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Republic of the Philippines)

City of Cebu
) s.s
Affidavit of Complaint
I, Vince D. Tampus, 20 years old, single, resident of Basak San Nicolas,
Cebu City, after having sworn in accordance with law, do hereby depose and state:
1. That, I am Maria Cruz, wife of Pedro Cruz the victim.
2. That I was still at the office waiting for my husband, it was about 8:30, He
usually arrived before 8:00 O clock, but that night, it was already late but
my husband hasnt arrived yet, he usually picks me up at work.

3. That I couldnt stay still, I tried calling him, but his phone was out of
coverage. So I decided to wait for him, and after few minutes my phone

4. That when I answered the phone, I thought it was him but suddenly, it was a
police officer informing that something bad happened to my husband and he
is currently at the hospital.

5. That I immediately left my work place and went to the said hospital. Upon
my arrival, the healthcare team led me to my husbands hospital bed where
he laid lifeless, later I found out he died of severe bleeding due to the stab

6. That SPO1 Mario Cano invited me to the station, the officer ask that my
husband have an enemy but according to his friend my husband encountered
trouble to his work,