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Graphic narrative

Idea 1:
Beginning - Its just a normal day in Ergo City, Mr Star has just finished a
day in the office when a breaking news update stops him. "Snake Hips
returns to take over Ergo - is this the end". Mr Star knows that this is the
final straw. He rushes home, gets his super suit and then leaves.
Middle - Snake hips is thrusting her way through the town blasting
hipshots at innocent civilians. She gains the attention of the public and
claims shes going to take over the city. A few police try to shoot her down
but she blocks them with her cape.
Suddenly Mr Star shows up and a conversation between the two happens.
Mr Star tries to talk her out of it but she disagrees. MAD FIGHT SCENE
End - out of nowhere, a small unknown alien called Nanu enters the fight
and tries to restore peace. Both Mr Star and Snake Hips seem confused by
the introduction of Nanu, so try to reason with him and see whose side
he's going to be on. Nanu decides to side with Mr Star and together they
defeat Snake Hips and save the city.

Idea 2:
Beginning a detective gets called to a crime scene in the middle of the
night after two women have been brutally murdered. At first inspection it
is believed that it was just a bear that had attacked them, but they soon
realised it was something else.
Middle other sightings of Zombies had become popular and they soon
realising that the two women who had been killed were killed by zombies.
BUT, the detective discovers that these arent normal zombies, and that
someone had been training them to kill in a discrete manner.
End The detective finds the scientists who has been doing this and kills

To get an idea of what narrative I should do, I chose to send out both ideas
to my class to see which one they all preferred. After receiving all my

results I found out that my first idea is the one that I will choose to create.


Idea 1

idea 2