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Subject: FW: Public Entities
Date: Thursday, October 04, 2007 12:35:19 PM
Importance: High


Forwarded for your information.

Here is the latest information on RGV local cities entities, information was obtained by USACE Real

RGV SBInet Team

From: (b) (6)

Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 9:14 AM
To: (b) (6)
Subject: Fw: Public Entities

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From: (b) (6)
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Sent: Wed Oct 03 12:07:44 2007
Subject: Public Entities

(b) (6) asked I forward this report to you, to forward to(b) and (b) Any questions, call (b) (6)
:) (6) (6)

1. (b) (6)

BRP office left a ROE-S form with (b) (6) in early August. I called yesterday. (b) (6) said that he
forwarded the form to his right-of-way department and that he would have to have them get back to me. I have not
heard from them yet.

2. (b) (6)

BRP office left a ROE-S form with assistant city manager (b) (6) in early August. I called yesterday and left
a message for him with his secretary. He did not return my phone call yet.

3. (b) (6)

BRP office left an ROE-S form with (b) (6) I left a message with her assistant for her this morning. She
has not called back yet.
4. (b) (6)

County administrator (b) (6) forwarded the ROE-S to the county attorney’s office about a month ago. I
left a message for the county attorney, (b) (6) asking if she had any questions. She has not called me back

5. (b) (6)

ROE-S form was delivered to (b) (6) on 8 Aug. (b) and I went to a meeting of the school board on 11 Sept. At
the meeting the school board voted to table the discussion of the ROE. I left a message for the CFO, (b) (6)
yesterday to follow up; she has not called me back yet.

6. (b) (6)

The county judge received an ROE form on 14 Aug. On 20 Sept the county board met and voted to deny approval
for the ROE form. City secretary(b) (6) faxed the minutes of the meeting to our office at Edinburgh.

7. (b) (6)

I went back and forth on changes to the ROE-S form with city attorney (b) (6) On 12 Sept,
we finally agreed on changes (deleting #3 and taking out three words of the last sentence on #5). On 2-Oct, I
dropped off the finalized version with the city manager’s secretary (b) (6) The city council will meet to
vote on the ROE-s on 9-Oct.

8. (b) (6) various properties

I left a message on (b) (6) cell phone yesterday afternoon.