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THE NBDE SAY WHAT? (what is it, how to prep, and some resources!!

We have compiled some ways to do prep for the upcoming NBDE Part I summarized from
various sources:
1. Dental Decks obtain a recent copy
a. http://www.dentaldecks.com/pages/Default.aspx
2. Personal drive aka no procrastination!
3. Wikipedia look up words you dont know as you study
4. Old examinations despite the different style of questions coming up, use old
exams for practice but keep the limitations in mind. ASDA released exams.
a. http://www.asdanet.org/taking-the-nbdes.aspx
b. This ASDA site is great because it also has extra NBDE Resources like study
guides and also goes through the process of signing up!
5. First Aid for the NBDE Part I concise book, 3rd edition. If theres any confusion,
confirm facts with Wikipedia
6. Classmates and upperclassmen ask around for what to focus on and any
other helpful bits of information
7. Professors they may help point you in the proper direction well in advance of
the exam
8. Inter-school resources some schools offer a databank of past questions. Not
sure if UCLA does this, but its worth asking about!
9. Mock exams this is good for those who have exam anxiety to get more
acquainted with the environment and format
ADA Candidate Guide and online tutorial not so much for prep but itll
help understand the rules and processes in effect for the exam!! (structure,
scoring, timing, etc.)
a. http://www.ada.org/2667.aspx
Online Blogs!
a. http://www.asdablog.com/more-changes-to-the-nbde-on-the-horizon/ Regarding upcoming changes to national boards exam
b. http://www.asdablog.com/tips-and-tricks-for-national-board-part-i-examsthat-works/ - Some tips from the American Student Dental Association Blog
c. http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=697249 - Experiences
from your peers / Appropriate books & study Material
Basically, its going to come down to doing what we do best and thats studying! The
links are helpful!!! Try to stick to more recent sources for practice exams and testing
advice because of the new format. Its a multiple choice test and for NBDE purposes,
an item must have at least three and not more than five possible responses. Only one
of the responses is considered either correct or the best option. Below are a couple
more resources you can look into!
Crack the NBDE1 Practice Tests: http://www.crackthenbde.com/?gclid=CPj3_P_7bQCFcaDQgodywMAaw
If you have time helpful blog (he goes through how to do well on the NBDE 1):
GOOD LUCK and hopefully this helps!!
Your ASDA REPS (Alison O. and Sami S.)

The fee is $355 nonrefundable. Your application to take the test is good for only 6
months so you must take the exam within those 6 months or you will have to re-apply.
Therefore you cannot submit an application more than 6 months before your desired test
date (and if you do not meet eligibility requirements your application will not be
processed). One of the eligibility requirements is that the dean has to approve the
application indicating you're ready to take the test. And scheduling your test goes
through the same Prometric system we used for the DATs. IF you have to retake it, you
have to wait 90 days.
Deans Approval
This means Dr. Bibbs approval
Do NOT email her after youve put in your application. Do NOT ask her to approve
you because she has a password protected site which she checks 2-3 times a week
You will receive notification/email from ADA that your application has been
approved (within a few days) and then you can sign up for your test date.
Dr. Bibbs Advice
She will be comfortable approving you to take the NBDE Part 1 after the summer
quarter (September)
September is relatively early and her recommendation was to take it in
December/January after fall quarter of 2nd year because theres more experience
and exposure to case-based concepts (20% of the NBDE is case-based)
o According to previous years, Dr. Younais cases are more difficult so if you
can do those youre on the right track
Do NOT wait until summer between 2nd & 3rd year (not advised, get it over with)
Obtain handouts from the clinical occlusion course (2nd year winter quarter course)
if you plan on taking the exam before then
Avoid postponing! Choose a date and stick with it!
o Theres a cancellation fee (fee schedule in the guidebook)
Outdated study material is not advised (except for anatomical sciences and dental
anatomy which dont change much)
Studying for boards will be much less intense if you have retained information from
courses taught
Study however works best for you! Set realistic goals and plan!

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