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Carmen Williams

Education 330A

Holy Names University Mini Lesson Plan/ Math 4th Grade

Mini Lesson Topic 4.NF.1 Number and Operations- Fractions: Extend understanding
of fraction equivalence and ordering.

Craft Artisan floral Foam. Poster board. Scissors, tape, and pencils,


and a whiteboard.
-Use mental math, video and hands-on learning to obtain a deeper
understanding of fractions, and fractions that equal 1 whole.

Explicit Instruction - Have a visual aid with established vocabulary (denominator,

numerator) and compare it to pizza. (denominator= number of
slices cut, numerator is number of slices remaining, e.g. fraction=
number of slices remaining/ number of total slices)
-Show a 5 minute video on equivalent fractions:
-On the whiteboard review and summarize the video. Whether the
student ate , 2/4, or 4/8 the same amount of pizza was eaten.
-Next I will hand out Craft Artisan floral Foam Circles with the

attached drawings on card stock paper representing (1/4, , , 4/4,

1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5- note some groups will have the same fraction
or an equivalent ). Elbow partners will cut out all the slices and
tape only the remaining slices of pizza to the foam circles.
-Elbow partners will walk around the class comparing slices to see
if any other groups have an equivalent fraction in order to form a
larger group of 4 which we can remove the slices and tape to one
foam circle.

-The class will then organize themselves from most pizza left to the

Carmen Williams
Education 330A

least amount of pizza left by physically comparing sizes and

ordering the foam across the front of the room.
- For ELD, SPED, or those who need extra help. They can look at
the video a few more times
or continue to cut out different pizza number of slices and tape
them to the circle foam for a better understanding.
-Students will then write these fractions in order from largest to

smallest by looking at the placement of the foam circles in the front

of the room. Then the student will use one representative from

their group to order the fractions from smallest to largest and write
them down when they complete the task.
Guided Practice

Discussion, video, small group work, individual and large group

Independent Practice
Students will order the fractions in writing, first from largest to
smallest, then from smallest to largest.
Group Wrap Up

Exit ticket: 1) Give me an example of how you would write 1

whole as a fraction
2) Write any fraction from this exercise and tell me if its greater
than or less than (one half).

Carmen Williams
Education 330A

Carmen Williams
Education 330A