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English 2XL / Shakely / 9.


PV Log: (circle one) Poem / Movie / Theater / Lyric / Photo

Date 1/17/16

Title Fire and


Author / Director / Poet / Lyricist, etc. (if known) Robert


Context (Where Found / Viewed / Read . . . Variety of Sources, please, vis-a-vis Google Images only)

Given as a handout by Mr. Shakely

Content / CD / Summary (Say? Plot? Setting / Situation? Key lines / Phrases, Scenes, etc? )

Frost uses this poem to show how he thinks the world will end. He believes that the world will either end by
a raging fire, or the world will be frozen by ice. Frost states that he would rather have the world be burnt
down, but if he would have to die twice, he would rather be killed with ice.

Content / CM / Meaning? / Theme(s)?

The theme of this poem is the extremes that we all face throughout life. The poem uses fire and ice as an
example of two extremes that are completely different, but can both be destructive when used in an excess
amount. In order to keep life peaceful, everything must be kept in moderation.

Form (Diction? Construction Terms? Symbolism?) This section MUST be filled out for poems taken from the AP Poetry
packet provided prior to first library visit.

The two main symbols in this poem is fire and ice. These two extremes represent the drastic contrast in
everything in life. In life everything should be kept in moderation such as the things you consume.

Commentary: Why like? Poetic Traits? Relevance / Connections / Allusions (Lit, Bib, Myth, Histor, Other) / Relevance
to personal experience, 20Qs? etc.)?

This poem is poetic because it serves as a warning for people who completely engulf themselves into one
extreme. For instance, some people blindly lean to one side of a political party simply because they were
raised to believe in something. This poem also warns that everyone will die one day, therefore; enjoy life by
keeping everything in moderation.