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Report Template
1. Description
a. The setting of the field experience (e.g., in a classroom, at a community organization location,
etc.). Ms. Carrillos classroom at Little Mill Middle School.

b. The student(s)use a pseudonym to maintain confidentialitywith whom you are working (e.g.
age, grade level, level of English Proficiency, personal characteristics based on
observations/interactions, other information that may give the reader a more in-depth description
of the student)
Adelina is in 8th grade at Little Mill Middle School, and she moved here from Mexico when she
was in 4th grade. She has a high English Proficiency, but faces challenges with subject content
vocabulary. She interacts well with peers socially and maintains excellent grades in all classes
but Language Arts due to vocabulary.

c. The days and times that you met with the student.
I met twice a week with Adelina in the morning from 8:15-8:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays the
month of October with our last meeting on November 20th.

d. Ways in which you interacted/engaged with the student (including pedagogical strategies).
Introduced each topic with a brief chart or concept map comparing and contrasting each topic
that we created together on the computer using Inspiration. Then, I utilized manipulatives to
allow her to visually process and sort into each of the two groups. I had her complete a chart of
electrons, valence electrons, whether the element lost or gained, how many, oxidation number,
and whether it was a cation or anion. I also had her identify ionic and covalent using diagrams of
bonding, as well as, compounds. I reinforced knowledge and practice by having her use Quizlet
to practice vocabulary (flashcards).

2. Objectives and Assessments

Write 2-3 learning objectives and state how you will assess each. Provide evidence for meeting the


(Content) The student

will investigate the
characteristics of


Was the objective met?

Evidence of student

(Formative). I will observe and ask
questions while the student is

Yes. Maria was able to look at the

quadrilateral manipulatives and
identify (show and explain) all
the characteristics of each.

The student will

differentiate between
cations and anions

I will observe her classifying

through a sorting game placing
the ions in the correct category.
We created a concept map using
Inspiration, and used Quizlet for

Yes. Adelina was able to sort the

ions and explain why using the
clues: Anion- A negative ion or
Cation- I am positive I dont like

The student will

identify the oxidation
numbers using a
periodic table.

I will observe her using the

periodic table groups to identify
the oxidation numbers.
We created a concept map/chart
using Inspiration, and used Quizlet
for practice.

Yes. Adelina was able to identify

the oxidation numbers using the
Groups on the Period Table:
Group 1 1+, Group 2 and 3@+ etc.

The student will be

able to classify metals
and nonmetals using a
periodic table.

I will observe her using the

periodic table to determine if
elements are metals and
nonmetals. We created a concept
map using Inspiration, and used
Quizlet for practice.

Yes. Adelina was able to

distinguish between metals and
nonmetals while remembering
that metals are primarily on the
left and nonmetals on the right.

The students will be

able to differentiate
between ionic and
covalent bonds.

I will observe Adelina

differentiating between ionic and
covalent bonds using oxidations
numbers, periodic table, and
identifying cations. She will sort
cards and group ionic and covalent
bonds. Created a concept map
using Inspiration and Quizlet.

Yes. Adelina was able to sort the

cards in groups based on
oxidation numbers,
cations/anions, and periodic

3. Resources
You are required to use 2-3 ELL-specific resources to help inform your understanding of ELLs and
increase your pedagogical strategies to assist students who are English Language Learners (ELLs). You
may use the resources listed within the module or other resources available to you. Briefly describe how
the resources were used to assist in your experience.
Differentiating Instructions from our ELL module- I used concept maps to compare and contrast each of
the sets of vocabulary words. Adelina created one independently as one of her assessments. I also had
her sort cards each meeting to demonstrate basic knowledge of the new vocabulary.
English as a Second Language- I used this strategy because she has a strong English Proficiency, and is
part of this program at school.
Measure Performance- I used her sorting between the two vocabulary words each week, as well as, the
application chart to demonstrate understanding.