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Migration from Unicenta

Any Version from 3.01

Quick Guide
Chromis POS
Document Version 0.51


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Unicenta Last RUN

In order for the migration to be successful Unicenta has to be running on the machine where Chromis
have to be Installed.
In this case we are Running Version 3.70 but Chromis will find any Unicenta version and update the
schema for you without any Hassle.

Make sure to back up your Unicenta files since these will be overwritten.

Chromis Installation Step By Step

Download the latest stable version of Chromis and make sure you have the latest version of JAVA (8
Update 60).
Step 1:
Double click the Installation and press OK

Step 2:
Press Next

Step 3:
Press Next

Step 4:
Press Next

Step 5:
Press Next

Step 6:
Press Finish and READ the Readme File for Changes & fixes on Chromis.

Step 7:
Open Chromis and This convert popup should appear. Press Convert to Update Schema to Chromis.

Step 8:
Please wait for the process to completed as shown below, this may take couple of minutes depending on
how large your database is. Press Exit.

Running Chromis For the First Time

Open Chromis from the Icon ChromisPOS and the login screen should Appear.

Installation is Done Welcome to Chromis.