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99th day season II-aftermath

Season 2 intro. *curtain opens*

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do"

~*song plays here .click*~

I'm here right now sa hospital, with Redd. Yes, he's really sick now.
May tumor siya sa left side of his brain, and slowly nag-spread na ito
sa ibang lobes sa brain niya. He's still fast asleep. I sat to the chair
next to his bed, and I gazed outside the window.

The raindrops kept on falling. It really paints a very sad scene. I

sighed, and then I looked back at Redd. I neared him, and then I sat on
the edge of his bed, and then I held his hand. Ilang months nalang,
mawawala na siya. Cry

"Redd, ang daya mo naman. Bakit mo ba ako iiwan? Akala ko ba, best
friends tayo? Embarrassed "

I whispered and then, I saw a teardrop sliding down from his eye to his
cheek. I squeezed his hand, and then he smiled as the teardrop reaches
the top of the bed. I felt sorry for him, he shouldn't die. Embarrassed
I nearly cried. But I held it back. I slowly let go of his hand, and
then I hugged him. Tapos nun, I decided to go somewhere else. You know,
to keep my mind and self busy. Hindi ko na alam kung ano pa ang aking
gagawin. I decided to go to the Mall, sa shop nila ni Sofia. I miss my
best girl friend badly. Embarrassed I really need her company right now.

The Mall's just a walking distance from here, so I walked on the street
while holding the umbrella. I started walking, and... naiisip ko na
naman si Gab. Embarrassed I looked at the ripple on the street, and then
I dropped a tear silently. I immediately wiped it, tapos nagmadali na
ako sa paglakad.

Nung nasa Mall na ako, my attention was caught by two couples who were
standing in front of me.

Boy: So, babe... where do you wanna eat?

Girl: Anywhere, as long as you're with me hun.. Smiley "
Boy: Gusto mo kumain tayo ng ice cream?!"
Girl: Sige! Gusto ko nun! You're the best!"
Boy: I love you so much my baby... Mwaaah."
Girl: Yuck honey ha? Tigilan mo nga ako, PDL ka eh."
Boy: Huh? PDL? Akala ko PDA yun. Grin "

Girl: Tange! PDL yun. Public Display of Lust! Grin "

Boy: Lust ka diyan! Tara na nga."

Muntik na akong mapaluha nun, pero natigil ang pag-eemote ko kasi bigla
nalang may nagkiliti sa akin. "Hoy bruha! Long time no talk! "

"Sof! I miss you." I hugged her. Then, bumitaw ako, tapos binatukan ko
siya. "Ano ba, bakit mo ako kiniliti?!"

She rolled her eyes and then she smiled at me. "Kasi po, parang ayaw
umalis ng mga mata mo sa dalawang taong iyon!" Tinuro niya iyong two
couples na nakita ko kanina. "Bakit nga ba? Roll Eyes Namimiss mo siya noh?"

"Hindi noh! Hindi ko siya namimiss! Angry Tigilan mo na nga ako...

Embarrassed " I gave her a sad face. Ginulo niya yung buhok ko, tapos
she patted my cheek.

"Kamusta na pala si Gab?" I shrugged as she asked me that. It had been a

week. Hindi kami nagpapansinan. What I hate the most is the eye contact
thing. It hates to think that I'm being frozen by just one stare, one
stare from him.
"Let's go somewhere else, baby. I don't think... we can pass through
here." I turned back upon hearing this voice. I looked back, then I saw
Gab--together with 'the' girl. And they were holding each others hand.

"Bakit mo ako iniiwasan?"
I was just ignoring him. I never bothered to answer him. Parang hangin
lang kumbaga. But the problem is, masakit--dito. *points at the

"Luxelle. Anong problema? Bakit mo ako iniiwasan? May kasalanan ba ako?


Pagkatapos niyang sabihin iyon, dumating na si Redd. I was trying to

ease the pain. But it was no use.

"Aimee! Tara na."

Redd looked at me, and then he reached for my hand and held it. Tapos
tinignan niya si Gab mula ulo hanggang paa.
"I see. Ano ba ang pinag-uusapan niyo ng girlfriend ko?"

Lumunok ako. Hindi ko na ma defend si Gab. Knowing that Redd is dying.

And yes, I've already accepted his request na maging ako si Cinderella niya.

I faked a smile. Then, kinuha ni Redd kamay ko, and then our fingers
again were locked to each other.

"Yes. Diba, Sweetie?"

I shrugged, but I had no more choice.
"Uhhm. Y-yeah. Y-you heard it right, I am his girlfriend. And he's my..my.."
I stammered as I started saying this. Labag man sa kalooban ko,
kailangan ko yun gawin. Tumingin ako kay Redd, and he was smiling, super
obvious that he was expecting me to say that he's my boyfriend. And then
I exchanged looks with Gab. He was listening pretty well. But when I
continued what I was trying to say, he looked fairly disappointed. Who
would not be?

"He's my..he's my..my..boy..b-boyfriend."

And when I said this, I could not explain Gab's reaction. But it can be
describe by just this simple one word.. OUCH.

~End of Flashback

I know that things would never be the same again. Papano nalang to? I
think nag-kabalikan si Gab and iyong girl. And, now...I'm trapped. Whom
will I choose? Things are going tougher. But as they say, when the tough
gets going, the going gets tough.

"H-hi?" I gave him a sarcastic look.

"Who are you, do I know you?" Ouch? Was that meant to be sarcastic?

"Oh! I'm Aimee Smith. You? Embarrassed Sad "

"I'm Gabriel Alfonse. Cool "

"Nice meeting you, Mr. Alfonse. Embarrassed Sad Smiley "

"Same here, and yeah, meet my girlfriend, Belle. My future and potential
wife. Cool "

"Oh, hunny. Don't be too sure! Grin Cheesy Hi, I'm Belle, nice to meet
you Smiley "
See what I mean?

Now that gotta hurt. And I mean HURT, alot. Now, this is a start of a
new beginning. There will be many twists, and pain. And I don't know if
our love will remain, and I don't know if it could stand...the test of
time. I don't know who's that Mr. Right that God has intended for me...
but I know, one day...someday, we'd find our way to each other's
heart... I know... we will be together... in the right time, in a
perfect time, in God's perfect time. I promise not to be a player
anymore, because right now, I am changing., changing because of this
love that I have for one person...for Gab.

End of introduction.

Let's have a little flashback here. Smiley

"Who are you, do I know you?"

"Oh! I'm Aimee Smith. You? Embarrassed Sad "

"I'm Gabriel Alfonse. Cool "

"Nice meeting you, Mr. Alfonse. Embarrassed Sad Smiley "

"Same here, and yeah, meet my girlfriend, Belle. My future and potential
wife. Cool "

"Oh, hunny. Don't be too sure! Grin Cheesy Hi, I'm Belle, nice to meet
you Smiley "

My name is Belle ka diyan! Hi Belle, my name is Rain! Angry And I love

black. Black looks good! Susme. Tongue
"Gab looks at me, I faked a smile so he won't see.
She better hold him tight, give him all her love, look in Gab's
beautiful eyes
And know that she's so lucky.While I'm not."

I hate it so much. Every time I see them both holding each other's hand,
kissing each other in front of my locker, and especially when they eat
lunch together makes me wanna burst into tears of regret. Oh, and I
forgot to mention the ridiculous part. They cuddle each other with pet
names and stuffs that pinches my heart every second I hear them like that.
...It just hurts to see them so in love with each other.

I never bothered to explain to Gab nalang. For I know, kung love niya
talaga ako, eh pinaglaban niya. Hindi iyong ganun nalang kadali tapos
pinalitan ako. Siguro nga, we're never meant for each other. Sana nga, I
shouldn't have played the game.
And yes, you should know this. It's lunch time. You know what that
means? Just figure it out later. "Aimee!" I bit my lip as I saw Redd
waving at me. Guess what? He's seated next to Gab's table. Shootness.
What more can I totally say? Nothing. And yeah, this is what I meant
awhile ago.
I turned to Gab, and then I faked a
dying. "So, baby? What do you wanna
cream for you?" I bit my lip harder
nalang ako sa sabaw sa may table. I

smile at them.
eat? Would you
this time, and
almost dropped

But deep inside, I'm

want me to buy ice
then napatingin
a tear.

"That was close." I whispered to myself. Lumunok nalang ako, tapos

huminga ng malalim, then I looked at Redd and smiled at him. "Are you
okay?" He nodded cheerfully. Naaawa na talaga ako kay Redd. I stared at
him, and then marami akong changes na na notice sa kanya. Ang
pagka-healthy looking niya noon, ay umiba na. He's becoming paler and
paler each day.
I guess I have to move on with my life, without Gab, without his love.


Naglalakad-lakad ako sa may hallway, siyempre, eto nagpapakasenti.

Kasama ko nga pala si Redd, muntik ko nang makalimutan. What should I
do? "Redd, let's go have a vacation this Christmas break." Nagulat si
Redd sa akin, kinuha ko kamay niya, tapos tumingin lang siya sa akin.
"Do you think we should go somewhere else, out of this country, para mas

"Anywhere you wanna go, basta kasama kita, masaya na ako." He hugged me,
and then nagpatuloy kami sa paglakad namin. "Siya nga pala, Aimee."
Nilagay niya sa bulsa niya 'yung kamay na humawak sa kamay ko. "Kamusta
na pala ka'yo ni Gab?"
And please tell me that I am not hearing his name.

Napatigil ako sa paglakad, tapos bigla nalang ako tumingin kay Redd. I
faked a smile, pero parang gusto na talagang lumabas nung mga luha ko.
My eyes were beginning to shrink down, and then, after I knew it, Redd
already caught me in his arms. "It hurts." I softly whispered in his
ears, then he caressed my hair.
"It's okay, I'm always here for you... alam ko namang mula nung una kong
nakita si Gab eh, mahal na mahal mo na siya. Simula palang nung araw na
dumating ako, alam kong wala na akong pag-asa sa'yo, kasi alam ko na
siya talaga. Sa una pa nga lang eh, umasa pa ako na mapapasaakin ka rin,
but I realized that I was starting to be selfish." He smiled at me, and
then he wiped the remaining tears on the edges of my eyes. "All I want
is for you to be happy." I smiled at him, and then napatigil ako nung
hinalikan niya ako sa labi ko. "I love you, Luxelle Aimee Smith..."
Bigla nalang, niyakap niya ulit ako, ng sobrang higpit. "Before I close
my eyes Aimee... Let me please hear those 3 words, even though hindi mo
ako mahal gaya ng pagmamahal mo sa akin..."

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun ang sinasabi niya, but he was looking at
me, and then tears started forming in his eyes. "I'm sorry if pinaasa
kita..." I started to speak, then he smiled at me, tapos niyakap niya
ulit ako, tapos, 'yun...

Unconsciously, he lost his strength, and he fell on the ground, while I

had him in my arms.
"Redd?! Redd! Redd ano ba?? Wala namang ganyanan oh! Redd, magsalita
ka!" I shook his body, and then he weakly opened his eyes. He smiled at
me, but I can see his tears falling down from his eyes.

"All I need to hear is those 3 words, Ai...Aimee... That's... my...

last... request..." His voice becoming more weaker, and weaker...
"Just...just say it... and I will be the happiest guy in this...
world..." I immediately wrapped my arms around him, as I held the back
portion of his head, and then my tears started to drop too. "I love you
so much... always... bear that in... your mind... And... I know...
that... Gab loves you too... I wish you the best... Love him the way I
love you... Be happy... Aimee..."

I took a deep breath, and then... I whispered in his ear. "I love you,
Redd..." I saw his smile as he heard me saying this, and then after that
smile... a tear slid down his face from his eye, and he whispered my
name. After that...
I just realized that, God already brought Redd together with him in
Heaven. His eyes were closed, and the traces of his tears were still on
his face. I took a deep breath, and held his hand. Tears fell from my
eyes as I realized na iniwan na ako ni Redd. Bakit ngayon pa? I thought,
may 2 months pa si Redd? Bakit ngayon pa?! Ano nalang gagawin ko ngayon
na wala na siya?! Papano na 'to?!
Redd, for being such a great person, my prayer for you is na maging
payapa ka na...
May you rest in peace,Redd--

"Lux...hindi pa ako patay." Susme. "Loko lang kita noh?!" He immediately

stood up, and then he smiled at me. Lokong gagang to, tignan mo na nga?!
Akala ko ba naman patay na siya?! "Joke lang yun. Akala ko nga, totoong
mamamatay na ako eh!"
"Walang hiya ka! Akala ko naman eh, totoo na!" Pinalo ko siya sa chest,
tapos bigla nalang... may narinig kaming boses.
"Wag mo siyang iiwan, alagaan mo muna siya bago ka mawala. Alis na ako."
At nagulat nalang kami... nung nalaman namin na si Gab 'yung nagsalita.

Bakit ganun si Gab? Undecided Akala ko he doesn't care for me anymore.

Embarrassed He's words, they kept on floating in my mind. Whaaaa?! Bakit
ba ako ganito? MAHAL ko ba si Gab? Ano? Ano ba? Hindi ko siguro siya
mahal. Pero, ano? Ewan. Undecided Parang napapamahal na rin ako kay Redd
eh. Undecided Siguro kasi, palage kong kasama si Redd, at napapamahal na
ako sa kanya, pero ewan. Undecided
Paulit-ulit sa isipan ko iyong pagsabi ko ng 'i-love-you' sa kay Redd.

"Bulaga!" Muntik ko nang mabitawan yung mug na.. bingay sa akin ni Gab
nung... close pa kami. Embarrassed "So, pasyal tayo?" Ha? Ah, eh. Undecided
"Wala ako sa mood." I told him, and then I shrugged. He looked at me,
with a sad face, tapos hinawakan niya yung movie ticket sa kamay niya. 2
tickets. "Movie? No thanks."
"Please?" He looked at me, giving me a puppy look. Ugh. Fine.

"Fine. Let's go." Kinalakadd ko siya palabas ng bahay, tapos mabuti

nalang at nakabihis ako.

"Sorry talaga, hindi ako makakanood ng sine. I'd love to, but... may
emergency call kasi ako eh. So, papano yan? Enjoy niyo nalang yung movie
ha?" Napatingin nalang ako kay Redd, tapos ayun, inabot niya yung
tickets kay Gab. "Gab. Alagaan mo siya ha." I'm sure na he's hurting
badly right now, pero ano yun? Bakit niya kami binigyan ng chance ni
Gab? Cry

As he walked from a distance, I ran after him, and then I wrapped my

arms around him, as tears fell from my eyes. "Thank you, for giving us
this time and this chance." Hindi na siya nagsalita pa, pero ayun... nag
smile nalang at nagpatuloy sa paglakad. When I turned my back doon sa
direction ng movie house, nakita ko si Gab na nakatayo sa harap ko.

*song plays here, click!*

"Look, I'm just doing this for his sake Undecided "

"Bakit ang sungit mo? Hindi ka naman ganyan dati ah!"

"I don't know. Tara na. Let's watch some movie." He looked at me, tapos
naglakad na siya. Napatigil parin ako. I am frozen. Hindi ako
makapaniwala. Makakasama ko siya uli? And to think na nag beg pa si Redd
sa akin para kunin yung ticket at sumama sa kanya? Ganito pala plano
niya? Grabe. Naiiyak ako. Sad Bigla nalang, napatigil si Gab sa
paglakad, tapos tumalikod ito sa akin.

"Ano? Ang bagal mo naman. Bilisan mo na nga." Lumapit siya sa akin, at

hinila niya yung kamay ko. Hangang sa nalaman kong...

Magkahawak na pala ang kamay namin.

"A-Ano tinitingin mo?" Bigla napayuko, parang nahiya. Ewan ko. Pero, I
feel so awkward. Embarrassed I feel like, just so uneasy. "A-Ah,
Luxelle, k-kamusta ka na p-pala?"
Napangiti nalang ako.

"Okay naman ako. Bakit ka kinakabahan?"

Hindi siya nakapagsalita. He looked so furious. Parang tatae. Grin I
just looked at him, and I kept on looking at him, as in stare talaga.
Bigla nalang ako nagulat nung bigla nalang siya pumutok.

"Pwede ba?! LUXELLE! Tama na! Fine, hindi na kita matiis!"

Napatingin nalang ako kay Gab. Ano raw? Huh Tama ba ang narinig ko???
"Ano ba tinitingin-tingin mo?! Undecided Kung hindi lang dahil sa kay
Redd... eh, hindi naman talaga ako papayag eh!"
Inirapan ko siya. "Eh, sa palagay mo?! Gusto kitang makasama?! Asa ka
naman pare! Angry "Naupo na ako sa may seat ko, inilean ko 'yung likod
ko sa may seat, tapos parang naiiyak na ako. Ano ba naman 'to. Undecided
Hindi ko alam, pero bigla nalang siya tumayo. Napatingin ako sa kanya.
"Oh, ano? Sasama ka pati sa pag-ihi ko?! Angry Diyan ka lang, babalik
lang ako! Tss. Angry Undecided " Parang napahiya ako doon, pero iihi ba
talaga 'yun? Tutal, ako naiihi rin, nag CR na rin lang ako. Tapos, bigla
ko nalang nakita si Gab sa may wall, nakalean at 'yung kamay niya,
parang sinampal niya 'yung mukha niya. Undecided

Eh, nag eavesdrop ako, para naman may malaman ako. Roll Eyes Oh, baka
naman isipin niyong chismosa ako. No, hindi. I'm not. Tongue Maya-maya,
bigla nalang ako nadulas, tapos 'yung trashcan, eh, nasipa ko. Lagot. Tongue
Nakita niya ako. Embarrassed "Hoy! Ikaw, diba sabi ko umupo ka dun?!
Bakit mo 'ko sinusundan?! Angry Pati ba naman pag-ihi ko, pakikialaman mo?!"

Aba, akala nito kung sino siya magsalita ah! Angry "Aba, ang kapal mo
naman chong! Eh, sa naiihi rin ako eh! At hello? Wala naman akong
pakialam sa'yo noh! Angry Undecided " Wala nga ba? Undecided E-ewan.
Tinignan niya ako, tapos ang sama nung tingin niya. I pouted my lips,
tapos tinuro ko 'yung wall. "Eh, ano yan?! Iihi ka tapos, nandyan ka
naka-lean!? Huh "
"E-Eh, pakialam mo?! Diba sabi mo wala kang pakialam, so, pabayaan mo
ako! Angry Undecided At ikaw, sabi mo iihi ka, ano pa bang ginagawa mo
diyan?! Angry " Ang taray. Hindi ko carry. Undecided
Napayuko nalang ako, at pumasok sa Girls' Bathroom. Ayun, napatingin ako
sa salamin. Tapos, naiyak ako. "Pambihira naman kasi eh! Kung saan pa na
ready na akong mag let go, doon pa kami pinagsama! Tsss. Cry Wala na
talagang awa 'yung tadhana. Cry " After nun, eh, hindi ako umihi,
naghilamos lang ako, tapos lumabas na.

*click to listen to bacground music!*

Nagulat ako nung nakita ko si Gab. "Ano pang ginagawa mo dito--"
"Siyempre, hinihintay ka! Bobo! Angry Undecided "

"Sinabi ko bang hintayin mo ako?!"

"Eh hindi ba?! Angry "

"Hindi "

"Eh... sabi ko nga. Embarrassed Tara na nga. Sayang 'yung movie. Tara
na! Angry Ang bagal bagal mo kung kumilos ka. Angry Tss."

Horror 'yung pinapanood namin, kaya medyo nakakatakot. Eh, ako, hindi

ako sanay sa mga horror chuva eh. Undecided "Ano ba yaaaaaan!? Ang
brutalllll! Kakatakooooot! Aaaaaaahhhh-- Shocked "
Bigla nalang ako nagulat nung tinakpan niya 'yung bunganga ko.
Napatingin nalang ako sa kanya, tapos binatukan ko siya. "Aray! Ano ba?!
Angry "
"Anong ano ba?! Eh, ikaw 'tong patakip-takip eh! Tongue "

"Eh sa ayaw ko ng mainggay na kasama eh! Tongue " Behlat! Tongue Ayaw
your face. If I know. Wehhh. Angry

"Eh di, maghanap ka po ng ibang kasama! Angry "

"Talaga lang! Angry Mas mabuti pa kung si Belle kasama ko. Undecided
Angry " Saklap. Hindi ko na nakaya, tumayo na ako sa kinauupuan ko,
tapos ayun, tumakbo palabas. Bahala siya sa buhay niya.

Hindi ko alam kung saan ako dinala ng mga paa ko, basta alam ko, tumakbo
ako palabas ng mall. Bahala na! Angry Cry Bakit kasi kailangan niyang
sabihin 'yung pangalan ng baklang 'yun! Kakabwiset. Angry Naiiyak pa rin
ako, tapos ayun, binuksan ko 'yung phone ko at tinawagan ko si Redd.
Tapos ayun, sinagot niya na.
"Redd, please.. I've been like running for almost 30 minutes now. Saan
ka na? Ang sakit talaga. Cry "
"Tumalikod ka."

"H-ha?? B-bakit??"


Tumalikod naman ako, when I looked back, I saw Gab instead of Redd. Wth?
Bakit nasa kanya 'yung phone ni Redd!? Angry "Ano ka ba Gab?! Ano plano
mo?! Bakit mo ako ginaganito?! Angry "

Nilapitan niya ako, tapos kinaladkad pabalik ng mall. Ayun, nasasaktan

ako sa pagkakaladkad niya sa akin! Angry Bwiset talaga! Argh. "Ano

"Ang kulit mo! Pwede ba?! Sayang naman 'yung movie! Ano?! Nagpa-stamp ka
ba?!" I didn't nod. Hindi eh. Wala na akong balak pang bumalik doon!
Angry Nilalagay ko lang buhay ko sa peligro. Angry Embarrassed "Bakit
hindi ka sumasagot, ha?! Ihahatid na kita pabalik." Kinaladkad niya na
naman ako palabas ng mall, tapos ayun papuntang parking lot. Tapos
nakita ko 'yung kotseng itim, tapos pumasok na siya sa kabilang pinto.
"Ano?! Pumasok ka na! Buksan mo na yan, 'wag mo nang hintayin na buksan
ko pa yan para sa'yo! Dahil hindi ko 'yun gagawin! Nakakabwiset ka! Angry "

Pumasok na ako, tapos ayun, natahimik nalang. Embarrassed Naiinis ako,

at the same time naiiyak, at nasasaktan. Papano kasi, bakit kailangan pa
niya akong ganituhin?! Angry
"Sh*t, we ran out of gas." Wth?! Shocked Shocked Undecided Cry Papano na
'yan?! Puro kahoy na lang ang nandito, at parang walang village dito, or

bahay man lang! Ang dilim dilim pa! Cry KAMING DALAWA sa isang SASAKYAN?
Kaming DALAWA sa kaloob-looban ng KADILIMAN?! Shocked Cry Oh no. Cry
Pinagpalo niya 'yung manobela. Tapos, ayun inuntog niya 'yung ulo niya
dun, pinagmasdan ko lamang siya, tapos... nasaktan ako ng lalo.
Embarrassed "You suck."
"Ano ba problema mo, ha?! Lalake?! Ano problema mo lalake?! Angry "
Napatawa nalang siya, sarcastic one, tapos he faced me. Tinuro niya ako,
tapos tumawa.
"Bakit makakatulong ka ba kung sabihin ko? Grin " Napatingin nalang ako
sa kanya, tapos lumapit siya ng onti sa aking mukha. Then after that,
tinuro niya 'yung ilong ko. "Tell me, Luxelle."

I shrugged, tapos no comment nalang ako. He smiled sarcastically tapos

mas nilapit niya this time 'yung mukha niya sa mukha ko. "Alam mo kung
bakit hindi ka makakatulong? Grin "

I shook my head, then he tinuro niya this time, labi ko. "Kakaiba ka
talaga. Eto jacket, suotin mo, nilalamig ka na."
Shocked Shocked Te-Teka, si Gab? Pinapahiram ako ng jacket?? Tinignan ko
lang, tapos he looked at me. "Mukha yatang nagulat ka. Ayan, kunin mo
na." Lumabas siya ng sasakyan, tapos pumunta sa may parang field na kung
saan ka makakakita ng maraming-maraming stars. Nahiga siya sa may field,
tapos parang tumingin siya sa langit.
Lumabas na rin ako ng kotse, tapos nilapitan ko siya. "Gab."

He looked at me, tapos parang confused siya. "Anong Gab?"

"Bakit mahal mo si Belle?" Look, I know I sound so pathetic. But I need

to be frank.

Bigla nalang naiba 'yung mukha niya, tapos, hindi siya sumagot. "Ikaw
ang problema ko, Lux. Hindi si Belle."
Ang saya naman ng sagot niya. Ang layo-layo naman sa tanong. At ako pa
raw problema niya? Tss.
Naku, hindi yan tama,Gab.

Nung nasa kotse na ulit kami, napatingin nalang ako sa kanya, tapos
bigla nalang ako nagsalita.

*Click this for background music, go!*

"B-Bakit na sa'yo yung phone ni R-Redd?!?"
Out of the blue, bigla ko nalang naitanong. Stranded na nga kami, walang
food, walang gas, walang mga kumot o kung anu-ano pa! Kakatakot.
Embarrassed Kaming DALAWA sa isang madilim na lugar. T_T

Hindi siya nakasagot sa akin, tinanong ko siya ulit. "Bakit--"

"Bobo ka ba? Ikaw kaya tumawag sa akin!" Napasandal siya sa manobela,
tapos ako naman binuksan ko phone ko sa may Call Logs ko, takte, siya
pala talaga 'yung natawagan ko instead of Redd! OMG. Shocked

"Don't call me by that name. I'm Gabriel! Angry " Bakit ganun? Ang sakit
naman. Pero, bakit ako nasasaktan? Hindi ko naman siya mahal eh! Angry
"Wala kang right na tawagin akong Gab, ok!? Angry Isang babae lang ang
pwedeng tumawag sa'kin ng ganyan!"
Isang babae? Embarrassed Ah, okay. Natahimik nalang ako, tapos bigla
nalang nag flashback lahat sa akin. Habang nagfaflashback lahat, hindi
ko napansin na naluluha na pala ako. Fine, I guess I just miss the "GAB"
whom I used to know. But, it was my fault right? Bahala na.
Pinigilan ko mga luha ko sa pagtulo, tapos sinandal ko nalang 'yung ulo
ko sa may headboard ng seat. Bigla nalang umulan. Napatigin nalang ako
sa mga droplets ng ulan. Tapos, bigla nalang, nagsalita si Gab.
Napalingon ako sa kanya, tapos nakayuko na siya. "Gab? Okay ka lang?
Gab!" Hindi ko alam, kasi bigla nalang nalaglag 'yung ulo niya sa
balikat ko. Napahawak ako sa liig niya, ang init init niya. Hindi ko
alam kung ano gagawin ko! Aanhin ko siya?! Umuulan pa naman! Papano na
'to. Cry
Dali-dali kong binaba 'yung upuan, tapos sa backseat nalang ako umupo,
then I carried him. Oh, ang strong ko diba? Haha. NOT. Cry Ang bigat
kaya niya! Mga 15 minutes pa 'yung kinain kong oras bago ko siya nalipat
dito sa tabi ko. Pinahiga ko siya sa may lap ko, at pinagmasdan ko 'yung
mukha niya.

Tapos, nakita ko siyang giniginaw. Hinubad ko nalang 'yung jacket na

ipinahiram niya sa akin, tapos I placed it on top of his chest. I looked
at him, tapos I noticed kung ano ka-HOT si Gab, este, kung ano ka
ANGELIC, ay este, ka gwapo si Gab. Totoo pala 'yung sinabi ni Sofia.
Smiley Gwapo pala talaga si Gab.

I opened my knapsack, tapos kinuha ko 'yung paracetamol at dahan-dahan

kong pinainom sa kanya. I smiled, tapos I closed my eyes. Then tears
slid down from it. "I miss what we used to be..."

I slowly opened my eyes, and then-- OH MY GOSH. Shocked Bakit kami
magkayakap?! Bakit... Papano!? Papano kami nagkaganito?! Bakit magkatabi
na kami?! Papano kami nagkasya dito sa backseat?! Shocked Why am I
entagled in his arms?! Shocked "Bakit mo ako niyayakap?!? Shocked "

"Wow ha?! ASSUMING!? Eh, ikaw nga 'tong yumayakap sa akin! Ang laway mo,
panis na!!! Grin "

I pushed him to the car's floor. Takte, ganito lang sasabihin niya sa
akin, pagkatapos ng lahat ng paghihirap ko kagabi?! Eh, 15 minutes yata
yun at ang bigat niya! Cry Nainis na ako, hindi ko na napigilan, umiyak
na ako, sa HARAP niya.

"Ano ba Gab?! Bakit?! Cry Bakit kailangan pa nating maghirap?! Bakit ito
lang isusukli mo sa akin?! Cry Hindi mo ba alam na grabe ang taas ng
lagnat mo kagabe, ako nag-alaga sa'yo, tapos eto?! Eto isusukli mo?! Cry "

He looked at me, and then napayuko nalang siya. "Ano?! Yuyuko-yuko ka

lang ngayon?! Bakit Gab?! Ha?! Cry Kailangan mo pa ba akong pahirapan?!

Cry Kung gusto mo si Belle, doon ka sa kanya!! Ayaw kong nakikita kitang
ganito Gab! Nahihirapan ako! Cry "

"I know one day mapapasaakin rin si Minie Mouse."

Anong connect, Gab?! "ANG LABO MO!!!! Angry " I should take up
psychology when I'm in college na. That way, I'll get the chance to be a
psychiatrist, tapos si Gab ang magiging unang patient ko! Angry


2 days have passed, eto nandito ngayon ako sa may hall ng hotel na kung
saan mag b-birthday si Redd. Yeah, actually, more like victory party na
rin kasi siya na ang bagong heir ng kanilang company si New York. And
also, kasi aalis na rin si Redd. Embarrassed Yeah, babalik siya sa New
York, kasi nga, aasikasuhin niya doon 'yung college degree && after
that, their business.
And guess what? Pupunta rin si Gab. Kamusta naman 'yun? Hindi pa nga
lang siya nakauwi. Oh well, I'm here, nagpapahangin lang sa may window
banda, terrace to make it simple. Embarrassed "Lux!" Lumingon ako,
nakita ko si Redd. He looked so pale. "Nakarating na si Gab." Heck, do I
care? I don't of course. lol. I just gave him a laugh, and then he stood
beside me. "Are you okay?" I nodded. He lifted my chin up, and then he
smiled at me, and looked at me in the eye. "Promise e you'll be okay
kapag wala na ako dito."

I smiled at him, but I shrugged. The word "promise" is not easy for me.
Since I've broken many promises already. "Okay, let's just have it this
way. Just tell me that you and Gab will be okay na." I gave him a
shocked look, then he smiled. "I know that you're hurting."

Yumuko nalang ako. Hindi na ako nagsalita pa. Nasasaktan nga ba talaga
ako? "Shhhh... It's okay. I understand that I have to move on nalang.
But at least, I would want you to be happy." Ang bait talaga ni Redd,
pero papano ako maging happy kung ganito 'yung nangyayari sa amin ni
Gab? Cry
"Sir Redd, you have a phone call from your mom."
"Teka lang Lux ha. Be right back." He excused himself, and then ako
nalang muli mag-isa. Ayun, tumingin-tingin sa labas ng bintana, tapos
bigla nalang may nagsalita sa likod ko. Waw, nagulat ako.
"Oi, ikaw. Nakita mo ba si Sofia?"

Nashock ako kay Gab. Bakit niya hinahanap ang bestfriend ko? Embarrassed

"Malay ko, bakit ako tinatanong mo?! Angry " Wawalk out na sana ako,
kaso nung paalis na ako, bigla niya hinila 'yung kamay ko.
"Nagseselos ka ba?" Napataas nalang 'yung kilay ko. Aba, si Gabriel,
assuming masyado! Duhh... Undecided

Bakit, Luxelle, hindi ba? Undecided Embarrassed I just laughed

sarcastically at him, and then umalis na ako. On the way sa may
ballroom, nakita ko si Redd. He walked toward me, and then inakbayan
ako. "Aimee. I want you to come with me. Smiley "

I smiled, and then sumama na ako sa kanya. "Where are we going, Redd?"
He took his phone out from his pocket, and then nag text siya.

"He's over there! Smiley " He smiled and then he pointed over sa
lalaking nakatalikod sa may pillar banda ng room. "I'm going to
introduce you to my cousin. Smiley "


"Gab?" Napatingin si Sofia kay Gab, and then si Gab, tumayo lang at
nakatingin sa langit habang nagpapahangin sila sa terrace. "Bakit ganito?"

"Mahal kita, hindi ba kapani-paniwala?" Napatigil si Sofia, muntik na

niya mabitawan 'yung purse niya. She looked at Gab and smiled. And then
lumapit siya kay Gab, and she threw her arms around him. Tumingin lang
si Gab sa kanya, tapos she kissed him sa cheeks then umalis na siya.

Naiwan mag-isa si Gab, tapos napaupo siya sa may yard bench. Tapos nun,
uminom siya ng tubig, at napabuntong hininga. He looked sa confused,
tapos napapikit siya ng mga mata. Then, when he closed his eyes, he saw

Bakit ba, Luxelle? Bakit hindi ka maalis sa isipan ko? Sino ka ba sa

buhay ko? Ano ka ba sa buhay ko? Mahal ba talaga kita? Pero bakit ganito
yung nararamdaman ko?

He continued to internalize everything, and then may narinig siyang

boses. "Yes, Gab, I will be your girlfriend."

Minulat niya mga mata niya, and then nakita niya si Sofia nakatayo sa
gilid niya at mukhang masaya. Ano ba ang nangyayari? Ano kaya ang plano
ni Sofia? Ano kaya ang plano ni Gab? Ano ang mangyayari?

I mean, did Gab even asked her to be his girl?!

END of Author's POV.

"COUSIN MO SIYA?!? Shocked " Napatigil ako nung nakita ko siya sa
harapan ko. My memories went back like a strong current flow of water.
Hindi ako makapaniwala.

"Yes, why? Bakit? Magkakilala kayo?" I shook my head, and then lumapit
siya sa akin.
"I never thought I'd see you here." He smiled at me, and then he hugged
me. "Luxelle, I came back for you. I came back to say yes to the deal we
had before. I am sure, and I am ready. Luxelle, tanggapin na natin ang
arrange marriage natin na pinag-usapan ni Dad ko at ni Dad mo."
No, I won't. Teka, bakit? Pero... Undecided

"Ford, tawag ka ni Dad mo!"

Napatingin ako sa kay Dad niya, lumapit siya sa amin. "Hija, we've met
once again. I hope you'd say yes to my son's offer. Smiley "

"Yeah, Ford, please take good care of Luxelle. Smiley Embarrassed "
Lumapit sa akin si Redd nung nakita niyang yumuko ako. Then binulongan
niya ako sa tenga ko. "Don't worry. Smiley " He patted me on the
shoulder. Then he continued. "Your in the safest arm. Aalagaan ka niya.
Ipapaubaya na kita sa cousin ko, hayaan mo na si Gab. He doesn't deserve

I smiled, and then nag reach out si Ford ng shake hands sa akin. I don't
know what that meant. And I don't know either kung ano ang mangayayari
after ako mag shake hands sa kanya. But guess what? I shook hands with him.
And I guess it only meant one thing. We're gonna start over again.
Goodbye, Gab.
I don't know. Hindi ko na kaya. Hindi ko na alam kung ano pa ang gagawin
ko. I'm waiting for Ford and Redd. Magdidiner kami ngayon. Nakatingin
ako sa mirror. Bakit? Bakit ako nahihirapan? Cry Eto na ba ang karma sa
lahat na ginawa kong kalokohan? Cry

I wiped away my tears, and then I stood up. I walked passed the door,
and then bumaba si Redd, and he opened the door sa front seat for me. I
went in, and then I noticed na tahimik lang si Ford. Nakayuko, at di
kumikibo. I decided to greet him. "Good evening, Ford."

He did not reply. Redd started the engine, and then umalis na kami.
Hindi sila kumikibo, mukha yatang tahimik sila ngayon. Bakit ano ba ang
nangyari? Nung nakarating na kami sa may seaside banda, Redd stopped the
car, tapos bumaba siya and sinundo at binuksan 'yung door ko. Hindi pa
rin lumabas si Ford.
"Bakit nandito tayo?"

"Listen." Kinuha ni Redd kamay ko, tapos he hugged me. "I'm sorry last
night, if I acted weird and strange. About Ford? It was only a joke."
Huh? "Hintayin mo nalang dito ang surprise ko. For the mean time, just
wear this blindfold." Then nafeel kong kiniss niya ako sa forehead,
tapos may footsteps ako narinig. "Ingatan mo siya ha? Sige. Enjoy the
rest of your night."
"Sure." Hindi ko actually alam kung sino 'yung katabi ko ngayon. Basta,

I can feel my heart beating faster. Gusto kong kunin 'yung blindfold,
kaya I attempted to. But, bigla nalang kinuha niya kamay ko, and he held
it in his. "Wag mong kunin."

Teka? I know that voice. Is it him?

"Yeah, I know I suck. I let you down many times already. But, I want to
say this right now. Lux, remember, I'm still playing our game."

Napatigil ako, bigla ko nalang kinuha 'yung blindfold ko, and...

I slapped him.


to this please!*

"I can't believe that I'm talking to you right now Gab! And I meant that
in a sarcastic way!" Bakit ba ako inawan ni Redd mag-isa dito?! Cry
Nasasaktan ako. "Tama na Gab! Tama na ang kalokohan mo! Tama na! Cry
Ayaw ko na!"

Tumakbo ako, para mag para nang taxi, kaso wala. "Lux, sorry." Sorry?!
Sorry your face! Angry Ayaw ko na. Suko na ako. Tama na. Niloloko lang
natin ang mga sarili natin!

"Manong, para!" Nakapara na ako ng taxi, at sasakay na sana ako. Kaso

lang, bigla niya akong niyakap. Napatigil ako ng sandali, tapos I threw
his arms away from me. Then, I rode the taxi, and then I wiped my tears
away. Nakita ko siya, sumakay rin sa sasakyan ni Redd, and he followed us.
Nagstop na ako, tapos nagbayad na ako kay manong driver, then tumakbo
ako sa may 7 eleven. Then the last thing I knew...
He caught me in his arms when I was supposed to fall to the ground.
"I still love you."

"Pwede ba?! Tama na nga 'yung kalokohan mo, Gab!!" Sinampal ko siya,
tapos tumakbo ako, tapos bigla nalang, nadapa ako, pero may babaeng
yumakap sa akin agad, tapos umiyak siya sa balikat ko.

"He doesn't love you." Si-Sofia. Feeling ko tuloy, tumigil 'yung mundo
ko. Tapos si Gab, feeling ko kahit nakatalikod ako, napatigil rin sa
pagtakbo. "He's just fooling around! Lux, believe me..."

Hindi ko na alam kung ano pa ang sasabihin ko. Tinabi ko 'yung kamay ni
Sofia, tapos tumakbo ako. Sino pupuntahan ko? Sino? Tama. Tama. I took
out my phone, and then I dialed Ford's number. "Come on... please pick
up, Ford." I whispered to myself, tapos naluluha na naman ulit ako.
"Hey, this is Ford speaking. I'm busy right now, talk to you later, eh?
Please leave a message after the tone." Great. Binaba ko nalang. Walang
hiya. Computer 'yung sumagot. Crap. My world's turning around. Bakit ba

ako nasasaktan? Bigla nalang, may na feel akong tumatakbo papunta sa

akin, tapos-may nag snatch ng cellphone ko. Pambihira!
Bigla nalang umulan, tapos, nalaglag ako sa may street. I felt weak.
Bigla nalang umiba pakiramdam ko. Nakita ko ang liwanag, tapos bigla
nalang... napapikit nalang ako. I felt the raindrops pouring on me. Oo,
tanga na kung tanga. Patay kung patay. All I wanna do right now is to
rest nalang. The next thing I knew, I was lying in someone's arms. I
attempted to open my eyes, but I was too weak. After that, I fell into a
deep sleep.
I slowly opened my eyes, and then... nakita ko, si Gab... he was
sleeping sa may side ko. Yung ulo niya nakapatong sa higaan ko, tapos he
was holding my hands, tapos he was seated sa may chair next to the bed.
I slowly touched his hand, and then a tear fell from my eye. I miss his
touch. Maya-maya, nagising na siya. "Oh! Gising ka na pala... okay ka
na?" I shrugged, and then I nodded, wala na akong may sinabi. Tumayo
ako, but I felt my head hurt. Pero, pinilit kong tumayo. "Wag ka munang
umalis, hindi yan mabuti sa kalagayan mo."

I just smiled at him, and then I stood up once again, tapos I headed sa
may door. Do you know kung ano 'yung meaning ng smile? Sometimes, ang
mga smiles iba't iba 'yung meaning. May smiles na meaning eh, happiness.
May smiles naman na overjoyed. May iba naman na fake lang at napilitan.
But you know what this smile signifies? Smile na meaning eh... 'pagod na
nga ako... tama na... talo na ako... mahal pa rin kita eh'
This smile simply means one thing: Sweet surrender... meaning? Give up
na ako kay Gab... tanggap ko na na I'm not the one for him... maybe I
never was meant for him naman eh... Sino kaya ang magmamahal sa kanya ng
Papunta na ako ngayon sa condo ni Sofia. Wala, para mag girls-hangout.
8pm na ngayon, so... siguro the best kung mag night out kami. Para naman
makalimot na ako! Ano ba? Haha. Bubuksan ko n asana 'yung pintuan...
kaso may narinig akong malakas na halakhak... Sino kaya 'yung kasama
netong Sofia na 'to?

Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ang pinto... tapos, nagulat nalang ako sa

nakita ng mga mata ko. Bakit sa lahat ng tao sa mundo, ako pa ang
kailangang makakita nito? Ito ba ang sinasabi ni Sofia na may iba siyang
mahal? At yung 'iba' ban a tinutukoy ni Sofia ay walang iba... kundi
'yung sarili niya mismo??
Bakit kailangan ko pang makita 'to??

Why would she steal my guy? Cry

And why would she dare kiss Gab?? Cry
Shocks, ang laki mong tanga Lux. Embarrassed
Nakatunganga nalang ako sa kanila. Tapos na pansin ni Sofia. She looked
at me, horrified. "Look, Luxelle. It's not like what it looks like-"
I smiled weakly at her, as tears fell from my eyes. Then, I patted her
on her shoulder, and hugged her. "Kung sa palagay mo, ikaw ang babaeng
magpapaligaya sa kanya, at kung mahal ka niya at mahal mo rin siya...
ipinapaubaya ko na siya sa'yo... Alagaan mo siya ng mabuti ha? Wag na
wag mo siyang sasaktan tulad ng ginawa ko sa kanya... Higit sa lahat wag
na wag mo siyang lolokohin... tulad ng pagloko ko sa kanya noon... na
pinagsisisihan ko parin hangang ngayon..."

Aalis na sana ako, pero bigla nalang niyakap ako ni Sofia. I just

smiled, and then tears followed it. Then I held her hand habang
niyayakap niya ako behind my back. "Take good care of his heart... Never
break it the way I did... Love him the way I do... make him happy...
Never leave him... Ok?"

I smiled, and then I bit my lip. I smiled sadly of course. Then... she
just looked at me. "Sorry." She muttered. I placed my index finger at
the tip of her lip. I smiled weakly.

"Just tell him that I love him so much... But, I understand. I'm happy
now that he's found the right girl for him. To think that he's found the
girl, who's my bestfriend pa? Congratulations... Smiley Embarrassed " I
smiled again, and then tears continued flowing down. I wiped them away,
and took a deep breath. Tapos I placed my hands inside my pockets as I
slowly turned my back around. "I wish you happiness... Embarrassed " I
started walking, trying to ease the pain inside. Bakit sa bestfriend ko
pa? Okay lang sana kung hindi sila naghahalikay... but, it's okay. I
guess, I've got to move on.

Then, napapikit ako ng mata. May nagflashback sa mind ko. Yung kahapon.
Yung nasa tapat ng 7 eleven. The moment that he caught me in his arms. I
could never forget it.

"I still love you..."

I opened my eyes, and then I wiped the tears. Well, Gab... if you meant
that... may reply ako doon... I still love you too... But, I guess, when
I thought that my dream's coming true na...
I just saw you with someone new.
3 days after...

I pulled my stroller and then I looked back. I put on my sweater and sun
glasses, and yes, this is it. I'm going to leave for Christmas break.
Pupunta akong States, para naman okay na okay na ako. And they say, mas
makakapag-move on ka diba? Malay mo. Ang weird no? Actually 3 days after
nangyari yung kissing scene na 'yun, I've decided to make an early
leave. Bahala na studies ko, sigurado naman na mahal ako ng teacher eh.

Nandito na ako by the way sa loob ng airport, well ayun... "Luxelle,

dear!" That was may oh-so-dearest-sister-dear. Yiea! I have a sister,
never knew about it eh? She hugged me, and then muntik na akong
ma-suffocate. "How have you been doing?!"

Nyay. After 1038238030923 years, eh nagkita na rin kami ulit. Kakaloka.

"I'm okay no. Eto, still beautiful and sexy." Patawa kong sinabi.
Inakbayan niya ako, tapos after nun nakita ko sina mum and dad. They
waved at me.
"Hija, kamusta ka na?" She smiled at me and then she hugged me. "So,
okay nab a yung 2 months leave mo sa school niyo? Makakapag-cope up ka
pa ba niyan sa lessons mo? Or gusto mo dito ka nalang mag-aral?" Pwede
rin. Pero bago niyan, dapat umuwi muna ako sa Pinas. Siguro I'll take up
my college here.
After some conversations, umwi na kami. They drove me to my said-house
raw, and then nung nandoon na kami, nagulat nalang ako. "Akin 'to? Etong
sports car?!" I had this huge grin on my face, mum and dad nodded in
unison. I smiled and hugged the car. Of course! Why would I hug them? Joke.
"Well, anyway sweetie, we hope you wouldn't be shocked. You're sharing

this house with one person." Napalingon ako sa kanila, napabitaw sa

pagyakap sa kotse. Sharing this house with someone?! "Jed, come here
will ya?!"

Jed? Teka, sinoo ba siya?!

"Uhhh... wait auntie." Auntie?! Crap. Who the heck is he!? This is
really freaking scary! Nakatunga-nga lang ako sa may door, and then...
nung binuksan niya na, napatingin ako sa kanya mula paa hangang ulo.
Gosh! He is a hottie! "Oh, is she the new laundry girl?"
Gwapo na sana, pero?! This guy's got an attitude. Humanda ka sa lagim
ko. "No, sweetie. She's my daughter. The girl that you saw in the
photos, and the girl whom you thought were beautiful... She's Ai."
Ai?! Bakit niya iniba pangalan ko?! "Ai? Oh. Okay. So, should I help her
with her stuffs? Ya know." Ya know ka diyan! Tsss. For 2 months?! Etong
sira ulo 'tong makakasama ko?! Oh come on, cinnamon.


"Yo, laundry girl. You know how to cook, do ya?" Tinaasan ko nalang ng
kilay, susme. Manonosebleed ako dito sa lalakeng 'to! He neared me, and
then he poked me. Ay, wow? "Yo, I'm talking to ya! You know how to cook?"
"Of course I don't!" Muntik na siya maging happy, kaso nung narinig niya
yung 'I don't' bigla nalang nadisappoint 'yung mukha. Bwahahaha. Buti
nga sa kanya. Nakita ko siya, nakatitig sa akin. "Why are you looking at
me like that?! Sheeeshh." Binaba ko 'yung remote control, and then
umakyat ako sa taas.

"Hey, you! We're not done yet!" Hindi ko alam kung ano pumasok sa kokote
niya, pero he ran after me, inside my bedroom! Shoooot! "You better stop
playing games with me, lil mis fella!"
Argghh. Nakakainis na siya! Ano ba 'yan! Tapos, sa sobrang takbo, nakita
ko 'yung sarili ko-nalalaglag! Pero... he catched me. And we stared into
each other's eye. "Steffi?" Huh? Steffi? Sino yan?

"Steffi?" I asked him. He slowly put me down. Then, umupo siya sa may
bed ko. Then he shook his head. Tapos tumayo siya.
"I'm already over her, okay?! Angry " I gave him a weird stare. "She was
my girl." Then bigla nalang lumungkot 'yung facial expression niya. "And
sadly... Ai, you look like her! Guess I would be hating you forever! Angry "
Napalunok nalang ako.
"Hey Little Sister, wanna come with me?" Nagulat nalang ako sa Ate ko. I
smiled and then I nodded. Okay na sana ang lahat, pero... may sumira sa
pag imbita niya sa akin.

"Jed, come along with us. Wink "

Napalunok ulit ako.
"Sorry talaga!"

And yea, pambihira talaga si Ate ko. Angry

"Uhm, I'm really sorry, but my boo just called and he told me to meet
him. I'm sorry kids, I hope you'll enjoy!"

Nasa movie house pa naman kami ni Jed. Oh my. I remember the time na
kapiling ko pa si Gab, and we were both... just like this.

"What are you looking at?! Am I that HOT?! Come on, I know I
Inirapan ko siya, tapos naalala ko... parang ganito rin kami
We were quarreling and yea, just like this. Embarrassed "Why
face, eh? Wag ka ngang ganyan! Mamaya mapagkamalan pa tayong

am. Cool "

ni Gab nun.
the sad

Nung sinabi niya ito, napatawa ako, ewan ko kung bakit. Sabi niya kasi,
baka mapagkamalan raw kami na mag-on eh, eh. Teka-mag on ba sabi niya!?
Angry "Asa ka naman pare!" And wait... Nag TAGALOG siya?! Shocked
Pambihira, pinanosebleed muna ako! Gaaaahd. Angry "Hindi mo man lang
sinabi ng mas maaga na marunong ka pala mag tagalog! Angry "

He smirked at me, and then nilagay niya yung elbow niya sa tabi ng kamay
ko. "You know what, parang parehong pareho talaga kayo. Grin Ang funny
naman." Yuck? Kadiri. Kakaloka. "But yea... to be honest, sana hindi ka
nalang dumating! Angry "
"And sana hindi nalang kita nakilala. Pambihira, katulad mo talaga
siya." Huh? I said that? Oh my. "I mean, hindi. Ewan! Eto, kainin mo."
Pinasok ko yung popcorn sa bunganga niya, tapos muntik nalang siya
"ANO BA?! IKAW, BABAE KA! ANG KULIT MO!!!!! Angry " Sa sobrang sigaw
niya, yung lalakeng may kasamang babae na nakaupo sa unahan namin, bigla
nalang napasigaw.
"Just take her to the motel if you wanna have sexx with her!!! Angry "

Gusto ko na sanang sakalin yung lalakeng yun, pero siyempre medyo

napahiya na ako. Kakainis. Kakahiya. "Alam mo, nakakahiya kang kasama!
Angry " I whispered. He placed his arms around my shoulder. Nagulat ako,
hello?! Shocked

"What if, I'd follow that guy's advice, eh? Do you think we'll have fun?
Cool "
Sobra ka na ha! Angry
Sinakal ko na. Joke. Sinampal ko pala. Ah, tama ba? Huh Ahehehe. Oo tama.
Sinampal ko siya, sabay walk out. But
sinunod. So, binalikan ko nalang at I
tao! Scandalo na kung scandalo! "Hoy!
Di mo man lang ba ako hahabulin?! Ha?

I sensed na parang di niya ako

yelled at him, bahala na ang mga
Ikaw! Bakit di mo 'ko sinusunod!?
HA?! Angry "

Nag smile lang siya sa may gilid ng seat, tapos parang nag bye siya sa
akin. "Ano ka ba. Bakit ba kita hahabulin? Pang motel ka lang eh."

Sobra pa yata 'to kay Gab ah. Angry Bigla nalang nag ring 'yung phone
ko. I answered it. Mukhang hindi naman long distance call. "Hello?
Hello? Luxelle? Si... Si Gab 'to. Nasaan ka? Gusto ko lang sana mag paalam."

"Nandito na kasi ako ngayon sa States, sa may ********, infact, nandito
ako sa ****** Mall."

"So? I don't care." Binaba ko yung phone at nag-isip.

Napatahimik nalang ako, nung natauhan ako.

I don't wanna cry anymore. I've cried enough.

Hindi ko namalayan, nasa labas na pala ako ng moviehouse, and to my

delight, I was surprised because, I saw Gab, standing in front of me. He
looked at me, and then he hugged me.

I felt a funny feeling in me once again, and napa-30 secs siguro yung
hug namin, but I let go of his hug. Why? Magmumukhang tanga na naman ako
sa harap ng maraming tao. I just looked at him, and then excused myself.
"Excuse me, but... someone is waiting for me inside." I mumbled. Mabuti
naman at nandito si Jed. Bahala na. Papasok na sana ako sa cinehan, kaso
lang, he held my hand tight by grabbing it. I just looked at it, and
then pinigilan ko nalang 'yung mga luha ko.
"Lux, I can explain." I shook my head, and then grinned sarcastically.
Giving him this
"Please." I let go of his hand, but... again, he surprised me by running
after me, and then...

On bended knees, he beseechingly begged before me. "Just this moment,

please? I've gathered lots of information para makapunta lang dito."

"Why did you bother to come here? Oh, alam ko na... baka naman dito
nakatira si Belle?" I rolled my eyes, and then he looked at me earnestly.
ako naman, medyo naiyak. "Luxelle." He stood up, and then he held my
right hand. He looked at it, and then he locked his fingers with mine. I
couldn't utter a word, I was speechless. "Will you give me another
chance, to continue our remaining days? Even though hindi mo na ako
kakausapin, just let me show... na mahal pa rin kita."

"Remaining days? And c'mon Gab, we both know that you love my
bestfriend, so what's the big deal of resuming with the game huh?! I
don't need you anymore Gab! Get outta my life!" I told him and then I
started walking away from the cinema house. He started following me,
while mumbling words that started to stir my heart.

"About Sofia, I didn't actually kiss her. It was her who kissed me, I
was drunk! She told me to come over her house, because she told me that
you were together. Gusto ko na sanang makipagbati sa'yo, and I wanted to
clear things and sort them out, but... wrong timing 'tong bestfriend mo
eh! I don't love her Lux, akala niya mahal ko siya... actually there was
one time na nagsasalita ako sa sarili ko, saying words na...Mahal na
mahal kita... And it so did happen na si Sofia, yung nakarinig nun. And
she assumed that I was telling it to her directly. Not knowing na ikaw
'yung dapat kong sabihan nun!" Halos hindi na siya makahingga sa
kakaexplain. Nagulat nalang ako sa sinabi ni Gab.

I know this time, that he is not lying.


"Who is he? Why is he with you?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm the one responsible for her. But, anyway, you can come and hangout
with us if you want to. Let's go home Ai, just bring him along." Hinatak
ako ni Jed, tapos si Gab naman, kinaladkad ko sabay sa pagkaladkad sakin
ni Jed. Napatigil ako nung nakahawak-kamay na kami ni Gab. It's weird,
but... I can't control the feeling. Ano ba?! I'm over him already!!!

Fastforward, Luxelle's house.

"So, who is this dude?"

"I don't know him."

"I'm her uhhh.... Sister? Undecided Embarrassed " At nagpakabakla ang

bangag! Totoo! For real. He was like, 'ohhh papaaaa ko!!' but I know
that he was only pretending.
"Ah, ganun? Bakla pala 'tong kasama mo Ai? So, magsama nalang kayo sa
room mo mamaya magtulog ha... At ako naman, sosolohin ko 'yung kwarto
ko!!! AHAHA."
"Salamat, papaaa. Undecided Roll Eyes Undecided Embarrassed Anyway, ano
ka ba ni Lux?"
"Lux? Huh "
"Yeah, he meant me."
"Aw! My apologies. Well... Ai is my girl."
HUWAAAATTTT!?! My girl ka diyan?!
nga, Gabriella! Akyat na tayo sa kwarto ko!!! Matutulog na tayo!!"

Kinaladkad ko si Gab papuntang kwarto ko, tapos ayun... napatawa ako

nung naalala kong tinawag ko siyang Gabriella. He looked at me, and then
he gave me a weird look. "Talagang go with the flow ka no?!
Naki-Gabriella ka pa! Ano ba?! Nagpretend lang nga ako eh. Baka naman
patayin ako nun."

"Eh, kung hindi kaya ako nag go with the flow? Sa tingin mo? Papayagan
kang umakyat dito? Isa pa naman sa rules ko na bawal ang lalake sa BAHAY
ko, except for Jed."

He neared me, and then he grabbed me. Then...

He kissed my lips, after that, he whispered in my ears. "I am still

inlove with you Lux... I can't get over you... I want to win your
heart... I love you so much."

"No, I'm...I'm sorry Gab." I held my tears inside, bahala na siya. Hindi
na ako maniniwala pa sa kahit anong sasabihin pa niya. Even though I can
feel na pwede at possibleng paniwalaan yung mga sinabi niya.. Ayaw ko
na. Ayaw ko nang magpakatanga. Ako kaya si Luxelle Aimee Smith, ang
pinaka-popular sa University, ang Girl-Next-Door, ang Muse, ang inaadore
nang lahat, bakit ba magpapakatanga ako sa isang tulad ni Gab? "I'm over
you already..."
"Please, let's start over again?" He sat next to me, and then he hugged
me. Eventually, he was now crying in front of me. "I know I've been a
fool, but I'll do almost everything... just to show you that I could be
the one..."
I almost gave in, but I shook my head and smiled. "Quit it Gabriella,
let's go to sleep now... Umuwi ka na bukas sa inyo ha... Goodnight." I
turned off the lights, and then I jumped in my bed, tapos I hid in the
sheets of my bed. I could feel that he was staring at me, man, it's not
easy to have a guy around you especially when you both are only alone..
and to think that you both are in one same room!
I held my tears, and I sighed as I hugged my pillow. Tapos, after ilang
minuto, I heard him saying things. "I just wish na sana maniwala ka na
sa akin..." I pretended to be asleep nalang, para marinig ko lahat ng
sasabihin niya kung meron man. "Haay, Lux, if you only know how much I
love you... sana nga, niligawan nalang kita noon pa... because all I
wanted in this life.. is to have you as my own... Goodnight..."
Napansin kong kinuha niya yung sheets ko tapos he kissed my forehead,
then a tear slid from my eye. I felt his hand wiping it away, and then
natulog nalang ako. Kung totoo lang yung sinabi niya, sana nga... kami na.


I woke up, and then... nakita kong... nasa movie house ako. What? So it
means... panaginip lang lahat nun?? "Ayun, gising ka na sa wakas. Grabe,
ang tagal mong matulog! Hindi mo man lang pinanood yung movie, the best
siya, Ai!"

Wala pala talagang Gab?? Walang Gabriella?? Panaginip lang pala..

Embarrassed "Oh, sorry... Let's go home now, shall we??" Umuwi na kami
ni Jed, tapos nun, tahimik lang ako nung nasa kotse niya na ako.
Nakatingin ako sa labas ng bintana. Napaisip... nasa isipan ko si Gab.

I guess those things in my dream are only meant for sleeping... Embarrassed
"Ai, are you okay? You seem quiet..." Wow, for the first time, hindi na
siya rude. Napasmile ako somehow, kasi parang nakaease yung sinabi
niya.. at least, he asked if I were ok. But still, I can't get Gab off
my mind. "You know what?? Before we go home tonight, I would love to
bring you to my favorite place."
"Why?" I asked him, he smiled at me as he continued driving.

"Gusto kong mag-smile ka. Kasi, everytime na nandoon ako sa lugar na

yun, I always smile. I just love it. And this is the perfect time."


"Oo... ang saya kasi dito eh. Doon tayo oh, sa may rollercoaster!"

"Loka-loka ka, Jed! Takot ako sa mga ganyan eh!!!"

"Don't worry, I'll pull you out from your comfort zone. " He grabbed my
hand, and then we sped off.

We headed to the ticket booth of the coaster. MY GAWD. Cry Cry

The rollercoaster ride was not fun, believe me.

I'm all dizzy, geez.

"Langya!" Bigla nalang nabitawan ni Jed yung ice cream na hinahawakan
niya kasi may dumaan na mga bata at naghahabulan yata o di kaya, kasi
sobrang dizzy na si Jed kaya niya ito nabitawan? Grin kidding. "So, okay
ka na? Uwi na tayo. Pagod ka na yata eh."
Kaya umuwi na kami ni Jed. nung dumating kami sa bahay, nakita ko si Ate
ko, at yung boyfriend niya nandoon sa sala. E, hindi ko naman talaga
alam kung boyfriend niya yun, pero i guess oo, boyfriend niya yun. haha.
"Uy, ate, boy--"
"Heyyy lil sister! This is Mike, my boyfried." Wow, sabi ko nga ba. In
fairness ha? Mukhang playboy. Kelan ba ni Ate naging bf 'tong mokong na
'to? Hmmm. Tignan nalang natin. "Mag-to-two months na kami. In fact, 3
days from now would be our Monthsary." Gawd, ang panget tignan. haha.
monthsary? corny much? joke. Grin loka, ano bang nangyayari sa akin?
Happy lang siguro ako kasi nakapunta kami doon sa carnival na yun.
"Dear, you and Jed seem to get along pretty well na huh? Hmmm. Roll Eyes
" Eto talagang si ate, pati si Jed eh pagtritripan.
"Don't worry, I wouldn't like her. Tss." Bakit ganun? Bigla nalang
naging suplado? Ay chever. Roll Eyes Sungit sungit talaga. Haha. "I'm
going to bed now, goodnight. Angry " Ngek. Sungit talaga. Masundan nga!
Roll Eyes
"I'll be right back, I'm gonna get something from upstairs first."
Anyway, ayun... umakyat na ako, palusot lang yung 'i'm gonna get
something' para naman di ako tuksuin ni ate, jusko. haha. dahan dahan
kong binuksan yung pintuan ni Jed, tapos ayun, nakita ko siya, he's
lying on his bed, while holding a picture frame, and looking at it. I
was just peeking in sa door, and slightly nakabukas ito. Tapos nun,
hindi niya rin napansin na nadoon ako, kaya I'm so happy. haha. joke. Cheesy

"Why, Thea?" Huh? Thea? Sino yun? Huh Teka, na-aachoo ako. "Why does she
need to resemble you--"


A-Ano raw?? Huh Wala akong na gets. Grin Pambihirang sipon kasi eh.
"Don't you know the word privacy?!?! Angry "
A-ahhhh, okaayy??? Embarrassed "Ahehehe??..." Nakakahiya si ako. Embarrassed


Darn. It's Valentines tomorrow. I'm soaking in tears. Nandito ako ngayon
sa train, kasama ko si Jed. And I am thinking of Gab. Why am I thinking
of him?

Am I missing him? Am I? Am I? No...no, uhhh...you're just thinking of

him. Undecided

Bakit ganun? Bakit ganito? I hate to admit it, but I always find myself
thinking of him. I just can't erase the painful things that he's taught
me. Arggh. The heck, am I missing the idiot? "Abstinence hurts."
Napalingon ako kay Jed, what the? Bakit yun yung sinabi niya? Huh That
struck me. We're on our way to my parent's house, kasi may dinner kami
eh. Valentines eve nga daw kasi eh. NOT. Angry I don't wanna celebrate
Valentines. Embarrassed Undecided I...I just don't want to think about
it anymore.
Nung nakarating na yung train namin sa station, kinaladkad naman ako ni
Jed, and then... hindi ko alam kung saan niya ako dinala, but... I stood
before a huge gate... written with a trademark on it that reads...
"Jackson Memorial Cementery" "Heck, why did you bring me here?!"

Hindi niya ako sinagot, he kept on walking. He had this gloomy face as
he continued walking without halts. But in the middle of some point, he
stop over one grave, and then he knelt down with his one leg being the
stronghold of his kneeling. He took his knapsack, and then opened it,
and he had this red rose on his hand after opening it. After that, he
closed his bag, and laid the rose on the grave's emboss. I heard him
sigh, as I neared him and at a point that I decided to stand next to him
na. Ayun, I heard him saying stuffs, which I first thought he wasn't
serious. "It had been 3 years since she left me."

3 years? So he must've been 16 that time. He's 19 right now by the way.
"Her?" That was all I got to blurt out. He continued to look downwards,
as he caressed the rose that was laid on the grave. He's weird. Really.
"I used to dream of seeing her wearing that white wedding gown... I used
to see us walking together down the aisle... I even thought and imagined
what it would feel if I were the one who'd open her veil in the altar...
but... but... she left me." He sat on an Indian seat, and then he
brushed his hand on the emboss that reads "Thea Dawn". I sat next to
him, tapos pinagmasdan ko siya, then he smiled weakly. "She died because
of congenital heart disease... She suffered heart attacks several times,
ones that were mild, but then... I guess she was already tired.. and
that's why... she gave up."
Ganun pala. Now I understand. After that, he sighed and smiled, and then
he stood up. His one hand placed in his pocket, and the other reached
out for mine--Wait?! Reach out for mine?! Is he nuts?! Shocked He gave
me this 'yeah-hey-just-give-me-your-hand' signal. And what the hell came
to me, I just found myself giving him my hand and then he helped me
stood up again.
After that, we went to my parent's place to eat dinner. When we were
there already, ayun... nag stay muna ako sa terrace, and I suppose it's
already 9pm or later than 9 na, that's why the breeze is becoming
chiller and chiller each second.

I sat on the bench, and then again, Gab crossed my mind. What the heck,
TONIGHT... or at least, I hope then that he would. Argggghhh! You're
driving yourself insane, Luxelle!! Angry

Fine, you miss him! Let it be. Cry

It's Valentines tomorrow, I wonder what she's doing now? Nakita ko si

Redd, then I gave him a high five. "Musta ka na?" He smiled, and then he
said he was ok. After that, naupo kami sa may seats, and then ayun
nag-usap usap. But I can't get her off my mind. Damn.

Why do I love him? Why do I? Am I over him? Am I? What the heck! I'm
obsessed. Angry I don't wanna think of him anymore. Abstinence hurts.
Shootness. Embarrassed

"Do you have a contact number of Luxelle?" Nag smile lang si Redd sa
akin, then inabot niya yung phone niya sa akin. What the heck, I asked
for Luxelle's number, not for his phone! Then.. I looked at his phone,
at napasmile nalang ako. "Man, thanks."
I looked at my phone, and then... I dropped a tear. Wanna know why? Sino
ba naman kasi 'tong nasa wallpaper ko. Embarrassed I wish he would call,
just even for once God?

And now, I'm gonna call her.

Come on, Lux... pick up. Tsss.

"H-hello, Redd?? Oh, bakit ka napatawag--" Nagulat ako, kasi ibang boses
yung sumagot. It felt, weird.

"Lux, this is not Redd... this is Gab."

Napatigil ako, then napatingin ako sa langit. Muntik ko nang mabitawan
ang phone ko, tapos ayun... once again, I heard his voice.

"Will you be my valentine? Only if you come back here..."

I looked at the sky, and then napasmile ako na parang ewan. Then, I saw
a shooting star, and it fell from the sky--I think it was a response
from heaven. I smiled, and then I whispered.

"Happy Valentines Gab... Goodnight."

I put down the phone, and then... umupo na ako.

Thanks for answering my prayer, God...
True love waits, Gab.

True love waits.


Just with a blink of an eye, nandito na ngayon kami sa loob ng plane.

Seated together with my family. Bibisitahan namin si Redd. Nagulat nga
ako nung sinabi ni mum yun eh. I thought he hated him, but now, Redd's
mum and mine are inseparable. Kasama ko rin 'tong si Jed. Malapit na rin
and yes, Gab... makikita na rin kita.

Nung nasa hospital na kami, ayun... I saw Redd, he looked much more
paler than before. I guess... he's getting sicker and sicker each day.
And I don't want that to happen! "Aimee. How are you?" He smiled weakly,
then he slowly sat up on his make-shift hospital bed. He held my hand,
then he looked at it. "Can I spend my remaining days with you?"
I was dumbfounded when he mentioned the words
'my-remaining-days-with-you'. My eyebrows met, and then I let go of his
hand. "Don't say such words, Redd!" He smiled at me. Pambihira,
nakakaiyak na siya! "Please..." I almost cried. Pero, bigla niya akong
"We can't deny it anymore, Aimee. It'd hurt more if we deny and deny...
I just want to say thank you to you... and... I really love you. Sabi ng
doctors, weeks nalang. I thought nga, 2 months pa.. but--." I hugged him
back. He was more like a bestfriend to me, than being the
lover-potential, boyfriend-material. After that, umalis na kami. Umuwi
ako sa bahay, then, when we entered the house, I saw-Sofia.
My head immediately heated up.

Natigilan ako. I looked at her, shocked. How dare she? May guts pa
siyang pumunta dito? Bilib na ako. Angry "Oh, you're here." I said as if
I didn't care at all. I started to walk pass through her, then my
parents greeted her. She's so-fake. Nakakairita. Angry

"Luxelle! Hindi mo man lang ba kakausapin si Aya?"

"Shut up. I'm not in the mood."

Yeah, I know I was rude.

Binilisan ko ang pag-akyat sa kwarto ko, tapos I slammed the door.

Pambihira, di kasi nila alam eh! They think of her as this-goody-goody
girl, but heck, hindi nila alam na slut siya! Grrr. Angry Angry
I buried my head under my pillow after I threw my things on the floor,
then I heard a knock at the door.

"Who the hell is that?!" I said out of frustration. Nakakainis na

talaga. Bakit pa kasi siya pumunta dito? Argggh.

"Lux, it's me."

Alam kong si Sofia na yun, but I don't wanna answer. Nakakabiscuit kasi
eh! Grrrr.
I walked to my door, then I opened it, and then I looked at her in the
eye. My eyebrows met again. "What do you want?! Angry "
I don't want this issue to reach my 'rents, but I guess I couldn't
handle it anymore, I won't play safe na. "I'm sorry, Lux." She uttered
those words. It felt great, but I just couldn't let my pride down. She
hugged me, and then she cried. "Nagpaka-g*ga ako, I know I shouldn't
have done that... would you still give me another chance?"

I hate it. I hate it!! I just stood there, and I just found myself
hugging her back... and then finally, I gave in. "Fine... apology accepted."
Nakakainis, pero... I forgive her na.
She wiped her tears, and then she hugged me tighter this time. "Thanks,
Lux! Babawi ako sa inyo ni Gab... I'm not gonna do anything stupid
again... I promise-"
I cut her off with my words. "Don't ever try to think about saying the
word promise. I'm sorry, Sof. But you broke my trust."
She smiled, yet I saw the look of disappointment in her eyes. She looked
the other way, and then she took something out from her bag. "It's ok..
By the way.. This is for you..." She handed me a blue envelope, then she
smiled. "I got to get going now, I'll catch up with you later. Thanks,
and take care!"
After that, umalis na siya. I went back in my room, then I ripped the
envelope as I opened it. And it read like this:

"Meet me sa tapat ng McDonalds... Keep safe... and yeah, got the blue
rose? Hope so. I miss you, Lux."
So meaning 'yung blue rose na nakita ko sa bed ko nung nasa States pa
ako, sa kanya galing yun...

And by the way... it was a letter from Gab.

And I'm gonna see him once again.

Yes, I've been like waiting forever here.
What the heck, ano? May plano pa ba yun na magpakita dito?! Angry
Kakainis. It's been an hour na. Arrggghhh. Kakainis. Pambihira. "Oi!
Bakit ka nandito? Siguro... siguro may date ka 'no?!"

Nagulat nalang bigla ako nung nakita ko si Jed. What the? Ba't nandito
siya?! Sinundan niya ako?! "Bakit ka nandito?" He took a newspaper from
the magazine rack, and then he slid it on his palm, tapos umupo siya sa
tabi ko. He looked at me, and then he neared my face and smirked.
"Haler? Kakain rin naman kaya ako? Ikaw lang ba yung may bituka?" Fine.
Arggh. I'm still pissed off kay Gab, kanina pa ako naghihintay dito.
Bigla nalang akong yumuko, tapos... napaluha. Dali-dali kong pinunasan
yung luha ko gamit yung kamay ko, tapos I smiled-a fake one. "Oh, bakit
ka umiiyak?"

I looked the other way, and then hindi ko na napigilan. "NAKAKAINIS KASI
EH-" My jaw dropped when I saw Gab once again. Nasa tapat siya ng
McDonald's, he was riding his motorbike, he was like looking for
someone. "I need to go now, Jed. Catch up with you later." I hurriedly
took my bag and phone in hand, and then I run to him. Nung malapit na
ako sa kanya, I stood there frozen. He looked so... hot. He looked like
this ~click here. "Bakit ngayon ka lang?"
He looked at me, and then bumaba na siya sa motorbike niya, then binaba
niya yung helmet niya. "Hey, nakasabi na dun sa sulat ko diba? Sa TAPAT
nang McDonald's. Kanina pa nga ako dito eh. And I WAS waiting for you."
Gusto ko na siyang kurutin, langya, nag-over react pala ako. Kakahiya
naman ako! Argggh.
"Okay, okay." I told him, then there was a great silence.

Gawsh, he's so silent na. Nakakabingi na ang silence, nagulat nalang ako
sa sinabi niya-H-h-huwaaaattt!?! Shocked

"It's our 60th day, I would want to show you some place." 60th palang?
Talaga? Akala ko 60+ na. He started to walk to me, and then, he grabbed
my hand-I never felt his touch for so long, and now... I don't know if I
will still be able to move on, I mean... kung ganito lang naman ang
mangyayari... SHUT UP LUXELLE!!! "You know, hindi ko naman talaga alam
kung ika-ilang day na natin 'to eh... But, gawin nalang nating day 60 'to.."
Wow, ang saya naman niyan. Angry Hindi niya rin pala alam Tongue Tahimik
lang ako, tapos ayun, nalaman ko nalang na tumigil na yung motorbike
niya. And the next thing I knew was, kinaladkad niya ako papasok sa
isang napakaTAAS na building-which looked so scary, to be exact. And
then... he brought me sa rooftop view. Is this guy crazy, or what!?
"Bakit dito?"
"May significance kasi sa akin 'tong place na 'to eh... Gusto kong
i-explain lahat sa'yo... And..." He took my hands, and then he place it
sa chest niya, sa may right side. "-I want you to know that... I am
still in love with you."

Napalapit ako sa kanya, then... we shared an intimate stare. Tapos,

napalapit na napalapit na yung mukha namin sa isa't-isa...

kaso lang...
"E-excuse me, Gab..." I answered my phonecall, the I excuse myself. It
was-Ford. "F-Ford??" My heart skipped a beat, and then I started to feel
my stomach becoming fluttery.
"I just dropped a call to ask if you could go out with me tonight?" Huh?
Bakit? Anong meron? "Just meet me later around 6pm, sa university
natin... sa may lobby... where we first found out that we were
chatmates." After that, he hung up. Dang, I didn't have the single
chance to say no. Oh well, I'll just meet him up later.

When I put my phone down, tumalikod na ako kayy Gab... and then... he
grabbed me, pulled me close to him...

And in just an instance...

I knew that our lips were already locked with each other.
"Lux... alam mo bang... ikaw... ikaw--"
"Gab... I'm sorry, but... I think I made a mistake... Now, would you
please excuse me... I... I need to go..."
Yes, indeed... I made a mistake.

I'm starting to fall for him again, and now...

I admit it.

"No, wait! I can't let you go right now!" Napatigil ako sa paglakad.
"You've already left me... and now that you're back... I won't let you
go... Luxelle, I love you so much."

And then I was in his arms already.

"G-Gab..." I was now crying. He lifted my chin up, and then he aimed for
another kiss. I closed my eyes, and then... I pushed him lightly. I
shook my head, and then I ran away. Gaga ka talaga Luxelle! You
shouldn't have let him kiss you! Angry Iiwas na talaga ako sa kanya.
Ewan! EWAN!!!! Angry Tignan nga talaga natin kung hangang saan siya.

True love waits.

Gabi na, I decided na umuwi nalang. Nung nakarating na ako sa labas ng

gate namin, may nakita akong lalakeng nakatayo sa bandang gilid nito. I
looked closely, and found out that it was Ford. Then, I guess he noticed
na may mga footsteps na lumalapit, he looked back, and nakayuko siya.
"Bakit hindi ka pumunta??"

It felt as if I was shot-gunned. Nakalimutan ko, crap! "Sorry Ford, I

forgot." He smiled sadly, and then lumapit siya sa akin.

"It's ok, anyway, aalis na ako. Goodnight, and thanks for making me
smile kahit ngayon lang." He told me, and then ipinasok niya yung mga
kamay niya sa pocket niya.
"Teka, see you tomorrow Ford!"

"Tomorrow?? Haha.. Goodbye Luxelle." After that, he left. I went inside

our house, then I saw a VERY huge teddy bear. and I mean VERY VERY huge.

"What the?? Shocked " My jaw dropped. Jed saw me, and then he neared me.
He gave me a handful of chocolates. Shocked

"Hindi galing sakin yan no! Asa ka pa. " Phew! I thought it was from
him. Muntik na akong mahimatay. My gawsh. Roll Eyes I gave him this
'so-kanino-galing-'tong-mga-'to-look'. He shrugged and then he took a
bite on the chocolate. "Galiwng hyaan sha walaken nadatalo sah lanmbas
kenina! (translation: Galing yan sa lalakeng nakatayo sa labas kanina!) "

I laughed and then I stopped when I heard his last line. Sa lalakeng
nakatayo sa labas kanina. Oh my gawsh. Don't tell me... it's from...
Ford? "S-Sino??! Shocked "

"His name sounded like... Fraud?? Arggh. Sorry, I forgot. Roll Eyes "
After he said that, he excused himself, and then umakyat na siya sa
taas. Then, maya-maya nagulat ako, he was peeking at me sa stairs.
"Teka, was he your suitor? The Fraud dude? Or whoever his name was?? Huh "

I got the small pillow case and I threw it to him. "It's none of your
business! Angry Cheesy " After nun, he gave me a sarcastic laugh, and he
left. I went to the HUGE teddy bear, and then...
may note na naka-tuck dito.
"I wished you came earlier... Kung nakapunta ka kanina... siguro it
would be the best the of my life... Considered ko na sana yun as the
best birthday gift sakin eh... kaso di ka nakapunta... so, anyway...
here's something for you... alagaan mo ha?? Aalis na kasi talaga ako
eh... for good. Smiley Don't worry kung hindi ka nakapunta kanina. It's
ok. Take care, Luxelle. Taim i' ngra leat "
Taim i' ngra leat? What is that?? Huh

Birthday pala niya... di man lang ako nakapunta. Aalis na siya? Di man
lang ako nakapagpaalam. Undecided
Si Jed na yung nag-open ng door, then ako panay isip kung ano yung
meaning nung 'Taim i' ngra leat' tapos... nabitawan ko nalang yung note

"Sino raw?" I asked Jed, but he rolled his eyes, and then stormed out of
the living room and went upstairs, ang sungit parang may PMS. Pumunta
naman ako sa may door, para tignan kung sino... JUSME. Nagulat ako.
Gawsh! He brought with him a bouquet of blue roses, then he was all wet.
Ngayon ko lang na realize na umulan pala at umuulan pa rin pala.
"Give me another chance... Lux-" He looked at me, and then he...
He fainted. Nilalagnat na pala siya. I held him entangled in my arms,
then I hugged him. I cried. He was lying on my arms, and he was
motionless. I hugged him, and then I noticed that the bouquet was still
on his hand-he was holding it still. I hugged him tighter this time, and
then... I brought him inside the house.
"Are you okay now?" It was already morning, and I was half-asleep the
whole night. I was worried about him, and I had to check on him every
now and then. He got up from the sofa, and then he sat down. He looked
at me, with a clueless look. "Yeah, pumunta ka dito last night... and
then basing-basa ka sa ulan... May lagnat ka kagabi... and then you
fainted." He looked at me again, and then... he hugged me. "I'm giving
you another chance, Gab."
His face had a wide smile on it, and then he kissed my forehead. How
sweet of him. Then after that, I saw-Jed, he was looking at us. "Who the
hell is he? Why'd he kissed you, huh?"
I laughed at Jed, and then I explained. "He's my friend." I didn't know
what to say, kaya ayun, yun lang ang lumabas sa akin. Jed gave me a
sarcastic look, and then he crossed his arms.

"Friends? Kung
ng kamay mo...
got astonished
Ipinahiya niya

ako nga na parang kapatid mo na eh hindi maka-hawak lang

siya na friend mo lang, eh may pa kiss kiss pa?!" Wow. I
ah. Pero, walang hiya lang talaga 'tong Jed na 'to.
ako sa harap ni Gab.

"Eh ano?! Hindi naman tayo close eh. Close ba tayo?" I blurted out. I
know! I know! It sounded rude-and it gotta hurt. But, hey, whatever! He
looked at me, and then he shook his head, and then he stormed out of the
house and left. He's weird, I don't get him. He's so stupid. Oh well,
concerned lang naman yun kasi nga cousin ko siya. Haha. 3rd cousin raw?
Ewan ko. Hindi ko nga rin alam eh, nakalimutan ko.
Maya-maya, napatayo si Gab. He brushed his hair with his fingers, and
then he placed his hand in his pocket. "Lux, I gotta go home now. I'll
meet you later, 6pm... See you in front of the same location again... sa
harapan ng Mcdo." Pagkatapos niyang sabihin yun, he grabbed my hand, and
then pinatayo niya ako. I smiled and then he waved bye. Ayun, umalis na
Pagkatapos nun, eh... my cellphone beeped. May message eh.

~Umalis na ba ung kumag na un?

It was from Jed. Waw, tinawag ba naman niya si Gab na kumag!? Gaga 'tong
Jed na 'to. I hate him so much!
Bakit ba ang overprotctve mu?

I sent it to him, then minutes after, I got his reply.

If you would want to know the reason, just go upstairs and read open my
laptop, and go to my blogsite. Catch up with ya l8r.. take good care of
yourself. Bye.
After that, I went upstairs, then I opened his blog site. Tapos ayun...
isa lang naman yung nakasulat dun na natamaan talaga ako.
blog entry # 20.
Both the same. And then I found out one thing. We are related. The
problem? I am already in love with her. And she's my... sibling.
Magkapatid pala kami ni Luxelle. And our foster 'rents right now just
adopted us. Our real 'rents are already gone. Tita told me about this
last night.

-Jed Lacson @ 11:00 PM she has my heart.

Huh? What does he mean about this!?!

M-Magkapatid k-kami?!? A-Ano?! Shocked
And he is in love with me?!?
OMG. Then bigla nalang ako nagulat sa boses na narinig ko.

"Luxelle, I am your big brother." He hugged me from behind. "

And I'm sorry...because...because... I am in love with you. Cry "
What Jed just said stopped my world.

I was lost for words.

I just cried. I hugged him, and I didn't know what to do anymore. I
didn't know whom to believe in, I'm so confused.

"I'm willing to give up this love for our family, sis."

He gave out a big grin, but I could see behind that grin a crying heart.
I smiled, and then he wiped my tears away, and he patted me on my shoulder.
"So, ngayon... may...may...may s-sis...may...m-may...s-sis...s-sister
na...a-ako..." I was so sure na he was faking this smile on his face.
Nakikita ko kasi sa mata niya na nasaktan siya nung sinabe niya yung
sister na word eh. Magsasalita na sana ako, kaso lang naunahan ako ni Jed.

"Gab is waiting for you. Go for it...s-sis." After that, he gave me a

thumbs up, and then umakyat na siya sa room niya.
The happenings in my life are getting hotter and hotter.
What would happen next??
"I thought you wouldn't show up anymore."

I was surprised when I heard a voice behind me.

I looked back, and then... I didn't know whom was it.

He wore a cap, and then... H-he hugged me.

"I miss you."

I-it was... Gab.

He placed both hands on my face, and then he smiled at me and looked me

in the eye. I was stunned. He looked so... gorgeous! He looked so...
gwapo. Shocks, grabe... s-si Gab ba 'to?! He's so...hot.

"How's my Luxelle?"

Tssssss?! M-my Luxelle?

Is is just me, or talagang sinabe niya yun? After that, he grabbed my
hand, and then... inangkas niya ako sa scooter niya.
I was so silent.

It felt awkward, because my hands were around his waist. And it was like
hugging him, but not hugging him. Get it? I would wanna ask him about
Sofia, I would wanna ask him if he still loves me, or whatever, or if
he's just playing his role...

Lumabas yan sa bunganga ko. Namalayan ko nalang na nagstop nap ala yung

scooter niya-sa may seaside banda, sa kanilang yatch, sa lugar... kung

saan niya ako unang iniwanan.

"Gab, how about her?"

He gave me a weird stare.

Binaba niya na yung helmet niya, tapos pinark niya yung scooter sa
gilid. Then pinababa niya na ako. And then we stood before the ocean. It
was near night time na. Napatigil yung pag-iisip ko, nung kinuha niya
yung kamay ko, then he locked his fingers with mine, and then he looked
at it.

"I love you." He told me and then he looked at me in the eye. "About
Sofia, I didn't actually kiss her. It was her who kissed me, I was drunk
that time Lux... She told me to come over her house, because she told me
that you were together. Gusto ko na sanang makipagbati sa'yo, and I
wanted to clear things and sort them out, but... wrong timing 'tong
bestfriend mo eh!

I don't love her Lux, akala niya mahal ko siya... actually there was one
time na nagsasalita ako sa sarili ko, saying words na...Mahal na mahal
kita... And it so did happen na si Sofia, yung nakarinig nun. And she
assumed that I was telling it to her directly. Not knowing na ikaw 'yung
dapat kong sabihan nun!"
I remembered those lines...

From my dream. And now... he's saying it all-to me.

I just had enough of it.
I pulled his shirt close to my face, grabbed his head...

And then when I was about to give him a kiss. He kissed me already. It
was one passionate kiss. Maya-maya, I stopped it. I felt guilty. I don't
know. Parang wrong move."I-I'm sorry Gab." He smiled at me, and then...
may kinuha siya mula sa kanyang bulsa.
And he handed it to me.

"For you."

It was another blue rose.


"Bakit galing 'to sa bulsa mo?! Angry "

Perfect na sana lahat--kaso, 'yung rose eh sira-sira na!

Ano akala niya sa rosas?! Kendi?! Angry Pambihira!

I crossed my arms, and then, he hugged me. I was like, ' Shocked '

"A-a-ano ba G-G-Gab?! B-b-bita-tawan m-m-mo a-a-akoooo!!"

"Ay, sorry. Grin " Tumawa ba bigla?! Angry Tatayo na sana ako, kaso
bigla niya nalang hinawakan kamay ko, and then he looked at me. "It's
our 62nd day. And, hindi pa rin ako nag give up sa pag-alay sa'yo ng mga

I was listening to every word that he was saying, and then a thought
crossed my mind. Bakit kaya kailangan eh, blue rose pa?? "So, sana...
wag mong masamain na punit-punit na yung ibinigay ko sa'yo..." Hindi ko
alam kung magagalit ako dapat o matatawa. Cheesy Dang!

"Bakit ba kasi kailangan ng blue rose?? Grin " Tumawa na ako, then
binitawan niya yung kamay ko. He shrugged, and then umayos siya sa
pag-upo then he faced the almost-settling-down-sun.

"Malalaman mo rin 'yun, Lux." Yun lang? Echos. Angry Malalaman ko rin?!
Tsss. "Basta. Just be patient. Let's make the most out of this... game."
When he said the last word, I was frozen. Parang may pinalo na frying
pan sa ulo ko and then *pagaaaaang!*
Oo nga pala, laro lang pala ito.
"Lux, ano mangyayari sa day 100th natin?" The question struck me. Ano
nga ba? Huh "Di bale. Kung saan man tayo dalhin ng tadhana, alamin
mo..." He started, then he took my hand, and he placed it on his chest.
"You'll always be here.."

I don't know why, but should I be happy because he told me that? I

should be... but, why am I not? Undecided
I'm still confused.

Do I really love Gab? No, I don't think that I love him. I don't know.
Parang... nawawala na yung feelings ko sa kanya eh. I don't know, it's
becoming... a bit colder.
maybe... just maybe...

the spark is not there anymore.

Silence arouse in the living room.

"Bakit ngayon ka lang?" I sat in the chair, and then the lights were all
out. Why? I went home, and then Jed was not yet around... and yeah, it's
already 4 in the morning. And right now, he is here. "Why, Jed?"

I can see his face though it was dark, and it seemed as if--lasing ang
bata. "Bakit ka naglasing?! Angry " I never thought he'll do this! What
the heck. Tsss. "Dang, Jed! You're drunk."

"I-I'm not... Hahaha.. Embarrassed Luxelle..." He neared me, and then

he got me in his arms. Tapos nun...

"Hindi pala tayo magkapatid... Grin Cheesy We are just... third

cousins... Pucha, they lied to me... So... Pwede pala... Hahaha... "
WTF?! He's drunk. But... totoo kaya?? Third cousins lang kami?? Siguro
nga, hindi naman kasi nakabanggit si mum tungkol dito eh. I was shocked,
when I realized na... his face was just an inch away from me. Sasampalin
ko na sana siya, kaso lang... he took both of my hands, and tthen he
smiled sarcastically at me, and then, he place both of his hands on my

and then he kissed me--not just an ordinary kiss, more like FK (French
And I didn't know why....
but I gave in. Undecided Embarrassed
"ANO?! Papano?! "


Nananaginip ba ako?! Shocked Cry

I rubbed my eyes with the use of my hand and found out it wasn't a dream.
I woke up and I saw pictures of "us" sleeping together--and I entangled
in my blanket, and was obviously naked, being handed to me by Sofia.
Undecided "I'm so sorry, Luxelle. But... this was given to me by someone."

"Given to you by someone?!" Half awake I sat up right away from my bed
and gave her a glare. Angry KAKAINIS!!!

"I..I..I swear Luxelle. I'm not with that person. i know I broke your
trust..." She looked at me, her eyes becoming teary. "... but I was not
the one who took that picture, kasi...kasi.. baka isipin mo... na... na
ako yung kumuha Cry I saw this in my locker early morning earlier,
around 6am. I went to school, because I needed to pass my report as
early as I could.."
I sat there frozen. I wonder what would happen if this reaches to him.
Undecided I hope nothing bad would happen.

--Someone's POV.
I'm sorry Luxelle. But I had to do it. I know. I shouldn't have done
this. Undecided But... I just hate you so much. Angry Hindi pa tayo
tapos Luxelle, pero kinalimutan mo na. Bwiset, katulad ka rin
nila--manloloko, nang-iiwan. Angry At ngayon, dinadaan-daanan mo na ako.
Hindi mo man lang ako pinapansin. Sorry nalang ha. Pero kailangan ko
'tong gawin.
"Ayos. Eto." Kinuha ko na yung cash na inabot sa akin ng isang taong
nakasuot ng coat, then nakasumbrero at nakashades. yung detective
effect. Hindi ko makita yung pagmumukha niya. "Ipapasa ko na 'to sa kanya."

"Ano po ba gagawin niyo dito?" Tanong ko sa kanya.

"Edited pictures lang naman 'to diba?" Sabi ng tao. I can see the smirk
on that person's face, and then parang sarcastic pa. "Magaling. Magaling
na pag edit. Convincing siya. Siguradong makakasira sa kanyang
reputation bilang anak ng Smith's."

Pagkatapos niyang sabihin yun, dumeretso na siya sa dereksyon na kung

saan matatagpuan yung library at yung mga lockers at ang audio visual
room. Napatingin nalang ako sa envelope na may cash, tapos nilunok ko
nalang yung consensya ko.

Ginawa ko na rin 'to kasi kailangan ko rin ng pera. Ginawa ko 'to para
makaganti 25% at ginawa ko rin 'to para kahit papano... mapansin niya na
ako kapag malaman niya na isa ako sa mga gumawa nito.
hangang kailan ko pa ba 'to maitatago?

"Ha? A-ano 'to? Undecided "

"T-tignan mo... Gab. Cry "
Palabas na ako nun ng room, tapos nakita ko si Gab at Sofia nag-uusap. I
hid behind a pillar, then..nakinig. Undecided

"What the hell?! Ano ibig sabihin nito?! Angry Undecided Cry "

"Sorry Gab. Embarrassed "


"The picture tells us so. Sad "

Gab shook his head and then he threw the pictures sa floor. I felt so
bad. Cry But I remember... I wasn't drunk last night. And I haven't done
'it' with Jed. Cry I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HIM!!! SHOOT! Bakit ngayon ko
lang naalala?! Angry

"No, this is all wrong!"
I slapped him hard on his face. "We're cousins! This is all stupid, Jed!
Angry "
"You liked it don't you?? "
"I didn't!"
Then we both fell on the sofa--and yung sheet ng sofa, nalaglag sa akin.
I pushed him to the ground, then I slapped him again, harder this time.
And then I ran to my room, and cried. And then cried myself to sleep.
~End of Flashback.


I'm sure.. it is edited.

And I know... Sofia's with them.

Nakita ko aalis na sana si Gab, kaso bigla ko siyang hinabol, then I
knew I shouted it out loud.
"THIS IS ALL WRONG! GAB, it's edited. Believe me!" He stopped, then he
looked at me. Almost giving me a angry stare. To make it convincing, I
explained it. "The pictures are all edited! I knew it. I wasn't drunk
last night. And I know... someone must really be so jealous of me that
she had done a big mess like this. Angry " And when I said this.
I eyed Sofia.
63rd day was so devastating.
What have I done to deserve something like this? Cry I told Gab
everything, including the kissing thing with Jed. I thought he would be
ranting and yelling at me, but know what he did? He hugged me and then
he kissed me on my forehead. He told me that people make mistakes at
some point, and that 'this' issue won't stop him from loving me.
I went home that night, with a heavy heart. Yet, when I reached the
front door, I saw another blue rose tucked on the mailbox. And with the
numbers 831. I wonder what it meant. And it was from Gab. After that, I
went to my room, cried, and slept. I guess that was another night of
crying. I mean, I've been crying like never before.
I am here right now, walking through the hallway, holding my books in
hand, and my head slightly tilted to the ground. I couldn't afford
looking straight to the eyes of the people whom I will be seeing. It's
just... so hard. Cry
Yes readers, I know... you've seen my heartaches. Cry

--It's our exams tomorrow, and I don't know if I could still study. I
mean, hey... I don't even know what to do. Undecided And yeah, malapit
na rin yung graduation. Embarrassed And that means college. "Hey girls,
look who's here? " It was the stupid queenbee of the class. And I tell

I used to be that. But I swear I've changed. Cry And people could
witness it. Cry "That photo was heck sexy, babe. Wink " Gosh. All I
wanna do is to break down and cry. Cry
"Sexy? HAHA! Have you seen hers? Grin " Sabi ng isang lalaki na naman.
Then, maya-maya... dumating si Gab. Yumuko nalang ako, but I noticed a
hand on my shoulder. I thought he'd hate me, but... but he was still
there. I shook my head, and I ran away.


I went to the hospital, where Redd was... and I guess si Redd lang ang
makakaintindi sa akin ngayon. I know, Gab would... but I'm ashamed.
Embarrassed I went into Redd's room, and then I saw him standing by the
window. "I heard about the photos, what was it about?"

I froze. H-how did he know? Cry

He turned back at me, then he wrapped his arms around me, then he
whispered in my ears. "I know... those were edited. I am a photo
manipulator myself, and I know by just looking at it--it's edited." He
told me. He placed his hand on my face, then he looked at me. "Don't
worry okay? We'll sort this out. And by the moment na malaman natin kung
sino may pakana nito, humanda nalang siya."
I cried, and then umalis na ako, tapos bumalik ako sa school after
lunch. And then... I saw Sofia, sa may lockers... she was returning the
envelope of the pictures sa ibang locker. I looked closely, then... I
knew it.

Magsasalita na sana ako, kaso lang...

"So, okay ba pag-edit ko?"

I couldn't believe it. I wished I haven't seen it.

"You're such a great guy, Zeus." Then Sofia leaned on him and gave him a
Tae ka, Sofia-- Shocked "How could you do this to your own bestfriend,

And I swear, I didn't see that coming.

"G-Gab?? Undecided "


"Pare, teka... pwede naman natin dalhin 'to sa matinong usapan eh."

"I-Ikaw? D-Diba?? Ikaw yung si Zeus?? Huh Undecided "

"HAHA. "

"I have to get this news straight to Luxelle and to the admin--"

Nung paalis na si Gab, bigla nalang nagsalita ulit si Zeus. I was still
hiding sa may likod ng wall.

"No Gab. I won't let you go away this easy. Nakuha mo na sa akin lahat.
Nakuha mo na si Luxelle."

And then... And then... Undecided Cry

Zeus held a gun and pointed this at Gab.


continuation of day 64th.

may nakita agad akong batang lumapit kay Zeus, tapos umiyak ito.
"kuya, ibigay mo na sa akin iyang watergun ko. T_________T "

imbes na magalit ako kay Zeus, natawa na lang ako, tapos tumakbo ako kay
Gab, at tinignan ko si Sofia. "Thanks A LOT." I smiled at her,
sarcastically and then I flashed an evil grin at the both of them (Zeus
and Sofia). Pagkatapos nun, hinila ko na kamay ni Gab, at tumakbo na
kami patungong guidance office. Pero bago yan, tinawagan ko muna si
Redd. "Redd, kilala ko na kung sino may pakana ng pictures."

pagod na

mahina na si Redd, kasi sa boses palang niya, malalaman nang

pagod na ito. "Ma..mabuti naman. Sino yung...yung gumawa
nun? *coughs* *coughs*" I felt a bit worried when I heard him
continuously. Okay lang kaya siya?

"Redd? Redd okay ka lang?" Napatingin ako kay Gab, then nag sinyas ako
nang 'he's-really-sick' sign. "Redd, gusto mo puntahan ka namin diyan?"
I asked him. I can picture out his faint and pale face and also his weak
smile. Naiiyak na ako.
"No, it's...*coughs* it's okay. I'm okay *coughs*" Ano ba yan... parang
ang lala naman nang ubo niya. Hindi ako naniniwala na okay siya. Diyos
ko, wag mo naman pabayaan si Redd. "Lux... wag kang mag-alala...
*coughs* basta... palagi mong alalahanin... *coughs* mahal na mahal
kita... *coughs* at ikaw... ikaw pa rin 'yung best friend ko... *coughs*
nag-iisang tao na minahal ko noon... *coughs* ngayon... *coughs* at...
at *coughs* hangang sa kunin na Niya yung buhay ko. *coughs* *coughs* "
Naiiyak na ako! Ano ba yan Redd?!
"Redd! Wag ka namang ganyan! Naku... pag may masamang mangyari sa'yo...
babatukan kita!" Deym, I'm really worried na. Sana walang may mangyari.

"Thanks for the concern. *coughs*" Maya-maya, tinawag na ako ni Gab.

"Tara na, Lux! Bilisan na natin bago pa maunahan tayo nila Zeus."
Halatang atat na atat na talaga si Gab. So, ayun, nag babay na ako kay
Redd at dumeretso na kami sa principal's office. Sabi kasi ni Gab, kung
sa dean kami, matatagalan pa yun, so kung sa principal kami... edi tapos
ang problema. Kaya dun kami pumunta.

"Now Ms. Sofia... this is a very serious case. You made this scandal,
together with an outsider. Magkasabwat pa kayo. And then... you said na
may isa pa kayong kasama. Malamang nasa ibang iskwelahan rin iyon. Have
you ever thought that you'll get into a very serious penalty, Ms. Sofia?"

Yumuko lang si Sofia. Ako naman ay naaawa. Kahit na mismong bumubukal

iyong dugo ko, hindi ko namang maiwasan na maawa kasi nandoon parin
iyong pagmamahal ko sa kanya bilang 'best friend' ko noon 'yun. Even

though she broke my trust, I forgive her. Kagaya nga nang sinabi ni Gab
sa akin, we do make mistakes at some point of our lives and we must
learn from it. Naiiyak na rin ako. "Ms. Sofia, do you have anything else
to say?"
She shook her head, and then ayun, she had her hair down and she was
sniffling. "We will contact your parents immediately to let them know
about this, and yes. Before I forgot, we will also let Ms. Luxelle's
parents know about this. And then we will ask their opinnion if they
would agree to the penalty that we will be bestowing on you."
"Uhm, excuse me... ano po ba 'yung penalty?" Si Gab, serious na serious
talaga. Pero, in fairness... grabe yung effort niya.

"If mag complain 'yung parents ni Ms. Luxelle about the scandal, then we
would really expel Ms. Sofia for this is a very serious thing. But we
would let them choose whether they would allow to expel this young lady
or to give her a month of suspension." Grabe! Sobrang serious talaga
nung penalty. Kawawa naman si Sofia. "And also... the decision lies
within the hands of Ms. Luxelle."
I looked at Gab, and then he nodded. "Okay. Thanks Ms. Sanchez. We'll be
going now." Pagkatapos niyang sinabi 'yun, umalis na kami ni Gab. Then
nereport na namin sa student's council president para ipublish sa school
paper. At first ayaw ko sana, kaso si Gab, mapilit. Kaya ayun. Then wala
nang class kasi dahil sa nangyari. We decided to just stroll sa may
seaside and just to talk about things... and this was the first time na
parang ang serious nang pinag-usapan namin.

"Hindi ko na kaya si Sofia..." I whispered and sighed while I played

with my thumb. Yeah, that's my weird habit.

"I know it's hard for you... but whatever happens, always remember..."
he paused and then he continued. "life still goes on..." he smiled at
me, then he changed the subject..."anyway, it's our 64th day... konti
nalang ang natitirang mga araw... wag na nating sayangin 'to Lux." He
held my hand, and the I smiled tapos umupo kami sa gilid ng seawall, and
then I leaned my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me,
then he planted a kiss on my cheek. "I hope nothing changes when the
game ends." He took my hand, and then may nilagay siyang ring sa ring
finger ko. "Remember, I will still be here for you though over na yung
I playfully spanked him on his arm and then kinurot ko siya. "Alam mo,
ang corny mo pa rin hangang ngayon!" Tumawa ako nang sobra, pero mukha
yatang hindi siya natutuwa. I stopped laughing because I saw that he was
serious na. "Ay, sorry ha. " Sabi ko sa kanya. He looked at me, then
tumawa siya... mas malakas pa sa akin.
"Nyaaaaaaahahahahahaahahaha!!!" Baliw 'tong Gab na 'to! Kala ko nagalit
na! Baliw! Baliw! "Ang cute cute mooooooooooooooooo!!!!!" Baliw talaga!
Alam ko naman na cute ako eh.

"Psssss. Alam ko naman na cute ako eh. Akala ko nagalit ka na. HAHA!
Baliw! Baliw! Baliw!" Tinukso ko siya, tapos tumayo ako. Then he stood
up too, at ayun... naghaulan kami... "Wahhhhhhhhh!!! Ano ba yan!? Wag
mo kong kilitiinnnnnn!!! Gab, mababatukan kitaaaaaaaaa!!!" Baliw talaga
si Gab, alam niyo... ayaw ko talagang kinikiliti ako kasi... ang ewan ng
pakiramdam eh! Pero ayun...

"Aba! Sinabihan ka lang na cute ka, feel na feel mo rin ah? HAHA!!!
Tapos ka na ngayon sa akin! Mwahahahaha! BUHAHAHAHA! " hinabol niya ako
nang hinabol at kiniliti hangang sa nadapa kaming dalawa.

at ayun.

he was on top of me, and we were both lying on the meadoww...

while gazing into each other's eye...

"tanan nalang tayo!" my eyes widened when I heard him say this. nyaaaay!
baliw na talaga si Gab! he smiled, and he was still on top of me.
"hehe... joke lang po!" he started. "but in the future... i would want
to marry you! buhahahaha. Grin Cheesy "

and then I had butterflies. bangag ka Gab. Embarrassed Cheesy Grin

Yesterday we were okay, well a bit, I guess Undecided

But today, he's not talking--to ME Embarrassed

And guess what. it's our 70th Day. Many had happened. Yeah, nag-away
kami ni Gab. And it was like... the worse day of my life. Ewan ko ba,
mapride kasi siya eh. But damn, it was his fault! Angry Undecided

I stared at the window and then I had a flashback

"Redd!? Palage ka nalang pumupunta kay Redd! Bakit ba siyadong concerned
ka sa kanya?! Angry " Naninigas na yung katawan ko nun, basang-basa pa
ako nun ng ulan, kasi nga, gusto kong pumunta kay Redd. "What the heck,
Luxelle! Papano kung nagkasakit ka, ha?! Ano makukuha mo dun kay Redd,
ha?!? Angry Undecided " It was our 65th day that time. I said sorry, and
then ayun, nagkaayos kami. At first I thought he was only concerned.

And then it happened again, on our 67th day. "So, ganun pala na 3 hours
late ka kasi nangaling ka kay Redd? Angry " Nanigas ulit ako. Kasalanan
ko talaga eh. Cry
"Look, Gab! I was just concerned about him! Angry " I shot back at him.
Hindi ko nga alam eh, pero ang tanga naming dalawa! Angry Cry He neared
me that time, and then he placed his hand on his forehead na parang
pinalo niya ito.
"Oh for Pete's sake, Lux! So, you mean to say mas concerned ka pa sa
kanya kesa sa akin?! That's why you made me wait for 3 hours?! Angry
COME ON!!" Yumuko nalang ako noon, and then I said sorry, for it was my
And then... just yesterday, it was our 69th day... it happened again.
And I finally blurted it out. "Ganun?! Kaya hindi mo nasagot yung tawag
ko kasi you were talking to Redd?! Angry So ganun nalang yun? Redd
nalang lahat? Doon ka pala natulog?! Kaya pala hindi mo masagot-sagot
yung tawag ko?! goddamet, Lux! I've been worried sick about you, nandoon
ka lang pala sa kanya! Angry "
"Let me explain!"
"So, explain! Angry "
"You know Gab, you've been acting like a jealous b*tch since the past
few days! Nakakainis ka na! Palage na tayong nag-aaway! Ano ba, Gab?! Cry "

"It's because of him, Lux! And it's because you're

so-much-concerned-for-him! Angry "
I looked at him that time, and then I threw a glare at him. "YOU'RE
breath and I ate my pride when I said that, and then I continued. "Gab,
he needs me!"
"Oh, so, ako pala hindi kita kailangan? ganun pala. Oo nga naman, hindi
mo ako boyfriend. Sorry ha?" He said sarcastically, and then he started
to walk away, tapos tinapon niya sa sahig yung blue rose. "Hindi ko na
po KAYO didistorbohin! Kailangan ka kasi NIYA eh! Sige po, PAALAM!"

And then that was the start of everything.

It is such a fast forward, and you know what? Belle is back--on track,
just earlier. Sofia had been suspended. And I will not see her for a
month, that's good news But... Gab?
I don't really know.
I skipped 3 periods, just to visit Redd in the hospital, again. Hell,
I'm just a concerned best friend okay?! Wala lang, and guess what? After
I left the hospital... I went home, and then after an hour na nakauwi
ako... may nag door bell. And then I opened the door...I saw Jed.
Naiilang ako siyempre. When I was about to go back inside, bigla nalang
siya nagsalita. "Uhmm, this is... Andy, my...girlfriend." And after he
said that, may babaeng lumabas behind him. She smiled at me, and then I
gave her a 'pilit' smile and I went upstairs.
I don't know, but parang... nasaktan ako.

Gosh, I shouldn't be like this! I shouldn't be like this! He's my

brother cousin Undecided I should be happy kasi may gf na siya. But...
ARGGGGH!!! Get a grip from reality Luxelle!! Angry I HATE MYSELF! I HATE

I threw myself to bed, and then I buried my face underneath my pillow

and... cried. OO! Iyakin na kung iyakin! Cry Tapos, may kumatok sa
pintuan ko.

*knock, knock~!*
"WHAT THE FVCK!!! WHO'S THERE?!?!? Angry Cry " Halo na yata yung luha at
sipon ko nung sumigaw ako eh, kaya naiinis ako. naiinis ako kasi hindi
ako pinapansin ni Gab, naiinis ako kasi parang wala lang sa kanya. Oo
nga pala! Naglalaro lang kami eh. Ano ka ba Luxelle! Wala kang right
magalit! Cry Cry
"It's me." That voice... That voice sounds familiar.

It seemed as if--no, wait?! "It's me, Gab."

WTF! He was supposed to be angry! Shocked

"LUXELLE, OPEN UP! Forget what happened... I'm sorry..." " I hurriedly
opened the door, and I bet he saw how messy I looked. He held me tight,
and then he looked into my eye.

"Forget what I said." He whispered and then he cried. "I still love

you..." And then, he kissed me. We kissed, passionately. And then...

"Oh my god."

"Why, Andy? Oh, hey. Sorry to disturb you guys." Si Jed yun. Takte, epal
naman oh. Roll Eyes "What was it, Andy?"

Jed's gf looked at Jed, and her stare went to us, as she pointed at Gab
using her index finger. "T-That's him..."

Gab's expression-> Shocked Undecided Embarrassed

Andy's expression-> Shocked Cry Angry Undecided Embarrassed
Jed's expression-> Shocked Shocked Angry Angry
My expression-> Huh Huh Huh
"A-Andy..." Pagkatpos, hindi ko na alam yung nangyari pa. Basta... ang
huling naalala ko... niyakap siya nung babae, and he held her so
tight... At ayun, sinutok siya ni Jed. And then... ang huling narinig ko
nalang eh...

"Jed, I'm sorry." Sabi nitong Andy na 'to. "Gab... matagal na kitang
hinahanap... Mahal na mahal parin kita hangang ngayon Cry "

Pagkatapos nun, sinampal ko nalang si Gab. Cry Cry

"Lux, wait! You got it all wrong!" Aalis na sana ako nun, kaso lang
hinawakan niya yung kamay ko. I shook my head, and I didn't bother to
let him explain. I've had enough. Naeewan na ako sa mga palusot niya, sa
mga babae niya, naiinis na ako. But the least that I could ever do
was... just to look at him and smile.

That smile that means, goodbye. Is it really goodbye for us? When in the
first place there never had been any 'us'. Cry Kasalanan ko naman eh. I
let him in this game. I shouldn't have. I thought I was not gonna fall
for this idiot, but... the hell, I fell for him. So HARD, that I
think... siya na 'yung karma ko. Cry
He looked at me, and hindi ko na mabasa kung ano pa yung nasa mga mata
niya. I looked at the both of them, and then I looked at Jed. Tapos nun,
I walked slowly down the stairs, and then I went out of the house.
Galit na galit na yata ang Panginoon sa akin. Cry Kasalanan ko naman eh.
Sobrang playgirl ko noon. But I swear, I've changed. Embarrassed I've
been beaten by my own addictions, I've been fooled. Cry Shyet, I
shouldn't be like this. The moment that I've realized that it was
already raining, doon... doon ko ibinuhos lahat nang sakit na
nararamdaman ko.
Wala ngang kami. Cry Ano ba Luxelle! Wala ngang kayo! Cry Nakainis ka
Luxelle! I broke down the street and then, I cried. Then, I saw a flash
of light before my eyes. Napabuntong hininga ako, tapos I cried again...
and then.... I noticed na may humila sa akin, then... I realized it was
Gab. "Ano ba?! Bakit mo pa ako pinuntahan dito! Angry Cry "

"Umiiyak ka na naman?" Napayuko ako, tapos nilagay niya yung kamay niya

sa balikat ko. I avoided eye contact with him, but he was following
kahit saan ako tumingin. I pushed him lightly, tapos may nalaglag mula
sa kamay niya. It was... another blue rose.

"Gab, why are you making it so hard for me? Cry " Nasabi ko na walang
pahintulot. He looked at me, and then he froze. He didn't utter a word.
"Hindi ko alam kung bakit Gab, ewan ko! Nakakainis ka! Gusto ko nang mag
quit! Cry "

His eyes widened and his facial expression couldn't be painted. "Lux,
let me explain--"

"I don't want to listen to your lies anymore. I've heard enough, seen
enough, and knew enough. Cry Smiley Thanks Gab. We're only pretending...
and we're only playing right? So... go, be with her. Smiley " I gave him
the sweetest smile that I could ever give, but deep inside all I wanna
do is to break down and cry and yell and scream out all my frustrations
and my heartaches. Cry That was the sweetest yet saddest smile I've ever
given to a man.
Aalis na sana ako nun, pero hinila niya ako, kaya napalapit ako sa mukha
niya. He looked into my eyes, and I could see his tears though basang
basa na kami sa ilalim ng ulan. Tumingin nalang ako sa ilalim, tapos
niyakap niya ako. Which made me cry even more.
Then he hug me so tight, and then he whispered in my ear. "You're
right... We're only pretending... But right now, let me just hold you in
my arms... Just for this time... Cry "
Nandito na ako sa school, we're going to have our finals next week, and
then... graduation na namin. Okay na kami ni Gab. Well, it depends kung
paano mo idefine yung okay. Tapos na rin naman ang classes namin for
this day, kaya pupunta na siguro ako sa baba para umuwi na. When I was
about to go downstairs, I heard a voice. Then... nakita ko, si Andy.

Uminit agad ulo ko. Angry

She was talking to a girl, and when she saw me... nilapitan niya ako.
She smiled, at ako naman ay nailang. "Hi." She smiled at me sweetly,
then the next thing that she told me shocked me. "Ex pala ako ni Gab."
My eyes widened, and then mas nailang ako. "But hey, don't get me wrong.
Smiley I'm not here to ruin your relationship. Smiley "

"Relationship? Shocked " She giggled, and then she smiled at me.
Napakunot-noo nalang ako at nagulat sa sinabi niya.

"Yes, he talks alot about you. Smiley He talks how good you are as his
girlfriend, and he even told me that he loves you very much." N-nako. Si
Gab?! Sinabi niya yun? Embarrassed Undecided "That's why, I came to
realize that... he needs you, more than I need him. Smiley " She hugged
me and then she whispered weakly. "It was just a coincidence when I saw
him at your house... and God granted my last request."

I just remained silent. Gusto ko sanang sabihin sa kanya na walang

"kami" but it just felt so good hearing those words... na 'how good you
are as his girlfriend' Girlfriend... wow. Sana magkatotoo... Lips sealed
"Luxelle, I want you to keep this as our secret... Smiley My last
request was to see Gab, before I go back to States... to get my
medications... and I want to ask a favor from you... please do take good
care of him... he loves you very much Luxelle... he has never loved any
other girl the way he's loving you right now..." Kawawa naman si Andy.

Ok, so binabawe ko na. Roll Eyes Hindi pala lies yung mga pinagsasabi ni
Gab. Smiley

I love you Andy Gab! Cheesy Grin

And the only thing that I have to do right now...

is to talk to him and tell him... what I really feel.


Yeah, hangang tingin lang ako. 2 days had passed, pero ayan, hindi ko
parin maamin-amin kay Gab. Meaning, it's our 73rd day na. Naiinis na ako
sa sarili ko. Pumunta ako sa locker ko, ayun... nung binuksan ko, may
blue rose na naman. Ano ba talaga ang meaning nito?! Angry

Tutal, uuwi na rin naman ako, tapos... I bumped into someone. When I
looked up, nagulat ako. It was Gab... and Andy. Undecided I smiled at
Andy, alam ko naman kasing mabait siya eh, at... at... ewan. Undecided
And take note, I only smiled at Andy. Hindi ko tinignan si Gab. Naiilang
ako kasi eh. Undecided Ganun ba talaga pag in love ka na? Embarrassed

"Hi, Lux! Smiley " Bati ni Andy sa akin. She turned to Gab, and then
bigla nalang, nag smile siya sa akin and tinap niya yung shoulders ni
Gab, at umalis siya sabay sabi nang: "Alis muna ako ha? Gab, see you
around. Lux. Smiley " I knew what that smile meant. Nung tumalikod na si
Andy, habang lumalakad siya, parang umaalinlangan pa siya. Para bang
aalis na hindi.

Tapos, nakita ko, napatigil siya sa pag lakad, then she turned around to
look at us, and then she smiled. I was so sure na yung smile na yun ay
tulad sa smile kong pinakita kay Gab just days ago. A smile that meant,
goodbye. Embarrassed Ako'y naawa kay Andy. As she smiled at me, she
waved. Then, I swear, I saw a tear dropped when she turned to start
walking again. She even wiped it away. Embarrassed Then, natigilan ako
nung nagsalita si Gab. "Let's go to the place where I first held your...
uh, hand. Embarrassed "

He blushed, then... he took my hand, and then... he locked it in his

fingers. Embarrassed Namula nalang ako, at hindi nakapagsalita. Naalala
ko pa yung araw na yun.

"Anong vow na naman yan?!" Yeah, nandun pa rin kami nun sa Rooftop ng
School Building. He held my hand that time, first holding hands namin
yun. Nagulat nga ako nun eh. Parang magag@go na ako nun! HAHA.
"Ok, raise your right hand please. I, Gabriel Alfonse, will and will
always take good care of Luxelle Smith! I will love her till the day I
die!" Naiinis pa ako nun, kasi I find it really corny when he said
that... But, right now... I wish it would come true.

"HOY! KAYO!" He yelled that time, tinuro pa niya yung mga ibang
students. Hiyang-hiya ako nun. "Eto! Kita niyo to?! Itong babaeng to!

Mahal na mahal ko to! Baby ko to eh! Future wife ko rin!"

Ang sarap mag reminisce no? Pero, ang masakit dun eh... hindi ko masabi
na mahal ko na siya. At hindi rin ako pwedeng mag quit ngayon. Kasi,
hindi ako pwedeng ma quit eh. It had never been my nature! Ayaw kong
mag quit sa mga bagay... And I have to take my stand on that. "Luxelle.
Alam mo ba kung bakit dito kita dinala uli?" Ay, may kasama pala ako!
Joke. I shook my head nalang, kasi ano ba? Hindi ko naman talaga alam
kung bakit ganito. Cool

He looked at the clouds, and then he placed his hands in his pocket.
Witiwiw, dramatic naman "Exit ko 'to, simula nung... araw na... nag
break kami ni Andy." Tagos. Cry Bakit naman isinama si Andy sa usapan?
Cry "Alam mo." He looked at me. "No, don't get me wrong. I'm not gonna
tell you about Andy here." Hay, mabuti naman. Undecided "What I'm
pointing out is... dito ko rin unang narealize na tama pala yung break
up namin."

Gab, ang mean mo. Cry Hindi mo alam na si Andy ay may sakit! Cry
"Ahhh..." Speechless ako, halata ba? He laughed a little, tapos tinuro
niya yung blue rose sa bandang kanan.
WOW! As in wow! Hindi ko alam na may ganito pala dito! Shocked "Alam mo
yan?" He told me. Sobrang nakinig ako, siyempre this is it! Malalaman ko
na. Yehey! Cheesy

"Ang mga yan...." Sabi niya, tapos ngumiti siya nang nakakaloka.
"...bulaklak yan! "
Binatukan ko nga siya. Akala ko pa naman kung sasabihin niya na! Angry
Lumapit siya sa akin, tapos kinurot niya ako. "Alam mo... marami ka pang
hindi nalalaman... "

Parang natigilan ako nung sinabi niya yun. Undecided Bakit kaya ganun
yung epekto? Undecided "What I mean... kung ano man ang mangyari sa
huling araw natin... I want you to always keep this..." Then, sinuotan
niya ako ng half-heart necklace, and then... he opened up the first
button malapit sa collar, and then, he showed me his half heart
necklace. "... Para maalala natin ang isa't-isa... Kahit saan pa tayo
pumunta... "

He told me, and then he placed his hand on my cheek. Then, I blurted it
out. "G-Gab... If it weren't because of this game... Masasabi mo ba
talagang... m-mahal... m-mahal mo--"
*kring.. kring~!*

dhdhsdjkdsjajdkadjdkjdakdldjaldtoooooootWTF!! Angry Panira naman 'tong

phone na 'to!!!! Angry "HELLO!? Angry " I answered it, tapos...

tapos nung narinig ko yung sinabi nang tumawag...

tears formed in the edges of my eyes, and then tumulo nalang ito,

Cry Then I hugged Gab... "Gab...G-Gab... Cry He's... He's gone. Cry Cry "

Day 80

It had been a week since Redd... died. Undecided And I'm still having
sleepless nights, thinking that he's gone... forever. Undecided Cry
Gosh, I can't believe it was that fast. Cry I'm disheartened to the fact
that... I wasn't able to see him that day when I heard the news. It was
so fast, that... I couldn't even accept it. Cry I mean, everything seems
like... a nightmare. Cry The person whom I run to in times of my
heartaches... was already gone. Cry

And it seemed so fast. Cry Gab hugged me for the reason that he saw me
crying again, then he gave me an assuring smile. "Be happy for Redd. At
least, he's in a great place now. Smiley " Though I could see sadness in
Gab's eye, I knew he was only being strong for me to get my strength
from him. I just can read it through his eyes. "Say, why don't why, go
on a holiday trip after our graduation? It's like... 2 weeks from now."

Yeah, it will be our grad when that '2 weeks' end. We're here right now
infront of... Redd's shrine? Grin Kidding. Well, it's more like a
shrine. May color white na banner na nasa taasan tapos may mga nakasulat
doon na 'we will miss you, Redd.' which made me shed a tear. "Nakakainis
ka, Redd! Cry " Pinagpalo ko yung litrato niya. He looked so different
here. So young, so full of smiles, so full of energy, so full of...
love. Undecided He's not even pale here, yet. Cry
"And daya mo! Cry Sabi mo... may 2 months ka pa! Cry Pero bakit 1 month
lang? Cry Iniwan mo na kami agad... Cry " I hugged his portrait then I
whispered those words. After that, may lumapit sa akin. It was one of
his co-adviser.

"Ms. Smith." She fixed her eyeglasses and then she looked at me. "This
was given to me by Redd and he told me, to give this to you." It was a
music box. I opened it, and then... I cried when I heard the sad melody
of it. Kahit na twinkle twinkle lang yung tumutugtog, ang sakit sakit
pakinggan. Cry I opened it, then nakita ko...
si Prince Charming at si Cinderella sa loob. Hinahawakan ni Prince
Charming si Cinderella, then super smile silang dalawa. Then I
remembered the day when Redd asked me to be his Cinderella. And you know
what? Itong music box na 'to... Ito yung palaging pinapakinggan namin
nung mga bata pa lang kami. Cry And that makes it even more.... sadder.
Cry Nilapitan ako ni Gab, pagkatapos pinunasan niya yung luha ko, then
umalis na kami para pumunta sa Gym.
Meron kami ngayong exam sa P.E, and cheerdance yung exams. Wala ako sa
mood, pero niluboslubos ko na sa pagsayaw ang mga nararamdaman ko. After
that, tapos na... tomorrow will be our hell week by the way.
And after that one week, graduation na. After graduation, tapos na yung
game namin ni Gab. Undecided Lalabas na sana ako ng gym, nung nakita
ko... si Gab at si Andy magkasama. I smiled weakly at Andy, and then, I
went pass through them.
Nangiyak-iyak ako nung nakadaan na ako sa kanila, pagkatapos... may
naramdaman akong kamay na humahawak sa akin sa braso ko. Tumalikod ako
para tignan, it was--Gab. "Lux, ano ba? Bakit di mo 'ko pinapansin? I
was calling you, yet... dinaanan mo lang ako--"
"Ahh, tinawag mo pala ako... Akala ko kasi makakaistorbo ako sa INYO eh.
Embarrassed Undecided " He looked at me and then he pulled me closer.
"Anong sa amin? Huh Nagseselos ka ba? Huh " He finally blurted the
question. Luxelle, nagseselos ka ba?! Undecided Ano?! ANO?! HA!? Bakit
di mo masagot-sagot?! Cry I kept quiet then, yumuko nalang ako. Tapos
nilapit niya ako sa chest niya. "Stop it Luxelle! You don't need to be
jealous." He started.

"This heart that beats, beats only for you."

I smiled weakly at him, then I felt na... nanghihina tuhod ko at parang
sumasakit yung dibdib ko. Pagkatapos nun, napasirado yung mga mata ko.
Tapos, nawalan na ako ng malay.

At ang huling nakita ng mga mata ko ay si....

"R-Redd... "
day 81

"Na-nasaan ako??" I opened my eyes slowly, and then tumayo ako sa...
kama. Shocked OMG! Ano nangyari!? Shocked "HALA KA!!! GAB?! KAMUSTA?!
MAGKAKABABY NA TAYO!?! Shocked " Another oooppps! Shocked Did I just
said that?! Shocked This is so not me! Shocked
"Baby? Grin Ikaw? Grin Magiging asawa ko? Grin " Napasimangot ako sa
kanya, tapos naalala ko. Si Redd yung huling nakita ko sa mind's eye ko.
"Nahimatay ka kahapon. Sabi ni nurse magpahinga ka raw muna. Kaya ayan,
dito ka na natulog." Ah, ganun? "Naalala mo pa ba?"
Huh? Ang ano? Wasted na ba ako? Shocked "Ano?! May nangyari ano?! Ha?!
Angry " Tumayo agad ako, tapos uupakan ko na sana siya kaso lang... I
felt dizzy. My world was spinning again. "G-Gab..."

Sinalo niya ako tapos niyakap. "Lux, ano ba? Wag ka namang ganyan.
Lumalala na yata yang migrane mo eh." Sabi niya sa akin. Teka, papano-"... Sabi ng nurse, matagal mo nang tinatago na may migrane ka. Kaya,
kahapon... ayun! Nahimatay ka... at ang huling pangalan na binanggit mo
pa ay pangalan ng patay." gab, psychic ka ba?
Ano raw? Huh "Ano? Pangalan nino? Huh " Umupo nalang ako sa kama niya,
tapos he looked at me, then lumabas siya nang kwarto. "Hoy saan ka
pupunta?! Shocked " Parang kanina pa ako nagugulat ah. Shocked Shocked
Shocked Wow. Ang saya. Shocked Shocked Shocked HAHAHA! Grin Teka, eto ba
epekto ng migrane? Huh Oh my gulay. Cheesy "Hoy Gab!! Gab, ano ba--"
Napatigil ako nung... nung nakita ko si Andy. Napatigil ako sa may
stairs, tapos nanghina tuhod ko. "Oh, Luxelle. I'm glad you're
okay--LUXELLE!!! Shocked " Tapos nalaglag ako sa stairs. Mabuti naman
hindi ako napaano. Tumawa nalang ako sa sarili ko. Naku, Luxelle ha.
Kakagulat ka. Pero, teka... bakit ba nandito na naman yang Andy na yan?
Nakakasobra na siya ah. Angry She helped me stood up. "Are you okay?
next time, be careful." She smiled at me. "By the way, I brought you
fruits. Smiley "
Hindi ko alam kung ano yung nangyari sa akin, because when she handed it
to me, I pushed it lightly aside, and then tinaasan ko siya nang kilay.
I looked around to see where Gab was, but the coast was clear. Bahala
na. Inaatake ako ngayon eh. Angry "I DON'T NEED YOU, OR ANY OF YOUR
FRUTAS FRUITS Angry " Talagang frutas pa eh no!? Shocked Grin Mali. Grin
"Teka, this will be good for your health." She picked the fruits na nag
slide mula sa kamay niya papunta sa sahig. I just looked at her, then I
gave her a cold stare. "Here, take this--"
Ngayon, tinapon ko na yung binigay niya sa akin. Gosh, naiirita na ako!
Bakit ba ganito siya pag umasta?! Angry "I don't need you and your
stupid fruits. I'm outta here." I went upstairs, and then kinuha ko na
bag ko, tapos nung pupunta na ako sa ilalim, nakita ko... Gab was there.
He was helping her. He picked the fruits for her, and there she was...
SITTING PRETTY. Angry Gosh, dinagdagan pa niya yung init ng ulo ko.
Angry ARGGGH. Nag madalil akong umalis, tapos... tinawag ako ni Gab.

"Teka, saan ka--"

"I'll never talk to you again, unless you ditch that sitting pretty girl
over there." I whispered into his face then I prodded his chest and I
gave him a cold stare. Naiinis ako. Tatakbo na sana ako, pero bigla
nalang hinila niya kamay ko.
"Ano ba?! Bakit ba ang insecure mo?!" Ah, ganun? So, ako pala ang naging
insecure ngayon?! Kayo ba?! Kung nakita niyong nakikipaglandian ang
isang babaeng-anghel-amoks na nagpupumilit na maging mabait sa'yo...
pero di mo naman alam ang plano niya.... sa lalakeng mahal mo?!

"Pwede ba! Angry Kung gusto mong hindi ako maging insecure, ipaliwanag
mo sa akin kung bakit nandito yan! Nakakabadtrip! Feeling close, pero
ano?! Ha?! Gab?! Angry " Inalis ko ang kamay ko, tapos, hinila niya ulit
ako. "So, ano?! Tug of war ba 'to?! Angry Akala mo sa kamay ko ano?!
LUBID?! Angry "
Ngayon, hindi lamang kamay yung hinila niya. Ako na mismo hinila niya.
Then he stared deeply into my eyes. "Alam mo, kung ano ano na iniisip
mo. Kung alam mo lang sana." He told me. Anong alam?! Angry Huh

"Ano ba dapat kong malaman?! Huh " He smiled and laughed at me.
"Chikret. Roll Eyes "

"Nakakatawa ba ako!? Angry "

"Hindi, pero... yung pinanggagawa mo. Nakakatawa eh! Grin You're
acting... as if... you're my girlfriend. Cheesy " Naku, hindi ba? Lips
sealed Hindi nga. Embarrassed Nanigas katawan ko sa sinabi niya. It
seemed as if he threw what I said to him back to me. Masakit pala yun.
Embarrassed "Hey, you little puppy." PUPPY!? AKO?! Shocked Angry I
spanked his hand. "Ow, bakit!?"
"Hindi ako puppy! Pangit ang mga aso! Cry " I told him. Oo, nakakatakot
sila. Cry "Aalis na ako. Binubwesit mo'ko eh."

"Teka nga lang!" Tumakbo siya sa harapan ko, then kinorner niya ako sa
gilid ng wall. He neared his face to mine, then his stare went down to
my lips, and then back to my eyes. "Sabihin mo nga sa akin. Nagseselos
ka ba? Grin "

Nakakainis ka na! Angry "Nagseselos ka ba???" Mas nilapitan niya na

ngayon yung mukha ko. OMG. "Luxelle... Nagseselos ka ba???" Isa nalang,
tapos... tapos parang hahalikan niya naman ako. I pushed him
forcefully,then tinadyakan ko siya.
"Eh, ano ngayon kung nagseselos ako ha?! Angry Eh sa mahal kita eh, alam
mo yun?! Mahal na mahal na mahal! Kahit hindi pa tayo naglalaro, mahal
pa rin kita! Gag0ng game kasi!"

Ooooopppppsies. Lips sealed

Hindi ko akalain na... na nasabi ko yun. Lips sealed Gab just smiled at

me, and then umalis nalang ako kaagad. I didn't wait for his response. I
was scared Undecided Ano? Ano kaya mangyayari? Will everything still be
the same? Undecided Uwumi muna ako para makapagligo, tapos pumunta sa
school at kinuha yung exams na na miss ko kahapon. Siyempre, my daily
routine is to stop over my locker everytime before I go home. Kaya...
when I opened it, nagulat ako.
Bakit walang blue rose? Undecided

Day 82

Nung nasa bahay na ako, I sat at the edge of my bed, then I stared at my
phone. Sana nandito ngayon si Redd... Undecided Sa Friday pala... i
kicrimate na si Redd. Yeah, his parent's wanted that way. Ang sad nga... Cry

Maya-maya, nag beep yung phone ko. I opened it, then I was pissed when I
found it that it was only from GLOBE ADVISORY. Tongue Tsk. Sino ba hindi
mapipiss niyan? Tongue Humiga ako sa kama ko, then I stared at the
ceiling. Si Gab. Si Gab. Tsk.
Corny naman siya ah? Bakit siya pa Lux? Gwapo nga pero minsan baduy.
Bakit siya Lux? Nakakainis kasi unpredictable. Pero Bakit siya? He's
really stupid and gets pissed off by petty things. THEN WHY DID YOU

Ano ba! Hindi ako pumili sa

reader! Ikaw! Grin Di, joke
Heart-to-Heart kami. Echus.
nanaginip ako eh. And in my

kanya! Ikaw! Ikaw pumili sa kanya! Ikaw

lang. Kinakausap ko puso ko eh. Ayiiiie.
Grin Siguro nga nakatulog ako. Kasi
dream, pumunta siya sa kwarto ko.

He kissed my forehead, then may iniwan siyang 2 blue roses sa gilid ko.
"Lux." Napaupo ako. GOSH. This is so not a dream anymore. Which
means?Huh Totoo pala!? "Tungkol dun sa sinabi mo kahapon... Undecided "

I swallowed a huge lump in my throat as he continued talking. "Totoo ba

yun?" Patay. Lips sealed

Tumawa nalang ako. "HAHAHA! Of course... hindi. Undecided " I threw my

pillow at him. "Ikaw naman kasi, naniwala ka agad. Undecided "

He smiled at me, then umupo siya sa gilid ko. "Alam mo... " Napasimangot
ako. Tapos, I saw him smiling. "... Malapit na rin matapos ang
pagpretend natin. I'm excited."

OUCH. Cry "Teka, Gab, ano kasi eh... tungkol kahapon--"

"Hindi, Lux. Alam ko naman na it's part of your role. Smiley "
Magsasalita na sana ulit ako,kaso he stood up and then sinabi niyang
aalis na raw siya. "Alis na ako. See you around."

Bakit ganun?? Bakit hindi ko maamin!??? Cry

I guess everything will still be the same.

Except this feeling that I have for him.

Day 85
*take time to listen to this*

Nakikinig ako ngayon sa "realize"

Nagpapakasenti ako ngayon. Siguro
araw na natitira. I don't know if
parin ang lahat. Undecided I just

ni Colbie Cailat. Ewan ko ba.

nga dahil, bilang na lang iyong mga
matapos na 'tong game na 'to... Ganun
don't get it. Why did I fell so hard?

Nagpapapraktis kami ngayon para sa graduation. I know, it won't be easy.

Undecided Haaay, bye bye schoolio. Undecided MagpapaStates na kasi ako
eh... Cry I'll spend my college years there... Eto kinatatakutan ko.
Embaarrassed "Hoy!" Nagulat ako nun, si G-Gab pala. Naku, bakit hindi ko
man lang masabe nang deretso iyong pangalan ni G-Gab?? Undecided
Pinagmasdan ko mabuti yung mukha niya, naku... mas nahuhulog yata ako.
Embarrassed "Ano yang tingin na yan? Huh "
I quickly glanced my head to the opposite side wherein I couldn't see
his view. Undecided Embarrassed S-shyet! Bakit ba ako ganito? Undecided
"Bakit parang... tuliro ka? " Umupo siya sa tabi ko, tapos inakbayan
niya ako at nilapit niya mukha niya sa mukha ko. So, grabe naman iyong
*tug*dug*dug* nang heart ko. Undecided "Bakit ka namumula? Grin At bakit
parang pawis na pawis ka? Cool "

I folded my arms, and then I brushed off his hand off my shoulder.
"Ahh... a-a-ano kasi eh... A-a-ano kasi... He..he... Undecided Cheesy
Embarrassed " Tumawa nalang siya sa akin kasi hindi ko matapos tapos
yung sinasabi ko. Tapos kinurot niya ako sa pisngi ko. "A-a-ano ba???
Undecided Masakit..." Lumapit uli siya sa kin.

"Siya nga pala, di ako makakasama sa inyo nila Sofia." Ummm, yiea.
Undecided Ok na kami ni Sofia ngayon. She cried bucket of tears in front
of me, and okay na talaga. Smiley I forgave her na. And friends na kami
ngayon... but siyempre, I don't trust her much. Makakasali pa nga siya
sa graduation eh! Wink "May lakad kasi kami ni Andy mamaya eh. Cool "
Natahimik nalang ako at napayuko then a tear fell from the edge of my
right eye. I remembered this tear... Undecided Sabi raw nang iba, when
tears fell only from your right eye, may meaning daw yun. But I don't
really know what the heck's the meaning. "Luxelle! Smiley "

Salamat, Sofia. You saved my heart. Loka! Cheesy Yumuko ako, and then I
excused myself. "Uhhh... lis muna ako. Geh. Enjoy kayo ni Andy ha. Have
a great time." What a great liar, Lux. Undecided Sa tingin mo ba,
madadaya mo sarili mo?! Cry

"Sige, I'll just text you later."

I took my iPOD sa pocket ko, tapos nakinig ulit ako sa realize. I placed
the right ear phone on my right ear, then I told Sofia that I was damn
hurting. "Sof... Cry Masakit talaga."

"Oh, bakit naman? Ano gusto mo? Patayin natin si Gab?! Angry Eh,
palibhasa lage nalang siya ganyan! Kasi naman eh, bakit ba may pa game2x
pa kayo? Huh Masasaktan lang naman kayo niyan... Undecided " Yeah, we
talk like nothing had happened. That's right, ganun talaga. They say
that arguements makes relationships stronger, because we learn from it,
and if it happens again, we know how to react. Smiley

"I don't hella know why I fell for this... dummy. Undecided " Sinandal
ko 'yung ulo ko sa gilid ng upuan, tapos umiyak na ako. "I don't get it.
Parang he shows that he loves me, but I doubt it... because we're only
playing a game. Cry Kasi naman... parang tinutoo ko na yung game...
Kasalanan ko naman kasi.. Undecided "
Niyakap ako ni Sofia, tapos she patted me on my shoulder. "Don't cha
worry. Smiley I'll do everything... magiging stalker ako nila Gab at
Andy." She smiled. "That's the least thing that I could ever do for
you... to make up for such stupid things I did..." Tapos yumuko siya.
"Hey, past is past. Smiley I already forgave you." I smiled then pinahid
ko na yung luha ko, tapos tumayo kami.
Uuwi na kami ni Sofia, kaya... nag stop by na kami sa lockers namin.
Tapos nun... nung nabuksan ko na yung locker, napaiyak ulit ako. "Sof...
Cry "

"Oh, bakit?Ano? Tutuloy ko pa ba yung pag stalk sa kanila?" She was

talking and talking... and then ako napaisip.

Bakit kaya ganun? "Sof... mahal ba talaga niya ako? Cry "

"Ano ba? Siyempre... Oo--I mean, di ko alam. Kasi Lux... naglalaro lang
kayo ng game eh. Undecided "

Tagos. Oo nga. Kaya naman pala eh. "Baka nagkabalikan na sila ni Andy."
I said coldly.
Nanlaki mata ni Sofia. "Naku! Hindi mangyayari yun... But we can never
tell. Undecided "

Siguro nga. Bakit naman sila magkasama? Bakit sinabi ni Gab na may lakad
sila? Bakit? Higit sa lahat...

Bakit wala nang blue rose? Cry Nakalimutan niya na ba? Cry Kasi...

simula nung araw na nadulas yung 'mahal kita' na yun sa labi ko...
everything had never been the same. at... natigil yung pagbigay niya ng
blue rose...

nagsinungaling ako at sinabi kong hindi totoo na mahal ko siya....
kahit na mismo alam kong....
mahal na mahal ko siya. Cry

Day 86

*listen to background music*

I don't know. I just don't wanna think yet. Undecided

He had been so cold to me lately. But guess what? One unexpected day, I
just thought I was dreaming. It was when I saw... Ford standing in front
of me. He was all... cute. Undecided But, hindi ko pa rin maalis alis si
Gab sa isipan ko. Up to now...hindi ko pa rin alam hangang ngayon kung
ano yung meaning ng "Taim i' ngra leat" thing na iyon.

Sabi nga naman ni Ford kasi, aatend lang siya ng graduation namin. And
yeah, hindi siya mag g-graduate. Kinuha lang daw niya iyong diploma
niya... kasi sobrang taas naman iyong grades niya. Pwede ba iyon? Undecided

He stood beside me, and then he gave me a lollipop. "Gusto mo?" Nanlaki
mata ko. What the? Bigyan ba naman ako ng--anak ng! Shocked "To cheer
you up somehow... I know you're thinking of Gab right now." After he
said that, I felt as if parang binug-bog sarado iyong puso ko. I'm not
over reacting here. I don't know why, but... I bursted in front of Ford.
Cry I can't stand him anymore. Undecided Cry It's too much.
"Alam mo Ford, nahihirapan na ako! So, yeah, this Andy girl who seems so
innocent went back... and nagpapaka-anghel pa pero may sungay naman--"
"Andy's a nice girl." Nagulat ako nung sinabi niya iyon. Pati ba naman
si Ford? Cry "You might be wondering why I act as if I know her." He
started then he folded his arms, and tinaasan niya ako ng kilay. "We
used to be lovers." Muntik na akong mabilaukan. HUWAAAAAAT?!? "Yes,
but... I played with her. Inagaw ko nga siya kay Gab eh. And then it
turned out that she really loved Gab and ginawa akong panakip butas. But
that's not the point. But, it was too late. I've moved on. That was when
you came into the picture." Bakit ba nasama na naman ako sa istorya? Cry
"No, I'm not here to tell you how I love you." Tumawa siya and I took it
as a joke nalang.

"Tell me more... about that Andy girl." Napabuntong hininga ako, then I
wiped the tear that fell from the edge of my eye.

"Andy's a nice girl... I never loved her... a bit I guess. But past is
past. Because of me they broke up... kawawa nga yang Andy na yan eh. The
problem with her is, she's too nice-- too nice in a way na naaapakan na
pride niya." Napa-tsktsk si Ford, then he leaned on the wall. "Siya nga
pala... bakit? Mahal mo na ba si Gab?"
Napatahimik ako, tapos hindi ako sumagot. "Hey, it's okay. You can tell
me." Sabi niya sa akin. I looked at him and cried. "So, I'll take that
as a NO?" He smiled then... he started to walk. "Alis na pala ako.
Pupuntahan ko lang sila mama at iyong kapatid ko. Balik lang ako
mamaya." Nagulat ako, then I called him. I smiled.

"Bati na kayo ni sis mo? Job well done, Ford." I told him, then he
started walking. Then, I called him again. "Wait!" He looked back, and
gave me a smile.

"Yes. I love Gab. I LOVE HIM, VERY VERY VERY MUCH." He smiled, then he
gave me a thumbs-up. Tapos umalis na siya.
Di ako natahimik no! Niresearch ko talaga yung meaning ng "Taim i' ngra
leat" it meant pala... I love you. Irish pala yun. Nagulat ako, pero
napatawa nalang ako dun. Akala ko kung ano na. I smiled. then, ayun...
Lumabas na ako ng library. Tapos... I saw Gab. He was all alone. "Hey,
Lux!" Aba! Presko! Angry "How are you?"
"Layuan mo ako! Angry BWISIT KA!" I didn't know why I said that.
Kakainis kasi! Alam mo iyon! Mahal mo na...pero di mo pa masabi. Pero,
nakakabwisit eh! Angry Naawa ako sa kanya. But I don't know if he feels
the same way too. Undecided Lumalakad na ako nun, pero hinawakan niya
ako sa braso. Natigilan ako. Then, I started to cry.
"Teka, may kasalanan ba ako? Huh Bakit ba ang init naman ng ulo natin?"
As if you care! Angry Tss. Pinapaiyak mo lang ako ng lalo eh! Cry
Embarrassed "Uyyy... wala namang iyakan dito. Undecided Tahan na..."
Then lumapit siya sa akin, tapos... parang naiilang na ewan.
"Go away... Baka hinahanap ka na ni Andy... Undecided Cry "
"Nah... Hindi kami magkikita
her family. Sama ka?" Putek!
stood up quickly, then isang
lang ang pwede kong takbuhan
bakit naman aalis ka na?"

ngayon... mamaya pa, may dinner kami with

Sinabi pa sa akin! Cry Ano ba naman yan! I
tao lang yung nasa isip ko. Si Ford. Siya
ngayon. Since may inaasikaso si Sofia. "Oh,

"I don't need you Gab. Get lost." I don't know why I said that. But,
nahihirapan ako. Undecided Cry Ang sakit sakit.
"Hey! Luxelle! Undecided Ano ba?"

"No, just...arggghhhhhh!!!!" Tumakbo nalang ako, tapos ayun... eksaktong

nakita ko si Ford, then ayun... kinuwento ko sa kanyaa iyong lahat.
Napatahimik lang siya.

His reaction-> @_____@

"Bakit ba palaging Andy sinasabi ni Gab?! Cry Bakit ba ganun?! Cry Ford,
nasasaktan ako!" He tapped me on then shoulder, then he smiled.

"Mehn, imbis na nagmukmok ka siguro diyan... sumama ka nalang sa

akin..." He smiled. Parang ganito-> Cool Then he continued.
"Luxelle, date tayo. For the last time please?"
Friendly date lang naman, kaya ayun... pagkatapos nun... hinatid na ako
ni Ford sa bahay ko. Then... nagulat nalang ako nung biglang may
"Kaya pala ayaw mong sumama sa dinner dun kay Andy... PUTEK! LUXELLE!
Nagulat ako. Why is he so mad? Undecided Hindi naman siya affected eh!

"Gab, teka calm down--"


at ayun, magsusuntukan na sana sila... kaso lang... sumigaw ako. "ANO BA

"Bakit ba pag umasta ka kala mo kung girlfriend kita?!" Sabi niya sa
akin. "Putek. magsama kayo ni Ford mo!"
"Gab, kakasabi mo lang na girlfriend mo siya."

I looked behind him, then I saw Andy.

Ano ba talaga?!?

"Bakit ka nandito?!" Sabi ni Gab, tapos nilapitan niya si Andy.

"Sinundan kita! Alam kong mangyayari to! Gab, ayaw ko na kasi nang gulo
Gab... please, sabihin mo nalang kay Luxelle..."

"Ang alin, Andy?!? Nagkabalikan kayo?"

"Lux ganito kasi yun--"

Bago paman magsalita si Andy, hinila na ni Gab iyong kamay niya tapos
tumakbo na sila. Then, napatawa nalang si Ford. "I think I know what's
going on around here... Lux, binibigyan ka ba niya ng blue rose?"

Nagulat ako kay Ford. Then, napanod ako.

"I knew it. So were you still playing the game?"

"Yes. In fact, malapit na kaming mag end...and that's it."

He gave me a smile, then he placed his hands in his pocket. "I don't
think so. Cool Smiley "

Ano ba naman yan?! Excited na tuloy ako na parang kinakabahan! Cry

Gab, mahal mo ba ako o hindi?!?!? MAGTAPAT KA NA!!!!!

I know you love me too....

I wish. Undecided
"Lux, may shooting star oh!" I shook my head, then I bid my goodnight
kay Ford then I went inside the house.
Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga shooting stars na yan. "I've been wishing
since then, and... when I thought that it was coming true na..."

Everything flashed back to my mind just like a video tape.

"...I saw him with someone new already. Cry "

Day 90
Hindi niya ako pinapansin nung mga nakaraang araw. Kaya, hala, sige,
dedma kami. Pataasan ba to ng pride? Panalo na ako niyan. Ano ba yan.
Kung saan pa kami malapit nang matapos... dun pa nagkagulo-gulo ulit.
Sobrang magulo na yung larong to. Siguro, malalamon ko na yung pride ko
ngayon... dapat tapusin ko na yung game namin. Pero, hindi. Undecided
Hindi dapat ako sumuko. Aja! Aja-- Shocked
"PUTEEKKKKKK!!!!" Hindi ko namalayan na nabangga ko pala si Gab sa
sobrang kakaisip ko! Guess what happened?! GUESS what?! Yung ice cream
niya... YUNG ICE CREAM NIYANG CHOCOLATE FLAVOR... natapon sa white shirt

I looked at him nervously at parang ganito na ako-> -___-V tapos

nag-peace sign ako. Namula na yata ako nun eh. Sobrang tumutulo na yung
pawis ko, tapos buong katawan ko umiinit. Kinakabahan ako sa pwedeng
gawin niya. Ayaw ko nang masaktan pa. Cry He looked at me, then tinignan
niya yung ice cream niya, tapos... he looked at me again. "You're so

Yumuko nalang ako, tapos I slowly uttered. "S-sorry...hindi kita...hindi

kita nakita." Then I started to walk. Tapos sumigaw siya.
Imbes na mangiyak-iyak na ako, natawa nalang ako. I can sense na
magiging okay na kami ni Gab.

Ayun, nilibre ko siya ng chuckie, tapos nag libot kami sa school.

"Wui! Bati na yata sila!"

"Akala ko ba nagbalikan sila ni Andy?"
"Onga! Palage silang magkasama eh!"
"Alam kaya ni Andy to?"
Kumulo yung dugo ko. Tapos, bigla akong natahimik. Si Gab, tahimik rin.
Ano ba talaga? Ako na yatang lumalabas na tanga ngayon eh. Undecided
Yang Andy yan kasi eh! Wala akong pakealam kung may sakit siya! Hindi!
Hindi niya pwedeng agawin si Gab ng basta basta nalang. Hindi niya
pwedeng kunin yung remaining days namin ni Gab! Hindi! Hindi!
Tumakbo ako, at iniwan ko si Gab. Tumakbo ako sa kung hindi ko alam kung
saan ako dinala ng mga paa ko. Tapos, insaktong nakita ko si Sofia. I
panted and then I hugged her. "May information ka na ba?"
Pinaspy ko siya kina Gab at Andy kasi eh. Remember? She looked at me and
gave me this look-> O___O "Ano?! Meron ba?!"

She stood up, and dusted herself. "W-Wala! W-Wala pa.." She took her
phone from her pocket, then she elbowed me. "So, ano? Malling tayo! Bili
tayo ng dress para sa graduation baall!" Natahimik nalang ako. "Oh, bakit?"

"Eh... huling araw na rin namin ni Gab yan eh Undecided " She smiled at
me, then hinawakan niya ako sa wrist ko.
"Nako! Tara na nga! Mag mall na tayo!"

Nung nasa mall na kami, sa gitna nang malling namin, nakita namin ni
Sofia si Andy at si Gab. Para akong ewan dun. Sumama na rin sila sa amin
sa pag pasyal, kasi si Gab humahanap na rin ng susuotin niya sa Grad
Ball. I was so quiet na na O-OP na ako sa kanilang tatlo. At opo,
nagkukuwentuhan sila ni Sofia~! T_______T Ano ba yan. Naleleft out na
ako dito. Y________Y
"Naku! Gab, bagay to sa'yo!" Sabi ni Andy, tapos... with matching smile
effect rin si Gab. "Nako, ang gwapo mo diyan Gab!"
"Eh... ehehe.. matagal narin naman akong gwapo ah! Cool " Nainis na
talaga ako. SINO BANG DI MAIINIS!? Cry "Diba Luxelle? "

Nagulat ako, parang may narinig ako. Ano raw? Tinawag ba nila ako? Dedma
lang ako kasi baka akin-akin lang yun. "LUXELLE!" Anak ng! Shocked Tama
bang hampasin ako gamit ng tuxedo niya?! Tsss. Angry I folded my arms,
then I shook my head.

"PANGET KA PA RIN! TSSS." I turned to the opposite direction, then...

nakakita ako ng dress. Maganda siya... alam kong bagay na bagay sa akin.
Pero... pero... hindi na lang siguro ako pupunta sa Grad Ball. Sigurado
namang si Andy ang kasama ng Gab na yan eh! Cry
"Luxelle, tara! Kain tayo! Smiley " Napasmile si Andy sa akin habang
hinila niya ako, tapos ako naman naki-ride on sa smile niya. At ayun...
kumain nga kami. Tapos... tapos, nilibre sila ni Gab, ako hindi. Cry
"Gab, bakit di mo siya nilibre~?!" Muntik nang mapasigaw si Andy nung
nakita na namin yung food na nasa tray... kulang kasi. "Bakit wala yung
order ni Luxelle?!" Yumuko nalang ako kasi naninigas yung katawan ko eh.
I'm just holding the tears. Ayaw kong umiyak. Lalong-lalo na na nandito
yan epal na yan. "Ano ba Gab?!"
Umupo si Gab sa tabi niya habang kumuha nang frenched fries. "Edi ilibre
mo siya! Reklamo nang reklamo!" Napahampas si Gab sa mesa, kaya halos
nakuha niya yung attensyon ng mga costumers ng Pizza Hut. Hindi ko na na
kayanan. I excused myself.
"Uhm..uuwi na ako..may pupuntahan pa kasi...kasi ako... sa..salamat sa
inyo...Sof...tatawagan nalang kita...Si..sige...Bye." Tumayo ako, tapos
lumakad ako palabas, tapos nun... tumakbo na ako at tumulo na yung mga
luha ko. Bakit ba ganito? Bakit ang laki ng galit niya sa akin? Bakit? Cry
Bumalik ako sa school, kasi may kukunin ako, kaya ayun...habang nilakad
kong papuntang school, panay pahid ko nang luha ko. Mga taong dinadaanan
ko at dumadaan sa akin napapatingin agad. Yumuko nalang ako, hangang sa
nakarating na ako sa gym. Napaupo ako sa may gilid na corner, tapos
umiyak. Bakit ganun?

Maraming tanong yung lumilitaw sa isipan ko. Tapos maya-maya, may nakita
akong anino...
Lumapit siya sa akin, then nakita ko... "BAKIT KA NANDITO!? Cry

KO DITO..." He paused and then he looked at me, then he bent his knee on
the ground to match my level. "...ikaw nga talaga yung pinunta ko."
Naiyak ako nang lalo, tapos hinampas ko siya gamit ng kamay ko. "NAIINIS

"Hindi mo kasi naiintidihan eh--"
lang ako, tapos I tilted my head on the wall. "I'm tired. I'M SO TIRED!!!"

I stopped crying, then I decided to cut our conversation.. I stood up,

and then I decided to go. "I quit Gab."

"No, you can't!" He held my hand, and then napatigil ako. Kakatapos ko
nga lang umiyak, ayun na agad! Papaiyakin na naman ako. He hugged me,
and then he looked at me.

"Let go of me! Let go!" Pinipigilan ko talaga yung luha ko, tapos he was
still hugging me and he was still staring at me. "Gab! STOP THIS!
EVERYTHING'S NOT RIGHT!!" I can't stop the tears anymore, but I'm trying

When I started to look at him, bigla kong narealize na parang... his

eyes were becoming teary. "No, please... just don't quit... No Luxx...
He hugged me tighter this time. He cried.

I cried.
we were both in each other's arms.

We both cried.
We both cried.

Day 93

Okay na kami ni Gab. But, I can't help it anymore. Embarrassed Haay.

Malapit na kami mag end. Nandito kami ngayon sa may amusement park. I
hope this day won't end. I hope I'll always be with Gab. I hope time
would freeze. Cry But I can't turn my hopes into reality. "Hoy, bakit
parang tulala tayo? Grin " Nagulat ako tapos napatingin ako kay Gab.
Nakasakay pala kami sa ferriswheel. "Tulungan mo nga ako dito sa cotton
candy ko. Grin " I smiled, then kumuha ako sa cotton candy niya. Tanga
'tong si Gab, tawa nang tawa. Tsss.

"So, ano plans mo bukas? Huh " Ako? I just wanna spend my day with you
tomorrow. Hayyy... "Sama ka samin ni Andy?"

Natameme ako. Andy na naman? Huh "Gab, bakit ganun?! This past few
days... puro Andy ka nalang?! Ano?! Tapatin mo nga ako? Nagkabalikan ba
kayo? Huh " I waited for his answer. I was scared, but... I needed to
know. Sad

"Naku. Hindi no. So, ano? Saan tayo bukas?" Ganun?! Bakit iniba niya
iyong topic? Huh Cry Siguro nga...
nagkabalikan na nga sila.
"Kailan mo pa sasabihin kay Luxelle ang tungkol sa ginagawa natin?"
Napatigil ako nung nakita ko si Gab at Andy na nag-uusap. Narinig ko
lahat. I hid behind the lamppost.

"I can't. I don't want to."

"Ano ba yan, Gab?! Bakit ayaw mo pang sabihin!? Nahihirapan na siya eh!
Sabihin mo na kasi sa kanya! Cry "

"Eh sa ayaw ko pa! Hindi pa ako handa! Angry "

"Bakit kasi ayaw mo pang sabihin?! Wag na nga nating patagalin to! Gab,
sabihin mo na sa kanya!"
"Ayaw kong mabigla siya, Andy."
Nung narinig ko iyong last line na iyon, tumalikod nalang ako. I have
heard enough. Tama na. Pagod na ako. I quit... I took my phone, then I
texted Gab.

To: Gab
I quit. Good bye.

Then, tears trickled down my face. I think I'm having a Broken Heart
Syndrome here. Haaay. Tama na nga to. I quit. Good bye, Gab. Goodbye. Cry

"Luxelle! Ano ba?! Mahal kita! Mahal na mahal kita!" Bigla nalang akong
nagulat kasi hinila niya ako, tapos hinalikan niya ako sa labi ko. Then
I pushed him away.

"I'm tired of playing around Gab. Tama na... Cry Good bye!"


Pagkatapos niyang sabihin iyon, he started walking away... pero dumating

si Andy.

"Gab, sinungaling ka. Luxelle, Mahal na mahal ka niyan. Wag kang sumuko.
Malapit nalang mag 100th day niyo."

Hindi ko alam pero lumapit ako kay Andy at niyakap ko siya. "Hindi ko na
to kaya... alagaan mo na lang si Gab para sa akin..."

Ano sa tingin niyo? Quit nalang ako?

Mahal kaya niya ako? Undecided Cry

"Hindi ka pwedeng mag quit sabi eh! Angry MAGHINTAY KA NA NGA LANG!!!

Oo Gab. Minsan mahirap. Hindi ko alam kung ano gagawin ko--"ANO BA


Tama, tama ka Gab. Masasayang lang lahat. Pero kung mag pupursige ako,
hangang sa matapos ang laro... mapapasaakin ka pa rin ba? Undecided
But then all of the sudden, parang may hinampas na frying pan sa ulo ko.
Kaya ayun... naalala ko.

True love waits. Luxelle, true love waits.

Damn! Fine! "Pasalamat ka kasi mahal kita kahit laro lang to! Sige na!
Hindi na ako magquit! Angry "
"A-ano sabi mo? M-mahal mo ako? Shocked "

Namula ako, kaya... naghanap ako nang palusot. "Hi-hi-hi-hindi ah! Sabi
ko, pasalamat ka kasi matagal na tong laro na 'to! Kasi kung hindi...
nako, baback out talaga ako! Undecided "

Hehe... G@g@ ka Lux. Tanga ka! Tanga! Angry

Bakit ka pa nagpalusot?! Angry Cry

Sana sinabi mo nalang.

Kaso lang... ang hirap talaga kapag nasa harap ka na ng taong mahal mo.

Parang nawawala ka sa sarili mo. Tongue Undecided Cry

"Sayang naman. Tara na, uwi na tayo."

S-sayang?! Shocked

Day 94

Goodmorning world-- Shocked ROSES?! Shocked I was supposed to say....

a trail of roses!? Shocked

B-bakit may ganitong effect?! Shocked A-a-ano ba ang especial sa araw na

'to?! Shocked I followed the trail, then... nag stop ito sa garden namin
sa likuran, sa may harap ng puno. Then sa puno, may nakasulat, nasa
isang bond paper siya.
-Anonymous "
Oo nga pala. (: Birthday ko ngayon! (: Salamat sa kung sino kaman! Sino
naman kaya may pakulo nito? Di naman siguro si Gab, kasi hindi naman
blue iyong roses! And to think na hindi niya to magagawa 'tong mga to!
Sino kaya to? Huh Pumunta ako sa swing, tapos may flag na nakasabit sa
may upuan, then may nakataling papel dito.

Kinuha ko iyong papel, tapos... It read like this:

"Nevermind! (: Magpaparamdam nalang ako sa iyo bukas. (: Wag mo munang
alamin kung sino ako. Ingat ka palage. (: 831."
831? Huh It sounds familiar... Undecided "LUXELLE!" Anak ng! Shocked

"Ano ba!? Nakakagulat ka naman! Shocked "

Agad kong ipinasok sa bulsa ko iyong papel, tapos kinuha ito ni Jed.
"Uyyy, may admirer ang loka kong pinsan. Roll Eyes " Hinampas ko siya sa

"Abnormal ka! Tongue " I folded my arms, then I tinaasan ko siya ng

kilay. "Sa palagay mo? Sinong may gawa nito? Huh "

Lumapit si Jed sa may swing, tapos napakunot-noo siya. "Ah, baliw lang
siguro iyong gumawa nito! HAHA! " Tumakbo siya papasok sa bahay. "Sige,
Happy Birthday sayo insan! Goodluck nalang diyan sa kung sinong baliw
iyan! Grin "

Masusuntok ko talaga 'tong Jed na to. Angry

Kakatapos lang namin mag practice, kaya, umupo kami ni Sofia at Gab sa
ilalim ng puno. May hawak hawak na guitara si Gab, tapos ayun, he
started playing it. And then, he started singing...
*click to listen to Gab*

When I see your smile

Tears run down my face I can't replace"

Napapause siya, tapos he looked at me. I was like-> @______@

"And now that I'm strong I have figured out
How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one"
Medyo namula na ako. Parang natutunaw na ako. T_______T
"I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven."
"Ang galing mo naman Gab! Kinakantahan mo si Lux? Ayiiie. harana! Cheesy "
Nag smile nalang si Gab, tapos he continued.
"It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Seasons are changing and waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one
I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven
Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Cuz I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll stay."
Then, I realized na parang di na niya kinananta iyong bridge.
He kinda recited it nalang. He was looking at me. I blushed. @______@
Then, he started to strum the strings again.

"Use me as you will

Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray
I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven."

"Happy Birthday. Smiley "

I don't know why, but... this one made my day complete.
The best gift ever.
Thank you, Gab.

Day 95

*click to listen to the background music*

5 more days to go.
5 more days to go. @________@ Shucks. I'm with Ford, Andy, Gab,
Sofia right now. Yes, bonding chuvaness. Grad na raw kasi namin
from now. OMG. @______@ Kakatapos lang ng practice chever namin
school para sa graduation. Right now nandito kami sa Starbucks.
pabili nga nang cape. Cool " Shocked Nagulat ako kay Gab. Huh?!
Ford kasi, inutusan niya! Shocked

5 days
Huh Si

"Sige, pre. Andy, Sof, samahan niyo ako. Cool " Ha?! HA?! PUTEK! Shocked
Bakit?! Cry I then had a flashback.
"May plano kami ni Sofia sa inyo ni Gab, don't worry, Lux. Wink "
"Asa ka naman eh! Tongue Naku, wag kang maniniwala kay Ford, Lux!
Bakulaw yan! Tongue "
"Nako, kayong dalawa ha. I smell something fishy. Roll Eyes "
"Aba! Sige, game ako diyan saplano mo, Ford! Shocked "
"Sige, hintayin mo lang Lux. Wink Mag ride on ka nalang. Smiley Bukas
ha, Starbucks tayo. Wink Isama niyo ang Andy na yan. Cool "
"T-teka! Anong plano!? Huh "
"Basta... Cool "
Doon na tumigil iyong flashback ko. Undecided
Ghad. Eto na nga talaga siguro iyong plano nila! *sigh* Napabuntong
hininga ako, tapos tinignan ko iyong coffee ko. "Madaya! Wag mo munang
inumin! Hintayin mo nang dumating iyong coffee ko. Roll Eyes " Napatigil
ako, tapos napatingin ako sa mukhha ni Gab. E-ewan ko, pero... pero,
parang hindi ko maalis iyong titig ko. "Oh, bakit mo ako tinitignan? Huh
May sinabe ba akong masama? Huh S-sige, s-sige na, inumin mo nalang
y-yan. Embarrassed " Then he looked the opposite way, quickly. Take
note, NAMULA siya.
Hindi ko alam bakit. OMG. Nasaan na sila Sofia? Undecided Kulang nalang
eh, manginig ako dito! Undecided Embarrassed "Aaahhh. Lips sealed "
Tumigil kami sa pagsalita kasi napansin naming magkasabay kami. He
looked at me, then he smiled shyly, tapos ako naman i looked at him
quickly, then yumuko ako. Nahihiya na talaga ako!
"Mauna ka na.. Lips sealed " OMG! Ano ba to!? Shocked "Hehehe..."
WAAAAAAAAA! I took my phone, then I texted Sofia.
To: Sof
Sof! Nasaan na kayo?! Ba't di ko kayo makita sa counter?! Nako! Humanda
kayo sa akin!

I waited for her reply. I waited. Waited. then...

Bwiset na message alert tone. Angry
"Ah, wait. Excuse me. My call ako." Waaaah! Liar ka Lux! Liar! Eh, sa
message alert tone lang iyon eh! Tongue
Eh, sa natotorpe ako eh! Undecided I excused myself, then pumunta ako sa
may CR, tapos I read Sofia's reply.
From: Sof
Ay! Sorry, Lux. Hehe. May emergency call kasi iyong mga assistant sa
Grad Ball eh! Kaya napaaga iyong pag-alis namin ni Ford, sumama nalang
si Andy kasi gusto niyang tumulong. Hehe. At isa pa, moment niyo na yan.
Good luck! Kaya mo yan, AJA! ^_________^
Waaaaaa! Iniwan nila ako dito?! Cry Papano na 'to? May good luck pa
siyang nalalaman! T________T Papano na 'to?

Bumalik na ako kay Gab, after 15 minutes. He stared at his coffee, then
I hollered. "Hey. Sorry for--"

"A-A-Ah okay lang iyon! Grin Undecided " Kinakabahan siya!? Huh "H-h-hoy
hindi ako kinakabahan ah... ah, ah... naiilang lang ako. Undecided "
Yumuko na siya, tapos nagsalita ulit. "U-umupo ka na.. Embarrassed "

Umupo na ako, tapos ayun, parang nakaadjust na rin ako. "So, pwede ko
nang inumin 'tong coffee--anak ng!? Shocked " Pagtingin ko sa coffee ko,
nakita ko... hawak-hawak na niya, tapos... wala nang laman. Lips sealed
Hindi nalang ako nagsalita pa, tapos ayun.

Sobrang tahimik namin. "T-teka lang ha. M-manong." Nag sign siya sa
waiter, tapos hindi ko alam kung ano iyon. Oorder ba siya? Huh Ewan.
Lumapit naman si manong waiter, then... nagulat nalang ako.

"Miss, eto na po iyong bouquet ng blue roses ipinabibigay sa inyo ng

kasama niyo. Smiley " Inabot sa akin nung waiter iyong bouquet, tapos he
whispered in my ears. "You both look good. Bagay kayo! Cheesy "

Ngumiti nang nakakaloko iyong waiter, tapos umalis na siya. Then, ayun,
I stared at the bouquet as I held it in my arms. "S-salamat, Gab. Smiley "

"Lux, wag mong buksan iyong letter na yan na nandiyan ngayon. Buksan mo
lang kapag 100th day na natin. Ok? I trust you. Smiley "
Ganun? Parang nacucurious tuloy ako. "Ha? Bakit hindi pwede--" Tapos
nun, bigla niya nalang hinawakan kamay ko. Napatigil ako at napatingin
dito. I'm blushing.

Whatdapak. @_____@
"--I trust you."

They say, when a guy says that he trusts you, he means it.

"..And I mean it." He held it tighter this time, then napatingin ako sa
mata niya.

He meant it.

Day 97

*click here for the background music*

Lalabas na sana ako nun ng girl's bathroom sa may gym, pero--nagulat ako
sa narinig ko. "Sabihin mo na!" Alam ko sa malayo palang, boses na ni
Andy yun. And sino pa ba naman ang kinakausap niya? SI GAB. Lips sealed
Of course, I hid behind the wall, then ayun. "Ano? Sabihin mo na kasi!"
Huminga ako ng malalim. Ano kaya ang sasabihin ni Gab? Undecided
Nalulungkot ako, kasi--*cellphone vibrates* Gosh, si Sof napatawag yata
ah. I answered my phone, then I lowered my voice in a soft whisper.

"G@ga! Bakit ka napatawag?"

Ang nice ng intro ko no!

"Hehe. Ano kasi eh, nandito kami ngayon ni Ford sa boutique, may nakita
kaming dress para sayo! Talagang bagay na bagay to sayo... Grin "
"Abnormal ka! Cheesy Ano namang dress yan? Para sa Grad Ball? Cheesy "
"Oo! Nako. Tiyak na malalaglag yang bunganga ni Gab mo pagnakita ka niya
"Sira! Hindi siya sakin. Tongue Kay Andy siya. Embarrassed "
"Anong hindi sayo! HAHA! Grin Kitang-kita pa nga dito sa video na nakuha
namin sa inyo nung iniwan kayo namin sa Starbucks eh!"
"Ano?! Kinunan mo kami nang video?! Shocked Akala ko may pinuntahan
kayo!? Sira ulo!"
"Oo, nandun lang kami sa likod nang bush noh! HAHA! Kitang-kita pa nga
iyong paghawak niya nung kamay mo! Binigyan ka pa nga niya ng blue rose!
Ayiiiiie. Cheesy Roll Eyes Grin "
"Nako, nako! About the dress pala, magkano yun? Huh "
"Ay, murang mura lang! Punta ka dito ngayon?"
"Ha? Sige titignan ko--"

"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"

Napatigil ako. "Sof, sino nagsasalita diyan? Huh "

"Ha? Wala ah! Ang tahimik nga dito eh. Narinig ko rin yun ah! Sino yun?"
Tapos bigla nalang akong natauhan.
Boses ni Gab yun ah.
"Sof, never mind. Ayaw ko na nung dress! Forget about it. Sige, bye!"

Before she could utter a word, I hung up.
Tumakbo ako sa dereksyon na hindi nila ako makikita, tapos lumabas ako
nang school. Ang sakit sakit nun ah! Bakit kailangan ko pang marinig
yun?! Cry

"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"

Mabuti sana kung sa akin niya sinabi yun! Cry Pero... sa iba ko pa
narinig eh! Cry Pero ano ba naman ang right ko? Ex niya yun eh! Ex niya
yun, at ako? Playmate lang niya! Ano ba naman ako! Umaasa pa kasi eh!
Cry Lux, GAME lang to. GAME. Malapit na rin namang matapos eh! Cry

Yun pa nga ang mas masakit.... Kung sa game lang, eh hindi niya ako
kayang mahalin... papano pa pag tapos na? Cry

Doon ako tumambay sa may swing sa playground, doon, tahimik, walang

sagabal. Walang distorbo. WALANG GAB. Cry Pinahid ko iyong luha ko,
tapos bigla nalang may lumapit na bata. May dala-dala siyang blue rose.
Isa lang pumasok sa isipan ko... Ang lakas naman ng loob niyang bigyan
pa ako ng ganito! Angry Cry Hindi ko alam kung magagalit ako o iiyak. Cry

"Ate, pabigay po sayo."

The kid handed me the blue rose, then I smiled at him--A FAKE ONE.
"Kanino to galing, bata? Smiley "

Sabay turo niya doon sa--sa kay Gab na nakaupo sa may ilalim ng Narra
Tree. Tumayo si Gab, tapos umalis na iyong bata. Lumakad si Gab papunta
sa akin, then... I froze. Umulit ulit sa isipan ko iyong narinig ko.

"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"

"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"
"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"
"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"
"I love you! I love you! I still love you!"

Yumuko nalang ako, tapos ginulo niya iyong buhok ko. "Lux, bakit ka
malungkot? Smiley Tara, pasyal tayo." PASYAL?! ASA KA TOL! PAGKATAPOS
NUNG NARINIG KO!? Cry "Lux?" Hindi pa rin ako sumagot, then he lifted my

chin. "Ok ka lang?"

"Siyempre naman okay lang ako! Smiley " Napa smile ako ng di-oras. Peke
yun. Alam ko. Kasi ang totoo, gusto ko nang umiyak nun. Tumayo ako,
tapos, kinuha ko iyong kamay niya sa chin ko. "I'm glad okay na kayo ni
"Anong--" I placed my index finger at the tip of his lips, then I sealed
it--giving him a keep-quiet-i-understand-sign.
"Alam ko naman eh. Siya ang mahal mo. Go for it, Gab. Smiley I'm happy
for you!" I patted him on the shoulder, then nag peace sign ako sabay
ngiti nang nakakaloka. Pagkatapos kong sinabi yun... Umalis na ako,
then, I stopped over sa may trash can... tinapon ko iyong blue rose na
binigay niya.

Tapos nung napansin kong wala nang tao, umiyak na lang ako.
That was the worst lie I've ever said to someone I really really love.
Paglingon ko... nagulat ako. May nagsalita.

"Akala ko you're happy for me? But..." He stood before me, then nasa
kamay niya na ulit iyong blue rose. "...But why are you crying at bakit
mo tinapon 'to?"

I smiled, then I told him. "It's because, I just... I just....

don't love you no more."

Basag na nga puso mo Lux, mas binasag mo pa nang lalo. Cry Now, make
that the VERY VERY WORST LIE I'VE SAID TO the very person that I really
really love.

Aalis na sana ako... pero, natigilan ako nung.... nagsalita si Gab.

"You're a great pretender, Luxelle Aimie Smith."

It's not over yet? Is it? Cry

But for me. It is. Cry
"You're a great pretender Luxelle Aimee Smith."

I am a great pretender. I AM. I pretend that I am okay, though I am not.

I pretend that I am happy for them, though I'm not. I smile, to cover up
the hurts, and most especially--I'M A GREAT LIAR. I lied to myself. I
LIED TO GAB. I LIED TO MY HEART. Cry That is because, I LOVE GAB! Cry
He thought I was only pretending that I LOVE HIM. That's not it. BUT I
CAN'T SPEAK OUT. Cry I went to school early this morning, for the last
practice para sa grad bukas, kaya... ganito iyong nangyari.

"Luxelle, wait."
I felt frozen. My shoulders were shaking. It was Gab. I was not yet
ready to see him. But, I had no choice. He went infront of me, and then
he handed me 3 blue roses. "Don't forget to read the letter that I gave
you on our 100th day."

So, that's it. After he said that, HE LEFT.

It hurt so much. I'm falling apart. Seeing someone you love hurting
because of your lie--sucks. Cry

And now, I guess it's time to sleep. Graduation na bukas.

I threw myself to bed, then I cried myself to sleep.

Day 99 [1st part]

I woke up, and read a lot of messages--from Sofia, from Ford, from my
classmates, from auntie, from Gab, from Andy, from Sofia, from Sofia,
from--teka, may Gab dun ah!? Shocked

I opened Gab's message then it read like this:

From: Gabriel
Don't forget to read the letter.

Whatever! Angry I immediately deleted it. Akala ko naman kung ano?

Undecided Then ayun... naligo ako, bumihis, I fixed my hair, placed a
light make up--then I sped off to school. Papunta na ako ng auditorium,
then nakita ko si... Gab. "Luxelle! You look beautiful."

I just stared at the ground, then nabitawan ko cellphone ko. My

fingertips were numb already. "Hey, are you okay?"

I shook my head, then I looked at him. "Why would you think that I am
okay?! Cry " Hindi pa naka start iyong graduation, but... the mascara
that I've put on, started to ran down with my tears. It mixed with my
tears. I looked at Gab, studied his face from head to toe, then I pushed
him lightly. "I know! Hah! I'm a great pretender--AND SO AS A GREAT
LIAR. So, Gab. I'M SORRY! Cry Angry "

"Lux, wait, hindi kita maintindihan--"

HERE! Cry " My tears were still trickling down my face--kulang nalang
mag break down ako. Then, pagkatapos nun, he went to me, then he placed
his hands on my cheeks, tapos he wiped my tears and also the trace of
mascara on my face. "Ano ba!? Bakit mo kailangang punasan yan!? Cry "

I took 3 steps backward, then I shook my head heavily. "I QUIT GAB! I
It hurt me more.

Okay? Yun lang masasabi niya? OKAY? Cry

That's plain bull. Cry

99th day
*click to listen to the music*
"Things are so unfair. Girls, sa mga players diyan, I hope you all
learned from my lesson."

Have you ever heard of the story of a Prince who waited for a Princess'
decision? She told the Prince to wait for her decision. Sabi niya,
hintayin daw mag 100th day na. Tapos, sasabihin niya na kung ano
decision niya sa Prince.
The Prince waited everyday outside the Princess' window. May stall pa
siyang dala-dala palage. Every morning, maaga pa siya dumarating. Bago
maka gising iyong Princess, nandun na siya, nakaupo. Whenever the
Princess looks out the window, makikita niya nandoon na iyong Prince.
Everyday, the Princess would ask the Prince, 'Why are you still not
giving up?'. The Prince would just give her a smile. Days passed, and
came the most awaited, '100th' day. The Princess woke up, earlier than ever.
She waited if the Prince would come. She knew that time, mahal niya na
iyong Prince. Hours passed, then ayun, the shine shined na. The Prince
was still not there.

Why was he not there? Let's just take this as an example. Sometimes, we
tend to lose our patience na. Sometimes, the other one would make us
feel as if-we are just waiting in vain. And that was what the Prince
But sometimes, katulad din tayo ng Princess. Sobrang ayaw ayaw raw sa
una, but in the end, nung wala na iyong Prince, she realized that she
needed him. Kung wala na iyong tao, dun pa natin marerealize iyong worth
nila. That's why, we should not take those who loves us for granted. Haaay.

Siguro ako, I'm like the Prince. Pagod na ako sa kakahintay. Pagod na
ako sa kakaasa. But, sometimes, I'm just like the Princess. Umayaw sa
una, sa huli, siya rin naman iyong nalaglag. Wala lang, I just wanted to
share this story. I started walking in the aisle, as the Principal
called out my name.
Flashes of camera's were striking on me, I tried my best to smile. As I
started to approach the steps of the stage, I held my head up. Though
wala dito parent's ko, it's okay. They already called, and I'm good with
it. Then, as the Principal handed me my diploma, a tear trickled down my
face. I smiled, then I bowed. "Thank you."
I would never forget this day. I would never forget this year. This
school year tught me a lot of things. Things happened so fast, kaya
ayun... huli ko nalang nalaman, picture taking na pala ng batch namin.
After that, I went to my locker, I cleaned it up, then... when I looked
at the side of it-I saw Gab's picture.

I held my hand on it. I caressed it, then I cried. Masakit maalala

lahat. Tapos, I forcefully removed it, and then I crumpled it into

pieces. "Luxelle." I knew it was Gab. He hugged me from behind, then

after that, I don't know why, but he whispered... "Don't llet it happen."
I don't know what he meant by that. "I'll be waiting for you there."
Huh? Ano ba 'tong pinagsasabi niya? Bahala na siya. Ayaw ko na. Pagod na
ako. T________T
"Luxelle! Graduate na tayo! Cry " She hugged me and she cried. Ford was
behind her. "Thanks for everything, Lux. You are a true friend."
Napasmile ako, then I hugged her back. Si Ford naman, he smiled at me too.
"So, who's up for an ice cream?! Grin " Tanong ni Ford. I smiled at him,
then pumunta kami sa favorite ice cream palor namin.
"Ang sarap talaga! Haha!" Sabi ni Sofia. She smiled, then I guess na
notice niya na quiet ako. So, she asked me. "Hoy, okay ka lang? Asan si Ga-"

"-Don't ever mention that name, Sofia. I already quitted." Nabitawan ni

Sofia iyong ice cream niya, tapos nanlaki mata niya. Pinaghampas niya
ako. "Ano ba? I guess Andy needs him more."

"Ano ka ba, Luxelle?! Bakit mo ginawa iyon? Naku! Kung pwede lang
sana... Kaso! Ah, wala! Basta, diba may letter siyang binigay sayo?
Buksan mo nalang iyon bukas! Basta, naku, pag nakalimutan mo iyon...
Lagot ka talaga. Teka, may nagpapabigay pala nito." She handed me a
gift. Then, ayun... I opened it. May letter sa loob. Mula sa 'anonymous'
na naman.

"Naku, Sof. Tigilan mo ako ha. Sino ba 'tong Anonymous na 'to?!"

Nanotice kong, wala na pala si Ford. "Nasaan na si Ford?"

Tumawa nalang si Sofia, tapos... I opened the letter. "S-s-s-s-si Ford

at iyong Anonymous..." I started to startle. "-a-a-ay i-i-i-iisa?!"

Nanlaki mata ni Sofia. "HALA!? HINDI PWEDE YAN! MALI YATA?! TEKA... ANO
Ang defensive ah.
Tinignan ko nalang si Sofia. "Si Gab pala may bigay nito. Haha! Akala ko
pa naman si Ford." T-t-t-teka... S-s-s-si G-G-G-Gab!??!!??!?! Shocked
"Naku! Lagot. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Lagot ako pag nalaman 'to ni Gab!
Please, wag mong sasabihin sa kanya na sinabi ko!"
Loko! Alam niya pala?! Angry "Alam mo pala?! Sige! Mag-sama kayo ni
Gab!" Tampo na ako. So meaning, kaya pala siniset-up kami nila Gab, kasi
alam nila na si Gab itong anonymous na 'to?! At ako pala'y walang
kamalay-malay? Then, when I opened the gift... may...
May isang petal ng blue rose. May nakasulat dun na 831:

"8 letters...3 words... 1 meaning..."

When I looked back, nakita ko si Gab. Bakit siya nandito?! Nag quit na
ako ah! :'( Nandito ba iyan para saktan uli ako!? "S-S-Sige, mauna na
ako sayo." Tumakbo ako, tapos... tinawag ako ni Gab. Napatigil ako, then...
"Wag mo kalimutan iyong letter ko."


"Baka pag di mo binasa, mag sisisi ka... Sige... Goodnight."

I ran after him, tapos pinagpalo ko siya. "NAKAKAINIS KA! ANO BA?!
"5 A.M dapat, basahin mo iyon. Mag lampas nang 12noon, wala nang chance."
After he said that... He kissed me.

This time...

On my forehead.
100th day, Gab's POV.

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Is it really the end of everything? Is it? Will she be able to catch up

with me here? I texted her na instead of 5am-12noon, 6am-11noon nalang.
Wanna know why? Because when the clock strikes at 11am, the game's
officially over. And yes, I also left her a very long note. It included
everything--starting from day 1 to 99.

Right now it's 7am, I wonder if she's reading it right now. I wanna tell
you a story of a guy who loved his girl so much. At first this guy
really never loved this girl, he knew then that he was only infatuated.
But as time passed by, he saw that he's sorta falling for this girl. He
has seen her laugh, he has seen her cry, he has seen her angry, he also
saw her in pain, and he even saw her being jealous. As more days come to
past, he started to get wonder. 'she told me she love me but she's happy
when i'm with her... what does she really feel?'
Well, you know girls, it confuses us guys everytime you tell us your
happy for us. It confuses us so much, especially when you've said 'I
love you' to us. It confuses us because--it felt as if that 'i love you'
was a plain lie. How is that? You can even make us believe that you
don't love us, even though you do!
Now back to the story.

The guy spent his time with the other girl, and yes, he saw that the
girl whom he loves was happy for them. He was hurt, until finally one
day... the girl decided to call it quits. Yes, it hurt. It hurt alot.
The guy had a restless night. He
if... He lost a part of him. And
GIRL SO MUCH. He decided to send
from the moment he laid his eyes

cried. His heart was broken. It was as

then, he realized that HE LOVES THE
the girl a letter. A letter he wrote
on her.

He told the girl to meet him up in the same place where he first brought
her to. He was waiting, and waiting... until. "Gab, let's go."

"Just wait a little while, tito!" Now do you get it? Ako iyong lalakeng
tinutukoy ko sa story. And now... Hindi pa dumadating si Luxelle, pero..
I guess it's time for me to go now. I started to walk and move steps
forward toward the yacht, when I heard a voice calling me.
"G-Gab!" When I looked around, it was Sofia and she was with Andy and

Ford. Damn, I'm just seeing illusions. Akala ko si Luxelle na."Wag ka...
wag ka munang aalis." She was panting so hard, same as the two. It
seemed as if tinakbo nila mula sa kanila hangang dito.
"Gab! You can't just leave her behind! Kung aalis ka, aagawin ko siya
sa'yo!" That hurt my heart. But what else can I do? She didn't even
come... and now it's 11:30. I just need to go.
"I'm sorry, I...I..need to go." I neared them, then I gave them the
100th day letter. "Please... please give this to Luxelle... uhm,
incase...you guys would see each other..." I turned my back then I
started to move on. I bit my lip just to stop the damn tears from
falling. What the heck, I've never been like this before. Luxelle was my
first love. And she will always be my first love... But I guess...

I'll let go of you go now... just like how a child lets go of his kite.

It's the end of the game.


100th day, Ford's POV
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"Ford! Bilisan mo na nga!" Pinalo ako ni Sofia habang tumatakbo na kami.

We are damn running after Gab. Why are we running after Gab? Huh
"Teka, bakit ba tayo tumatakbo? Di ba pwedeng lumakad nalang?" Gaano ba
ka espesyal si Gab? Why are we running after him? Damn, ginagawa siguro
nila akong bakla eh! Mr. Muscle yata 'to! Cool
"Duh! Hindi mo ba alam na last day nila ngayon? At pag di tayo
nakarating dun sa eksaktong oras, baka umalis na iyong si Gab! Ano ba?!
Aalis na kasi iyon eh! Di ba sinabi niya na sa atin kahapon!?" Hinampas
na naman ako ni Sofia. 'Tong babae 'to, kanina pa 'to ah! Nakakarami na.
Amp. Kailangan ba talagang sumigaw?! Angry

"Bakit mo ba ako hinahampas-hampas at pinapalo-palo?! Ano akala mo sa


Bigla nalang nakita naming nanghina si Andy. "H-hindi ko na kaya 'to....

P-pagod na ako."

"Echus! Drama-ever! Bakit ka ba nagkakaganyan Andy?" Tumawa si Sofia.

Nakikibakla na naman siya oh. Ang kulit talaga nitong si Sofia, kaya
siguro nagustuhan ko na siya. Lips sealed WALA! WALA AKONG SINABI! ANO?!
HALA! HINDI! ASA! tae naman oh. Amp.
"Sige... mauna...mauna lang kayo." Namumutla na si Andy ah? Bakit siya
ganyan? Huh
"Andy, okay ka lang? Mukha yatang--"
"Ano ba! Si Andy pa! Eh, siyempre okay siya! Tara na nga! Tss." Selos?
haha! Bakit ganun? Hay, mga babae talaga ano. Saan ba kami talaga
pupunta? Bakit parang patungo na 'to sa dagat? Nababaliw na ba si Sofia?
"Ayun! Ayun siya!"

Siya? Sinong siya--?? Teka, aalis nga talaga si Gab! Shocked Naku.
Papano si Luxelle?!
"G-Gab!" Halatang napagod si Sofia sa kakatakbo. She bent her body, then
she let loose her hand and then tumayo na siya.
"Gab! You can't just leave her behind! Kung aalis ka, aagawin ko siya
sa'yo!" I kinda hesitated when I said that, kasi napatingin sa akin si
Sofia. It was as if... she gave me this glare. G@go ka talaga, Ford!
"I'm sorry, I...I..need to go." Ano?! Anak ng! Anong drama nitong si
Gab!? Angry May pa 'i need to go' pa siya?! Bakit ba siya aalis!? Iiwan
niya lang si Luxelle?! Eh, iniwan na nga si Luxelle ni Redd eh! Ano ba
yan! "Please... please give this to Luxelle... uhm, incase...you guys
would see each other..."
"Pare! Nakakarami na kayo! Sinasaktan niyo lang lahat si Luxelle! Mahal
ka nun! Wag ka nang umalis kasi!" Hindi na siya lumingon pa, kasi
pumasok na siya sa yacht. Anak ng! Amp. Amp. Amp!
"Walang hiyang Gab! Ano ba gusto niya!?"

"Tara, balik nalang tayo. Umalis na siya eh!" Umirap si Sofia, tapos...
naglakad nalang kami palabas. Sayang lang iyong tinakbo namin! !@#$
'tong Gab na 'to eh!
"Ano nalang kaya magiging reaction ni Luxelle?" Mukha yatang nag-alala
si Andy. She gave us this worried look. Kawawa naman talaga si Luxelle.
Sana nga, ako nalang minahal niya noon--noong mahal ko pa siya. Eh,
aanhin natin kasi kay Sofia na ako ngayon eh! AMP! Sige na nga. OO NA.
Deny-deny pa ako. So ano ngayon!? Tss.
T-teka?! Si Luxelle yun ah!? Shocked "Hoy! May the flash na tumatakbo oh!"

*BATOK* Aray! Binatukan na naman ako ni Sofia. "Ano ka ba! Si Luxelle

yun! Tara, balik tayo! Sundan natin siya! Roll Eyes "
Napakamot ako sa noo ko. Eh, alam ko namang si Luxelle yun eh. Mali bang
sabihin na si the flash yun? Huh Tumakbo na naman ulit kami. Tapos
ayun... When we saw Luxelle on bended knees while kneeling on the
sand... we almost got teary-eyed. Nanood lang kami kay Luxelle. Kawawa
talaga siya!

"Ano ba yan! Ang daya daya mo! May nangyari lang sa bahay eh!
Tapos...tapos wala ka na! Bakit ganun ka Gab!? Cry Bumalik ka na Gab!
BUMALIK KA NA!!!" Tumingin siya sa dagat na parang kakainin niya eto,
tapos nagsimulang tumulo iyong mga luha niya. Her tears made a mark on
the sand. "Nakakainis ka Gab! Nakakainis ka! Kung sinabi mo lang sana ng
mas maaga pa! Bakit ka ba umalis?! Bakit kailangan mo akong iwanan! Cry "

Tumayo siya, tapos kumuha siya ng bato. Hinagis niya ito sa tubig.
"Bumalik ka Gab! Bumalik ka! Gab naman eh! Cry Una si Redd, iniwan na
ako, tapos ngayon ikaw! Cry Gab naman! Bumalik ka! Bakit mo ako iniwan?!
Cry Cry Mahal na mahal kita! Cry "
Lumapit kami kay Luxelle, tapos nagsalita si Sofia. "Lux..."
"G-Gab!?" She quickly looked back, then when she saw us, the smile on
her face turned into a frown. It was obvious that she was disappointed.
"Ano ginagawa niyo dito!?" She wiped her tears, then umupo na siya sa
may gilid.
"Lux... pabigay niya." She looked at me, then tears were forming again
in her eyes. She took it with both hands, then those tears trickled down
on her face. Slowly, but I know... iyong trace nang luha niya...
everytime lumalabas yun... sumasakit iyong damdamin niya.

She looked at the envelope, then she hugged it. Then, she looked at us.
"Why didn't you guys tell me?" I know dadating 'to sa point na ganito.
Tumingin nalang ako kay Sofia, tapos we exchanged looks. Tumingin kami
kay Andy, then siya nalang nagsabi.
"Si Gab ang may ayaw... he wanted to surprise you sana... but you--"
"Akala niyo hindi masakit para sa akin na nakikita ko kayo palage
magkasama?!" Alam naming dadating to. Naaawa na ako kay Luxelle, I went
to her, then I hugged her. I felt her pain. Sobrang masakit iyong
nararamdaman niya. "Bi..bitawan mo ako! Wag kayong lumapit sa akin! Ang
dadaya ninyo! Pinagmukhang tanga niyo ako! Ayoko na! Cry " She stood up
and she pushed me lightly aside, then pinahid niya iyong luha niya.
"Babalik na ako sa States..."

"Bakit? Iiwan mo na kami?"

"Wala na rin akong rason na magpaiwan dito... I know you guys

understand... Marami-rami na ring masakit na bagay na nangyari sa akin
dito... Kaya... Siguro, this is for the better... So that... I could
move on... He left, without even saying goodbye... He left me clueless..."

After she said that, she started walking away.

Masaklap iyon.
They both know it wasn't supposed to end this way.

100th day, Andy's POV

Tumakbo si Lux. Hindi ko na nakakaya 'tong nangyayari sa kanila. May
kailangan akong gawin. I ran after Luxelle, then... I pretended na
nanghina ako. Alam kong kung malaman ni Gab na nasa ganitong kalagayan
ako, babalik iyon. G'go kasi eh, why did he ever thought of giving up??
"LUXELLE! TUMIGIL KA! WAG...ma..ma...maawa ka...sa...sarili...mo...."

"Aalis na ako! Ayaw ko nang maniwala pa sa in--" Bigla akong nadapa,

kaya napatigil si Luxelle, then she neared me. She was still crying, but
she helped me stood up.

Sa kasamaang palad, bigla yata akong inatake ng panghihina ko.

"Ta...ta..tawagan ninyo...si..Gab...hindi...hindi...hindi
ako...makahinga...ta..tawagan niyo...siya..." I got entangled in
Luxelle's arm. I smiled weakly at her, then... I gave her my phone.
"I...i...ikaw..." She gave me a look, then...she took it hesitantly.

I started to look at her, then I whispered. "Please...don't

let...him...go...take...good care...of Gab...for...for...me." She hugged
me then she cried.
"How can I take good care of someone I never had?" Her tears trickled
down her face, then I smiled weakly at her as tears started forming in
my eyes.
"No...you had him from the start..." I tried to smile, but...it hurt so
bad. Oo, mahal na mahal ni Gab si Luxelle. Sobrang mahal na mahal niya
'to...kaya naisipan kong magparaya... Pagod na ako. Hindi mo mapipilit
na mahalin ka ng isa tao... when he never loved you at all.

"Luxelle...you are very lucky." I smiled wekly. Napakasakit pero...this

is for the best. At alam naman natin na may sakit ako, at bilang nalang
iyong araw ko.
She looked at me, and bit her lower lip, then a tear fell from her right
eye. She hugged me, then she whispered. "Thank you... for everything..."
I smiled, then I nodded when she started to dial Gab's number.
"Call him...tell him...I'm dying..." I whispered, then I closed my eyes
slowly, then I heard her talking to Gab.
"G-Gab... Andy needs you..." It felt so good to reminisce evverything...
It felt so good na minahal rin ako ni Gab noon... And now, though it
hurts... it feels so good to see them together... that's what you call
love... "Ano? She needs you Gab! You must comeback here! She's dying!"
It hurt me, I know. He doesn't care a bit. But what can I do?
"Lux...tell him you want him back..." Tumingin lang si Luxelle sa akin,
then she looked so hesitant. She held my hand, then she started to give
me the eyes of worry.
"What about you?" She asked me. I smiled again. Then tears fell from my
eyes and went down my cheek.
"I'm okay." I knew the next words that I will hear from Lux's mouth
would hurt me... But I know this is for the better. It's better than
seeing him unhappy with me... Selfless love.
"Gab... I need you back Cry Please.."

I love him, he loves me not.

She loves him, he loves her much.. Cry


100th day,
Lux's POV, before going to the seaside.

I woke up and then I realized it was 6am already. I got pissed because
of Jed. Agang-aga kasi nag-away na naman kami. Tss. Ako pa pinagluto
niya ng breakfast, at nakatapos kami by 9am. I went to my room, then...
I remembered something.
I know may nakalimutan talaga ako. Ano ba yun? Hindi ako napakali. I was
roaming inside my room, while thinking deeply. Oo! Tama! Ang letter ni
Gab. Nasaan na ba iyon? Hinanap ko sa buong kwarto ko, pero di ko
makita. I went downstairs, then I shouted at Jed. "Hoy, asungot! Kinuha
mo ba iyong envelope ko dito sa room!?"

"Hoy ka rin! Anong envelope pinagsasabi mo?!" He looked at me, tapos

tumawa siya. G'go pala 'to eh! Amp. Ano nakakatawa?! Kamusta naman yun!
I gave him a glare, then he dusted himself. "Sige na nga! Nandoon sa
side table mo, sa ilalim ng phone directory, tinago ko! Ayiiieee, ano
yun? Love letter mula kay...Gab? Cool " Adik! Adik ka! Hindi na ako
kumibo pa, tumakbo na ulit ako sa kwarto ko sa taas, tapos I sat at the
edge of my beg, then kinuha ko na iyong envelope.

I opened it, then hindi ko alam na mapapaiyak ako sa mababasa ko. Cry

Day 1
Damn! I never thought I'd be in this kind of game! Eh, parang nawawala
na yung feelings ko sa kanya eh. Ang big turn off for me! Pare-pareho
lang silang mga babae! She's also one of them! Btw, I gave her a love
note. Amp, ang cheesy ko! Cheesy

"What the heck!?" Imbes na magalit ako, naluha ako. Tapos, maya-maya...
nakita ko si Jed nakasilip sa may pinto. "Hoy! Wag ka ngang chismoso!" I
went to the door, and then I shut it close, tapos I started to read again.

Day 2
I gave her a bouquet of blue roses. Wala lang, sabi kasi nila...The rose
is an absolutely amazing flower. Whatever its color the flower itself is
a vision of absolute fragility and delicate grace. The rose is also an
extraordinary flower in that it has so many shades, some natural, and
some man made. But each shade has a meaning of its own. Have you ever
wondered what the meaning of blue roses could be?
The blue rose does not occur in nature, at least not the absolute blue
rose. Blue roses were at first created by dyeing white roses. Some
people mistake lavender roses for blue ones. So, the closest we can get
to blue roses are the lilac to almost black category. Roses lack the
pigment that produces blue color. The blue rose has been painstakingly
created and imbued with a special meaning.
Much like its mysterious origin, the blue rose means mystery. An
appreciation for the enigmatic, the inexplicable is expressed by the
blue rose. A tantalizing vision that cannot be totally pinned down, a
mystery that cannot be fully unraveled is the blue rose. A person who
receives the blue rose is the subject of much speculation and thought. A
complex personality that does not allow easy interpretation is what the
blue rose indicates.
Another meaning of the blue rose is that it symbolizes the impossible,
or the unattainable. Since the blue rose itself is a rarity in nature,
it stands for something that is hardly within one's grasp, an object
that seems too difficult to be achieved. Thus the blue rose is admired
and revered as an unrealizable dream.
The blue rose being in itself something very extraordinary expresses
that very same feeling. "You are extraordinarily wonderful", the blue
rose exclaims. A truly wonderful personality, almost chimera-like is
what the blue rose says about the receiver. A flight of fancy, an
irrepressible imagination is what the blue rose is all about.
Blue and its deeper shade purple have for long symbolized mystery and
ambiguity. Again, the fact that the blue rose is a flower that has been
fabricated increases this sense of surrealism. The meaning of the blue
rose in this sense is an appreciation for something that cannot be
grasped in full measure.
The lighter shade of the blue rose, which is almost akin to lilac,
expresses the first flush of love. Enchantment, a feeling of being
completely bowled over in the very first instance is another delightful
meaning of the blue rose. Lavender and lilac have both been associated
with romance since time immemorial.
The blue rose is also used as a symbol of caution. It expresses a need
to be discrete. Again, there is a whiff of secrecy and mystery as
expressed by the blue color.
New opportunities and new possibilities are also some other meanings of
the blue rose. The blue rose denotes the excitement and the
possibilities that new ventures bring. The mysterious beginnings of new
things and the excitement therein are very nicely expressed by this flower.
The blue rose is a flower that seeks to convey a message of mystery,

enchantment and a sense of the impossible. One should never forget that
as a flower that is not found freely in nature, the blue rose has a
certain charm and unique mystery that does not reveal itself freely.
"Pakshet. Ang haba nun! Nosebleed! Ganun pala meaning ng blue rose?!
OMG. He's so...sweet."
Day 3
We made our vows today. I don't know, but I'm starting to see her worth.
I know she loves Ford, may kasalanan ako sa kanya... pinahiya ko siya
kay Ford by saying na naghohoney-moon kami. I know it was kind of
'green' kaya I sent her a sorry note. Tomorrow, I'll change. Look
forward for the newly-fresh-reinvented-Gab Cool

Tumawa nalang ako. Omg, I could remember those days! Cheesy

Day 4
Nako. Pinag-agawan ako ng mga babae kanina! Sabi na ngang ayos ang look
ko eh. Haha! Anyway, I brought her to my favorite place. I don't know
why I asked her if she'll ever learn how to love me. I don't even know
bakit sumandal ako sa shoulders niya! I'm starting to have this feeling.
I'm starting to get hook in this one. Well, I guess she finds me cheesy!
But... hey, girls like that! And that's...just me.
Cheesy ka pala Gab!? HAHA! Adik!
Day 10
I don't know, but... I guess I was kinda hurt. Well, no really. Sige na
nga, medyo! Nakita ko kasi si Ford at Lux na nasa kissing position eh!
Ford was on top of her body and damn! They were staring at each other's
eye. Ang saklap nun! Pero teka, bakit ako nasasaktan?! HAHA! Laro lang
'to. Hindi pa rin ako tumitigil sa kakabigay sa kanya ng blue rose.
We're just playing our roles here, man!
Naalala ko... Tinapon ko pa iyong blue rose niya noong araw na yun...

Day 12
2 days has passed, I'm not talking to her. I don't know why. But I still
give out the blue rose. I saw her today, then I told her the reason why
I was ignoring her. I'll be leaving for 1 month.
Day 13
I miss her. I sent her a blue rose today.
Day 14
Damn, why do i miss her? Pinadalhan ko pa rin siya ng blue rose.
Day 15
Sige pa rin padala ko ng blue rose.
Day 16
Kelan ba ako makakauwi!?
Day 17
Miss ko na talaga siya. T_______T Amfufu. I sent her another blue rose.
I called her, and I swear she was crying. But she said she was okay.
Pero bakit ganun? Mafifeel kong mabigat ang nararamdaman niya? I wish I
was beside her right now. Haaay. I asked her if papayag siya kung
totohanin namin iyong game, pero bigla nalang naputol iyong linya.

OMG! Nakakatunaw naman 'to! Shocked

Day 18
Uuwi ako bukas. UUWI NA AKO! Hindi ko na kaya. T_________T Blue rose sent.
Day 19
Nandito na ako sa Pinas. I wanna surprise Luxelle. ^__________^
Day 20
I guess I shouldn't have done that. Mali yata ginawa ko eh. Amp! Parang
tinototoo ko na iyong game! I still gave her a blue rose.
Day 21
Bumalik pa kasi 'tong palibhasa kong ex eh... Amfufu. @________@
Nasaktan ko na tuloy si Luxelle. Ewan ko ba kung nasaktan ko siya! Pero
parang hindi naman eh. Sabagay, game lang naman toh. Hindi ko siya
nabigyan ng blue rose ngayon. Nakita ko kasi siyang may kasamang iba.
Ewan ko ba, but I sound as if pinapaselos ko si Lux gamit 'tong si
Belle. Kakainis! Bakit pa ako pumayag sa larong to!

Day 22
Prom namin ngayon. Damn! Ako pa naging prom king! At hulaan niyo!? Si
Luxelle pa kapartner ko. What if you never believed in love? Then,
someone came along? And you fell in love with that person. But, what if?
That person only came, to teach you how to love? But not to love you?
Hay ang gulo ko! T________T I made her cry today. Amp. I held her hand
again... it felt so good. But, I made her cry. T___________T Bakit ko
bang sinabi na I already called it quits 2 days ago? T_________T In
fact, I never quitted.

Day 36
Medyo naging madali iyong mga pangyayari. Masaklap nga para sa akin. She
acts as if wala na siyang pakealam. Eh, sabagay, may Zeus na naman siya.
Nasa park ako! I was kicking some can when I heard Luxelle's voice!

Tapos I saw Ford. Nakita namin pareho si Luxelle na tumakbo palabas ng

coffee shop, then Zeus was running after her. Muntik na ngang masagasaan
eh! Putek, magkakilala pala sila nung nakamotor! Presko nun ah! Kala mo
kung sino! Tss. Nung gabi, kasama ko si Zeus. I told him na i-text si
Lux. Kaya nung dumating na si Lux sa Starbucks, may ka dramahan na naman
na naganap. Nag CONFESS na ako sa kanya. Pero di ko alam kung bakit kong
sinabi na kalimutan niya yung sinabi ko. Amfufu, talaga naman oh.
Day 40
Nasa-ospital ako. Medyo may arguement pang nangyari samin ni Redd. Damn,
narinig niya pala lahat na sinasabi ko. Bakit? She ran after me after I
went out of the room. I'm starting to love her.
Day 41
Okay na sana kami ni Luxelle. Kaso 'tong ex ko, she kissed me infront of
Lux. T___________T And I just don't want Redd for Lux! I know I can be
the ONE!
Day 48
8 days kaming di nag-usap. Wala talagang nangyari sa amin ni Belle!
WALA! I told Lux to choose between us four. Ang dami kong karibal!
Grrrrr. But she didn't choose. T____________T

Day 49
I told her I won't quit unless it's the end of our game. I AM IN LOVE
WITH HER! Shoot.

Day 50
Okay na sana ang lahat. Perfect na perfect na yung lahat. But... she
said goodbye, and it broke my heart. T____________T OUCH. First kiss
namin 'tong araw na 'to. Kinikilig ako. HAHA. I don't know why, but
after the stupid phone call... SHE SAID GOODBYE. It turned my world
upside down.
Naka naman! First kiss ha! HAHA. Shoot, ang haba naman nitong letter.
Hindi na letter 'to! Parang journal na 'to! Day 50 palang ako.

Teka, anong oras na ba? Bahala na. Tatapusin ko muna 'to.

Day 51
Argh, i don't know kung bakit, pero boyfriend na daw niya si Redd?!
Pakshet naman. Buti nalang nandito si Belle para magpanggap. T______T
Hindi ko na makaya ang sakit na sobra. T__________T

Day 52
I made her jealous.
Day 53
We watched a movie. I can't help but look at her. I can't help my
feelings. I love her so much. T________T
Day 54
I love her so much.
Day 55
I love her so much!
Day 56
Damn, I really love her.
Day 60
Mahal na mahal ko na siya!
Day 61
May pinaplano kami ni Sofia para sa 100th day namin ni Lux. Dapat 'di
'to malaman ni Lux. But unfortunately, Sofia kissed me--and Luxelle saw it.
Day 62
Minahal na pala ako ni Sofia. Putek, bakit ganitong gulo pa?
Day 63
I only think about one girl everytime i go to bed at night. Si Luxelle
lang yun! Pucha.

The rest I won't write it out here. Hindi ko na kasi na-track out ang
mga ginagawa ko eh. You know what, I really really love Luxelle. I'm
planning to give this out to her sa 100th day namin. But for the mean

time, eto iyong reason why I kept going on with Andy:

She's helping me to fix some things. She's helping me--same with Ford
and Sofia, para sa malaking surpresa ko. But... I don't know if
matutuloy iyon. Pero may problema ako eh. Sa oras na di siya makarating
sa seaside sa takdang oras, aalis na ako. Kaya sana pumunta siya. Why?

I'm going to start. What? I'm going to start it. I will court her na.
And I'll take it as a 'permission' na 'yes sa pag court' if makarating
siya. Kung hindi, aalis na ako. Kasi pag di siya makarating--it means
only one thing.
hangang sa laro lang talaga lahat nun.

After I read the last line, tears fell from my eyes. I looked at the
clock, it was already 10:50A.M. I hurriedly left the house, then nagtaxi
na ako. Mangiyak-iyak nga ako sa loob eh. Papano kung di ako makarating?
Mawawala na ba ng tuluyan si Gab sa akin?

Gab! Mahal na mahal kita. Sana naman mahintay mo ako.

Nakarating ako dun, it was already 11:30A.M. Wala nang Gab. Wala na
siya. Wala na ang lahat.
Iniwan niya na ako.

"Ano ba yan! Ang daya daya mo! May nangyari lang sa bahay eh!
Tapos...tapos wala ka na! Bakit ganun ka Gab!? Cry Bumalik ka na Gab!
BUMALIK KA NA!!!" Tumingin ako sa dagat. Bakit ba laha ng tao na
malapit sa akin, kailangan pang mawala? Cry "Nakakainis ka Gab!
Nakakainis ka! Kung sinabi mo lang sana ng mas maaga pa! Bakit ka ba
umalis?! Bakit kailangan mo akong iwanan! Cry "

Kumuha ako ng bato, tapos hinagis ko sa dagat. Naiinis ako! Naiinis na

naiiyak na nanghihinayang. T____T "Bumalik ka Gab! Bumalik ka! Gab naman
eh! Cry Una si Redd, iniwan na ako, tapos ngayon ikaw! Cry Gab naman!
Bumalik ka! Bakit mo ako iniwan?! Cry Mahal na mahal kita! Cry "
Bigla nalang ako nagulatt nung may nagsalita. Si Gab na siguro to! Smiley
Salamat naman-- "Lux..."
"G-Gab!?" My smile turned into a frown. Umasa pa ako. Wala na si Gab,
Lux! Wala na si Mr. Game-Boy mo.. Cry "Ano ginagawa niyo dito!?"I wiped
my tears, then I sat at the edge of the seawall.

"Lux... pabigay niya." Tears started to form in my eyes as I took the

envelope with both hands.
I hugged the envelope, then a tear fell from my eye. It hurt so much.
Wala na siya! WALA NA! Wala nang Gab. Cry "Why didn't you guys tell me?"
Why didn't they tell me? Cry They chose to keep this a secret from me? I
thought they are my 'friends'? Cry

"Si Gab ang may ayaw... he wanted to surprise you sana... but you--"
"Akala niyo hindi masakit para sa akin na nakikita ko kayo palage
magkasama?!" Damn! Excuses. I hate excuses. It hurts! Bigla nalang
niyakap ako ni Ford. I cried even more. "Bi..bitawan mo ako! Wag kayong
lumapit sa akin! Ang dadaya ninyo! Pinagmukhang tanga niyo ako! Ayoko
na! Cry " I stood up the pushed him lightly, then I wiped my tear away.

Tama, babalik nalang ako sa States. Tama! Haha. Babalik nalang ako, para
makalimutan ko lahat. Lahat LAHAT. Cry "Babalik na ako sa States..."

"Bakit? Iiwan mo na kami?"

"Wala na rin akong rason na magpaiwan dito... I know you guys

understand... Marami-rami na ring masakit na bagay na nangyari sa akin
dito... Kaya... Siguro, this is for the better... So that... I could
move on... He left, without even saying goodbye... He left me clueless..."
Tumakbo ako, without knowing where to turn.Masakit talaga, sobra. Cry
Wala na yata akong luhang iluluha pa. Cry Damn, I never knew that loving
was as hard as this. Bigla nalang, I stopped when I heard footsteps. I
looked back, then I saw Andy. She looked--tired. "LUXELLE! TUMIGIL KA!
WAG...ma..ma...maawa ka...sa...sarili...mo...."
I started to run faster.

"Aalis na ako! Ayaw ko nang maniwala pa sa in--" Bigla nalang siya

nadapa. I stopped, then I neared her. I cried, then I helped her stood
up. Masakit madapa no? Parang pag-ibig rin. Kailangan mo munang madapa
at maghintay ng taong tutulong sayo para tumayo. Magagasgas iyong tuhod
mo, pero mawawala rin naman 'yang sakit--as time goes by. Cry

Then bigla nalang, namutla si Andy. Gosh, wag naman sanang isunod si
Andy. Cry "Ta...ta..tawagan ninyo...si..Gab...hindi...hindi...hindi
ako...makahinga...ta..tawagan niyo...siya..." I got her in my arms, then
she smiled weakly. Gosh, I know that smile. She handed me her phone,
then she smiled weakly again as she whispered. "I...i...ikaw..." I gave
her a sad look, then I took it hesitantly.

She started to look at me, then she whispered once again.

"Please...don't let...him...go...take...good care...of
Gab...for...for...me." I hugged her then I cried again. Bakit ba ang
iyakin namin? Cry
"How can I take good care of someone I never had?" My tears trickled
down my face, then she smiled weakly at me as tears started forming in
her eyes. Naaawa na ako kay Andy. Cry
"No...you had him from the start..." She smiled again, a weak smile.
Iyong smile na palagi kong binibigay kay Gab. "Luxelle...you are very
lucky." It hurt when I heard that. I mean, kung mas masakit iyong
nararamdaman ko--papano nalang kaya si Andy? Cry Mahal niya, hindi siya
mahal, may mahal na iba, tapos pinakawalan niya pa. Cry Tapos she's so
nice to me pa. Cry
I looked at her, then I bit my lower lip. I smiled at her, then I hugged
her so tight and whispered. "Thank you... for everything..." She was
smiling now, then I started to dial Gab's number. My fingertips were
shaking. My heart was pounding so fast.
"Call him...tell him...I'm dying..." She whispered, then I saw her
slowly closing her eyes. Then, I nodded my head tapos..
"G-Gab... Andy needs you..." Masakit sa akin. Masakit ang marinig ko ang
boses niya. Masakit--kasi wala na siya sa tabi ko. Masakit, kasi.. ang
tatanga naming dalawa.
"Ah, ganun. Sorry,pero di ako makakauwi." He answered coldly.
"Ano? She needs you Gab! You must comeback here! She's dying!"
"Hindi noh."
Napatigil ako sa pagsalita, nung narinig ko si Andy.

"Lux...tell him you want him back..." I held her hand, then I gave her a
worried look. I feel sorry for Andy. Cry
"What about you?" I asked her. Then she smiled as tears fell from her eyes.
"I'm okay." I can feel her pain. Damn it. Cry I took a deep breath, then
I started to hold my tears.
"Gab... I need you back Cry Please.."
"You need me? Look. Prepare nalang kayo sa Grad Ball niyo mamaya. Okay?"
It hurt me more.

Bakit ganun?
He doesn't seem to care. Cry

"Gab, I won't go to the Ball."

Then, I heard him shout. "YOU MUST!" Napatigil na ako. Ngingiti na ako
sana. Kasi akala ko, kaya sinabi niya yun.. kasi pupunta siya sa Ball...
pero, may continuation pa pala ang sinabi niya.
"Kahit wala pa ako doon..."

Now, I admit, it hurt more. Cry

Make up? Yeah right. Lipgloss? Whatever. Eyeliner? No thanks. Powder?
COME ON! I don't even feel like going to the Grad Ball. I know na hindi
na talaga dadating si Gab. I KNOW THAT! Kilala ko si Gab. Kapag sinabi
niyang hindi, hindi. "Ayaw ko nang pumunta mamaya Undecided " Tumayo ako
sa kinauupuan ko, then I pushed the dresser slightly forward para
makalabas ako. Tumingin lang si Sofia na bihis na bihis na sa akin.

"Kaw talaga oh! Gab wants you to enjoy this night, kahit wala pa siya.
Do him a favor, Lux. Alam kong--"

ko iyong kamay ko sa bunganga ko, tapos I pardoned myself. "Sorry naman,
nadala lang ako. Alam mo naman kasing... hindi ako sanay na wala siya sa
tabi ko... Undecided "
Lumapit nalang si Sofia sa akin, tapos she hugged me.

"I used to wonder where I'm going and where I wanted to be.
Sit alone all shook up,waiting for my destiny.
Hearing songs on the radio,wishing that could happen to me.

Then when you came in the picture, then I knew quickly.

That we could build something so strong.
Expect the best for the future.
Forget about what used to be.
I need you here all life long"

*click to listen to BGM*

They were all happy. Dancing, partying. Sheessh. How could the world be
so unfair? Cry Here I am, seated on one dark corner, crying out all my
sentiments. I hate it. I hate why I had to let go of him.
I hate myself. I hated the fact that I never had the chance to tell him
how much he meant to me when we were still together. Wait, were we
really together? Undecided Whatever.
I miss his smile, his tears, his hugs, his kisses. The smile that could
make me smile too though I don't even want to laugh. The tears that
rippled in my heart and made me cry too. The hugs that makes me feel
like I am in the most safest place ever. Those kisses... the kiss that
made my stomach tingle, and gave me butterflies in my stomach.

So much for reminiscing, eh? Undecided

Damn, willl I ever hold his hands again?
The fingers that perfectly fits in the spaces of mine. The feeling that
I felt whenever I was with him, can never ever be replaced. I'd never
find another him in this world. He taught me how to love. Maybe that was
only his role. Maybe he's my karma. Maybe... maybe he only went in my
life just to teach me how to love... Cry
I suddenly had the urge to cry even more. He came in the picture, and I
thought--I'd never love him. But it's true. Opposites do attract. I
never thought I'd ever fall for him. I mean, at first he was all cheesy.

He's stupid, he's a two-timing jerk, he's selfcentered, he's arrogant.

Sometimes he's moody. He can be so cold at times, yet at times he can
even sweep me off my feet for just a second of uttering a sweet line
from his lips.

Ghaddd. Why am I reminiscing? I guess I've never been this inlove. I've
never been like this before. The feeling of pain is crushing my damned
heart. Maybe this is the curse. The curse of being a player. Cry But,
swear. I've changed. Since the day I met him. DAMN! Why won't he come
back here?! Cry

"Luxelle!" I thought it was Gab. But it wasn't. It was Ford. "Hey. I

know how it feels." He slowly sat beside me, then he gave me a pat on
the shoulder. "You'd never know how much that person's worth unless he's

Ouch. Strike two. Sapul. That struck me. Cry Tama nga si Ford.

"Sometimes. We can't really tell them how exactly they mean to us...
It's just a matter of choice. A matter of decision. A matter of

persepective. A matter of action." He took a deep

"I don't know why I'm saying this but. I know how
I know how it feels. And I know what you felt way
taken for granted. But did you ever thought about
the same way."

breath and continued.

much he means to you.
before. You felt being
his side? He also felt

Huh? Hindi ko na siya maintindihan. Taken for granted? Self check. Tama.
Undecided Guilty. I felt as this alotta times. "To be honest with you
Luxelle... I really disapprove of the idea of this game. Why did you
guys ever thought of playing it at the first place?"

Times three. Cry

Why did I ever thought of having him join this game with me? Cry

"Ford... You know, I, myself don't even know the answer... But I guess
at first, I was the one who took him for granted. I wanted to play with
his feelings. But in the end, I was the one who played with my own. Cry
It sucks to even know that I fell for this trap! Damn, I got so hooked
with that game, and I was glad it's already over... but..." My voice
trailed as I searched for right words to match what's inside my heart...
"...but I'm also partly sad that it was over...because he's not here... "

"Is it really over? Correct me if I'm wrong..." He took my hand, and he

placed it in his chest. "Take this one like I'm Gab...
how could something be over when you always knew that it was not over here?"

Now that really made sense to me. But.. I just don't understand. I'm
still... sad.

WHATEVER! Angry Cry Undecided Embarrassed

"Let's go. Let's... let's party! Whoooohoooo!" I took the bottle of the
beer and I drank it up. Hinila ko si Ford sa dance floor, then...

then... then I saw Gab.

My world froze. I let go of Ford, and then, I ran after Gab.

I...I...I've been waiting for this... Cry


Cry Cry " Bigla nalang may napansin akong kamay sa mga braso ko.

"Luxelle, tahan na... wala si Gab... lasing ka na..."

Love can sometimes be like magic..

but sometimes... magic can only be an illusion. Cry

Niyakap ako ni Sofia then she cried.
"Luxelle... hindi... hindi.... wala si Gab dito... nasa...

nasa ospital siya..."


Bago ko pa matapos 'yung sasabihin ko, bigla nalang ako nasuka. Hindi ko
na kinaya. I really needed an explanation. Tama ba 'yung narinig ko? Cry
Cry Teka, baka nga masamang panaginip lang 'to. Undecided Pagkatapos
mangyari yun.. Napahiga ako sa balikat ni Sofia. Ang bigat bigat na nang
lahat. Wala na akong lakas para lumaban pa. Cry

"Sof... ano nangyari sa kanya? Cry " I weakly asked with a hint of tears
in my eyes.

"Walang may nangyari sa kanya... Si tita kasi niya... nanganak na!

Cheesy Oh diba?! Bonggahin si Gab! May pamangkin na siya! Cheesy "

Bigla nalang na parang may hinagis na frying pan sa ulo ko. Tama ba
Angry Angry Binatukan ko si Sofia. "WALANG HIYA!!! Angry "
She gave me a look. "Bakit naman?! Shocked Ehhh--"

Tumayo na ako, tapos, pinahid ko mga luha ko. I held my dress with my
hands, then pumunta ako sa may likuran ng paaralan sa may malaking
orasan na parang yun sa Cinderella. Tapos, sumandal ako sa may duyan,
tapos... ano pa, kundi...umiyak na naman.

Tama nga sinabi ni Ford. It's not yet over here... dito sa puso ko.
Hang-over lang siguro 'to sa laro namin. Undecided Malalampasan ko rin
'to. I don't need Gab... Undecided FINE, I DON'T NEED HIM BECAUSE...

Putek. Ang sakit. Ang sakit sakit sakit. Cry Eto

na may occassion sa School na wala akong escort.
pero... pero... wala si Gab. Wala akong pakealam
escort o ano man yan... basta ba, makita ko lang

siguro 'yung first time

Okay lang naman sana...
kung wala man akong
si Gab.

Napapikit ako ng mata, tapos, may tumulong luha mula sa kanang mata ko.

When I opened it, I saw Gab.

W-wait?! WAIT?!

Wala na akong sinabi pa, kundi... agad ko na siyang niyakap.

Finally, he's back...


"I didn't mean to do what I did to you..." He held me tighter in his

arms, then he kissed me on my forehead. My eyes started heating up. He
looked at me in the eye, and then he wiped the tears that fell from my
eyes. "I love you so much, Luxelle Aimee Smith..."
I hugged him tighter. I'm so happy. I just don't care about the world
around me anymore. I am in the safest place. I am with the one I love
the most. What more can I ask for? I never thought I'd ever fall for
this stinky sh1t head, but I did. No, I meant that stinky sh1t thing as
a joke only.
Honestly speaking, Gab isn't my ideal guy. Actually Ford is. But, I
never felt that spark with Ford, I felt it only when I am with this Gab
dude. No I know...

Love has no standards, it just comes unxpectedly...

and sometimes, with the unexpected person.

I stayed for awhile in his arms for awhile, and then, bigla nalang
tumugtog 'yung 'Angels Brought Me Here'..

*click this!*

"May I have this dance with you?" He smiled at me, then he opened up his
palm to me, in a gesture of asking me for a dance. He smiled at me, then
I took his hand.
"My pleasure, Gabriel Alfonse." He placed his hands on my waist, and
then I placed mine on his shoulders. I stared in his eyes, then I ssaw
what I've been wanting too. I've missed this look. I've missed looking
in his eyes. I missed him so much. "Gab." I started speaking. I don't
know, but here it goes. "So, is it really over for us?"

He didn't give me a word, but instead, he took my hand, and then he

placed it on his chest. "I mean... the game's already
over...so...there's no more use of us being together... Undecided " It
hurt when I said that, but I just wanted to know his point of view on
this one.

He took me in his arms, then sumandal yung ulo niya sa balikat ko. "You
never knew how much I waited for this game to end...You never knew how
much I waited for this day to come..." I didn't know if he meant that in
a negative or positive way... but the only thing that matters here, is
that he's here now...

and for sure, this time...

I'll never let him go.
"Love birds!" Nakahiga pa naman kami ni Gab nun sa may duyan nung bigla
nalang ginulat kami ni Sofia. At love birds pa talaga?! HAHA. tsk. "At

last, Gab! Bumalik ka na ring bakulaw ka! Grin " Tumawa na lang si Ford,
tsaka... nakita kong nakaakbay si Ford kay Sofia.

"Ehem... ehe ehem... Roll Eyes " Tumingin ako kay Gab, tsaka alam kong
nakuha niya yung gusto kong ipahiwatig, kaya nakisakay na rin si Gab.

"Oy, love birds! Grin " Nag hi-five nalang kami ni Gab. Tapos, nung
sinabi ni Gab yun, bigla nalang kinuha ni Ford yung kamay niya sa
balikat ni Sofia. Aba! Nahiya pa ang mokong! "Nako... kayo ha... Roll
Eyes Ehe ehem... May namumuo na yata ah?"

"AHAHAHA! may namumuo na raw! Iwanan na muna natin sila. Lips sealed "

Tumawa kami ni Gab kasi sabay pa silang nagsalita. EHEM. Roll Eyes HAHA!
Umalis sila Sofia, tapos kami nalang naiwan ni Gab. "Lux... Undecided "
Biglang nag switch mood si Gab. Siyempre, I kinda got worried eh. Amp.
Undecided He took my hand, and then he held it with his. Tapos,
nagpatuloy siya sa pagsasalita. "Lux... hindi ako magcocollege dito."

Nagulat ako. Hindi ko alam kung malungkot ako o ano.

Mean to say ihihiwalay na naman kami ng tadhana? Undecided Wala na ba
kami talagang pag-asa? Cry

Yumuko ako at niyakap ko siya. Yung buhok ko nakacover na sa mukha ko.

"Bakit ba palage mo nalang akong iniiwan? Cry " He hugged me back, tapos
he lifted my chin up and he placed the strands of my hair na nagcocover
sa mukha ko behind my ear.
"Love has its own time, its own season, its own reasons for coming and
going. You cannot bribe it or coax it into staying. You can only embrace
it when it arrives and give it away when it comes to you..." Napaiyak
nalang ako, pero mas lalo kong hinigpitan yung yakap ko sa kanya. "I
have to ask you a question. It's a good one so think about it. If two
people love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together,
when do you get to that point of enough is enough?"

"If I love him, I won't let it get to that point. If they love each
other, but seem to not get it together, then maybe that's only destiny's
way of saying it's not yet the right time for them." I looked at him,
and then a tear dropped from my eye. I took a deep breath... "when do
you say enough is enough? the moment you got home after doing everything
within your power to fight for his love, then you look yourself in the
mirror and realize that you don't recognize yourself anymore."

"Good answer. But I have a better answer than that..." He smiled, then
he started. "When do you get to that point of enough is enough? I guess
for me, when you love, there's no such thing as 'enough is enough' but
then, I will answer my question..." He took a deep breath. "...the
answer is when I ask you to be my girlfriend. Why? Because it's all I
ever wanted, and it's all I could ever die for. And I guess I will be
contented already... to have you as my own. Amp, ang gulo ko! Cheesy "

Nanlaki mata ko. Ano raw sabi niya? "Ano sabi mo?"

"Sabi ko po, will you be my girlfriend?"

I said yes right away. Without hesitations nor doubts. Finally, we are
officially on. I threw my arms around him, and then I held his neck and
pulled his head closer to mine and then I gave him a kiss. He kissed me
back and then he placed his hand on my cheek and then he pulled me
closer to his body.
I can feel him breathing on me. The moment felt so magical. It felt as
if it was our first kiss. It felt very romantic. Then suddenly, a drop
of water fell on my skin--it was raining already. I smiled at him, and
then minutes passed by and then we found ourselves soaking wet in the rain.

My make up mixed with the rain already, yet he didn't bother. He smiled
at me, and then he took a strand of my hair that was covering my eye and
tuck it behind my ear. I hugged him, and then we kissed again. This
time, under the rain. "I love you, baby." He was serious when he said
that. Though before, when he used to call me that agad akong nagagalit,
but now... it felt, so great.

I wished I could freeze the moment. Everything was so perfect. Me and my

prince charming. Me and my BOYFRIEND--my real boyfriend,together--in
each one's arm. Bigla nalang may tumunog.
We just realized that the clock struck 12PM already. Basang-basa na kami
pareho ni Gab, kaya naisipan na naming pumunta sa locker room at magbihis.
Wala na akong damit, kaya ayun pinahiram ako ni Gab ng jersey niya.
Sobrang luwag pa naman, man! I looked so boyish. Cheesy Tapos na ako sa
pagbihis, kaya naisipan kong puntahan si Gab, kaya lang... nakita ko
siya--HALF NAKED (you know! only in his boxer shorts. OMG! Cheesy ).

My jaw almost dropped.

Is it just me? or is it getting hot in here?! Cheesy
I covered my eyes with both hands, and then narinig kong natawa si Gab.
"Lux, ayan. Pwede ka nang tumingin. May damit na po ako. Wink " He
neared me, and then he placed his arm around my shoulder. "Remember this
day Lux... and the number 29. Wink " Haha! Abnormal na Gab oh. "So, ano
gusto mong tawagan natin? Tatay chaka nanay? " He said, playfully.
Binatukan ko siya.

"Ang baduy naman! Grin " He looked at me, and then he gave me the
whatever-look. Aba! Ang taray. Grin "Wala nang tawagan tawagan, kahit
ano nalang. Basta ba maganda lang. "
"Alien nalang. "
Binatukan ko nalang siya, kasi kung ano na yung pinagsasabi niya
pagkatapos niyang binanggit yung 'alien' thingy na yun. Grin

Hindi natapos 'yung gabi namin dun.

Kasi po, umuwi 'yung 'rents ko, kaya pinakilala ko na si Gab sa kanila.
Kinabahan nga ako eh. Naka jersey pa naman kaming dalawa. Grin Hinatid
niya ako sa bahay, tsaka ayun... Eto 'yung nangyari.

"Princess! How are you?! Oh my god! Why are you wearing---" Napatigil si
mum kasi bigla siyang napatingin sa gilid ko. I smiled at her, then she
waved at Gab. "Hijo, you must be Gab! Cheesy Gosh, dear. You never told

me he's cute! Wink "

I gave mum a shut-up look and where's-your-manners-look.
She smiled, and then bigla nalang naging anghel. "Anyway, ikaw siguro
'yung boyfriend ng anak ko. Smiley Welcome na welcome ka dito, tsaka
doon ka nalang sa room ni Luxelle matulog, tutal, pagod na siguro kayo.
Goodnight!" Tapos nag bow si mum. Ano siya?! Hindi naman kami Korean o
Chinese o Japanese para mag bow bow pa siya ah! Kakahiya talaga 'tong
mum ko. Tongue

Umakyat na kami sa room ko, tapos napaisip ako. Bakit kaya niya ako
pinayagan na magpatulog ng isang lalake dito sa room ko?! Nako. Si mum
talaga. Grin Cheesy

Humiga na kami sa kama, tapos...

sinandal ko yung ulo ko sa shoulder niya.

He hugged me, and then... he kissed me on my forehead, sabay sabi ng...

"I've always waited for this day to happen... I really really love you,

ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko hanggang sa harap ng altar... "


I suffered for 5 long years just for Gab to come back. I suffered for 5
long years. It had been a long time since then, and I haven't seen him
afterward. I'm now a fresh graduate, and I'm now a movie director , and
yes, at 21, tapos na ako sa pag-aral.

Right now, I am with Sofia, and we are in our very own studio. Yes, we
brought up a studio, and we both own it. Wanna hear a story? I wanna
tell you one.

There's this girl, she was once a player--she played with different
kinds of guys, bad guys, nice dudes, nerd ones, MVP athletes, younger
kiddos, and even a cousin.
But then, everything changed when she met him--the kind of guy whom she
never met before. A guy whose cheesy, a guy who's stupid, a guy who's
insensitive, a guy who is unpredictable--and a guy who made her FALL in
He was just this typical guy-next-door, yet inside him, she saw
something. He was--everything she wasn't looking for. And then, he left
her. She remembered once he quoted something like this:

"What if someone comes into your life, only to teach you how to love but
not to love you? And what if you fell for him but he's just there simply
to teach you a lesson?"

They became couple, yet--TIME itself separated them. No, there was no
breakup. But she considered everything was over already. For 5 long
years of being together, there had been no single communication. But she
swears, she still loves him. She's still hoping, hoping and hoping--that
he will come back.

But no. He's never coming back.

And I wonder if he still knows her.

I wonder if he still knows me, the her in this story. Cry

"Ms. Luxelle, nandito na po 'yung script writer na si Riel
hinihintay-hintay ng lahat." You might be wondering kung bakit
naghihintay kami ng director. Well, you heard me right earlier right? I
am a director--a movie director rather. I direct movies for movies. And
right now, were gonna have a rehearsal, and Sofia, being the Theater
Arts graduate--is our leading lady.

"Sure, give me 2 minutes." Pumunta na ako kay Sofia, tapos I gave them
all a 2 minute break. "2 minutes break! Resume afterwards."

Pumunta na ako sa likod ng studio, sa may back stage, to meet this

script writer everybody said was good. Sabi kasi nila, sa States 'to
nagtapos eh, so good raw ang performance niya. May isang movie na raw
siya na sinulat, and that movie went really well and it was rated with 5
Binuksan ko na yung pintuan, tapos, I saw a guy wearing a cap, and it
was covering his face. He wore a polo shirt, and a maong pants. Hindi ko
makita yung mukha niya kasi nga, may sumbrero pa siya. "Excuse me, Mr.
I called out his name. He immediately took off his cap, and then, I was
stunned with what my eye saw.
It was Gabriel Alfonse.
"It had been a long time since we saw each other. Finally, I'm back for
good." He hugged me, and then I cried. Bumitaw siya sa pag yakap sa akin
after minutes, and then he placed his hand on my cheeks and I felt my
lips locked in his.

Finally I had the courage to talk to him once again. "Do you still feel
the same way?" I didn't know why I said that, but eventually, I was
teary-eyed when I blurted that out.

"Of course.. I even followed you here. Updated ako sayo, Lux." He placed
his arm around my shoulder, and then he neared my ear and whispered.
"And guess what? I'm planning to even give this movie a very significant
"What title?" I asked him. He looked at me, and gave me a wink.

"A title where everything started..." He paused, and took a deep breath.
"Luxelle.. 99TH DAY is the title..."

I had goosebumps when he said that.

I thought he totally forgot about everything. But, no. I was wrong. And
in fact, he even remembered that game we once played.

"We will put what we went through with our lives before all together in
this movie that we'll be making." [/b]


"Congrats! The movie was a job well done, guys!" Our producer gave me a
high-five and then he patted Gab's shoulder and gave him a big grin.
"You're such a great director, Ms. Luxelle!" He faced me and then he
glanced at Gab. "And you are such a talented script-writer! Our movie
was one hecka top movie of the month!"
I just smiled, and then bigla nalang nagsalita ulit 'yung producer.
"Lux, where are you going? We're gonna have a celebration tonight! Gab,
you better show yourself later. Wink I know you don't like such things
as parties, but--dude, just like in a basketball team, you're the
playmaker--and without your script, we could've done nothing! And you
too, Ms. Luxelle. Such a great director! Thumbs up for you two for a
great partnership! Smiley Meet you guys at 9 eleven!"
Wala na akong sinabi pa, I just giggled and then I excused myself, kasi
uuwi muna ako. I'll just meet them later sa 9 eleven. Yung 9 eleven, isa
siyang sossy na night bar. Maganda yun dun, as in. Yung producer namin
yung may ari nun.
Gosh, I don't even know why I feel this way but... I think I had the
same feeling that I once felt in my high school years. The feeling of
being in love--and now, everything's coming back all over again to me.

When I saw his eyes, and when I saw his face--everything flushed back to
me like the water in the toilet making a ripple and flooding all over in
my mind. When I saw him 8 months ago, it felt really--different.
I mean, the feeling that I once felt, became much more stronger. It
became much more unexplainable. I can sense... true love. Since we both
loved quoting 'true love waits' in our high school years. Haha. Enough
said. Right now, I'm heading home. You see, I'll be changing my outfit.
Who would wanna go to a party in a jersey, eh!?

Yes, I am wearing a jersey. Haha! Jersey and rugged shorts and a

havaianas flip flop. Crazy eh? I'm going to nose in my fee in a chuck
taylor, and yeah, black skinny jeans is my addiction as of now, and
yeah, I grabbed a white sando, and put on some add on bling blings.
Anyway, after that, I curled up my hair, and then put on some light make
up and I drove to 9 eleven.

Tumigil ako sa pag-drive nung nakita kong--parang walang tao. I looked

at the bar, it looked so--alone. I wonder if they set this time on
private? Kaya siguro wala masyadong tao? Huh Ewan. I flipped my hair,
and then I got out of my car, then... pumasok na ako sa 9 eleven. "What
the heck... Saan na ba yung mga tao dito?" I whispered to myself. Damn!
Walang tao. Naloko yata ako! But it couldn't be possible, naman! Ano
ba?! Huh

Nakasara kasi yung ilaw, then silence arouse in the place. It even gave
me goosebumps. I hate dark places. I just don't like being in a dark
place. Aalis na sana ako, but then when I glanced at my left side, I saw
a candle. And I knew then, there was a person holding it. "Hello? Sino
po yan? Andito ba yung mga taga ****** Studio??"


Gawd, it's scaring me. Undecided Inulit ulit ko... hangang sa

unti-unting umilaw yung dim light, tapos... may spotlight na nag cover
up sa akin. I was shocked. I stood frozen there when suddenly, a guy
wearing a mask knelt down before me. He bit the stem of the rose between
his lips, and then he took it, and offered it to me.

"This is for you."

And when I looked at it, it was...

A blue rose.

Unti-unting kinuha niya yung mask niya, then... I felt blood rushing
over my cheek when I saw whom it was.

"This is the 100th blue rose, Lux.."

100th blue rose? Akala ko ano!?--nagulat nalang ako nung bigla ulit
siyang lumuhod sa harapan ko, and then... may kinuha siya sa pocket niya.

It was a small box.

And then he opened it. Guess what's inside? It was...

A ring.

"Will you be my wife?"

Binatukan ko siya. Tumawa nalang siya, then he smiled at me. "Seriously,
Luxelle. Will you...

will you marry me?" I smiled, and then I threw my hands around him and
gave him a tight hug.
I nodded and then a tear dropped from my right eye.

"Now it's my turn to say this Gabriel..." I paused and then I smiled. "I
have been waiting for this day to come."

And then I cried. Tears that you call...

the tears of joy.

The Aftermath

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All scripts are written with an ending, but my story will never come to
an end. I've never been this happy, I've never been this contented, I've
never been this satisfied. Right now, my arms are entangled around the
person that I love the most. I stared at that person's eye, I could see
pure joy. My stare went down to that person's lips--they never had been
that sweeter, and they get sweeter after every kiss that we have.

Hindi ko inaakalang mamahalin ko ang isang BABAENG katulad niya.

SERIOUSLY, she never had been my type of girl. Who would want a
PLAYGIRL? Huh But, heck--I was wrong. SHE NEVER WAS ONE. I realized that
past experiences are the reasons of who we are as of now and what we
have had become--and I knew that her history is not that good.

Luxelle's life is full of heartaches, struggles, trials, pain,

suffering. But you know what made me love her more? It's because of her
endurance, her perseverance, her patience, her BRAVERY, her courage...
HER GUTS--her confidence. And that made her more beautiful. I never
thought that I'd fall for her. I thought it was just one silly game, but

have you ever thought that games could teach us memorable and great lessons?

Games could give us good experiences, bad ones, pain, wounds,

tears, laughter, smiles, and it could also test us, challenge
could even give us UNITY. It could make us ONE. It could test
strength of the other, it could challenge the mind of people,
bring GREAT sacrifice.

us--and it
it could

And you know what? I learned all of these... in a GAME... A game

called... 99TH DAY. "No! It's supposed to be 100 DAYS you idiot!" I
looked beside me and then I saw a hand falling on my shoulder. OW! Sakit
nun ah! Grin You see, she never changed. And she will always be my one
and only, Luxelle Aimee S. Alfonse--until the rest of my life...
"I love you hun. Kiss " I wrapped my arms around her, and then I looked
deeply in her eyes. She smiled sweetly, and then she neared her face to
mine. When we were about to kiss... Bigla nalang may sumingit.


Napatigil kaming dalawa ni Luxelle, and then tumawa nalang kami.
"Duudddyyy!! Mummmyyyy!!!"
I knelt down and then I placed both hands on her shoulder and I pointed
my pointer finger at her and then waved it. "No, no,baby. it's
DAAAAA-DIIIIII, not dudi!"
Bigla nalang tumawa si Luxelle, and then she kissed our daughter on the
"Hey dudi, I love you. Wink "
Pasaway ka Luxelle. I ran after her, and then, napansin naming pumasok
na si Gabrielle sa loob ng bahay. She's only 3. Smiley And her name is
the combination of our names. Grin While we were running after each

other, I felt droplets of water falling on my head.

"Hun. Can you stop?"
She looked at me, and then she stopped and raised her right eyebrow
giving me that what-the-hell look. I laughed, and I winked at Luxelle.

"It's because I wanna kiss you." Nanlaki mata niya. Tumawa nalang ako.
"I wanna kiss you under the rain. Wink "
She stopped and I walked to her, I placed my hands on her face as the
rain dropped heavier. She smiled, and then she whispered.

"And this moment will be sealed with a kiss.... BUT NOT UNTIL YOU COUNT
from 1 to 99." She ran and then, I started counting.


"Ang daya mo! Pero sige... tutal... asawa na kita... halika dito.." She
wrapped her arms around me, and then kissed me without any hesitations.

She kissed m, having the 99th as the last number.


Sealed it with the number 99.

I will love her, not just for 100 days, nor for 99 days...

But I will love her... for the rest of this life that I have.
and by the way, it's Gab's POV, my own POV, my own story. Wink