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Guatemala, July 14, 1989




Dearly beloved children, I bless you in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Dearly beloved children, the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, speaks to you.
Dearly beloved children, as always, I come here, to talk to you, to give you the light that you
to walk on the path that leads to Heaven. Yes, beloved children, My Divine Son Jesus and I are now
instructing Our children, because the darkness is very big, very intense, very dense. And that is why We
come here to instruct you, so that the confusion will not reach you.
Dearly beloved children, today I will speak about the subject HOLINESS. Yes, dear children,
have noticed that this word is not understood by many of My children. And some are even afraid of this
word, and feel badly, when someone speaks about Saints, and the holiness that a true son of God must
Yes, dear children, many are afraid, and do not understand that holiness is not hard to acquire.
Many think of holiness as something that men cannot reach. And they always feel further and further

from it. And they don't understand that holiness is within your reach. You only have to want it. If you ask,
this Grace will be given to you.
Dear children, I am going to explain to you that many people have the idea that holiness is being
all day long on your knees, with your eyes fixed on Heaven. But no, dear children. And this is why many
believe that holiness cannot be reached, because they say: "If I am going to be all day long on my knees,
what am I going to do? I have to take care of my children, I have to do this, I have to do that." And they
feel that holiness is not possible for them. But no, dear children. The Eternal Father said: Be holy,
I, your God, am holy." What meaning would these words have, if men could not reach the holiness of
You must understand that, if God says it, it is because it's within your reach, because He
the hearts of My children, and knows that they can reach holiness. But the Devil is the one that has
in the world the idea that holiness is not for today's men, because now, with so much activity, and with so
many new doctrines, men are impelled to stand out above the rest, so that they can achieve the first places
in the world. Now people urge themselves. They urge themselves, urge themselves to reach the first
even at the expense of death and blood. And this, dear children, is what has damaged the hearts of My
children. It has damaged them, because it makes them lose the reason of why they have been sent into the
world. And they are urged to achieve something, that is not going to bring them happiness nor peace to
their hearts.
They do not work to earn their daily bread, but to acquire honors, to acquire wealth, to acquire
worldly pleasures, and to stand out from the rest. And this brings them sadness, and emptiness in their
and bitterness in their heart. This is why happiness is no longer in their hearts, because with so much
activity, with so much competition among men, they forget about their soul, they forget that the soul also
has needs, that the heart also needs holiness, this peacefulness that cannot be obtained by fighting to get
the first places in the world, because this is what causes a spiritual unbalance.
People have become so materialistic that they have forgotten the spirit. And by forgetting
the spirit,
they don't search for God, they don't search for this peace, that will help them to continue walking in the
world, until they are called by the Eternal Father to render accounts in the final judgment, or at the
moment of their death.
Many, because they have become materialistic, have forgotten about their spirit, they have
the needs of the soul, they no longer worry about praying, and they fall into a tremendous emptiness, and
they are only concerned with searching for worldly pleasures.
Yes, dear children, this is what has hindered My children so much, because holiness is within the
reach of everyone. And I am going to tell you why: Because all of those who are true children of God do
not say bad words, they don't put themselves in an occasion of sin, they don't look for sin, they walk away
from sin. Holiness means, dear children, to love the truth, to love justice, but the justice which
comes from

God, by not wishing evil on others, to be in the state of Grace, and to try to correct all the defects
afflict the soul.
You must be very careful in this, dear children, and begin here, because many people enjoy
They like to watch others fight. And he who loves this is in great error, because anyone who is a true son
of God loves peace. There is in the homes, dear children, an apparatus, that is a school for all of those
children of Mine, who are not well prepared to follow the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. And this apparatus,
dear children, is the television set. Many people watch violence and crimes. They watch horrible things.
And they begin to enjoy them, to enjoy ugliness, to enjoy violence. And when they watch this, dear
it is a bad sign, because it hardens the soul and the heart of My children, so that they become insensible
to the pain and the sadness of others. And this, dear children, is a great evil.
Many people say that, in the time of the Romans, the time when people went to see the gladiators
kill each other, and die for the enjoyment of people, they are things of the past. But, dear children, this
still has not died. Many boxers and wrestlers die to please the people that come to see them, that come
to see them die. And they pay to watch death, to see blood. And they kill each other. And the person who
enjoys this spectacle, dear children, is on the wrong path, because they are watching those bloody events,
where people die for the enjoyment of others. And this is still happening, dear children, even now,
nowadays many boxers and wrestlers also die for the amusement of the people.
There is also another snare. Those who learn Karate learn to kill, because they enjoy violence,
because they love violence. This is what has made the world lose faith, and the world to become hard.
world does not understand that holiness is within the reach of men. But they must understand that there
are many demoniac snares, that prevent My children from understanding this. My children are not careful
in their homes, and they allow small children to watch all of these violent programs. And this, in their
immature minds, makes them believe that they have to be violent in order to succeed. And this, dear
children, is a demoniac trap.
You must be careful, very careful. Protect your children, mothers and fathers, because, when the
hour for rendering accounts to the Eternal Father comes, you will see that, because you were not good
mothers and fathers, your children were lost, because they were left free to sin, free to do evil, free to
with the evil ones, and listen to obscene songs, songs that shame My children, who want to be holy, but
cannot avoid listening to those words, because in the streets, at home, and in their offices, everywhere,
they listen to people who say bad words.
They see that people are easily angered, who are not patient, and are sad and bitter, because of
hectic life that they live. They don't have time to think about their soul, to think that the soul needs
spiritual nourishment, because, without it, the soul dies. The soul, dear children, is like the body. The
needs food to be able to keep on living, so too the soul needs spiritual nourishment, so that, as it walks
in the world, it can discard all that's evil, and acquire only what is good, what will help it at the hour of
Yes, dear children, that is why I tell you that you must be very careful, because those people that

are already corrupted give a very bad example to others. Many young people are corrupted, because they
see bad, obscene, and gross examples. And they imitate them, because there are no longer those priests,
those old teachers that used to teach virtues to the young, that taught the young to behave in a holy
manner, because it isn't the same, dear children; to give children only knowledge. For children, in addition
to the knowledge of how to get ahead in life, the Christian teaching must also be given, the teaching of
true Doctrine of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ, so that it serves them as a shield against the demoniac
that are so plentiful in the world.
Many of My daughters abandon their small children. They don't give them any true religious
instruction. And those children grow up with an education, that will not free them from sin. And they fall
into the traps of sin. And then, the mother suffers, and cries, and the father too, when he sees that his son
has no salvation.
Therefore, mothers and fathers, I, as your Loving Mother, am going to give you advice, so that
can help your children. Do not set bad examples for them to see. See that they receive the knowledge of
the true Doctrine of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. And don't allow them to watch all that is evil, because
by watching so much evil, they might desire to sin themselves.
The world glorifies violence. And it makes children understand that, if they are violent, they will
succeed. And they start getting used to the idea that they must be violent, rude, and that they must say bad
words, because it is fashionable and, if they don't do it, they are not in fashion. And this has been the
perdition in many homes. And the Devil attacked the homes, because he knew that here was the good or
the bad future generation. And now, how many mothers that did not take care of their homes are mourning
and crying, because their children are on the road to ruin!
Therefore, dear children, you must pray very much, and take away all those things that give
a bad
example to your children. Don't let them love violence or enjoy a fight, in which some die only to
others. This is demoniac, it is demoniac.
When a person gets enjoyment, when someone is killed, it is a bad sign. If a person hates, it is
bad, because hatred does not come from God, dear children. Hatred comes from the Devil. And many of
My children enjoy these fights, they enjoy seeing blood and violence. And this is bad, dear children.
You must start by removing all that damages the soul, and hardens the heart. You must start by
not watching all of those things that give bad examples to your children.
You must not love violence, you must not love to see blood, because this is demoniac. You must
love beauty. You must love what's good. look for the goodness that exists in people, the good examples
that separate your children from those men that slander, from blasphemous persons, from those that don't
have piety, who have hardened so much that they smile and are fascinated watching, as others die. And
many do this, because it gives them pleasure. And this, dear children, I repeat, this does not come from
God; it comes from the Devil.
Therefore God said: Be holy, because I, your God, am holy." And He asks this holiness from all

of His children, which, as I told you, does not consist in kneeling down all day. No, dear children. It is
that you must pray, and pray very much, but you must also work, you must take care of your homes, of
work But you must do it in a holy way, that is by taking away everything that is an occasion to sin. And
then, you will begin obtaining this grace.
But you must start with all those things that are so common and natural nowadays, because, even
in the songs that your children listen to, there is evil, there is sin, there is violence, in everything they
watch, there is death and blood. And all of this is being done by the Devil, only to separate you from the
truth, from the true Doctrine of Jesus Christ, so that no one will understand what holiness really is.
Holiness consists, dear children, in this, in being peaceful, in having God in your hearts. And
you have this grace, you will not enjoy all those things which delight and please so many people. You
avoid all of this, dear children, and not give a bad example to your children by letting them watch the bad
examples of others.
You must be a light for them, by acquiring those virtues that you lack. If you have a bad temper,
you should try to be calm and gentle, try to be patient, so that they will see the love that lives in your
heart, so that they will understand, so that they will know love, because today everyone feels empty. They
feel sad, because they feel they have lost God, because they don't have God in their hearts. He who is
holy is never sad or discontented, because grace helps him to accept all these sufferings, and he is not
Many say that, in order to be a good Catholic, to be a true child of My Divine Son Jesus Christ,
you have to be bitter and sad. And that is why many don't want to be good Catholics, because they don't
want to be bitter and sad. But no, dear children, the true sons of God have a holy happiness, and it is a
happiness that is born in his heart. And when he has this happiness, he does not need false happiness.
Many people, if they don't go to dances and parties with music and wine, are not happy, and they say:
us drink and dance, because in this way we will be happy." But after the party, the sadness comes back
their hearts, because this isn't true happiness.
True happiness is born in the heart and, by having this grace in your hearts, you will not need the
false happiness that the world gives you. But instead you will have peace, happiness, and the holiness that
the Eternal Father is asking of His children. If you do this, you will see the change in yourselves, and you
will gradually begin to understand what sanctity really means.
For many, holiness is a bother, it's too much of a sacrifice. And that is why they reject it, and
want to follow the path to holiness. But, dear children, holiness is within the reach of all. You only have
to take the first step. And that is to avoid all of those things that harden the soul and the heart, and
separates you from God by wanting to sin, and not wanting to acquire grace. Start little by little. If you
bad words, stop saying them gradually. If you are bad-tempered, try to control your anger. And gradually,
you will see how holiness reaches you. If you have a defect that afflicts you very much, desire that this

goes away, and that a virtue replaces it. And little by little you will understand that it is very easy, that it
consists only in wanting, and asking for this grace from My Divine Son Jesus Christ and from Me.
You must have this holiness, dear children. You must have it, because, when the moments that
been announced to you through My apparitions arrive, only the good will be saved, only those who love
truth and justice, only those that are merciful, those that are peaceful. They will be saved, because this
holiness will protect them from the Devil's attack. But they must begin today, dear children, today,
tomorrow may be too late. Remember that death comes like a thief; it will not warn you. And if you are
in mortal sin, you will not go to Heaven.
Therefore, dear children, you must start with this. You must pray often. You must say the Rosary.
You must begin acquiring all of those things that you don't have, through the Rosary, through the Most
Holy Wounds of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. And you must really want to change. But start slowly, start
gradually, and then you will realize, you will understand how easy it was, and that you did not understand
Therefore, I, as your Mother, repeat this to you: Do this, dear children, start by purifying your
tongue, do not gossip, don't say bad words, don't comment about others' faults, look at your own faults,
and gradually you will learn. Don't look at those things that will harm you, and your soul, and your
Look, it is so easy to sin, but it is also easy to stay away from sin, if you want to, if you really
to. And if you ask Me, I will give you this grace to keep you in virtue, to help you reach the holiness that
many of My children believe they cannot reach.
And yes, dear children, yes, yes, you can become holy, because the Eternal Father said so. But
must start by purifying your tongue, your eyes, your feet, your hands, and your ears. start with this, and
away all those things that harden the soul and the heart, all those things that show sin, that show violence,
blood, monsters. All of that, all that is ugly and repugnant, get rid of it. And in that way, you will be
purifying your eyes. Do not listen to those people that slander other people, that gossip, and that make
sin. Don't go to places where you can easily sin. And gradually you will acquire holiness. Don't mix with
evil people, with those that induce you to sin. Withdraw from those people, and follow the narrow path,
the one of holiness. But you must start like this, dear children.
Many people say: I have already prayed the Rosary, I have said my prayers, I have already
myself to God. But a person comes to visit, and starts to say that he or she has done this and that. And
they start gossiping, they start mocking, and laughing. And they fall into the sin of gossip, of slander, of
lies, because you don't know if this person is telling you the truth, or is only lying. And when you listen
to him, you are sinning, because you have listened, because you enjoyed the conversation.
This is why I tell you that you must start by not accepting those people that induce you to sin,
you must not look at those things that will induce you to sin. Do not desire those pleasures that will take

you to Hell. And you will retain your purity, your faith. And by controlling your ears, your eyes, your
mouth, and feet, you will enter into the path of holiness. And you will not be, like many say, bitter and
No, dear children, no, because then the delights of Heaven will be given to you for your enjoyment, and
eternal joy, and happiness will then shine in your hearts, and you will show it in your faces, this holy
happiness, that the world cannot deprive you of, because it belongs to you, it belongs to those whom the
Eternal Father has given it to. And because of this, dear children, do not have a false idea of what holiness
Holiness, and I repeat, is within the reach of everyone, but only to those who truly want to
it. And it starts by refraining the tongue, by not telling lies, by not slandering, and gossiping, and saying
This is what My children have not understood. And they believe that holiness is for those Saints
that were in the world many, many years ago. And they don't want any part of this, because they believe
that they cannot reach holiness. But no, dear children, you can reach it. But begin with those starting
that I have marked, and also by asking with your prayers to acquire this holiness, but also by doing all
I have told you. Do not love violence. Don't love blood. Don't look at those people that laugh, when a
person is suffering, when a person is dying, and who pay to see this, and who pay to see death, as if they
were animals. And they go there to enjoy watching others die.
No, dear children, you must not do this. But, for all of those who do this, you must be their light,
and tell them that this does not come from God, because God does not hate. He loves, He loves very
This is why He wants His children to know the truth, and know how they must really behave in His
presence. That is why, dear children, I have given you this advice, so that you can begin now to see that
holiness is within your reach. And it consists only in desiring it, and by acquiring all that I have told you,
and avoiding all of those things that harden your hearts, and separate you from God.
You must always say the Rosary. And when you feel that a temptation is coming, pray a lot,
a lot,
and it will leave you. Whenever you are sad, pray, and the sadness will go away from your hearts. When
you are happy, also pray, because in your happiness, you will praise God. But let it be that holy happiness
that God has given you, and not that of the world. The world does not give the happiness, nor the peace,
that can only be given by My Divine Son Jesus Christ to those who ask for it, and accept it.
Therefore, dear children, I advise you to start changing your attitude today, to change your way
thinking. And if you have a fault, try to overcome this fault by acquiring a virtue, and you will see how
Lord will come to help you, and I too. And you will start growing, growing, and growing in holiness, until
everyone sees this holy happiness in your countenances, this holy peace, this holy love that comes only
Dear children, I am telling you this, because when the cruel moments that have been announced
come, only the good, only those who have acquired virtues will be saved, only those who are under My

protective Mantle will be saved.

This is why, dear children, it is urgent that you start now, and that you help others to start as well,
so that you are prepared for that day which you do not know of, nor when it will come. And that is why
it was said: Be vigilant and pray, because you don't know the day, and the day will come like a
Therefore, dear children, begin now. Pray very much. And teach others, so that holiness will also reach
And now, dear children, I am going to bless all of these Sacramentals, so that they will be for the
protection of My children, to help them, for their health, and so that they gradually acquire holiness in
hearts, the holy rejoicing, a holy peace, and that it helps them to remain under My protective Mantle. I
bless these Sacramentals, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and also so
that they help My children acquire holiness.
Well, dear children, I have been very happy of being able to communicate with you, to tell you
so that you understand that you can become Saints, if you follow My advice, if you follow the narrow
God's path, by starting to pick up the flowers of virtues, the flowers of holiness. But you must start with
yourselves, so that later on you can cast that light on others, and your example will be useful to convert
others. And in this way, little by little, true holiness will start spreading out among My children.
Well, dear children, I'll wait for you at the next reunion, when My Divine Son Jesus Christ will
come to talk to you about another very important subject, that will help you to walk the narrow path, that
leads to Heaven, but which many fear to walk, because they believe they cannot do it. But I have
to you that you can walk the narrow path, and little by little you will succeed. I will help you to go
Say many Rosaries, because this is the weapon which will help you in these latter times, in which
violence, and sin have spread throughout the world. This is why you must place yourselves under My
Mantle. And you must start working now to obtain the holiness that the Eternal Father is asking for in
these times.
Well, dear children, from the bottom of My Immaculate Heart, I bless you in the Name of the
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. May peace, happiness, and faith remain in your hears.

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