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URDIRANGE NU. SS-200U AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING MATTERS RELATED TO THE CASE CONCERNING ANCILLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL ISSUES CONCERNING THE MATTER OF “CITY OF ALEXANDRIA V. CLECO CORPORATION, ET AL,” DOCKET #CV 05-1121-A, RELATED TO THIRD PARTY CLAIMS OR DEMANDS OF EXPERTS, ATTORNEYS, CONSULTANTS AND OTHER RELATED CLAIMS, PRESENT OR FUTURE RELATED OR ASSOCIATED TO THE PRINCIPAL DEMAND OF THE CITY; TO GRANT AUTHORITY AND EMPOWER THE CITY ATTORNEY TO ENGAGE AND CONDUCT ON BEHALF OF THE CITY IN NON-BINDING MEDIATION WITH ANY PARTY OR CLAIMANTS FOR SETTLEMENT OF ANY CLAIMS OR DISPUTES; TO PROVIDE THAT ANY RECOMMENDATION, DETERMINATION AND PROPOSED RESOLUTION OF CLAIMS AND DISPUTES SHALL BE FIRST SUBMITTED TO THE CITY COUNCIL WHICH SHALL FURTHER EMPOWER THE CITY ATTORNEY TO EXECUTE DOCUMENTS NECESSARY AND INCIDENTAL THERETO AND OTHERWISE PROVIDING WITH RESPECT THERETO. BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Alexandria, Louisiane: SECTION |. BEIT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Alexandria, Louisiana, in legal session convened, that the City Council authorizes and empowers the City Attorney in regard to the resolution of all ancillary and consequential issues, expert. attorney, consultant and legal claims, present and future arising out of or related to the City's claims against Cleco Corporation et al., regarding “City of Alexandria v. Cleco Corporation, et al, Docket # CV 05-1121-A," to engage in discussion of resolution of any and all such related claims by discussion or non-binding mediation, which in the opinion of the City Attorney are deemed necessary and proper to resolve third party claims; provided the recommendation of the City Attorney shall be subject to City Council advices as the City Attorney shall present his opinion and advises to the City Council for final authority and that otherwise the City Attorney is granted such discretion as in his sole opinion he believes necessary and proper to accomplish this purpose. SECTION Il. BEIT FURTHER ORDAINED this Ordinance shall become effective upon signature by the Mayor, or, if not signed or vetoed by the Mayor, upon expiration of the time for ordinances to become law without the signature by the Mayor. THIS ORDINANCE WAS INTRODUCED on the 23rd day of February, 2010 THIS ORDINANCE having been submitted in writing, introduced and published was hen submitted to a final vote as a whole, the vote thereon being as follows: YEAS: Lawson, Hobbs, Johnson, Silver, Fowler, Larvadain, Goins. NAYS. None ABSENT: None AND THE ORDINANCE was declared adopted on this 9th day of March, 2010 and final publication was made in the Alexandria Daily Town Talk on the 12" day of March 2010. PRESIDENT MAYOR'S APPROVALIVETO DELIVERED:DATE:_DELIV RAD MAR 1 1 2010 RECEIVED: DATE: ‘TIME: NOTE OM ERECTION _Z take re achon en Tard ercdhimente, owe Tie ondisence enyoruers The Cf, Othemts A Jake Crbe- achin, = hi chverehin, Ze wt mot pact pck tn the resol bons of These foes of chms 4 adfere h m decivin 16 hifou 2 Ay her 5 fancleref Was Lovr'sren « [ine reguses< That of