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Gender Inequality

Emily Chernisky
on January 27





Cause/EffectofFGM WhyDidIChooseThisTopic?




Imagine living in a world in peace and no sexist,

nor racist remarks. Now look at our world. All
around the world women are treated poorly. In
this article, I will tell you the statistics, I will
describe the problem/solution, I will tell you
the cause and effect of FGM, I will tell you why I
chose this topic, and I will share some of the
teens that were inspired to help.

Gender inequality is a problem that needs to
go away. This problem occurs all around the
world and is life threatening. In the Republic
of Korea, 30% of pregnancies found to be
female fetuses, unborn offspring (babies),
were terminated. Contrastingly, over 90% of
pregnancies found to be male fetuses resulted

in a normal birth. In South Africa, one out of four men say they forced a woman into sex
by the age of 18. In Nigeria, 15% of females under five years old required treatment for
sexualy transmitted infections, an additional 6% were between 6 and 15 years old. In
Sub-Saharan Africa, partner violence and fear of abuse resulted in young women to stop
saying No. to sex and jeopardized the practice of safe sex. In the United States, 20% of
young women experience sexual partner violence. In Sub-Saharan Africa 30% of women
are married between the ages of 15 and 19. In Uganda, 40% of girls are married before
they turn 18 and 68% of women have faced some sort of domestic violence. If women
continue to be treated in this manner then how will women be seen as equals?

Problem/Solution of Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality
is unequal treatment
based upon ones gender. Gender Inequality
is a problem because: it lowers a womans
self esteem, it can be dangerous and its
sickening. Therefore, I chose my topic and I
didnt know how serious it was until I did
my research. Did you know that 20% of
young women experience sexual abuse
(sexual partner violence), in the U.S? I
didnt. One way you (boys) can help stop
gender inequality is to stop saying things
like, You run like a girl. or You throw like a girl. One way you (girls) can stop gender
inequality might be to campaign or have a support group on social media. Gender
equality is not a problem its a result of the hard work we put into stop Gender Inequality
and it paid off.

Cause/Effect of FGM
The effects of female genital
cutting/removing a womans
genitalia, are insignificant
because they result in
pregnancy difficulties and
can also lead to death.
means the act of
inflicting serious damage on
yourself or another person.
13-year-old Raima Ntagusa died because of a FGM gone wrong. It is important that FGM
stops before anyone else gets hurt. Some pregnancy difficulties include getting pregnant
and giving birth. When a woman has a problem giving birth, it can result in the child or

mother dying or it could be both. FGM is serious, its a procedure removing the genitalia
of a woman. Even though FGM has been around for a long time, doesnt mean it should
continue, customs can change, especially for the better.

Why Did I Choose This Topic?

I believe that all gender/species should
be treated as equals. The most common
problem is that women arent treated as
equals. I hope that one day women will
be seen as equals. Women made small
progress in making themselves work
hard to get to be at the level that men
are at and we have made little progress.
Men and women say such negative
things about each other. Why cant we see each other as equals?

Teens Inspired
Patricia Moyo was inspired because in Malawi, kids her age are
affected with many issues and it is harder when you are disabled.
Atieno Fiona Kimberly
got inspired because of the many issues in
Kenya. Brenda Irachan was inspired because of the
Cross-Generational relationships in Uganda. These people are just a
few people who were inspired to help fight Gender Inequality.

If the world doesnt start changing now, women will never been seen
as equals. Women have made so much progress around the world
and I would hate to see it go to waste. A wise woman once said,
would like to be remembered as a person who
wanted to be free so other people would also be
free (Rosa Parks)
. This woman also said,
person must live their life as a model for others.
Another wise woman once said,
Gender equality
not only liberates women but also men from
prescribed stereotypes (Emma Watson)
. In
conclusion, gender inequality is a sickness that
needs a promised cure.

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