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Tai Lopez: His 5 Seret For YouTube Advertising Success

Tai Lopez
Sinc it is instrutive t tudy succssful ad camaigns, I want to hl u dissect ths nerly 4mnut commrcial to see wh t has worked so wll, and hw yu cn apply some of th
techniques that made ths gu n Internet sensaton.
Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez ll a 67-ste program on how to b successful, so I would put hm in the categor f
suss coch, alng the lins of Ton Robbins or Brin Trac, {but} geared more toward
Millnnials. Now, Im not touting hs program or endrsing him. {But} n busness u have t
stud what works, no mtter what your personal opinion are abut the companes or products.

Thr little doubt this d i effective, because its a paid ad tht ha been running for abut nn
mnths. {And} the onl reson to continue spending mone on n ad mnth after month is tht it
work. In addition, Ti Lopezs YuTub channel hs over 380,000 subscribers, which i a dnt
figure considering tht th Tony Robbin Liv channel has fewer thn 150,000.

So what an we lrn from ths phenomenon? Hr r fv techniues u can apply to our

buine marketing.

1. Grab the viewers attention quickl

Typcally whn a pre-roll ad starts playing n YouTube, youre nly frced t wath the firt five
secnds, aftr whch you can click n th Skp {Ad} button. Tht mans th advertiser ha just
five precous seconds to apture ur attenton, arouse ur uriosity, r gt you interested
enough to kee watching.

Too mny online commercials fal miserabl at this. We just want to skip their d and gt to th
vido we cme for. What dos T Lez do dfferently?

The frst thing you s when the ad starts a gu in a T-shirt n front f a black, sport r,
filming hmelf with a smrtphone. This immediatel sets it apart from typicl d, bcaus t
looks unprofessional and ersonal. H trt by aying, Here in my grge, jut bought this new
Lambrghini hr. Our curiosity is aroused who films a commercal in their grge, nd wh is
he shwing ff hs nw ar?

Mst importantly, all this h haened in the frst fur econd, befre the Skip Ad option
appars. This is th hook that got millions of viewers to keep wathing.

The main takeaway here that yu dont need t strt a video ad wth your logo, anned muic,
fany graphcs, or slik camera work. Insted, interrupt th viewers xpctation of what n ad is
suosed t look lke, intrigue them wth somethng thats offbet enough to aroue curosty, nd
d it in less than five seconds.

{2.} Just be ourself

A lot of commercils use actors portraying rl eole, nd sometimes use atual customers. {But}
thr nothng mre uthentic than a busness owner talking to the audience. Dd yu vr
the Wend {TV} commercals featuring the founder Dave Thmas? You culd hrdl accuse hm of
bng a professional actor, {but} those cmmercials wrkd becuse f his friendly ersonality.

Tai Lpz has his own tyl f presenting himself. H wears a t-hrt, whih goes ginst the norm
fr sellng ucce programs where the typicl attir is an expensive Itln ut. He alo comes
across as unsripted and sontaneous, whih lnds n r of authenticit to the message.

The less-thn-perfect presentation stl i effectve because wr often more willing to listen to
somon who doesnt sound like hs readng a tl-promptr or delverng a highly-polished sles

The lsson here : Dont b afraid of bing a little rough arund the edges in your presentation.
Inject a littl personality nto your marketing mag nd oull likely connect more with ur

{3.} Prove our clam

Heres where we tlk abut tht blak Lmbrghini. I know its a lh fr success coaches to show
off ther bg houe, exensive crs, and other symbols of a wealthy lifestyle. Thy ue these images
to illustrate how walthy thy r, implying tht you can be too, nd its a technique tht obviouly

Demnstrating proof is vtally important n an kind of marketng that makes a claim about wht
th buyer an achiv whether its a weght loss ad with before-and-after pctures, a laundr
dtrgnt commercial wth a tain-removal demnstratin, or a YouTube d fr a 67-ste suess
prgrm with th entrepreneur standing in front f his fnc ar. Showing the rult creates
motional ppel nd delivers a form of proof.

In Tai Loezs cae, theres a curiosity-driving disonnet between his appearane as a regular guy
unhaven, n a t-shirt and tht fancy car. His before-nd-fter n th form of a rags-to-richs
story: How I wnt from brok to buying a Lamborghini. {It} capture the imaginatin, appeals to
nearl everyone, and never gos ut of style.

{If} yur not howing evidene of your custmers achieving results or being happ with their
purhase, your missing ut on a time-worn marktng principle.

4. Mak it seem possible, esy, and bran-dad simpl

Besides the car, th other min image in this video even hlv {full} of {2,000} books he
own. Now, ds Ti Lopez reall red a bk a dy as he sys? I dont know. I do a lt of reading
and cn often get through tw or three bk a wk. (Here a hint: Mn businss books ontain
a lot of {fluff} r boilerplate stuff youv already seen. Skim thrugh that nd focus n th cre

Whats imortant n this vde i th idea that, wthut a college eduation, T acquired the
knwledge ncssary to becme ucceful, through mentor and books. Since anyone cn aquire
knowledge this wa, hes howng how t possible to achiv what he did fr thos who ddnt
get the mssag in high shool that reading is valuable.

Then he talk about the thr mot mportant things you can do toda to get started, whh r
overed n another vdeo, long wth a 67-stp program. Agn, a timeless prncple in either slfhl or suess progrms is t lay out a ste-by-ste ytem someone n follow. Think of
Sthn Coveys 7 Habit, r AA 12-step rogram.

{It} doesnt mtter f yure slling a hm security system {(5} Quick Steps t Mkng Your
Home Scur), online dating services {(6} Ways to Find Your Prfct Mth), or shamoo
(Lather. Rinse. Rat), give ur ustomers a smple prcedure, recpe, or plan t fllw. Even
blgs lke thi one use numbered lit, becaue readers find them esier to digest.

5. Tell your prospects xactly what to do next

Never assume that anyone will know what t d after sng yur d. You have to gve thm a
clear ll to action, as Tas vido demonstrtes.

He direts the vewer t nothr vide he has recorded which is on his wbit, nd at least twice
tells yu to click here as a lnk os u. {In} ft, he vn points t whr the link appars nd
remnds u to vst the wbit t watch the other video.

That gives a clear message tht there s a nxt step to take, what it involves, and how to take it.
Most ruially, h offrs a beneft for taking the next step a vdeo wth the 3 most important
things yu can do today to make a powrful chang n your lfe.

I your call t actin clear nugh, and d you articulat what benefit our prospect will reeve
by following the link, viiting ur webste, downloading your fr report, or whtever else you
want them to d? If youre nt getting the click-throughs you want, try makng your all to ation


Borrowing technques of ucceful mrkting i a way t kee grwing our business.

Fortunatel, there re plenty of examples out thr, n the form of d or vidos that {run} gin
and again. Yu just hv t look for th prncples at wrk, then find a way t dt them for ur
particular business.