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Opening spiels by

1. To bring the attention of

Locus of responsibilities
1. Assigned student nurs

afternoon group

patients back to the program

to the front and greet the

2. To acquaint the patients


with the groups masters of

2. They will introduce


themselves as the aftern

3. To provide a head start to

groups masters of cerem

the succeeding intermission

3. They will interact with

1. To entertain the patients

patients by short intervie

1. performers will enter th

2. To showcase the student


nurses talents

2. An assigned student n


initiates the number by p

the necessary music

3. Assigned student nurs

9:21 9:52

Game 3 (Ball and the

1. To establish teamwork

1. Game master goes up


between patients

stage and explains the

2. To harness each patients

mechanics such that:


-Each team must have 4

3. To promote healthy


competition between teams

-Each team will be provid

4. To improve patients ability

with 1 ping pong ball and

to focus

of cloth with 5 holes

5. To practice patients speed -Each team stands behin

starting line and should b

the ball while walking tow

and around each teams
then back to the starting

-As the time allotment of

minutes starts, each mem

will hold a part of the clot

the edges to balance the

pong ball, avoiding the h

-No one shall touch the b

within the allotted time ex

when the ball falls, when

should go back to the sta

line and start all over aga

they can successfully ba

the ball throughout the tr

from the starting line, aro

the post, back to the star

-Every time the ball falls

anyone in the group touc

ball, they shall have to go

to the starting line.

-When at the end of 3 mi

when all teams fail to com

the task, the team with fa

reached point wins, seco

farthest will be the secon

placer, and so on.

2. Each team will be guid

watched by a student nu

3. Each student nurse fo

team will have to mark th

farthest reached point of


3. An assigned student n

serves as a time keeper.

1. Game Master will give

instructions and the mec

Game 4 (Water Circuit)

of the game.
-each team should have
members. In case that a

lacks members, one or tw

members will have to pla


-Each team will be assig

one table with 6 empty p

cups placed side by side

for the first cup with a pin

-2 basins with water will

placed away from the tab

opposite the starting line

two teams
-First member will carry

separate cup and head t

basin to get water to fill t

cup on the table with the

pong ball. They may nee

it more than once to mak

ball float to the surface e

to transfer the ball toward

second cup by blowing.

-once the ball is transferr

The first player goes bac

starting line then the sec

player do the same proce

and all members follow u

ping pong ball is transfer

the 7th cup.

-First team to complete w

2. Student nurses will ha

guide each team.
9:52 10:02

Awarding and processing

1. To improve self-esteem

3. After care by student n

1. Masters of ceremony

2. To recognize winners

interacts with the patient

3. To encourage patients

2. Patients are asked of

who have not participated

views about the days ac

4. To discover patients

3.Winners of the games

feeling towards the activity

called to the stage for


4. Student nurses will dis

10:03- 10:06

Closing Remarks

1. To show gratification to

individual tokens to patie

1. Student nurse will go t

everyone has participated

2. She will deliver her sp

2. To encourage other
patients to participate in the
succeeding activities.

3. To summarize the entire

10:07 10:08

10:09 10:30

Closing Prayer

After Care

1. To enrich the spiritual

1.Prayer leader will go to

aspect of everyone


2. To thank God for the

2. Background music wil

guidance in the program

played by an assigned st

3. To ask for
1. To put in practice proper

1. All student nurses will

garbage disposal

collect garbage

2. To keep the area clean

2. Other students will rem

the decorations

3. Used chairs and table

be returned back to its st


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