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Setting: The living room in the

familys house

Narrator: Tomorrow is a special day

because its Grandmas seventieth
Grandma: I simply cant imagine being
Tommy: What would you like for your
birthday, Grandma?
Grandma: Thats an interesting
question. I think it will surprise you
that I already know what my present is!

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1/16/08 1:49:42 PM

Ben: Do you, Grandma?

Alice: Grandma is trying to trick you
into telling her what her present is.
Ben: How do you know, Grandma?
Narrator: Grandma tries not to smile.

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1/16/08 1:53:30 PM

Grandma: I saw where the package

is hidden.
Tommy: Grandma, how did you know
to search under my bed?
Grandma: Ah, now I really know
where the present is hidden!
Alice: I told you that Grandma was
trying to trick you!

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1/16/08 1:55:03 PM

Grandma: Im sure its something

Ill enjoy.
Ben: Of course it is.
Grandma: Its an item of clothing.
Ben: No! You havent guessed it!
Grandma: Ah, so its not something
to wear.
Tommy: Well, its not clothing anyway.

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1/16/08 1:55:52 PM

Alice: Tommy, Grandma is tricking

you into giving her clues about her
Ben: We want Grandmas present
to remain a surprise.
Narrator: Grandma is smiling even
Grandma: Its not clothing. Its
something big, but its not huge or
it wouldnt fit under a bed.
Tommy: It could be small.
Grandma: No, if it was small you
would have hidden it in a drawer.

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1/16/08 1:56:45 PM

Ben: Grandma, were not telling you!

Grandma: I think its something Ill
use when I wash.
Alice: That sure must be a huge bar
of soap hidden under the bed!
Narrator: This makes the children and
Grandma giggle.

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1/16/08 1:57:18 PM

Grandma: Wait just a minute.

Narrator: Grandma puts her chin in
her hands to think.
Grandma: Fluffy towels! That would
be especially nice!
Tommy: Fooled you, Grandma. Its
not towels.
Alice: Tommy, sshhh!


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1/25/08 10:03:12 AM

Narrator: The childrens father arrives

Dad: Hello! Is everyone having a
good day?
Ben: Grandma is trying to trick us.
Alice: Shes trying to get us to tell her
what her birthday present is.
Tommy: Shell never guess its

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1/16/08 1:59:46 PM

Narrator: Quickly, Alice and Ben

speak together.
Alice and Ben: Quiet, Tommy!
Grandma: Ah, now I know!
Dad: You always say that.
Narrator: Dad put his arms around
the children.
Dad: I know your grandma. Shes
always playing tricks!


Narrator: The next day, the children

give Grandma her present.
Grandma: Goodness me! Look at
these layers and layers of paper!
Alice: Were the ones who tricked
you, Grandma!
Narrator: Finally, Grandma finds a
small box in all the paper and lifts
the lid. She is very surprised.
Grandma: Look at these amazing

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1/16/08 2:00:56 PM

Dad: There are seventy pearls

one for each year that you have
celebrated a birthday.
Grandma: They are gorgeous! Ill put
them on now. Thank you very, very
Tommy: The present was something
to wear, but you didnt guess it was
jewelry, did you, Grandma?
Grandma: I didnt. You were the ones
who tricked me!


Think Critically
1. Why did the children give Grandma seventy

2. Is this book fiction or nonfiction? How do you


3. Why do you think the author wrote the story?

4. How can you tell this story is a play?
5. If you could be any character in this story, who
would you be? Why?
Write a List Pearls come from oysters. Oysters are animals
that live in shells in the ocean. Make a list of other animals that
live in the ocean. Then put animals that are alike on your list into
groups and name each group. For example, one group might be
Animals That Live in Shells.

School-Home Connection Tell a family member

about the story. Then talk about how Grandma tried to
trick the children into telling her what the present was.

Word Count: 498

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1/16/08 2:01:41 PM