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Fluid Mechanics T 4600:310 Fall 2014, Exam #3 Name B. (25 pts) A 1/5 scale model torpedo is to be tested in a wind tunnel to determine the drag force. ‘The prototype obviously operates in water, has a diameter of D = 0.533 m and a length of 6.7 m. The desired operating speed of the prototype (the actual torpedo) is 28 m/s, The model is to be tested in a wind tunnel, with air, and to avoid any effects of compressibility the maximum speed of the air is 110 m/s. ‘The temperature in the test tunnel will stay at a constant value of 20 C, but the pressure may vary. Treat the air as an ideal gas and do the following: 1, Determine the minimum pressure at which the test turinel will operate (yes, we'll have to pressurize the tunnel) to achieve Reynolds number similarity; 2. With similar Reynolds numbers, and a drag force on the model of 618 N, determine the drag on the prototype. DragForee : : AES (DragCoefficient) Cy =f (Re) (Modeling Expression) Epv?D* Use: Pooser = 998.2 kg/m? Boer = 100210 Nes/m? Har = 1-85x10° Nes/m? Pay = PRT Where R= 0.287 kifkg-K 79.81 mis? 2 Leitsto"E Nga? Aaabré LOE Ke ae : : extn Bias (iY