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Harison Capital Program

Harison Web Nirman Pvt Ltd.

Harison Capital
Dreams Realized!

This Agreement for the Harison Capital Program (the Agreement) is entered into
and made effective as of ___ day of ___________ 2016 between Harison Web
Nirman Pvt Ltd, registered Company (Registration # 61166), registered address
in Ahmedabad (4D, 4th Floor, Patel Avenue, Opp Vishal Mega Mart, Near
Gurudwara, SG Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380054) referred to as
Company/Investee and Mr./Ms./Mrs./M/s _______________________ resident of
1.1. Harison Web Nirman Pvt Ltd is a Private Limited Company established to
operate on website, software, IT services, training, marketing, product
development, VOIP, Start-up and other areas of business.
1.2. This investment is under the Harison Capital Program.
1.3. Investor, individual or corporate, has the legal right to make such investment
(natural persons above 18 years of age and non-natural persons who are
solvent and in good standing).
1.4. The minimum amount that can be invested is Rs 0.7 Lakh. The maximum
investment limit is Rs 1.4 Crore.
2.1. Principal Amount Rs _____________________________________________ is the
amount invested by the Investor in the Company on _________________________
____________________________________________________________________________ .
After deduction of Rs 300 as legal and courier fee, and 2.2% payment
gateway transaction fee (if applicable), total Principal Amount is Rs
___________________________________________ .
2.2. Administrative Fees Fees related to transactions (deposit and/or
withdrawals). For Online payment through website, using gateway is 2.2% of
Legal and postal fee is Rs 300.
There is no fee for payment of either profits or principal amount at term

2.3. Investment term and Locking period Locking period/Agreement term is

a) 744 Days (31*24 = 2 years and 14 days)
b) 775 Days (31*25 = 2 years and 45 days)
_______________________________________________ 2018. Principal amount can be
withdrawn any day after this date, with 31 days notice.
2.4. Profit Payment - Starting from _____________________________ 2016, Investor
will receive recurring profits from the Company as per the following schedule

a) 2.50% every 31 days

b) 8.25% every 93 days
c) 18.50% every 186 days
d) 42% every 372 days
e) 100% every 775 days
2.5. Investors Details Profit will be paid to Investor, as per the details
provided by the Investor on the website, which are confirmed hence forth
Email Address :
Phone Number :
Address :
Bank Acc Number :
Bank Name :
IFSC Code :
2.6. Additional Investments - Investor can make additional investment any time.
In such cases, all investments would be merged into one single investment,

thereby principal amount is sum total of all investments LESS legal, postal
and payment gateway fee (if applicable) and total profit payable would be
calculated accordingly. Any previous agreements would be deemed null and
void, and expiry date of investment is based on new investment. In case,
Investor requests that all his/her investments are to be treated separately,
Company is obligated to do so.
2.7. Investments From Corporate - Investments from a legal body is made as
per the same procedure as for an individual. Investment can be made by
Companys executive or any other authorized representative.
2.8. Tax Liability Profit payment is exclusive of any kind of taxes prescribed
under the legislation of the Investors state of residence. Therefore, Investor
is liable for all taxes arising from investment and is legal obligation of
Investor alone.
2.9. For avoidance of any doubt, Investor is not authorized to demand any share,
bond or other financial instrument from the Company other than this
Agreement and Principal amount Cheque.
3.1. Profit payment can be made only to account bearing same name from which
investment was made. It is not subject to be sent to any third party account
unless otherwise agreed/stated in the agreement.
3.2. Payment instructions (Bank account to which profit would be paid) can be
amended on request of Investor, dually verified by mobile and email
Comprehensive rules read, understood and accepted by both the parties with regard
to safety and liability of Principal Amount.
4.1. The Company guarantees to return the Principal amount to the Investor in
full, at the expiry of the agreement, on 31 days prior notice.
4.2. Losses, if any, will be sole liability of the Company. Therefore, Company
guarantees, that no negative performance and/or any losses experienced by
the Company will affect the payment of the Principal amount in full to the
4.3. The Company is committed to put in place policies and follow business
practices to safe-guard principal amount including but not limited to

diversifying the investment and keeping aside Companys profit as reserve

4.4. Investor has received cheque numbered , dated .,
from Companys current account, numbered 08362090000362 as security
of principal amount.
4.5. This agreement stands cancelled, in case cheque numbered
is cashed by the Investor.
5.1. In case of automatic renewal, the Agreement shall extend upon the expiry
date by the 744 / 775 Days.
5.2. Unless the 31 days prior notice from any of the parties, the current
Agreement shall not terminate and will continue to operate for the next
Investment Period.
Principal Amount can be prematurely withdrawn by Investor AND Company is liable
to return it IN FULL, if any of the following conditions are met
6.1. Company wishes to terminate the investment anytime.
6.2. Company delays the profit by more than 31 calendar days from date it should
have been paid as per the agreement.
For clause 6.1, Lets assume Investor invested in Diamond plan (100% after
25 months) and after 15 months Company wishes to terminate the
investment, Company can do so by paying Principal amount AND 60% of
Principal amount as profit for 15 months period.
If Investor has invested in Platinum Plan (42% yearly for 2 years), and after
18 months Company wishes to terminate the investment, Company can do so
by paying Principal amount AND 63% of Principal amount as profit for 18
For Clause 6.2, Company is liable to pay Principal amount AND all profits as
per the agreement before terminating the agreement.
In case of premature termination of the investment by Investor without any of
the above conditions met (for example Investor wishing to terminate
investment to meet his other financial obligations, unrelated to the Company)

6.3. Company will pay principal less profit remains payable, i.e. the profit which
would have been paid to the Investor, had the investment would have
continued till expiry, will be charged as penalty.
For example, if Investor has invested in Silver plan (8.25% every quarter for 2
years) and wishes to cancel investment after 6th quarter, after having
received profits in time, Investor would receive Principal amount less 16.5%
of Principal amount as penalty for premature Cancellation.
7.1. The Company is a corporation duly
standing in the jurisdiction of its
Company and all amendments and
(collectively, Company Constituent
effect as of the date hereof.

formed, validly organized and in good

incorporation. All documents of the
supplements to any of the foregoing
Documents) are in full force and in

7.2. The Company is duly qualified to conduct business as it is currently being

conducted and except where failure to be qualified would not reasonably be
expected to cause, is in good standing as a corporation in all jurisdictions in
which the nature of its business or location of its owned and leased property
and assets require such qualification.
7.3. The Company has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement, to
incur the obligations as contemplated hereby, and to carry out the provisions
of this Agreement. The Company has taken all action necessary for the
execution and delivery of this Agreement and for the performance by the
Company of each of its obligations hereunder, as evidenced by corporate
7.4. Upon execution and delivery by each of the parties thereto, this Agreement
shall be enforceable against the Company and the Investor in accordance
with their respective terms.
7.5. The Company is not a party, to the Companys knowledge, threatened by any
law suits, actions, claims, investigations by Governmental authorities or legal,
administrative, arbitration or mediation proceedings. The Company has no
knowledge of any basis or grounds for any such suit, action, claim,
investigation or proceeding.
8.1. Jurisdiction and Governing Law. This Agreement and services rendered by
the Company are governed by the laws of Bangalore and any disputes arising
between Investor and the Company shall be settled by competent court in
Bangalore Jurisdiction.

8.2. Force Majeure. Neither party shall be deemed in default of this Agreement
to the extent that performance of its obligations or attempts to cure any
breach are delayed or prevented by reason of any act of God, fire, natural
disaster, accident, riots, acts of government, or any other cause beyond the
reasonable control of such party; provided, that the party whose performance
is affected by any such event gives the other party written notice thereof
within three (3) business day of such event or occurrence.
8.3. Relationship. The relationship of the Company and the Investor established
by this Agreement is that of independent contractors, and neither party is an
employee, managing partner or joint venture of the other.
8.4. The invalidity of unenforceability of any provision or any portion of any
particular provision herein shall not affect the validity of any other provision.
8.5. This Agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators,
successors and assigns of the parties hereto.
9.1. The Company uses the following means to communicate with the Investor: Email; Phone, including Voice over IP; Electronic communication means
9.2. The Investor uses the means listed in paragraph 9.1. of the present
Agreement to communicate with the Company.
9.3. Messages, documents, adverts, notifications, confirmations and reports, etc.
can be considered received by the other Party: one hour after being sent to
an e-mail address; immediately after telephone call is completed;
immediately after chat session in electronic communication mean is
Both the parties have read, understood and have individually accepted to honor all
conditions covered in the agreement, irrespective of circumstances.

Party A

Harison Web Nirman Pvt Ltd.

Party B