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Let It Go Words and Music by James Bay and Paul Barry J=180 Ds Bis Fm/a, e c C8 (cms) with pedal Dp Gr BS ANG e& (WG) «s) eo) Ds GE Bs Fm/ay ®) (a0) ) mB) 1, From walk-ing home and_talk-ing loads, Ds rE Bis avo @) o (cy io) B . i" Ne “ to seeing shows in evesning clothes _ with you,_ ©2014 2-Unique Muse and Mtrophonie Nusie Lis Kobalt Muss Pubishng Lined ard Universal MusiePabsing Lis {A Rights Reserves musienotes.com Authorized for use by Everyone v Dy e) GUE ava) Bs 5) from ner-vous touch Ds ®) (Ca) tostay-ing up Bam Dy! e and waking up and getting drunk, Bis with you as By) Gans cams) Fmias (Gm) as (B35) Now we're sleep-ing near the edge, ree + og-nise myself, Bum (Cm) i a u-sion in our heads ‘coming something else, musienotes.com hhold-ing something we don't. need i's fun-ny how re flee-tions ” Dyas EW/BI) gon-nabring us to our knees. think i's time to walk a ~ way. — change, allthis de- and we're bo- Gmns cams) ; Socomeon let_ it Authorized for use by Everyone Gu Ds Bum Ema awe, i) (cm) (GmvBs) i? rok —— D Em/a i) (GB) Fxmaddo inate) GWE D, Bum avo, e) (Cay why don't you, be_ Ex'nything that's Fiat GmB) leave it to the_ breeze, Bymaddo Ds may (made) ) (Gm) musienotes.com why dont you. be and Til___ be Authorized for use by Everyone