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Date: Saturday 13 February Venue: Mary Hart Hall Time: 10h00-12h00 Cost: R60 per couple The tea is only for Grade 11 and 12 learners. Purchase your ticket from your home room teacher by 10 February.


Congratulations to the 1 st team girls chosen to represent the school at the National All Girls’ Schools Festival. The festival will be hosted by Durban Girls High in Durban from 27-30 April 2016. Parents please note that the final payment for the festival must be made by 4 April 2016.


Good luck to the organisers and all grade 12’s with the preparation of the Matric Formal Dance which takes place on Friday 8 April 2016. All grade 12s are reminded to pay their contribution to the dance by Monday 4 April. Details to follow.

to the dance by Monday 4 April. Details to follow. COMPULSORY WEEKEND OUT There will be


There will be a Compulsory Weekend out on Friday 27 February 2016.


You are cordially invited to attend the Prestige Athletics:






08:00 19:00

(Our spectators will only be attending from 10:00)

This is a compulsory weekend IN until after Athletics!

PLEASE NOTE: The camp out for parents after the athletics has been postponed. Details of the date will be notified to parents at a later stage.


Gym times at the Wellness Centre for the learners are as follows:

Monday to Thursday 14h00 - 17h00.

Newsletter No. 3

Dates to diarise for the next three weeks


Monday 8 February:

Biathlon 14h00 Running at Boys High Swimming at Potch Dam

Monday 22 February Biathlon 14h00 Running at PUK McArthur NW Championships - Swimming at Potch Dam


Wednesday 10 February:

Inter-High Gala Hillcrest Pretoria. The swimmers leave school at 07h30 and return +-18h00

Thursday 11 February:

Gala Parktown School (Johannesburg). The swimmers leave school at 12h00 and return 20h00

Wednesday 17 February:

Gala – St Conrad’s (Johannesburg). The swimmers leave school at 12h00 and return 20h00

Thursday 25 February:

Gala Roedean (Johannesburg). The swimmers leave school at 12h00 and return 20h00


Tuesday 16 February:

Athletics: PUK group 7 & 8 Super Inter-High Ruimsig (Johannesburg). The athletes leave school at 07h00 and return


Friday 19 February:

Prestige Inter-High Athletics PUK Mc Arthur 07h00-19h00

Saturday 20 February:

APO Meeting PUK Mc Arthur (girls who were selected from the Prestige Inter-High Athletics will attend).


Saturday 20 February:

Chess KHS


Saturday 13 February & 20 February:

Drummies Camp (GHS) 14h00


Saturday 13 & 20 February:

Choir Camp (GHS) 14h00-17h00


Squash Clinic Wednesday 17 February. Please book your hourly slots between 14:30-17:30 with Mrs Botha at school.


Grade 10 My Fair Lady Workshop


Time: 09h00-12h00

Dress Code:

Learners must bring their own refreshments i.e. cool drinks / chips / pop corn

Saturday 13 February


Tel: 018 294 3228 Fax: 018 293 1052 office@girlshigh.co.za www.potchgirlshigh.


An accident waiting to happen! Yes, an accident waiting to happen if drivers continue to ignore basic traffic rules when collecting or dropping the learners off at school. Please parents and girls who use taxis need to speak to the drivers to help to prevent the congestions in Kock Street at the school hall. Parents may not drive into the school grounds to drop off or fetch learners. Taxis and large cars are requested NOT to park near the gates as it limits the visibility for educators leaving the premises. We all are responsible to ensure the safety of our learners.

Day Girl Fund Every day girl is expected to contribute R120 per year to the Day Girl Fund. This will be used for the Christmas party and for another fun event with the aim of promoting unity amongst the Day girls.

Extra Mural The school has made provisions for school afterhours / after dark due to bad weather i.e. rain / lightening. The Grade 8s will go to School House hostel and Grades 9-12 will go to East House hostel.

Tuck Shop The tuck shop is open from 13:30-16:00 daily. We encourage the parents to supply a healthy lunch for your daughter. The tuck shop does have healthy sandwiches as well.

Academic Outings / Culture / Sports Most of the academic, culture and sports outings are out of town. Parents please pack a lunch packet i.e. chicken burger or sandwich / a fruit / fruit juice plus pocket money. At some of the venues the girls attend do not have tuck shop facilities.

Afternoon Study The Grade 8-11 day girls may use Room D & E in first quad to study in the afternoons and Matrics will use Room F in first quad.


Grade 8 Ranking The reason for the ranking is to teach the learners punctuality. They need to rank from 07h00 07h10. All grade 8 day girls and boarders have to rank. No ranking takes place during winter or during exams.

General Hair Regulations Hair regulations are very clear in the Code of Conduct, please adhere to these regulations:

Hair regulations must be adhered to at school and during all extra mural activities. All hairstyles must be suitable for the correct fit of the basher. (i.e. the basher’s brim is to be horizontal to the ground).

Hair may not be worn in pigtails, side-ponies or loose, ‘messy’ buns.

Single ponytails, plaits and neat French plaits are allowed.

Only neat plaited dreadlocks will be allowed, provided the plaiting is low enough on the head to still allow the basher to fit properly.

No Bongo (Rasta) dreadlocks are permitted.

Afternoon dress is regarded as school uniform, therefore the hair regulations apply in these instances as well.

If a learner’s hair does not comply with the regulations, she will be confined to the school grounds at all times and will not be allowed to represent the school at public functions / attend school functions / have town leave.


Requests for weekends out

On weekends when matches are played or other school activities take place, girls may only go home after the scheduled activity.

2. On closed weekends there will only be a return bus on the Sunday evening but no bus on the Friday. The ticket for the return journey must be bought in the normal way during the week prior to that weekend.


3. If it is not the parents physically signing out, the person transporting your daughter must please have proof of identification and a letter from the parent giving their consent to be signed out by the person transporting her.

4. When sending your emails to the office requesting for your daughter to be released for whatever reason, please state in the email the hostel and grade that your daughter is in.

All requests for weekends out must be emailed to the relevant hostel where your daughter resides.

The new email addresses are as follows:

East House (South Wing)

East House (North Wing)

School House

North House


Mattress Protectors The hostels are being upgraded and new mattresses have been purchased. Mattress protectors will be added to the list of hostel requirements.

The school is able to stock and sell the waterproof mattress protectors for R200 which must be deposited into the school account stating for a mattress protector. You are welcome to purchase your own mattress protector. Please remember to clearly mark all mattress protectors with your daughter’s name and laundry number.

The girls have until the end of February to purchase the mattress protectors.