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Skills: Advising People, Rehabilitating people, thinking in a logical manner, relating to the public,
dispensing information, meeting people

Working as a Massage Practitioner-

-Conduct individualized Massage therapy treatments to promote healing, knowledge and rehabilitation
to patients.
-Relating to patients on a personal experience basis, and utilizing that experience to better understand
their ailments.
-Conduct a course of treatment for a patient that includes the modalities of massage that are used,
length of treatment plans, preventative care plans and dispensing information for self home care.
-Working with new patients on a weekly basis and gaining knowledge of their medical history,
appropriate to Massage Therapy.

Organizational Skills: Maintaining emotional control under stress, interacting with people at different levels,
maintaining a high level of activity, encouraging others, motivating others, serving individuals, enduring
long hours

Working as a Banquet Server-

Setting up, carrying out and disassembling for events held at the hotel.
Motivating/Encouraging my co-workers to work hard in order to meet timelines for planned events
Working longer hours to carry out events as well as the maintenance of event spaces.
Serving the guests of each scheduled event including: Making adjustments to the event space when
requested, ensuring guests were tended to regularly to maintain a positive experience all around and
following up with the events point of contact post event for any possible suggestions, comments or

Leadership Skills: Taking personal responsibility, recommending courses of action, becoming actively
involved, analyzing problems, overseeing operations, determining a problem, defining a problem,
questioning others, remembering information, confronting other people, tolerating interruptions, imagining
new solutions, handling complaints

Working as a Banquet Server-

Taking personal responsibility on a daily basis of job functions to ensure they are completed in a
timely manner.
Coordinating with fellow banquet staff to ensure that all duties are fulfilled to maintain proper
function of the work space.
Determine, Analyze, and handle complaints from guests/staff properly and professionally to
maintain trust and hospitality. Formulating solutions to problems/and complaints.
Confronting management or fellow banquet staff when job functions are not being
satisfactorily completed in order to extinguish the resulting issues.
Maintain composure and professionalism with difficult/upset guests to better serve them.

Communication Skills: Preparing written communications, maintaining accurate records, reporting

information, being thorough, coordinating schedules/times, handling detail, finding information, organizing
tasks, prioritizing work, creating new ideas

Working as a Massage Practitioner-

Completing detailed and thorough daily SOAP chart notes for each patient that include documentation
of pain levels week to week, range of motion, areas of pain as well as report of findings with muscle
tonicity throughout the body.
Conducting detailed patient intakes with each treatment to gather information on their current
problem areas as well as medical history for new patients.
Creating & Organizing treatment sessions that focus on main areas of concern/pain within the amount
allotted for treatment.
Meeting with co-workers to brainstorm marketing ideas to increase clientele.
Formulating new treatment ideas for recurring patients in order to discover the techniques that
improve patient status.