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This is an excellent recipe that is very easy

to make..It will make 18 biscotti and if
you want more just double the recipe..The dough
texture is perfect and easy to handle..This is
the recipe...
1/2 cup sugar.
2-teaspoons vanilla extract.or Anise extract.
1/2 stick melted butter..
2-teaspoons baking powder...
2-cups all purpose flour...plus a few tablespoon
for dusting and bringing dough together..No kneading.
Mix all your wet ingredients and add your flour
plus baking powder by sifting method..
Form on sheet pan lined with parchment paper or
grease pan...Form into a 14 inch long by 2-1/2
inch wide log by 3/4 inch high..Bake at 350 degrees
for 30 minutes..Remove and let cool about 8 minutes
on wire rack..Cut log into 3/4 inch wide pieces and
lay on side..bake each side an additional 10 minutes
per side.If you like nuts you can add them into the
recipe..Enjoy and God Bless Everyone!!!
Anthony Spinelli.