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ACS Setting

1. Check that the following parameter has correct value:

C:\>phaprint ACS_CSBIN_isMultipleCPSystem
It must have the value 0 for a One CP system and 1 for a Multiple CP system.
2. If the parameter value is faulty, it can not be updated by using Soft Function
Change (SFC). It can be modified to 1 by executing the following script:
Note 1: The value 0 means single SPX configuration. 0 is used also for
single APZ 212 60. 1 is used for BC (Multiple CP).
C:\>cd \temp\PostCloning
C:\temp\PostCloning>cd \
Note 2: The script gives the parameter ACS_CSBIN_isMultipleCPSystem
the value 1 and then restarts the Cluster.
3. Repeat step 1 to step 2 in this chapter for the other side.