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My Personal Classroom Management Plan

Teaching Goal:
1. To create a safe learning environment for pupils.
2. To provide each pupil with resources and support for their learning journey, so they
can learn to their best
3. To foster lifelong learning
4. For the teachers to be the best that they can be and to have a positive school-parent
Classroom Environment
Draw or describe room arrangement:

Class Motto:
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
1. I will care for myself and others.
2. I will be respectful at all time.
3. I will be a responsible listener.
4. I will cooperate and be fair.
5. I will ask questions.
6. I will always do my best.
Routine and procedures:
During recess
1. Walk to the canteen.
2. Wait in line.
3. Go outside.
4. Play at recess.
5. When recess is finished, walk back inside the classroom.

1. General reminder
2. Individual reminder
3. Recess detention
4. Time-out in class
5. Parent contact
6. Office referral
1. Praise the pupils.
2. Give a token to the pupils.
3. Sit with a buddy pass.
4. Wear a hat.
5. Positive note to parents.