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Venezuela Notes

Julian Parker-Sartori
Summary of History Paragraph in the Overview Essay
Columbus discovered Venezuela on his third voyage in 1498. It was inhabited by
Chibcha, Arawak, and Carib Indians. In 1821 Venezuela won independence from Spain under
the lead of Simn Bolvar. Recently 1999 to 2013 Hugo Chavez was dictator of Venezuela. His
successor Nicols Maduro is the current president of Venezuela.


Venezuela Social and Economic Facts

A. Current Population=28,459,000
B. Population Growth Rate=1.42%
C. Population Density=83 per sq. mi
D. Area + Comparison to US state=340,560 square miles, 1/3 larger than Texas
E. Official Language and Other Languages=Spanish(official), numerous dialects
F. Religious Representation=96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, 2% Other
G. Official Currency + Exchange Rate with USA=Bolivar, 1 Dollar is worth 4.33 Bolivar
H. GDP=$407.4 billion; per capita $13,600
I. Life Expectancy for Male and Female=male: 71.4 yrs. Female: 77.83 yrs.
J. IMR=19.33/1000
K. Distribution of Labor Force=services 70.9%, industry 21.8%, agriculture 17.3%
L. Three major imports=Agricultural Products, Livestock, Raw Materials
M. Three major exports= Petroleum, Bauxite, Aluminum
Angel Falls:
979 m.
Tributary of the Carrao River
Auyn-tepu mountain
1933, American gold prospector James Crawford Angel discovered Angel Falls
(accidentally), flying over it in his plane searching for valuable ores.
in rainy season really misty
considered one of most beau torist attractions
Pico Bolivar:
5000 m above sea level
named after Simon Bolivar a independance hero
part of the andes
glacer shrunk from 10 to 0.9 km2 from 1910 to 1952
basin covers 880,000 square kilometers
Orinoco crocodile one of the rarest reptiles in the world

c. rich iron deposit near delta

d. extensive tar sands
e. Connects to the amazon through Casiquiare Canal a natural waterway

Pabelln criollo. Considered

venezuelas national dish it is a plate
of: rice, beef shredded in stew, and
black beans.

Tostones. They are made by mashing

plantains and then frying them. They
are a popular snack.

Arepa. They are made of ground maize

dough. They are popular for
sandwiches. They can be served with
sides like cheese or avocado.

Cannoli. It is cylindrical shells

of fried dough filled with a
sweet, creamy substance often
with ricotta. Chopped
pistachios, chocolate pieces,
and candied orange peel or
cherries are often in the ends.

Casabe. It is a thin bread and a

staple of the venezuelan diet. It
is made of cassava and served
in many dishes including being
topped with sugar, coconut
meat, and syrup. It is popular
in the Amazon region
lot of European influences
coast has high quality fish
Andean region food is
cured meats and sausages
fresh trout dishes from
lakes and streams
Amazon region different
main ingredients: yucca,
corn, beans and bananas
people even eat turtles,

tapirs, monkeys, birds and deep fried ants


Geography and Climate

Caracas is capital
1/3 larger than Texas

Mountain break Venezuela into 4 parts , Maracaibo lowlands, mountainous region in the
north + northwest, Orinoco basin with llanos (grassy plains) on north border and big
forest areas in south + southeast, and Guiana Highlands south of Orinoco (nearly half
national territory)
8 above equator
Temp between 26C (79F) and 28C (82F)
Temp varies with alt, Andean regions cooler, temp drop to ~9C (48F) (sometimes).
rainy season from May to December, during rainy season lowlands could flood
dry season from December to April
jan + feb coolest
south has amazon rainforest
around Caracas = possible earthquakes
Orinoco river = largest river in SA after Amazon, 2,140km (1,330 miles) long
tepuis mesas in Guiana Highlands, table tops
Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, the highest waterfall in world, goes into the
Orinoco from 979m (3,212ft) up
Andes in NW of Venezuela, highest peak = Pico Bolivar at 5,007m (16,427ft) high
Brief History and Demographic Overview
Current Population=28,459,000, Growth rate=1.42%

Density per sq mi=83
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people.
96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, 2% other
Spanish (official) language, many indigenous dialects
0 migrant(s)/1,000 population
Columbus found Venezuela on third voyage in 1498, was inhabited by Arawak, Carib,
and Chibcha Indians.
wins independence in 1821 from Spain, July 5 th
Hugo Chavez president in 1999, claims political and economic reforms and oil profit to
poor, re-writes constitution (dictator)
He is re-elected in 2006
He gets rid of term length limits
Replaces secret service in venez
In 2012 he wins 3rd 6 year term
2013, dies to cancer, vice: Nicols Maduro interm pres
Maduro elected
Maduro says after a big protest to problems "I alert the world: we are facing a planned
coup d'tat.[when a military leader takes over]"
Opposition leader blamed and arrested (without fight)
dependent on oil revenues, 96% of export earnings, 11% of gdp, 40% gov rev
gov has strict currency control
dropping oil prices have hurt its already bad economy
GDP=$407.4 billion; per capita $13,600 (US dollars)

Official Currency + Exchange Rate with USA=Bolivar, 1 Dollar is worth 4.33 Bolivar
Distribution of Labor Force=services 70.9%, industry 21.8%, agriculture 17.3%
Three major imports=Agricultural Products, Livestock, Raw Materials
Three major exports= Petroleum, Bauxite, Aluminum
Brazil gdp per capita 11,400, Columbia= 7,900, Guyana= 4,200 (all in US $)