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January 29,


Today, I sign Appropriation Ordinance No. 2015-04 for Fiscal Year
HUNDRED EIGHTEEN PESOS (P 135,138,418.00).
On the other hand, pursuant to the powers vested in me by law
particularly RA 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991, I am duty bound
to veto some items of the appropriation above-cited (Appropriation
Ordinance No. 2015-04) on the grounds that they are prejudicial to public
welfare and/or they result from ultra vires acts of the Sanggunian Bayan.
For the first time in the history of this Municipality, the annual budget
which we hope to steer our rudders to achieve our goal for a peaceful,
orderly and progressive Dumangas was not only passed late but was clipped
significantly. I fervently hope that the unexpected delay and significant
reduction of some items in the budget are not in any way neither related to
the upcoming 2016 election nor directed to imperil the function of any office,
worse, to jeopardize the smooth effective and efficient operation of the
Municipal government as a whole. While I still hope that the modification in
the budget was made reasonably and wisely, and not for any selfish motives,
whims, caprices and malicious purpose, I cannot help to doubt the wisdom
behind such reductions.Nevertheless, let me express my gratitude to the
leadership of Vice-Mayor Ian Dolutan II and those SB members who
maintained a rational and objective mind that despite unexpected
difficulties, they painstakingly considered, reviewed, and advanced our
Since I assumed office as the Local Chief Executive, my management
style and preference had been macro-management. I trust the wisdom and
competencies of my d+
Department Heads and employees. As much as possible, I let them decide on
issues and give them free-hand to formulate strategies to manage their

respective affairs.Being in the frontline and masters of their respective tasks,

it is just reasonable to let these managers find, propose, and implement any
strategy they deemed fit to improve their expected functions. For as long as
its for the best interest of the beloved constituents, I fully support and
motivate them to perform better and to the best of their capabilities. It is in
this context that the budget for 2016 submitted and proposed by the
undersigned for approval of the Sangguniang Bayan was conceived.
The 2016 proposed budget is a result of a long and tedious process of
study, discussions, deliberations, bargaining and compromises of each and
every department and office that comprise this Municipality. It was made
according to the needs, recommendations, judgment, and wisdom by no less
than the different department heads and office heads themselves.
Ultimately, these different offices and departments agreed that one area of
priority is to improve their old-age and obsolete staffing pattern.
Based on the changing needs and prevalent circumstances, they seek
to improve and expand the manpower of their respective offices by creating
and/or filling the necessary positions, and/or let deserving employees handle
higher responsibilities through promotions. It was agreed that a more
responsive staffing pattern and functioning manpower are necessary
requisites for an efficient, timely, and effective public service and I firmly
believe that such strategy will attract more competitive and competent
employees to join the LGU workforce. It is in this regards that a generous
part of the budget was allocated to Personal Services.
Sadly, the proposed budget for Personal Services of every department
and office was significantly reduced as to make the creation and/or filling of
positions, hiring additional talents, or promoting of deserving employees
impossible. Thus, this veto.

Considering the need to ensure a functioning bureaucracy as to protect
public welfare, I hereby veto the following items of Appropriation Ordinance
No. 2015-04 for Fiscal Year 2016 entitled AN ORDINANCE APPROVING



P 3,126,208
P 1,253,673
P 1,217,328
P 2,064,804

Social Services

MO - Sports




P 3,109,888
P 1,663,578
P 2,437,223
P 1,910,862
P 1,674,991


The proposed budget for personal services (PS) of various departments and
offices was formulated, proposed, and requested by the department/office
heads themselves. Being aware of the challenges and difficulties their offices
face every day, they fully know what are the necessary strategies they need
to do to improve their respective tasks. As such, I agreed on the strategy of
improving the Municipalitys manpower through the filling of vacant
positions, reassignment of task, and/or possible promotion of deserving
employees. Hence, the proposed budget for the Personal Services
While I acquiesce to the prerogative of the Sanggunian Bayan to
reduce the budget, I have to apologize as I cant fathom in disbelief as I
cannot see the wisdom behind the reductions. For instance, some allocations
for MOOE of some offices was slashed when it is a fact that the Municipality
had just acquired new assets, vehicles and equipment that needs to be
maintained and operated. Worse, what is harder to comprehend is the
reason behind the significant reduction of the budget for personal services of
almost all Departments and offices.
For instance, the enhanced AICS and 4Ps programs became necessary
for the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) to have
an additional Social Welfare Assistant that will do the profiling and processing
of the beneficiaries of the soon to be implemented, the Sustainable
Livelihood Program ( SLP ), that will benefit thousands of our constituents.
The current available workforce to cater such services are already
overwhelmed by other tasks and could no longer function efficiently. Yet, the
budget ordinance made it impossible for the MSWDO to fill in the said
position. More so, that the concerted efforts of the Regional Offices of DOLE,
DSWD, DOJ, PPA, PCG, NBI, PNP, DILG, NEDA, etc. have come up with the

Dumangas Protocol to fight illegal trafficking of women, children and illegal

labor recruitment.
In the Municipal Agriculturist Office (OMAg), it is imperative on its part
to retain and/or have agricultural and aquacultural technicians and skilled
farm workers to attend to the agricultural programs of the Municipality. The
SB Members who reduced the budget of the OMAg must have forgotten that
the Municipality is largely an agricultural and aquacultural town where many
of its constituents rely on land, sea, or ponds to make their living. In fact the
Municipality is number one in the province for rice production during first
cropping and maintains an advanced climate field school that is the BANNER
PROGRAM of the LGU in adapting to climate change and risk reduction in
agriculture required technical employees. Yet again, the budget ordinance
took away the budget for these positions.
In the Municipal Engineering Office (MEO), the budget which is
intended for the hiring of skilled personnel such as engineers, foreman,
draftsmen, and carpenters was likewise taken out. The Municipality had been
a regular recipient of various foreign and local assisted programs such as the
KALAHI-CIDSS and Typhoon Yolanda rehabilitation projects. Many of these
external funded projects, as well as those projects internationally funded,
include the construction of vital infrastructures such as roads, housing,
canals, dikes, flood controls and others. Hence, it is imperative on the part of
the engineering office to add and beefed up their skilled manpower. Also the
additional mobile assets and equipment that the Municipality had acquired
and will bring for 2016 and onwards like that of backhoe, grader,
dumptrucks, ambulances, garbage compactors, patrol jeeps, disaster rescue
and general services vehicles), not only needs sufficient fuel to keep them
running, but also need proper maintenance and handling that are expected
to be provided for by the automotive specialist and drivers/operators which
the Sanggunian likewise slashed.
Further, in the Municipal Treasurers Office (MTO) together with its
attached offices as the Market Operations, there is the need for additional
cashiers, revenue collecting officers, revenue collection clerks, licensing
officer, market specialist, and many more to ensure stable and steady
revenue collection. Being the frontrunner in income generation, the MTO is
the hen that lays the golden egg. Yet, that the budget created by the SB is
weaning and thereby starving it thus stunting its growth.
Finally, items for sports development and even maintenance of public
cemeteries were unfunded. Without these positions, how shall we be able to
encourage our youth to be physically fit, healthy and to stay away from
dangerous drugs? Sports and recreational activities are one of the many
potent factors to fight illegal drugs. Also, who shall at least keep our
cemeteries clean and orderly?
Section 17 of the Local Government Code of 1991 is clear on its
mandate that local government units shall endeavor to be self-reliant and
discharge its duties and functions for the effective provision of the basic

services and facilities to include among others (a) services related to

agriculture and fishery; (b) health services which include the implementation
of programs and projects on primary health care, maternal and child care,
and communicable and non-communicable disease control services; (c)
social welfare services which include programs and projects on child and
youth welfare, family and community welfare, women's welfare, welfare of
the elderly and disabled persons; (d) infrastructure services to included
provision of facilities intended primarily to service the needs of the residents
of the municipality such as municipal roads and bridges; school buildings,
clinics, health centers and other health facilities necessary to carry out
health services, irrigation, flood control, traffic signals and road signs, and
similar facilities, and (e) services related to public markets,public cemetery,
slaughterhouses and other municipal enterprises.
Corollarily, Section 76 of the Local Government Code provides that
every local government unit shall design and implement its own
organizational structure and staffing pattern taking into consideration its
service requirements and financial capability, subject to the minimum
standards and guidelines prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.
As such, the service requirements of the Municipality necessitates the
creation of filling of positions in the various departments. The needs of the
Municipality are changing and more than ever, it becomes imperative to beef
up its depleted manpower, particularly those in the frontline service. By
slashing significantly on the budget for personal services, the SB effectively
limits the different departments/offices from implementing what they shall
do or plan to do. Without the necessary personnel to man these services, the
mandate to provide the people of effective services and facilities will be
difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill. The danger of an inutile, inefficient and
ineffective, undermanned department or office is therefore imminent. In the
end, it is public good and welfare that will be jeopardized.
We cannot gamble our desire for an effective, efficient and functioning
manpower and services to the mere obscured beliefs and view of the few.
Hence, this veto.
The Sangguniang Bayan might have forgotten that the population of
our LGU now is 66, 108 with a population growth rate over than that of the
National Average.
As such, the need to create/fill the position in the various departments
is undeniably necessary and timely. These positions are vital for the different
offices to improve on their functions and services. Yet, by slashing
significantly on the budget for personal services, the SB effectively limits the
different departments/officesfrom implementing what they shall do or plan to
do. The danger of an inutile, inefficient and ineffective, undermanned
department or office is thus imminent. This in return endangers the delivery
of services for the enhancement and protection of public welfare.

Hence, this veto.


So long as the fund of the Municipality allows it and the budget for Personal
Services conforms to the limitations provided for by law (45% PS limitation),
the prerogative and wisdom of every executive department or office to
improve their efficiency through improved staffing pattern shall as much as
possible not be curtailed by deliberate imposition of budgetary constraints.
The executive offices work based on present and projected need. The
executive supposed that as much as possible, when the need arises, there is
enough fund to support their initiative. What the executive is preparing for is
a sufficient budget to cover the PS requirements for any position that shall
be deemed filled or created for the rest of the year. With the present budget
for personal services, the executive has no more room to improve the human
capita and staffing pattern of different offices. By slashing the budget for
Personal Services, the Sanggunian impliedly abolishes some positions that
are already created and effectively precludes the executive offices from
creating or filling new positions. Hence, it becomes impossible for the
Executive Offices to fill or create the needed positions for the whole year.
Such arrangement can never be constructive and ultimately will make the
executive offices limited.
Hence, this veto.


The Sangguniang Bayan is unmindful that the creation and abolition of any
positions is within their sole power and function. If they are reluctant to
create new positions later on, or if they shall deem it unwise to expand the
staffing pattern, they can do so by not approving the creation of positions.
But, the same shall be done in a separate proceeding which require a more
thorough study and deliberation, and not subtly included in an Appropriation
Ordinance. For the meantime, they shall give enough room for the executive
offices to implement what they desire to do by giving allowance in the
budget. Instead, the Sangguniang Bayan had acted so prematurely. This, in
effect jeopardizes the functions of the executive offices.
Hence, this veto.


In reducing the budget for Personal Services of various offices, the

Sanggunian Bayan through its pertinent committee relied on the following
a. The monetization privilege of municipal employees has never
been included in the proposed 2016 budget;
b. The appropriation set aside for terminal leave intended for
payment of retiring employees is insufficient;
c. There are several vacant positions in the previous budget and
until now remained unfilled;

d. Massive creation of positions would create duplication of

functions and would entail additional unnecessary expenditures;
e. That the projected amount of Php 9,665,000.00 taken from the
Personal Services (PS) and Maintenance of Operation and Other
Expenses (MOOE) will be incorporated in the unappropriated
balance for year 2016 budget and can be used as stand-by
reserve for the general benefits of employees and our
The undersigned cannot accept these findings as basis for the reduction
of the said items for personal services. In this regard, I wish to forward the
following comment, observations, and counter-argument:
a. The monetization and terminal leave pays are contingent events
that are not yet definite. Any insufficiencies to meet such
requirement may be augmented from the savings on the
Personal Services due to unfilled positions and/or be covered
later through a supplemental budget. Further, terminal leave pay
were proposed in some offices. Insufficiency therefore in the
appropriation, as alleged, is unfounded.
b. The filling of vacant positions and/or creation of new functions
and positions are proposed by the executive according to the
needs of the different offices. Yet, the actual abolition and or
creation of the same is within the power of the Sanggunian. If the
Sangunian deem it wise to abolish and or create a position, they
shall do it separately and not merely by reducing the budget as
to preclude future creation and/or filling of positions.
As much as possible, the executive offices shall not be tied by
budgetary constraints, so that when the need to fill a position
arises, they can effectively do. After all, the person who knows
best the needs and deficiencies of his/her department is the
Department Head. As long as the Municipality is able and
capable, and the PS limitations prescribed by law is observed.
Preclusion the executive to create / fill necessary positions on is
undeniably prejudicial to the best interest of service. Besides,
these unfilled positions and those proposed for creation are
essential and mandated by law and are therefore necessary for
the efficient and effective operation of each department or office.
c. The creation of new positions will not result to duplication of
functions as each position has its own job/position description
function (PDF) and function to do. The Sangguniang Bayan is
unmindful that Municipality is operating on a staffing pattern that
was created in the 1990s. Thus, the sole purpose of the proposal

to create the new positions is to improve on the manpower

aspect of the Municipality.
d. The Municipality strives to increase its income and sources of
revenues so it has ample resources to keep up with its services.
The government resources shall therefore be spent for the
delivery of services, and the inclination to save thereof shall only
be secondary.
In view of the foregoing, the items vetoed herein are deemed not to
affect the other items in the Appropriation Ordinance. Further, the vetoed
item or items shall not take effect unless overridden by 2/3 votes of the
Sanggunian and the item or items in the appropriation ordinance of the
previous year corresponding to the said vetoed, if any, shall be deemed
reenacted. With the passage of the FY 2015 Annual Budget of the
Municipality of Dumangas, Iloilo under Appropriation Ordinance No.2014-03
and with possible re-enactment of the budget therein corresponding to the
vetoed item or items, we will be giving better and more effective services to
our constituents.
Accordingly, I am returning the approved Appropriation Ordinance No.
2015-04 together with my partial veto, to the Sangguniang Bayan, for their
appropriate action.

Very truly yours,

Municipal Mayor