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(measureable) definition for this study.

Think of this as the experiments resulting

steady state.
For example, preteens who are less disposed to be attracted to the use of synthetic
Independent variable one (IV1): Use the name of this variable for the title of this
heading. This is a brief and concise paragraph of description for each variable, with
and establishes the operational (measureable) definition for this study. For example,
relationships with parents or guardians, strong adult non parent role model
supportive friendships, positive body image, interest in athletics, and etcetera.
Independent variable two (IV2): and etcetera.
Figure 1. The model of the quantitative theoretical framework
For example:
Dependent variable. The ideal state of voting representation of the District of
is similar to any other state in the United States. This would require full budget
autonomy or the
ability of the District of Columbia to raise, spend and manage local tax dollars.
Secondly, full
Congressional voting representation is the ideal state of the dependent variable
(Gray, 2013).