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A tives; works 2 fs staying; is working 2 fs stayingivng; is working 4 lives; works B 1 No, they are getting things ready fr the next competion How often do they have these competitions? 2 Why fane that machine working atthe moment? {do not/dont keow, but a mechanic is mending ‘What does the machine do in fac? Does it make boxes? ‘Yes it makes boxes ofall sizes. Are you watching TV now? ‘She never drives carefully Does he sing well? ‘What are you looking for? My car keys. She does not/doesn't have her passport with her. He works for us several times a yeat. (Wht ae yu doing? Lamm pepsin or are listening: is looking fre counting; do not/don't know Hes; ft fs sitting; does not/doesnt matter cost; includes B 1 Doyou recognize the woman inthis photo? ‘Do you mean the woman tho is¥who's looking Straight athe camera? 2 Why are you standing here? Are you wating for me? ‘Yes, [want to speak to you. 3 Do you think iit allright? sounds all right, butt smells of ol ‘He ig/He's talking, but she doesnt understand 1 anything, 2 You look/seem sad, 3 ‘The milk does not/doesn' taste good. 4 Do you prefer Ferraris or BMWs? 5 Does the priee include VAT? 6 He forgr his/thei anniversary. 7 te/She did nov/didn't know the answer A-1 they were deving home 2D Ls waiting fr the bus 3 se was staying in London 4 Twas taleng a Summer course in Tay 5 we mere doing the washing up 1 the dog started 10 bark 2 he burn his fingers 3 te bomb exploded 4 her cain lefe 5 the neighbours complained 1 did you do 2 you were reading 3 rang 44 were you doing 5 was drinking 6 finished 7 went 8 dia you put 9 was raining [A 1 Do modem trains use coal? No, they do ‘nov don't. They use electricity 2 Does the Queen often wear a crown? No, she ‘does now doesnt. She usually wears a hat. 23 Does wine come from oranges? No, it does rot/doesn'. It comes fom grapes. 4 Does Sri Lanka export coffee? No, i does hot/ doesnt Te exports tea '5 Do potatoes grow on bushes? No, they do rnov'don'. They grow in the ground, {ce floats on water Lions do not/don' ive in the Arctic ‘Winter docs come after spring ‘Austrians speak German. ‘Gotton does not/doesn' come from sheep. Because she i/she's always asking me for money. Because they are/they're always arguing. ‘Because she fyshe's always borrowing my CDs. Because oie ans phoning me ne a D1 What did Marie Curie discover in 1898? ‘She discovered radium, ‘Where did Michelangelo live? He lived in Florence ‘When did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister? ‘She became Prime Minister in 1979. 4 What did Alexander Bel invent? He invented the telephone How many books did Agatha Christie write? She wrote over a hundred books. 6 When did Greta Garbo move to the United States? She moved there in 1925, went ate pati 4 sachileato, SIEERIETIS © Oxford University Press Correct order for story: 0,9, 11, 8,1, 12,7, 10, 2,3,4,5,6 F 1 c 3 Look at that car! tes burning! 4 The police are topping the trafic 5 What do you mean? 6 Doos he always tell the eruth? 7 She really Ikes ths fim, {8 He does not/doesnt come every day. cece) 5 Ihas just arrived ‘What mark did you gee? 1 ved in Argentina for seven months. 2 Thave ved in Argentina for seven months 3 Haven't you read the paper yet? Have you sil not read the paper? 4 Tread the paper a moment ago. 5 Have you ever seen a giraffe? 6 Thave novhaven' eaten potatoes since I was i 7 Ann has broken her arm. Caer! ‘A1 We have/We've sold much more than we expected 2 How much money have you spent this week? 53 How many people has Jane invited ro her party? B 1 hats been ring fr hours. 2 Thay have/theyve been dling Holes in the wall tleens 3 How ong fave you been siting here? 1 been standing?; boen queuing 2 had: broken. 2 ef; been sitting; noticed {ve een sitting here for three hours ‘known each other since they were five. you stayed up all night? jehas drunk all dhe mak! 3 ii 1 2 3 4 5 She hasn't talked since she arrived. 6 Have you forgotten your keys again? 7 Has she been cooking and burnt her hand? 8 How long have you been sanding behind me? ha had now/hadn' bought anything to drink. Sod had a shower changed his cloches. hhad not/hadneBnished preparing the mest B 1 had done the course, Iwas able to speak the i ut ; hne had done the washing-up, he listened to some susie. 1 Once/When they had let, fle beter, 2 Thad nota’ done my homework when/by the me my father ave 3 By che ine she was 15 (yeas old), Nadia had Ba ere pared ace yon ever payed ches efore? 5 had eaten all he pizza (he whol pies) before Gita tine fo) lunch, ‘A 1 He had never ridden a horse before that. 3. She had never writen a poem before that, 4 She had never appeared on TV before that 5 He had already played tennis at Wimbledon four red the supper. ‘been spendting the money spl i i I the © 1 had jus gone out. hhad boen to Cambridge, hhad been making sandwiches, hhad met her in Amsterdam. hhad been practising karate from the age ofS A 1 Has Sue won any tennis competitions this year? Yes, she has/shes won three this yeat 2 Have you shaved today? 1No, Ihave not/haven' shaved since yesterday. 3. Have you sold many TVs this month? Yes, we have/Wwe've sold 23 this month, 4 Have you played tennis this week No, Ihave not/haven' played for a month. B 1 He has already made copies ofthe letter. 2 He has not/hasne pur the copies inthe envelopes yet. PEEREINI © overs Univesity Press bachileato 5 ‘re fay slzeady written the text of tho adecrisement Telhas aot/haset sent the advertisement 10 the paper yet wae geting was cjelng ‘vas walking ‘act been dic rowers ig nov/didnt OR hare netchaven't Forgot ‘wes complaining Sisd OR we saving ‘was aov/wasa Reping did you fins have you lived roe fava boca felt Have you seen phoned Haven seen has never travelled ted to ell hive known Did the leer orive were listening | Ihad bees desing have been arguing for 236 sce 350 far He said hello whe ww ret kat wuuk sed to lve re, bu neve avy in 2000, He promised to wite, but he hus nov/hase Dicnt you use to s0 10 Karate lessons? ‘She has haé/aad 2 wonderful time om holy. He is/He's noe sed to dis Large ci Who have tey bean lxening to? Wie my A 4 le going ta reute for his/a/the sconce tse 2 Is Going his/ahe secnee vest 2 ie gning shopping 4s paying basketball 5 sping to help his dod in she garden ws borrve Tom's bike, 2 amv-m going to a Tock concer. sl open i for yom nvm. gblng 19 Shop for Chiguras presen Lil noe/wvon't speak 0 him nil he pages. ‘When my parents ask will ill her the inh ‘As soon othe lights ace off we wile! he inthe cake Te will Hel lek the doors before he lave, ‘ha im wil eat efter everyone Is qUle. laser it By the end Jun wil have finished ms He arti paying canis o 6.00, ti ging to uy or Li eee heal, aT going vo open my 6 Teale carpeswben ene ished yocr das. 7 ‘haste next weex we wily we'l be yin to Aserice, a 1 used 0.0; he ex 2 used to drinks she drinks ears; the used tn on 4 Did Robert use toeat 5 Did Mary use to eat 6 id Dem use co drink ‘eas comfakes for breskfost every d taed to evele @ school Te does nov doesa work with acomputer ted to wear school enor Tives in ay apartments ‘re you used to eating frit every day? Tao nav/dent vouly walle woke Did you parens se to Feed to you when you sore lle? Frople used wo know their neighbours well, but hey do ani/aon' anymor Hanes not ted to walking so mute Did voi uke to Fave cold showers the morning? A aming ound lockatier cling for pout pucon peal jinn ger back locked for them fora ther off Banded icin (aa you come rounil ta see me se 122 1 2 Ti you dont know word, Teak ip 5 Tuan daw the TW bur do aue/doa ture de ighe om 6 tchitercto EERIE © Orford University Press 4 Did you fl in the questionnaire? 5 Leannoveant get tint CD. {6 bo mot/bon' forget to bring my norebook Dusk/me back my notebcok > fet id ut C1 You naver remembers» te out the tach 2 Mave you continued 10 vrite/writing tha novel? 2 We did net didnt enjoy sing ip the sun at noon, 4 You lave to culaue Sidying for your exams. 5 They seemed to be happy, and kept crag 8 Lidlove w eam wo ly 7 He baw refuse to discuss the problem. {8 When wil you be abi to alerd so bay cha car? A 1 wo-come home ently 2 ta work more quickly. 23 todo out beseia the game. 4 toeome to her party next Saturday. B 1 Ann taught Mary to deve les year futher ste doctor ‘Ts bows fas forbidden Nis staff to wear jeans in the office 4 Last Gundey, Joie invited Shella ro come for fond 1 2 Dost woxry! Tamorrow twill persuade my 3 shoe would Ie ir to stay. Se helped Him to ih, him to stayin ed, she allows ther to go to lenght peries you tell him neste was emg day? Fane you wo elle ahs aol rth No one's org yo 10 su ‘Hive they forihlcn you to ta co me? Tanner cant et te eat go Mat aight. & Hine you seen anyone enteringzente the ‘ulking? Unidad 15 A Shes yoing w see te lates: Marry Pacer film, ‘She isnt pony to stacy Maths. Shes going to ge up ae. GREED © overs she gla 2 eeu es trary boas ‘She isn geing to Shel fing cata of anes B 1 People wily 10 work. 2 he baicings will be exramely cll ‘5 Kabots wil co all the heey work, 4 Children wil study a hore 5 There wil There be play of fou for everpods 6 There will nox/won'e be (any) lives in the sae 5 esp Irom diferent wore wil Te together in ee Lis sone cst 2B going eobe 3 willeone 4 tre you going 3 will our 7 Ssmeccng 3 salen D 2 spesting 2 maka 3 al 3 tom 5 ta werk /working 6 arguing 2 toremenbor/remembering 8 Seng E 1 Sheundiessed quiet an go into bed. 2 Pltase do aot/Soa mae yao We got x header 2 Tee aiked forthe forms and went er i ued npn ah Bement? 3 T'geany dead when | grt the gm 6.1 id nay homework ane! diet rake «singh i a " 7 | dettagre with you. F 2 Yaerner fo the old ma ent on the bas ‘without 9 eke 22 Jeckde his younger brother wash the dishes 3 int ep eke fry fae oF «4 Mp motor rind me ro ake my Keys 3 watt you to come wich me & fhm encouragec me m0 practi ere G 1 inna watched Yom propane the sandwiches : 2 Wie felt tie ground sich 43 Did you see Brian leave? A1 Whats John's far ke? 2 Tow was your boss yesterday? 23 What your squash Faeques like? 4 How's your ater? 5 What's Formgal ike? B 1 Want doer a dovbi hase courd like? 2 Watt do hiss sel lke? 3 Wnt do bins acta ie? Wt do Kis Foe! ke? sity Pes achilerto 7 Whe docs you setae ike? ‘What are Panls brethers Te? What doce dane Iie for breabag? Who are you ike? {Who do you Hook like? Your dad or your mum? ‘Wher was the gorse ike? She lone wonder ‘What did the ccktal tam like? lewae vary strong, 5 Whee are Spielberg filma ike? B 1 tow many of these books bas Sally rend? 2 What does Jane fave for breakfest? 3 Wao did you ase at the ation” 4 Does Miry prefer tea or coffee? C1 When eta going to come 2 How long have ther lived hte (ee) 8 How many comonc dies bas Mckee! got 4 Whose bieyele thst Hv fr othe coast rom hene D ts fs Jack ging wo help ' i going co ely Susan 2, priest John in "wan hice pics 2. machine kes the bones "yds te mice te conver make E_1 How oflen does he wavel vo Turkey? 2. Why has hi ented to langh? 13 Wha Biocked/was Blocking the roa? 44 Which house did she go i 5 the happy? Certs A 15 doing » compu course this week. 2m gomg to working by bus this week. 3 ‘r Sexping in the siting room atthe mement. Has Tom been here long? Has Jane given him any money? Have you broken that vase? Hae Pam chosen 2 present? Have they broughe te letter? ave you lose my book? ‘as Filip writen the message? NouRERH Does she have to talk with them? Inshe having s shower at tne momen”? Hla they ba wraing for on hour? Bors he love dlacscal musi? ‘Would you lke to met my fends? 1 Dad rg the land 86 ee 90? Bachilleato © Osford University Press ow long aga/Whee did you get maar? How many of them brought you presents? ‘Whacsove of asident did you wataess? How aay people die of AIDS every moni? How feng nave you buen working? ‘wha cme dla ie open de hoy? What happened after the storm? ‘What sce/e796 oF Het dal you Five fo? Haye you finished yet? [Age he slr had laneh? bo eu aways sig i the shower? ‘Whar ave yow lacking a? ‘ae you ever been to Balle ‘Wh di pou seme ith? ‘wha’ Peer bike” ow long ago éid you meet Mario Tow often dows he rake his bed? How long ago did yeu atsiver How musk money does it cox? How ft is Sort? ‘Where does the bus leave fom lomarow? Who did'you go wo ce party wih? Hove long have you bees fo? ‘Who ate al the confab? (Can you ell me lacer? Does he ave 0 study al lay? ‘Wha nme cose she arrvere she arriving? iw te angie slecrdy cloned? 2 How hot iin the sahara? Care, may Coulee could see couldnt move could eae Svat able to contac: couse soni Sa ae ge lua cout put (wore ab to acsape ll be able so win the race next Sundiny WWe havent been able to work in an ilee since 198. They werent able ro jin the foal uh st Jenuan Are you able go come to ous pans tomorrow? She wera’ able to nd her lst nor>hene eset Esvoe't beable to spend the lidays with you ‘Wowk! you minx! opening the window Guat you core tothe brary wth m=? GaavGuNd you tol me the une? Toast able co seis he ers. {does play the Mite wher Ives ch, Did sou manage te amie on time? scant be: must be fin be could be ‘cant be could De fnat er could be fe be could Be A right goto Farag us cent lot of roney can't take rauch interest ‘us Work long outs ‘she caf have bought that CD! Tam might have gone on heli: Ly b= able wo lerd you my noes. Ie/Thgr cart he your aunts ear He/She must have lost 20 Kos, Lecce eal A 1 They dont have to go neve 2 Mark musta speak tomy cousin 3 bu don't have to dive stoly here 4 alse doesn't have to getup ents ° B 1 Dose Jim hae to go so the docior's; he does, 2 Do we have i show our passports, we do 3 Does Linda have to pays she dacs 4 Do they have to doa his work tdi they do. 1 ve meen have o Hikers most 3 mould eo 4 have to; have w@ * 1 edt ne to war rm or wih 2 Yoo muna ante into 3 Yen dent uae iene he 4 You mua el na ¢ Side at ap vere hou 6 bowelar wo wat hee’ ‘A. 1 Dos Fred eed a ladder: be does 2 Do we seed tg 2 the shope ne don 4 8 € 5 Does John need toleave before lunch he dows DDohey need to check the tain tines they eo, 1 We dna’: ncod aloe of red paper 2 Mark need ger everthing ready today. 2 Mary need leave atx celece 4 ALUN does ned 3 ew ba edi nave eoeen peda beve gone: ‘eel phone peel: Bove bought Do you need a vw lapiop? 2 You sein have washed the ear. / Vow i ‘need to wash te eae 4 need to sce him again, 4 Wensedot have brought so many sutenses. / We didnt nee to bring $9 nuany fueases 5 Do we need to/have t go 1 te aie 6 Wil he need a loan? Unidad 23 sen he 1 You oughe not to move tt 2 They had berer aoe come after upper 3 We shoulda chiage everything 4 Nout borer not al dhe director ‘you shoulda’ de saying bow i should eee tr hers 2 shoelda’t move the person yourself should call ananbuance showldi’e nt hin cat vo muck: shoudl make hie fo ls af spot 4 Shoeldat horrow tansy 1 Td beter not oversee wmnorrom 2 bxenyane ought o dite eset 3 We shosld write more olen 4 Should they have saved in hospital est week? 5 Should I study abroad? feos) 1 shouléret have driven should nave house thoulde't have gone shouldet have eaten should nav locke! 1 Colla had to wor on Sunday, 2 Joan dide't have o vices on Sunday 3 Derce choule ews oso 44 Mary digas have to work of Sal 5 ? linan should have worsed on Suey Danie bed wo work an Saturday. “Sean should have worked on Saturday 1 Oh yes all children have 2 shouldnt have yelled atthe baby. 3 You shouts have worn that evening gown. 4 You didi awe co do 5 He shovldnt have eaten 40 much wedding ea, 6 Did you have w do the desainz? Unidad 25, A 1 Kedoseuthave wo work hardee 2 Wan won't be able to raet my parenie 23 Nau msm eat alee of sweets 4 You ought net tovshoulda' spel to hat io tha 5 She doesnt noed music ksons 1 They didi’ have wo pant the Mat before roving 7 You'd better not ans al thei questions. 8 Teouldrt/wasn’ alte vo seam wher Ives 2 © Onford Universiy Press Bachitersto 9 Deere A 5 8 ? 5 9 0 Should 0 tae vo tho prose? Gan she vis me wherever she Uhes? Should we have bought new plana? {Wore you able to finish your homework early? Does he need co eam Ruslan? Does he have to find his passpost? May I watt Inthe Ibcary? [Will we be able to mavel to other worlds 200m? Ibe oble eo stare next year Did you nave to ger up esr yesterday? ‘They muse have beea at hore when dhe soc) sat. Ske coal se/can/t ave seen me before. Yell nave to listen to me son You needa have syed here last month, He may have boen i last Saturday. Drs she regio shes has does she fare Ig ha bough telat ave aed ‘Seok fave iad ki, tune cexeyed uy bose ‘Foul /oaghet ove Men You shoud have/oughr to have bought your Sister te 10% ie rould bw beser if you didn Shouiint mis as. ‘Woull you slo pusing me the ou needa ave Bou dd have wo bring be flowers, Ths geepecho neols more tometer. HevSheou mist have deen sl igh itv diffe bu maonged to ire # cox Dont yea knoe how le the guts? Hetmay have eaten the shale pa, Dos don need 0 wear a cat amis clas, /You on at inj on behind/oppasie new in/teside jn tom of beeen fom alone pas 7 dowe 8 Shrove 9 under Ciiecces A 1 i sia 2 wth oa 3m 10 wick 4 ih wah 5 in win 6 ik 1B with 7 wih 14 in 2 wath 2 seithout aby 4 sith 3 with 6 1 Te repre the car by changing some of the pans 2 She anewored the question seithowt reing 1 exrelly 4 Te left sethout caving dank yo. 4 She gor the mene by selling her ca 5 Uehrew the ler va” without openiog 16 We worked all day witout: cating auyihing. 7 He lore eoight by going on a sie di, 6 Tweat out waour locking the door Unidad 28 A 1 in Api 2. an 2th Apr. 3 on Monday 4 imine morning. Farlam 6 inthe spring, B from: to for: in: at within Juri: By: at wy tor hing Brom: co for y “Thay ined in Oxford inthe spring of 2001 We iiudied Engh for 6 year, ‘Your bike wil be separed by Vola {don't lke going out sc night (Can we meet ot he vewketl? 6 Bye, se you on Tuesday! AI next 2 opposite 2 in front of 4 below 5 above 6 between 7 under 4 eae B 1 omer 2 onto 3p 4 ites by 6 along: past C1 (Sample nase “Thesecond person is 2 woman with Tong, dark hair She ie wearlag» ipa ski an caitying a briefase. Sc has got sal ars 2 (ample answer) ‘he thind pers has short dark har ancl hs lnige ears! Tie or she i wearing jeane and carrying carying an unwell, Dio 3 duing 2 fom ‘5 within bby 7 fr in E 1 You should never eye dongyen the pavement, 2 ilar a sain on the wall? 4 Thy work a cooks a MecDinabis. 44 Whos the woman wth ste newspaper? 5 We're travelling ip France on fants rotorbike 6 We met during our school days, 7 What ave you doing on New ¥ear’s Day? 1 Te walked davn/along a very long corr 9 Lean go thereon feo: AL aesa 2 thes 3 The 4 athe 5 tesa 6 The = 7 athe Bia 8 me 2a 9 the 3 some 0 the aan nA 5 The 12 the 6 come ia 7 be Wa © 1 He/She i on holiday inthe Roc 2 Laver yo to workon Mendes. 8 id yon bring/ Have you Proughe any carots? 4 He/She wes very land (hershe] weet to host {8 Did you get/Have you yor any information? 6 There are some peuple waiting 9 expt, 7 The mecuing ih oom (nue) 48, Unidad 31 A 2 supnsed interesing ‘nine surpaed bored excring bona annasing borin dbteresred bores amused supEsing Surpasal Aiseppoin dhapaoined boring surprised Why are you dsappoinsed? This Sook ie very amine. Weve recived very confsing infomacon, Robert is cepeesed bectse he fled the exam, {yelbnd a ver ing day Ste fet to & hrto: Sim and she yor very seuol/Eighened. A Lie 2 abou A wen ain Is their daughter good at school work? Mes ia fect she fs Urdluan ot ery. Why is Me Bells dog atv of tim? Because he is often cre Are you pease ith Peters exam result? Yes, etre wary prea of him. © 1 tis not wow staying until the end of the conference 12 Many every good at making people hopes: 4 | ant very terested in J's new seas 44 Tom in busy talking co she guest 2 Why are you so cel to me? 2 eso goed complsining sbour problems 3 Tm not very good at playing the mule 4 We are farbts for or big sales 5 They ave sich sed of waiting TREE © occa uinesiy ress ecilieaio 11 When/tiow tong age How long \When/tiow long rego Howe often How long ‘Whan/tiow long ago Howler Do hey often oto the They sl we nome ‘The posttan comes at 7 o'clock every day. Tre already read voday’s nespeper ib Ge p the pany afervarde awe you ever seen 8 halle? ‘They haven’: brought the now TV set yet, ‘The doctor checks on hs patients twice x day ch? oy + Sm e Whey tTow tong go Howiong We hava soem him since Apri Tye been writing co him for a sear, ‘Thay sil haven Fnkhed Te asved aftenwatds leer Tye haa ny dog for seven years, When dd jou lst wavel 0 EES? ow long 323 did the prety war? Inereis itis ‘There ary hey are ‘There are: they are There is tis ° there wes thee el be there used to be ere have been ‘hore may be trained ot os ng Thera wah gute 9 Lt of fog 9 he weekend teas very lowcy ths moni There was cute» lt of rain as week 18520 miles 0 Las Angeles. takes me 10 mines co Fave a shower ‘There vead to bea Museum in my cy ‘unt very healthy 10 smoke 3 packets & dey. There cant hea back dace, ‘Thare is going to Be alive incerstew wth fort Gnuse, 7 These have boea alo of problems wih the 1 computer 2 3 4 5 @ Ad the 2 ny R achilerto © Ostend Univers Press the x X; some xx fee abou ‘ith relaxing Surpased fisciaalng crete Song veornsd moving contvsing Sie hs happened ave roe ‘ave you been wali ied hss been dead has nocarrived lived did he patie find have net nie ‘Ac When Gié art and Dogs ise meet? 1D: They mev/ist met in 1972, when they mace ‘The Storm, ‘A: THow long. da the fl sake vo tke? 2: Thigok sloven munis 2 make Tom Janay to November ‘4: When did Anna aad bouglas last meet? Bs Thoy bate! it 1992, 4 Mow long has Anna been dead? 1B She has Beer dead since 1993, “Tiere Seve any mil inthe dg (Ae you sure abour che ith? ‘The noite wae waoying “The resqurant hasnt csc yet Cats are loving ssunale Thaveat sear him site last Wermer ears ate comes wil yo wate: wil ll (al forge: pays Ul fal; exops, neds; il iend Eaten wi enon B 1 The doctor will nos soe you unless you telephone fas 2 Youle’ go an stay a the Jolson’ if they ors init yo 2 You ean’ bea sailor if you cant aim. 4 Our seam wil Be Im crouble unless we win en Setutday. © 4 Unless Peter comes to the party; nobody vil ae fun, 2 When people ae weried, cher done work wel. 5 fthere arent enoueh plates, we cant ave inner vogether/f there are enough plier, we Cam ave dinner topetner. 4 Cobo home at 7 pan. along ae Tleave work. oe time 5 Unless | get an apology from the company, I Sefil ther « ker of complaint, 6 Fite a nice day tomorrow, well go for drive ? Wil there byw bs ve arrive a nigh? Unidad A 2 would xo 2 Shelves 3 Gilat et 3 would have 5 sbewet 1 be wouldnt smoke B 1 they discouere oil in Trekand 2 actors found a eure for cancer 4 youme neeple stopped biking pop music 4 Astronauts visited Vas © 1 were fewer cars 2 rove mone slnly 4 pula have more tine for reading 4 te Fewer sweats 15 more people wavelled by bus 6 coke mors; would wat ler “rt ford D 1 tt we wont by plane, we'd arrive eaely/enlon 2 hey have wIbter to you ifyou sso. 3 Et were you, Tel complain 4 The duldren ould stay a bom i rained 5 Would you wrt rom sys hel ny adress? 6 We wosklnt soeanyhingIewe didnt have nde 7 you sinpped smoking you would breathe betlor/mave easly, Pie ies AJ hua .. Joss veutd have phoned 2 had 3 wouid have made: she had spoken German very well he woul have applied forthe jo. 2 Iter irlend had nor phoned ber, she could not have heard about the teaching jobe 8 lf she hod nor consacted the company. they ‘would not have asked her 10 go for en intone 44 Ifthe fteriew hid gone badly, te director ‘would not ave offered Ellen «job, 9 sf ellen had known seme Spanish, she wets bbave stared st once, 6 she had nor been youd a langunges, sho soa nox have made rapid pngress ©. Unio te cant hecane pass the exams, he swan be shew goo Savery 2 There ate foods inthis area beni xns 4 The cy would ba much mproved fey bait» new iy 4 Ti Twere you, Toould have Bou st the tees cles Fe Chvctmas hadnt been so iy, wo ve pent move time os home iieces ‘A. 3 that Diana's pares would’ eal 2 night 2 veishes that Diana wouldn't spenc/dida spend Srery evesing at her cemmputer tax tal werent ansays Ine wich thse Dil would ee his clothes ‘wishes that Bl wouldn’ forgey/ would remember To lack the doce B 3 Llnad good eyesight 2 I spoke Germ, 3 Lhnge degee 4 Lwere 18 C3 Lind wld she ruth 1 2 wishes he hada borroned some meney fom his mole 13 wishes that she hed got up eae 4 wishos that he hnd gene to she par 5 wah Thad sen lls binhdey ead Ad wemade 2 was being built 3 weve broken se sn examined? ‘sill he fod be ends? thas this window Beso broken? C1 was noc examined by the doco tis morning, 2 wall nat be ead soo 55 has not been beekea dee tines, D1 The dng peniciin was discoverel ty Atexaiter Hering, 2 The sont Ystextay was writen The Beales 3 he deceive Here Pura! was erated by Aga Che. 4 The droica symphony wae eomposed by Beothoven, 8 Cone wit Mirch 6 Jurassic Pick was direcced by Steven Speier, 7 The Mine Lie was painted by Leonardo d Aine! ‘hs id wea writen by Margaret GEERT «© Onions tnvenityress sachet 13 A A 4 : 2 5 5 é 7 8 1 2 3 ‘ 5 é ? é > “The pessengers were being rescued at 9 Goch. “Thooe apples ore or goin 0 Be eaten, ‘The new Hany Borer Elm il be sot ia Braz 1s their bathroom being painted again? ‘The mk wil be lef on Gur docrsep. ie tha nrareh bing watched by everyane? ‘A beat fl atlas going o be pesionned by Pavaretti toni ‘he repors for die nest messing is being printed. tare been cleaned far heen soles stay nave bes made howl be spoken fans been broken Ful been repaired ve to be brushed: canbe seen sought to be drunk was gven sane flower. Wis ered a wondeei ob. willbe shen a present Wis sent a sane lle Wil be paid over Randred pounds Ti been protic a ieee fr her ay 1 hac heen sem hy the french tena. 6 1 have been being trained/“hewe heen tained by 2 {an be plyed by people ofall ages. iste ing watched by a large crowd ‘ould be sent bythe secret ‘ave been marked by two diferent veacess. ‘hie music hat been played by a thousand My Gather has been offered 2 oa job. Those fling were dtcete’ by Ron Toseard. The mesage was sent yeterdas. She wes lene an urbrela ‘These tablets aught 10 be taken thee eames a day. \youldn’ be able ro move about so vail in the Sak, ‘Waka be able to enngnize people Souk" be able to help ied people ‘won Vwouda' be ale w emeer everyting Horst wouldnt be able to pull Reavy leads IW ead stolen that eas he would have ad ithe hed Looked of the calenday, they would have realised wha the dawe was. ‘Our coeety will improve if we al work togoihen She wishes she had seen hat il Susan wood mel rose (ands if her dog wag were rend, If Bum fad done his bomework, his teacher ‘would ave bee betes Unites you eome, we wen have & good timevit you dow come, se war'thave a yoo A Bechet IETEREEEITS © Onford University Prose 8 The Lae secre ie goes cealy col, This ake sil freeze i getty oid. “Two aromie bombs were dropped on Japan by American plene: in 1948. 2: Mg Fest cane seen credo om hot Ti firs Dooks were printed (by-sornesne) ine gh cen Tit planet was cscuvered by a cstroghyadi lave month 9 Thelen pang eer byte pon 66 This book may be read day-weaple in many ifereneLanewsges 7 The swieancrs were prone From the sharks by some dolohins. 18 This dtese we worn by Movilya Monsve i the ° Alm Some Like I 0, Few stds re being built Qe vos Tors) al cover the couniry. “That car has been roaired twice so far this vee. ‘Anew type of dais should be designed. ‘lake book: have been packed, My picture was sent to the nevsppe ‘The ill ad (already) been pao ‘Anew alyrersper wat bela bt ‘iy wallet iene be stolen My glans Reve (ob mand, We have beer offered a bee room, Someone kill! John ¥ Kennedy in Dallas. Anasteroil destoyed the dinosours. Someone has jase brought them dinnct They Somesse hes away taken the decision. They’ Someone Tus Anish the reps by Someens has lent here fa cut ‘They have/Someone het Invented 2 (aster computer in Japan 18 My parenss premise me a new computer ieh/thas bit me ‘hoy thet wrote vo me ‘ehich/tha crashed ‘Mhorthat had a let of money bo imewiewed me 1 2 Whoo wes nave just had babies. 3 whose honk won a prize last wcsk 1 whe complain all the time 5 whose car had broken down, 1 wharthat 2 thie a 5 tae ‘This is the umbrels that you borrowed fom me aa’ see the wenman sage glesies we found [eked to a nan who Uae was very sac, He senda stony woe soiter we realy Fos Bring me de lamp thx isn the comes & eehie the books you bough? A 1. Alfad Hitchone, who was Bor in Bean, worked for many sears in Hollywood. 2 The san, which ie eally sae i OF milion mile Goma the earth 4. John. G. Keanedy, who ce in 1968, wae a wary famous American President, 4 Gharle Chaplin, who wa irom « pace foray, Ubecame avery rich ra. B 1 vadonna, whose parenis were tor in Italy $5 @ Famous Ameriean singer 2 Dil Clinoa, whose Wife sa bvitane lawyer came President ofthe Unie Sines in 1002, 2 ein Go, wo wae a sues Engh 4 Catherine of Russia, who raled for over 30 yeas, made mary importint changes. © 1 Come snd mot my sve, wham) Ihave told you so much about, /Come and meet my sister, About who Thave cold you 20 much 2 Ginderella, who was Dorn near dhe ese, smarned the prince 8 Matilya Monroe, whase real name wes Norms dean, ied very young. ‘The Olympic team, which ba eained very hord, Ain’ ger the gold nstal 5 We drove to Canterbury which is noe far ony London. (ieee AL Ruth soy iat she goes joseing every moming. 22 Anna cays hat Jenny im enadsing for hor eso 5 Andie ayn that we Be ea 4 Lim says tha: he eset swim, B 1 dimsaid chat he was saying with sone fends 2 Mike seie char he had never been fo iussia 3 Ela wid thar Rom couleit/vrsatt eb to use © computes 4 sil ad thet everybody hd vo ty tod thee ben. 5 Heche sda Jane mig be moving ar © 1 She told him hat she led his pais 2 You told me that you bike that im. 5 Tom told Ana that he fle, 4 she told Bil tat she was leaving. 5 Tisld you thar I couldn Bnd i 1 D 1 Liked his paintings, 2 Leoald rely on her 3 youhud been very kind 4 You were saving with hoe 5 Twould help har with nor homework. AL 1 Dees Jim often play football? wondered if) si ofen plaved football. 2 Whethave the children eseen? (She wanted to know) what the chidren had 3 Where is Mark going? (Cested) I Soke! where tke was going 4 When will the next bs eave? (ee wanted io now when the next bus wold Has Ann seen ths fin? (or asked) if Ann hd soon this in 6 How such money wil Heal? (Sazab wordared) how much money she woxld need. il/whetter he had worked since then Wovhether his sbter gave him money ‘uno ese gave fim money IWrchether he knew Steven lis how log he aad Enowa Steven (Oni A Jane to do ner homes soon, ‘Ana to Euy a mop. Mis Chak w see doctor Bilt keep all the windows clone Patl to go home. {reminded John to phone Sally ‘The wacher told de ealdre to wash their hands Jane ted 9 perseade (om to pay te gullar ‘Paul asked Many to fend hin her bicpele pur, ‘She wamed the chile ro stay away from tie The policeman advised Mark to see lave ‘She fold Alan to have shower, 1 ale ther 1a buy some potatoes 1 ft6 you to fell e the rath ‘Ske reminded me to wake her up He advised me no to smoke Se offered to lend sao ha, A tevtthard 7 2 Pesca at up this novice on the noice bose that isby the wiacom 13 Can you bring me the gas of legein che kachen? 4 havens fou the beak (ach) you Tht mami iran into the man whose eats we Jaaghed at 2o much poliowvemin whem) you sa of whieh) | 66 Dorit yo thot war. That's the sret that has ben Dod for moat 7 Tiheake the bieyée (hat) nobody ese sesans wo 6 Te cont eink of gf (Chat) bis glen wit realy ks, 1 The bos thor | ext open isin the borement 2 Saral’sjob, whieh is cry ee, doesn Day at al well ‘5 Thave sean the man hose suitcase we found 4 frm sure chat Bete who i sey senso, wll pase tees 5 dim, whoee care repaifd, es cil to task © Oxlord Universty Press Bachllerto 15 16 6 ‘They brought me sever messages which Th sunderstan. 7 The miter who served our table was very amusing, 15 Pleaye bring me my mobile phone, which is on the tae 1 Paul was diving theca whi is ging rely fst. 2. And, who(in) Thave juste, is 2 famous fporezean 3 Mp cousin Tin who gota rise Ist wok, loves Ehopning 4 Theywe cought ee ermal who() that mrenjone was talking about 5 Tend the report wheevtha raise a age contorers 6 The Wyehertey, whose Bouse was fest month forgot te loch the dour ag 7 "Ths surgery has three doctors, who ate al very goed. ts That innit the problem whieh tbat as een oiherng me al daz ‘fair id to is dng hat he coulda ‘Mie her schoo! eomorrew/A fates cold his ‘Ehtgmer thar he could sake hero vehook fae i oer ied tht she had st 8 ver nee boy dane ws er fie Wat she Dad meta very suave 4 Tryon ermine thar he woulé Aad amt ls here are wo Pod 4 Ty and Vitro 9 ck ha deg were lasieg coeselauady and Vier okt Rk that They mere paring chess 5 Sich cid wo Ba Ing rain on Saturdan/ ‘Xu eld that igh ee om Sour 6 btthadl said to Lz athe realy Med caen,/ Mehl eld hat he ely ed eure 27 Minot an fair sad tos non thot they Fate i eacer/A nother afer ob thas aon thar they Had mets teacher 2 “Mleage suet me athe cinema’ he sad, Te sted het to meet ir at the cinema. 34 ‘He should lake some sine off said che Acton Phe decree abused hi to take Some tine of 54. Dont dose your books," 1 sad. 101 them noc to close ter books. Je he quiet” she said She told us wo be quiet SE Yououghe w pey more steno Lscid. 1 swsemed ther (0 pay more ction, ‘Stop sging/ she ssid She ordenod us op singin she seuterces wiboura pit 1 ‘Doge dave to fas, Joh she sai She puveacd warned/teld Jota aoe to drive 100 fas 44 ‘Game wi as they sid t the maa. They told/endered the man to go wit them. 6 (Car | burtow your biel, please Sheila?” sid doy doy aekad Shella she could borrow her pievee 69 Ws nd to stare buying Canim resents fall Jane co Her bushand. dane cld bar husband that they needed tp star buying Ghristnss presents 10 Unidad 49 ad 2 3 3 ‘As she wanted 10 buy some re thes, she took here ered car. ‘he ay ws ted she wen toes ‘eouldn' sleep because of the Net Sine il eoest The apples, she never ets cher The suas were crowed hoeause of the football match ‘Shee we wore sell thitsy we asked fora din. Decne wane lose wight. Berause ol/de tovowing tthe sea. Deeaase of fue tarowing to te nos Beenase sne hed previous sppoimaene Deenase olde t/eseig t0 the ol Decause is paspore ms out of date, Boeause it vara long journey C1 We wok another route boca cH to/orring, toa tralfc jam. 2 Mis, Aliman rissed her da army, pease of due 10 dite ho accident 13 Teldat enjoy oar isc in the Fest because frau te/oning tothe mosquitoes. 22 Nobody knew tat was wrong with i, because tfreuo te/owing to Hs sence oo oe she 23 ay grandinotner fs very Beaby haeauseofflve 4 tovewing wo regular eerie ‘Re ad fo spead the might a dhe alrpont because tan eovoncing to the fone dels Wier 2 Tietead a series aocidens, so he nearly died. 2 tye lo eating lot of poli this summer 80 Pye gained some weight. 2) Hisense praca fica, so be hag joined @ ym 4 They've ha 4 baby, 0 they have bought # nese bows. 5 Soa ear bt vexy comiortable, 99 well eave in f Sally isin a hurry so she has left her books on the desk, 7 Thares lof work to do, 20 86 east take any bolldays th sea Sick tock a och ae sue a ich iraose boys are aways tillag such stupid Les ther Tnever Belews them 2 John sux a wonderful cook chat he has ‘become foros oar tom Trowe peopbe wr staking sich 6 noo cht T ant ear anything «4 Thnsc ies crane are so deliious that we had three 5 Swodking is such an wahealthy abst that Tve sever dane sochilersts EERTRERIG © Orford univrsty Pres 6 The test wat so eagy tha ished sooner thant expecta LD A 1 although an = = = Akhough a spe of/Despkce In spite of Despice Aldous In spite of/Despice 1 spite ofthe ft that/Despce the fact cat 8 alow 7 in spite o/despite 8 inspite ol/desone C1 Atbsougl be ne many qualities, be hast made ‘any frends 2. Athowgh people protested, hey pulled dowe the ‘ai 5 Alinough we worked hard, the separ wail nce be read eee ee ough we had had ong arc me we tetas ee 6 ing tse pros oe cpp thy are fone marr. 7 Although she chain amokes, she ean run faster aan ieee ‘A. has her food dctvene, 2 edie meat cu! 3 has her haircut 4 had bis ees tested 5 wll avs her bleed pressure checked. 6 are going to have our unis replecet B 1 they hove tei corps cleand ther. 2 Lust hue the gies ceed, 3 Thea my watch spaced cere art weak 4 Nyluabund aad hs eyes ested tere lst wine: 5 have that calle stain romaved © 1 Peer had his driving licence taken away by the pole. 2 Pasta ad her bike stolen from the garage. 43 Flona had fer glasses broken. 4 Joh had his deahes orm nt, 55 Jane had her flat burgled at te weekend Ine At sos sobuy a plane decker 2 fo makes cake 3 to getsomne sausages 4 so har she cat eles her shows 55 in rdor to find bock om nia 1 to et somne advice fora plane ket fora eke for some sausages for cleaning her sioes for s book on Inde for some advice {an appliance for botling water fan sntrumen: for measuring cemperemate $n appliance for clearing carpets 4 un appliance for keeping food cold {San insrumen: fr seeing things ata disance tm metnaent for menruring peed {San appliance for keeping food fon, 4 tteo for knocking in nade 1 got up esp 0 om a yg ty us ts acne for ecln €bs? They ee the erat erty ons ok 0 Teale the police wll sem aun sh thf went to ine emis in arden tages a preseption: (so Ts ta she st fora bresenjtpn) 6 What dn you need the caer for? x A peepeee ar iss Fee ; Shes cee joc e PEPER EEE ape ak 1 Sean ne ce C1 Like ray brother, 1 wo enjoy # good connis match. | bot amg se pees 1 te seaman * EG aonm mean ia «Flow nmngme menos 7 eenmemaae ee ae emcee the stag par xr is Vs ug ee ee iE BI © Orford University Pres Rechilersto 17 B 2 tine shies cups of coffee boeanse I enuldnt seep 2 pulls! dovea dh nds ia order to keep at the light 4 Aliiough i wes raining, we Indo good time at fhe bane 4 We think th roading seaports, s0 thers ate ane aooks incur house, 5 Teas sa hor that people sty indoor 6 Tel very std ecause Peter was absent. C1 Thre were 0 many peeple that cok find a dale 2 fe was such an expensive dinner that any people coulda aferd it {sean « tomy vice that it can seal B peop Typos feling 0 Veak Hot Tazayed in be. All my triends are so smart that the’ are all geing to univetiy mnt year ‘They live in such a simol lat thor there ree guest room We eained so nae that my team wow al de thatties in the champonship. D 2 Last week, my brother lene me £20 90 that oul Huy same shes. 2 Lest marth, the Govommene passe new trate ‘ws 40 that fewer poopie wil would ave seston. 33 Dir eho! hus apened a new library so char we fan have more boa. ‘4 An always writes everything in er diary so that Shedaemn' forget her appeistments 5 las. Friday, we Teli hegie eal) 6 thot we could shoid the mong tae 1 obra ae it 2 altend the Olympic Games 5 ewting the arose 4 Tree thal year 5 diecover the rath 6 the Fae has she Lace experience 1 went/travelie by plane so as t/in order wo futive more quickly. 2 Insite o¥/ Despite ihe dela, everyone azsived dome tafe and wound 3 Wy Whereas av moxberIkes Indian fod, T ta 4 Because of/Duc vo/Owing tothe fo, dace were ‘lor of seeidont. 5 $/1le talks so much that people get bors. 8 Teva's tome money for lathes, Temas suplementarios 1 sorcit out 2 tnd ow 3 look ino 2 come up wth 5 gerrid of 5 come up with P cope with C1 Dorit siopt Get on with your work 2 Lea potup wits ene rs. 3 Hive you gov you get nd of your brother? 2 You rover carry ou the tings you pla 5 yy sored out my apposneracn's for ts week. 6 The devecee wnt aking into the case, 7 Lave to think oser the projet befare deciding 1 Weneed to come up with # new seratay A 1 The weacher old hem of 2 Weber laned i up 3 4 nave go. found 3 lve teh been king four? 3 Easing a ove © Wb have vo pot thers off? 5 ne brougte herp very sa B 1 We cart use de fiige because Ie a broken dows 2 We Fel a Lovet frat sight 5 Men of chee Houses have been broken into this 4 Weve been waiting for hors bur mobody has twmed vp, 5 thers ate no ice cubes bacatse they've run out & When willyon get around te repacing that able? 5 Ths fire sari eemse of an electrical aul. tinsoary co eat tatt your grandfather has pascal aay C1 ot 2p to 3 hw Se 7 daw Sun coverqualiied| teoey tandsroeimane rewind © lanpadene dsadvantane ‘Seflenae ‘Ssoppeat Salton ‘aecove Sirus siscourage Seresponsble Teappoiat diteewe 18 sactiterae EENRERIIBIE © oxford University ress cim 7 2 uN 8 Ds 3 UN 9 UN aN a OVER 3s a DIS aww B® Uiteek A 1 depressing 5 wales: 2 useless 6 empl 3 nulghbourhood 7 rata 4 gully B 1 untotevatte 5 tildes: 2 enced & Severicement 3 yoke 7 German, 4 angaly & sppreval C NOMMRE APIETIVO ADJETIVO — ADVENIO (OPLESTO) health healthy unhealthy (um)heaithily beaury Bengal ‘aeautllly (shion fashionable unfsshiaaatie (unppishvonably sgenorenky ‘ungencrosty [undgenernusiy fate Sitar unnatural (unnaturally powsiliy pessble impossible _[jm)possl Stuacion anmtive unaactive (natal combr comfortable wacomfertable (uneomfers See ie ce ae rege imeguler (Tegal egal lege legally A 1 aux we hav cone 1 the righ place. 2 Sa the eceionst nt ahs desk tht sy son dean do ie hornework very fen. ‘hat yo'g othe dir as soon 38 Tne Sogs eet open xr Sung Is uavecessary to work womonow, 1s likely en ran this week Ie dangerous t dink and drive, ‘es uaa goto he cine at che weekend les dificult park here, Tes essential mv catch tht ran! 1 It nd of yo to invite me to your party. 2 eS wise fur peuple @ ital alam on thelr ‘owes 3 [US important for Mary © see a doctor about her syesight 4 Ws had for many students to pass this tes 55 Ws dificltfor me to soa the view from here, 6 Wsimposable lor us find our keys Ay vest tcne LS rae Seas me Torinseance Furcermere Moreover in face 2 msds & forexam 5 peers ch & (openioulr Above all Semally oreores 4 in my opinion A 1 Salads are good for your health By anires, hamburgers ca reise your choles level. 2 Your behaviour bas heea unacceptable. Therefore, Fdlike you w apolegie: 3 Asroplanes ate arony the fastest means of sranmore, Neverthclss, sone people are afraid toi 4 They have agreed t listen 10 avr propor, (Consequently, ve nee te gee ready fs the orcas 5: Sperm Joking oad co he Cautsumas ‘Rts Howoon Tam ot chanel bythe prospect 6 You should study harder (you want to go her eat far Onto on a shee ine tn ele 1 Coacaquendy/as 3 result 2 However 4 in eonelasion 4 To sum C1 News programmes ial newspapers show violent (Srenia dlarcune dh worlds ws, terror, ‘accidents, etc 12. Many people enjoy watching violent spore ive (of on TK in contrast, oes prefer nor © wats them stall. 3 On the eater hands ard to Bad # way co op vidlonce. Centers fe surely nor the ri ‘answer, even if some people think itis 4 Honever the government shostd rake an interest in people’ problems and they shoul ty 0 Mise Stancards 15 To sum op, violence is everwhere nnd we need to ind some means to checks spre 6 Tn conclusion, chis is the kind of problem cha we cartsoWve easily Only by educating children properly eaa we hope fo pt neni io violence {the uur. © OsfordUniversityPress. Sachileto 19