encourages Israeli and Palestinian officials to partake in negotiation
regarding each party in the hopes that a solution can be reached.
7.) Recommends military forces to be limited unless absolutely necessary
a.) with circumstances such as revolt or violence that would affect to peace between
Israeli and Palestinian people.
8.) Strongly encourages the General Assembly and Security Council to consider this
resolution for a resolution to provide peace for the people of Israel and Palestine and thus
improving the quality of life for all.